Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 7)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 7

[Author's notes: As usual-TBP]

Chapter Seven - Powerplay

Night had just fell on Haven. The night was sticky, as the late summer heat had baked the school to a crisp. The day had been so hot, the trees seemed to be wilting, and the night was still broiling with the sweltering aftermath.

The hour was late, but there was one lone person in the showers in the Tenth grade dorms, as others had already did their clean ups, and left for the air conditioned coolness of their rooms.

Allison was just stepping out from under the rushing water of the shower. Her lean body was a light pink with the steamy water that she had used to wipe away the sweatiness the day had produced. She looked down at herself as she moved to where towels were stacked, and saw even her nipples on her small breasts were glowing a little bit. She giggled, as they tingled with contact of the coolness of the air outside of the showers.

She looked around, and saw that she was all alone in the shower room.

" Lori must have finished already, and headed back to the room.." The girl thought to herself, sighing deeply.

She reached for a thick white towel on the rack, when she was grabbed from behind. She was pulled down to the floor on her back hard, hitting the tiles with a wet crashing sound under the weight of whoever had grabbed her..

Allison saw that the two henchmen of Jade were the ones that had practically tackled her. They were both naked as Allison was, as the pinned her to the floor tightly.

" What the..." She said, her words cut off by one of the two pushing a towel into her mouth.

She struggled, but the girls were very strong and Allison was pinned to the point that she could not fight back at that moment.

" Settle down and enjoy this." Said the darker skinned of the two, her tan deep and rich. " It will be easier and over sooner!"

Allison upon hearing the words, tried to flail and kick to try and dislodge the girls who held her down, but they had now pinned both her legs and arms down, rendering her at their mercy. The two just smirked very menacingly, seemingly waiting for the arrival of their leader at any second.

Jade entered the shower room with a stride of smug confidence. The girl was naked, except for a leather looking harness that hung around her pelvis and hugged her sex. She was holding a long object in her hand, caressing it with the other. Allison's eyes bulged out, as she was sure what the girl had.

The object the girl held looked like a man's penis, only it was colored hot pink. It was almost a foot long, and thicker than most girl's wrists. The tip was bulbous and there was a knobby texture over the surface of this object.

Jade held the object between her heaving medium sized breasts, her dark eyes locked on to the girl that was pinned down on the floor. She smiled.

" Well Allison dear..." She said, looking over the naked girl, paying close attention to the sparsely hair that surrounded the pussy of the girl. " Since I cant get near your very pretty roommate... I guess I will have to do you, showing you what she is missing."

Allison screamed against the towel in her mouth, but not much got passed the terrycloth barrier. The screams and wriggling seemed to make Jade even more excited.

" You sure are a little spitfire, aren't you?" She commented with a purr. " This will be fun.:"

Jade lowered the dildo to the harness she wore. She seemed to lock it into place, and then look at a very wide eyed Allison who watched in horror. The hot pink object stood straight out from the girl's body, and she proudly swung it around with her hips. Jade pinched her nipples, making them hard points, as she stepped closer to Allison, the dildo bobbing a little in front of her as she moved.

The girl now stood over the helpless Allison, eyeing the girl with a hungry leer. She nodded, and the two girls pulled the girl's legs open while still pinning down her arms.

Jade knelt down between the girls legs, as they tried to kick out to freedom.

" Stop fighting it, Dear Allison..." The taller girl warned, her eyes glinting with glee as she watched the girl struggle against her friends grip. " Try to enjoy!"

Jade leaned in to the girl like a man would, watching as the fake cock touched the girl's opening. She looked at the horror filled face of the girl for a moment, smiling as she listening to the muffled screams come. After a few seconds, Jade reached up and slapped Allison's face with a viciousness that few girls could do..

" Oh shut up... You will like it once I start." She spat.

The smaller framed girl squirmed back again, even harder against both the girls that held her. Angered with Allison still trying to fight against them all, , the tall girl punched Allison in the face many times, stopping the girl's squirming very quickly after the forth or fifth blow. This seemed turn Jade on even more, her pussy dripping on the harness that held the dildo.

