Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 5)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 5

[Author's notes: To be posted]

Chapter Five: a Rough Admirer

Three days had come and gone for young Lori at Haven School for Girls. To her, things had calmed down to some extent, but she could feel a tenseness in the air still, yet she was not knowing just why it felt like it all over campus. She wondered if this was the normal vibe, but wondered why it had to be like this.

She had fallen in to a sort of rhythm of the school, still trying to completely integrate into her new surroundings. She was glad that Allison was there, being so very kind in helping her get her feet wet in Haven. The girl was sweet and caring, turning into a friend almost immediately. She was still trying to feeling all of it out, but it seemed like not everyone was strange finally.

First period was on for Lori. She sat yawning, as she had stayed up studying until rather late. Algebra was not conducive to mornings, as her brain seemed not to be fully awake for the task. She wished that she had drank another coffee at breakfast to jump start her mind, but she had been late getting to breakfast and she only had time for the one cup. Now, she had to get her brain to work without it.

The teacher droned on, talking about different equations, making Lori now even more tired and now simply bored. She put her head on her hand, leaning a elbow on the desktop as she tried to focus. It was not working out too well though. She was not a morning person to begin with, but this made it harder. She made a note to herself in her head to make sure she got to breakfast earlier to counteract this situation.

Out of the corner of her eye, she realized that someone had been watching her from across the room, more like staring at her. Every one else had their eyes forward, but someone across the classroom was looking her way. She glanced over in curiosity, to see just who it was.

A tall looking girl with shoulder length hair of darker brown was the one staring at her. She had not noticed this girl before, but this girl was seriously staring right at her. Lori forced a smile at the girl, trying not to feel paranoid with the girl's stares, while wondering why this girl was looking at her.

The girl stared at Lori for a few seconds more, then licked her lips in a very suggestive manner, as she stared at the new girl. With a small wink, the girl then turned away with a smirk painting her long face.

Lori gasped, feeling her self stiffen with this suggestive gesture. She just turned herself back to the teacher, making sure that she would keep her eyes on the boring older teacher at all cost. She felt odd with the sexual nature of the girl's action, and tried real hard to block out the image, feeling disturbed by how the girl did it.

It was just after lunch the same day. Lori decided to take a walk around the large pond, that lay just near the southern wall of Haven's sprawling campus. Her roommate, Allison, had gone to a emergency meeting of one of her school clubs that she chaired, and had raced off after bolting down her lunch like a mad-girl.

With Allison occupied with what had to be done, Lori just felt like getting a little bit of peace and quiet for a time. The pond seemed to be that place she was looking for the forty five minutes before classes started again.

The water was so very clear in the pond, as she could see the many coy that were swimming around. She smiled, as watching the many colored fish swimming made her feel so relaxed and calm for the first time in a while, as the last three days had been hectic with getting use to Haven ways and customs.

She knew that this was an elite school, and as far as school work so far, had been challenging but not overly quite yet. With that aside, the air of sexuality here was the one thing she had never encountered before. With all of that going on, she wondered about her own growing sexuality.

She wondered if she was becoming a lesbian, as the sight of the two girls making love had stuck in her mind and made her do things she had never done in her life. Being a virgin, she did not quite know where she landed on this topic, but her thoughts on it were the same as it had.

She thought she liked boys, but she also found herself being attracted to girls, neither on strongly yet. Because of the very vivid image of the two girls she saw making love, the last couple of nights found her unable to fall to sleep until she masturbated. That was shocking to her, that she do something like this, but it also was feeling very natural to her too. She thought on the way the girl in class was openly flirting with her also made her think hard too.

With all of this stuff flying around in her mind like a pinball game, it just made all of this that much more confusing for her. She did not feel ashamed as much about masturbating, but the questions that rocketed through her made her mind swim.

All of this was overwhelming, and she found herself wanting any of her old friends back home to talk this all through with. They would not understand it all, she thought, but here... she felt alone with al of these things piling up in her mind.

She just sighed, and continued to watch the coy swim around in the clearness of the pond, wondering about what was happening inside of herself. A rustling in the bushes near her, made her turn.

The girl that was winking at her in class strode out of the bushes, flanked on each side by two other very shorter but more stocky built girls. The main girl looked at Lori with a very odd look in her eyes..

" Ahh..." The girl said. " Enjoying the pond, are we?"

Lori did not know just what the girl was up to, but her instincts were telling her there was danger here, as the three walked closer to where she sat on the pond's bank.

" Un, yes... I am." She said, standing up and taking a few steps backwards.

" This is a very... sensual place to be..." The girl said, her eyes leering at Lori with hunger in them.

Seeing the three getting closer, Lori kept backing up, trying to glance back and find the break in the shrubs and trees where the path out of this place to escape through, but she could not locate it as she moved.

The two smaller girls broke from the taller one, and each grabbed Lori by the arms. The blond haired girl struggled as hard as she could, feeling trapped, but found the two to be holding her right where she was.

The taller girl stepped up and stood right in front of Lori, grabbing her chin in her hand so she had to look at her.

" You are such a very yummy looking morsel..." She said, squeezing the girls face firmly. " A fresh faced angel has come here to old Haven."

" What do you want?" Asked Lori, fighting to speak through the hand that clasped her chin.

" I always want to try the new fresh flowers here first... and you are one very fresh bloom indeed." She said, smirking, looking down at the girl's heaving chest.

