Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 4)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 4

[Author's notes: Summery to be posted]

Chapter Four: Wrestling with one's self

The rest of the day went quite well for Lori. Allison had introduced her to a few friends of hers, and helped her to find each of her classes she was to attend that afternoon. Being that Haven was so many large buildings and classes to house three thousand plus girls, she needed all the help she could get.

She found it nerve-wracking, as she was stared at being the new girl, but she hoped that would not last very long. Most were nice that she actually talked to, and that seemed to ease her anxiety a little.

" This just might work its way out in the long run." She told herself, seeing the possibilities.

Soon night had came to hang over Haven. The school seemed to be shifting its gears for the hours of sleep, as all across campus, it was becoming more and more quiet with every minute. Lights in every window were turning off like dominos, signaling slumber time for the occupants of the room.

Lori was in her dorm, right after taking a shower down the hall in the floor's shower area, and was putting on her plain white nightie for the coming night. She felt the heaviness of her exhaustion making her feel almost dopy. Her new friend was already changed into a long teeshirt type of sleepwear, and was siting up quietly reading in her bed.

The girl looked at the new girl of Haven, noting that she was crawling into her bed across the room.

" Tired?" She asked, putting her book down on her lap.

" Pretty much exhausted!" Lori said. " I can't remember the last time I felt this tired."

" First day can be that way." Sympathized Allison, adding. " Being the new girl just makes it harder... at least I think."

" To me it does." Lori giggled.

Allison nodded, giggling right along with the girl.

" Once you get the hang of this place, It will get better." Allison surmised with a playful smirk.

" Hope so..." Remarked the blonde girl, thinking back on the strangeness of the past day. " Things are... odd around here."

" Sure it will..." The Strawberry blonde giggled. " This place is not so bad... it actually is pretty great. I don't think it is odd, but then I have been her since I was about five or six."

Lori could not help remembering the days oddities she had encountered, and thought the girl might be right about it might not being that bad at Haven.

" Things just might be not what they seem..." she told herself, remembering all what she had seen. " Tomorrow will be better."

Allison put her book down on the small table beside her bed and rolled over to face the wall after turning off her lamp before hand.

" G'night." She said, pulling the covers over herself, a small yawn drawing out the last syllable. " Hope you sleep well."

" Night." Replied Lori, doing the same as she turned off her lamp on the sidetable.

The room fell into the darkness, and the silence of the dorm was the ruler. The hours of sleep crept over the now silent rooms and halls, taking over every nook and cranny of the school.

The place was now so still, and would be until the inevitable morning would come in only a few short hours.

An hour later, found Lori laying in her bed unable to fall asleep since crawling into it. She layed on her back, staring up at the darkness draped ceiling over her. Her mind swimming with thoughts that blocked any chance of sleeping.

She was thinking on seeing the two girls in the room, having sex while the other girls were over in the school part of the campus. Instead of being shocked about it anymore, she felt like she was on fire. The more the images of the sleek naked young girl licking the vagina of the other played in her head, the more she felt her body reacting to it. How loving yet hungrily the girl was attending to the girl, all of that was making her desire to be touched and licked like that, to feel the girl's fingers playing with her just like that.

Her cunny was twitching wildly and making her panties all wet, and she felt the strange urges that had swooped in on her just like when she was watching. They were stronger now, roaring through her like a Forrest fire. She was trying hard to push them away, but it seemed like it was on a constant playing loop in her head. The more she pushed them away, the more they stayed.

She began to touch her breast under the blankets, and felt her nipples were hard under the thin fabric of her nightgown. Her touch made her gasp, even though she had never done something like this before, as a electric shock flashed through her. She pinched the erect nob of her boob, and she wriggled under the feelings. She did the same with her other hand on the other tit, and the feelings grew.

Lori layed there and played with her nipples, luxuriatingly enjoying the explosion of sensations make her heart pound in her chest, and felt her own little cunt ache with wanting something, yet she was unsure of what it was.

She trailed a hand down her stomach, ending up going under the hem of her nightie. Her hand found her panties, and she could feel her fingertips lightly trail downwards. She gasped, as she felt her own fingers going through her pubic hair, the thin material the only barrier between them. She gasped a little, as she now felt her wet spot on the crotch, her own fingers sending waves of pleasure through her.