The tall girl reached down and opened Allison's pussy a little, making sure that the tip of her dildo was pressed up against it. She watched the horrified girl's face, seemingly relishing in the terror she was inflicting. Jade leaned back and plowed her hips forward, driving the dildo deep into the virgin cunt of the girl, and smiled as she watched Allison's pretty face contoured and winced in pain.

" We will make you wet here, My pretty..." She gasped as she did the deed.

Allison screamed out in agony, as she felt the hard rubber cock smash its way deep into her. She felt like it was ripping her right in two like a hot poker. She felt the skin around her pussy literally break and tearing away and felt the warm blood flooding out of her and trickle down her ass to the floor beneath her. The girl on top of her just battered her with sexual fury, smashing the dildo in with every buck of her hips. A broad smile of pure evil displayed on her face.

With grunts and groans, Jade plowed the dildo in and out of the girl, seemingly speeding up every time she heard the girl moan in pain, reveling in what she was doing to the helpless young girl. Jade also busied herself with biting down on the girl's nipple hard a few times, drawing blood every time too. She watched the girl's face, noting how it changed with each pump she made with her little friend.

" Let yourself experience something I like to call a Fear Orgasm... I think you might love it." The girl hissed, as she pounded the strap-on deeper into the smaller girl with extra force.

Allison just layed there, trying to ignore the searing pain that her virgin vagina was experiencing... for what seemed to be forever. Each pounding stroke, sent a new wave of pain right through her.

Allison was barely aware when Jade suddenly gasped and shuttered on top of her, as she orgasamed many times in a row.

Jade moaned in satisfaction and looked right into Allison's eyes, sweat pouring off of her face.

" That was damn good of you... giving me such a delicious orgasm." She said, smirking.

The girl got up on her knees from between Allison's legs, and looked down. She saw that her dildo was covered in blood, as so was her own pussy and legs. Allison's little twat was also painted with a heavy coat of crimson too, and still oozed it's red flow unrelentingly.

Jade smiled Demonically, seemingly so very pleased with it all.

" Remember that I was the one that took your precious cherry for you...." She said with a snicker, as her two friends cackled and called Allison ever name under the sun. " You weren't the best I've taken..., but you are damned good, you little vixen."

Allison could not even move, even as the girl's cohorts released her arms. Helplessly, she could only lay there and groan, as they turned her over, propping her ass up in the air. She felt the pain inside her wrack her with it's fury, and she could do nothing but whimper.

She felt something now go up against her butt hole, and knew what was coming next for her, yet she was now unable to mount even a small groan of defense. She was now quite helpless with pain and loss of blood she was incurring, as the two that had held her cheered on their leader with enthusiasm.

She felt the rubber cock begin to batter its way into her ass, ripping away at her insides again. Searing pain accompanied Jades deed, along with the girl gasp of glee at it all.

" We are going to make a full lezbo whore out of you yet." Jade said with a very malevolent laugh, as she slammed her hips forward in evil excitement, the dildo she wore sunk deep into the girl's ass, bringing pain with each thrust.

With the pain too much, coupled with the blood that seeped out of her with each thrusting attack made on her, Allison thankfully lost consciousness.


Lori looked up from her studying her literature homework at the clock that sat on the corner of her desk. She frowned and looked over at the empty bed across from her. Allison was still not there

It had been over an hour since leaving the showers, and Allison had not returned from her showering. She thought that she had met up with someone and was just talking, but something inside of her was telling her different. Something felt way wrong with the situation.

Throwing her robe over her nightgown, she left the room to go find her, as the feeling would not go away.

She hurried herself into the shower area, thinking that would be the logical place to start looking. She had asked a few people on the floor if they had seen her in the last hour. None of the girl's she had queried, had seen her other than entering the shower.

The shower room was dead silent, and she could hear each step she took on the tiles echoed. She looked around, as she made her way through to where the back showers were.

She came upon Allison on the floor, unconscious. She was nude, laying on her front in the middle of the showers stall area. A large pool of blood was under her lower half of her body, and the red painted her bum and thighs all the way down. Lori fell to her knees beside the unmoving form and checked on the girl.

Relived to see that the girl was still breathing, only very shallowly. Lori jumped back up to her feet and raced to the door, her mind spinning with the need to get help. She flung open the door and shouted at the top of her lungs.

" Someone call the Dorm Mother!!" She yelled out to the hall outside. " Someone has attacked Allison.

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