Lori tried to scream, but it was getting caught in her throat, as mind-numbing fright gripped her soul. She found the strength to struggle a little harder, but her small size coupled by the larger girls that held her, made escape impossible. Even though these girls all were about her age, the curse of her seemingly being the smallest person in her grade was working against her right now.

The tall girl ran her hand down Lori's chest, stopping to feel the breasts that were under the shirt. The tall lass moaned, and smiled, as she fondled the boob in her hand.

" You are well put together, just like Tasha had said." She commented with a lecherous grin. " This will be very fun indeed."

The girl continued down until she had gone down Lori's hip, and under the grey skirt. To the horror of Lori, the hand roved to the front of her pelvis, and started stroking the intersection of her legs and the body through the fabric of her underwear.

" Feels like you have such a sweet pussy under those plain-jane panties you are wearing..." The girl said, purring like a wild cat in heat. She began to snake her hand up and over the waistband. " Let's have a initial feel, before I taste your nubile puss for myself."

Lori went to close her eyes, as she could feel the hand invading her underwear. A tear began to fall from her eye, as she did not know what to do or say. It was beyond her scope for what was happening.

Suddenly, the girl that was touching her went flying, as two hands appeared and pushed her to the side from out of nowhere. Lori felt the other girls let her drop to the ground, and she looked up to see just what was going on around her.

A very tall girl, older than al of them, stood over Lori and her assailants that also was on the grass. Lori saw the girl had short black hair, a smooth long face and deep chocolate brown eyes that burned with anger.

" What are you three fucking doing?" Spat the taller girl, at the one who had been fondling Lori.

" President Megan??" Stammered the girl, looking up at the girl.

The one that had been called President Megan stared down at the leader of the three, as she cowered into a tree. The older and taller girl glared at the girl on the ground, fists clenched against her legs as if she was stopping herself from thrashing the girl right then and there.

" Jade... get your two little whores and yourself out of here, or I will report you to the Head Mistress for this sick little thing!" She said, adding as she glared right at the girl. " I may be Haven Student President, but mark my words, I will still take the time to kick the living shit out of you if you do this again to anyone. Do I make my self clear?"

The two pudgier girls that had been with the girl named Jade were already running off through the forest area that circled the pond, leaving their leader back with the irate girl. Jade followed suit and raced off into the bushes and trees too, after shooting a hate filled glare at both Lori and the girl named Megan, and promptly vanished.

With the tree gone, the tall girl helped Lori to her feet. Silently, the girl helped adjust Lori's clothing, as the blond girl seemed to be a little dazed as she stood leaning against a tree.

" Are you alright?" She asked.

Lori nodded, as she began to get her bearings.

" I am...Thank you!" She finally said, staring directly into the girl's face.

" I am glad of that." Smiled the girl sweetly. " That is what you call one forceful girl. She does this all the time, because of her little posse."

" She does?"

" Unfortunately, yes." Said the girl, nodding at Lori. " She has been reprimanded a whole lot of times for stuff like this."

The blond haired girl looked up at the girl, and gasped. The girl that had saved her was absolutely beautiful. Lori could not help marvel at the smoothness of the girls long face, the now calming twinkle in those eyes that was with such a attractive smile that was accented by the short dark hairstyle she sported. She was the most captivating person Lori had ever seen, her heart literally was racing in her chest.

The girl then spoke to Lori, breaking the girl out of whatever funk she was in.

" I am so sorry... where are my manners..." The pretty girl said with a sparkling giggle. " I am Megan Shelby, Grade Twelve Student Body President for Haven School for Girls."

" Uh, I am Lori, Lori Brentwall." She stammered, snapping herself from dizzily looking at the girl.

Megan giggled, looking right into the bright blue eyes of Lori.

" I know, you are the only new student that has transferred in this school year." The girl said with a smile brighter than anything Lori had ever seen.

" Oh!!" Said Lori, blushing.

The Class President saw the girl's face glow red, but give a smile that eased the long haired girl a little.

" I guess you have had a little bit of a strange indoctrination to our little school, haven't you?"

" It has been... interesting." Lori said, admitting without telling everything that has happened..

" Jade probably will not bother you again... just try and keep an eye out though." Suggested Megan, her eyes sparkling with a light that came from within her.

Lori went to thank the girl for the help, but the bells of the church peeled out loudly over the campus.

" We better get to class..." Megan said, hurrying off. " Have a better day at school."

The girl disappeared into the trees, as Lori watched. She sighed, then looked around at the quiet silence of the pond area. Hearing the bells chiming again, she realized that she could be late for her next class if she was not careful.

The blond haired girl smiled, and began to rush through the trees to get back to her building. This had been an eventful day, she thought to herself, still thinking on the girl that had helped her out.

She met up with Allison as she entered the building for the Grade ten classes.

" How was your lunchtime?" The girl asked.

" Uh, Fine..." Lori said, snapping out of her own thoughts.

" Did you meet any new People?" Asked Allison, hearing the girl's curious answer.

" I met Megan Shelby today." She said, the girl's pretty face in her mind.

" You met our School President?" Gasped the girl, looking at her roommate with awe. " That is just plain cool!" She smiled. " You liked her?"

" She was cool." Smiled Lori, almost dreamily. " Really cool, if you ask me."

Allison looked at the girls odd expression, and shook her head. The two girl's enter the building together, hurrying to get to their class before either one of them would be late.

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