Driven by whatever it was, she found her hand going back upwards again, then she slid her hand down pat the waistband of her panties. She could feel her hand brush through her blond pubes, as it made its way passed them. Se held her breath, as she anticipated something when her hand finally got to her twitching girlhood that was aching and tingling.

Fingertips coming in contact with her now swollen clit, she gasped as they shot growing sensations through every inch of her being, making her pull a sharp breath in. Opening her legs and bending her knees up, her digits found that she was so very wet, the slightest touch made her skin feel like it was on fire. She began to rub herself, noting where the sensations were the strongest. She found a small hill of flesh, almost a smaller version of her nipples, hiding in the now wet folds of her labia. When she began to rub the small thing, she felt her whole body start to sweat like if someone had turned up her body's heat.

She played with her new found nub, rubbing it with purposeful circles. She gasped, as her body twitched and vibrated with her touches. She trailed her fingers down, lightly tracing her outer cunny lips, immediately sending even more titillations through her. She tilted her head back deeper into her pillow, and closed her eyes as her fingers searched the wetness of her own body.

When she found her hole, she put her finger inside in testing, and found a wondrous feeling slam her, making her body react with great enjoyment. Her hips suddenly began bucking up to meet her frenzied finger, as her insides twitched around her little pointer. She sunk the digit all the way in, and felt herself have a jolt of electricity fire through her, and she heard a little cry of pleasure on the air. She realized right off, it was her own voice that was making the sound.

With sweat poring off of her, she slammed her finger deep inside her tight channel, totally experiencing such a feeling of pure pleasure that caused her to pump herself even faster, her hips moving in unconscious response to it. She felt the building sensations growing, making her pump wildly against her own hand, her other hand had slide up her nightgown to play with one of her nipples. The feeling of her first growing orgasm only grew and intensified, she felt like she was the only one in the world at that point.

Biting her own lip, she felt her sleek form beginning to shake and tremble, as whatever she was feeling felt like it was about to explode as it hung her in mid air. The palm of her hand brushed her aching blood engorged nub, and that sent her over the edge with a large explosion of sensations that vortex through her.

With a cooing moan in the back of her throat, it hit hard. Her hand was speeding along, every muscle in her body wildly vibrating, feeling the gush of wetness flow out of herself and spread over her hand while drenching her ass with warmth. Lori's hips flashed upwards off the bed to meet her hand in perfect sync, making sure her finger was buried inside of her as deeply as she could get. She closed her eyes, as the image of the girl on her back writhing in pleasure matched what was happening to her.

The sensations of her first orgasm gripped her, waving over her like a cascading waterfall that she did not want to end. A few more pulses ripped through her, then it began to subside and her had finally slowed in culmination.

Spent, sweaty and gasping to catch her breath, she layed there in the silence of the dark, drinking in all of the feelings that were still coursing through her. With cunt still twitching to some extent, her body felt pleasantly heavy, a contentment she had never felt was there to greet her amazed mind. She pulled her finger out of herself hesitantly, still reliving every single sensation like a wine taster would do with fine vintaged grape.

She could now feel just how wet she was, and even through the blankets she could smell the sweet musky aroma of her juices wafting up to her. Determining just how wet her underwear was, she felt embarrassed with it.

She wondered what to do now, as she felt a type of shame come from what she had just done. The girl's new roommate still was sleeping quite soundly it seemed, only a few feet away, thankfully she had not been awoken. She thought of what to do, while still wrestling with the feelings of pure satisfaction mixing with the shame that had come to her.

She quickly removed her very soddened panties, and stuck them under her mattress closest to the wall. She planned on hand-washing them hopefully before Allison would even be up. That was the only thing she could come up with to do.

She was going to roll back, but when she almost did, she could feel the coolness of a very damp spot on the bed. She wrinkled her nose, as she realized that was from her too. She just opted to lay where she had rolled to and closed her eyes, hoping her new friend had not been laying there, listening to her masturbating.

Oddly, sleep rapidly overtook her, as she still grappled with her multitude of feelings. They were not stopping sleep now.

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