Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 3)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 3

[Author's notes: Lori finds things working finally... sort of.]

Chapter Three: Roomie

After getting her school schedule then had the meeting with her Home Room teacher, Miss. Asworth. The curriculum the had put in place here in Haven, was harsh, as the time table on the paper showed her.

They had six periods in a day, and she seemed to have three of the most hard of all of the classes in a row in the mornings. Algebra, Chemistry and Literature would be the start of her day, and it would go from there. She always had been a good student, but she still was not looking forward to it one little bit either. She could tell that this was gong to be one hell of a semester for her to also acclimate into this school besides the pressures of the classes.

She was sent back to her dorm room to wait for the noon meal to meet her roommate before starting her classes in the afternoon periods. They were going to jump her right in to the thick of it all, that had been the exact words of Miss. Asworth.

The young blonde girl nodded, and headed back to the dorms. She was glad that she would have about another couple of hours to kill, the thought of jumping right in to a strange school system with people that probably have gone to school all of their lives together, scared her a little. What had happened earlier had just magnified that many times over.

The girl made her way down the third floor hallway, heading to her new room to sit for awhile until she heard the bell for lunch, which her home room teacher had told her to listen for from the church steeple.

The halls were quiet, only her footsteps could be heard echoing throughout. She just made her way, looking around at her new surroundings. It was kind of eerie, yet it was kind of soothing in a way, as she knew she had a little bit of time to settle herself before everything would commence.

Lori's hearing picked up some odd sounds as she neared where her room was located on the floor. It was sort of a faint sound, yet it was right there. She turned her head to locate where it was coming from, as she recognized the sound of heavy breathing and the odd moan. After all that has happened already, she was wondering all over again.

She spotted a door sitting ajar, just a few doors away from the entrance to her room. She could hear the moans were more pronounced, and something inside of her was wanting to investigate just what was going on. She crept to the door and cautiously peered in to the small opening.

She saw a young slim long haired girl lying naked on a bed, her legs were up and spread with a short brown haired girl kneeling between them on the bed. She could see the brown haired girl was licking the young girl's almost hairless sex vigorously, her tongue lapping vigorously on the outer folds of the girl's sex with a finger of her hand plunged deeply inside.

The girl on her back was moaning softly, tossing her head back and forth with rapturous gasps as her partner traced circles with her tongue over the top of her slit. When the shorter haired girl inserted a second finger while her tongue continued it's work, the other girl gasped louder and her hips bucked against the invading fingers.

Lori was transfixed by the sight of the two girls in the thralls of love making. No matter how much she wanted to turn and leave, she could not. She was also aware that her own private area was tingling and twitching, and she could feel her panties becoming very wet. She felt hot, and had urges that she could not even begin to explain wash over her. She wanted to touch herself so badly, but she kept herself from dong so.

She watched as the girl on her back started to writhe on the bed, her moans becoming louder as her entire body was shining with sweat as she bucked against the other's face. The girl on her knees became faster, pumping her fingers deeper with vigor into the girl, her tongue also sped up it own work.

It seemed like the prone girl was about to explode or something, as she arched her body upwards with each lick she got. She was making noises that Lori had never heard anyone do before, but found they were having a pronounced effect on her. All of this was making the crotch of her panties even more wet, but she knew she was not peeing or having her period either.

The girl suddenly was shaking, her moans became half stifled screams through the hand she had cupped over her mouth. She bit her fingers as she humped the other girl's face wildly, reaching down to hold the girl's head with the other hand. Lori could see the juices flowing out of the long haired girl's sex, bathing her partner's face as she moved herself expertly to keep pressure with her hard working wiggling body.

The girl on her back gasped once more, then fell back on to the bed, breathing hard and gasping with a tone of pure relief. Her body seemed to literally sink itself into the bed under her, a large smile was on her sweat streaked face.

Lori could feel her own sex twitching wildly inside of her underwear, as all of this was stimulating something for her. She suddenly froze to the spot, as both girls noticed that she was standing there.

" You must be the new girl.." Said the girl on her knees, turning her juices bathed face to Lori, a smile of satisfaction glowed on her cherub face. " Welcome to Haven School for Girls."

" Would you like to join us?" As the other girl, still panting hard from her orgasmic pleasuring. " I am one that enjoys it when others joins in."

Lori just shook her head, not knowing how to even respond to the offer. The girls just nodded and looked at one another, as the long haired girl pulled the other lass on top of her. The long haired girl's hands began to roam all over the girl's body, stopping to squeeze the firmness of the breasts. They kissed one another with a passion that the new girl had never seen ever in her short life.

Lori just turned and headed to her room with very quickened steps. She did not what to think about what she had witnessed, but her body felt all afire, like if someone had lit a candle wick deep inside her, and the flame was building and growing. She was uncomfortable and intrigued by it at the same time

Once in her room, she closed the door. She went across to the window and stared blankly out on to the courtyard below. She may not have understood just what she had saw, but something deep inside did understand, and it was alive and kicking. She just decided to wait here in the room, her mind still trying to unravel just what was happening here and inside of her own self.


The low chiming bong of a bell chimed loudly from outside. The sound made the floor reverberate with it's hauntingly beautiful notes, as it seemed to hang on the air like a eagle on the wind.

Lori heard the bell tolling, and knew that lunch was now being convened. She knew to wait for the girl that was going to be sharing the room, but her mind was still going by the few interesting events she had experienced on this her first day.

She wondered how long she had to wait, as she had not had a bit to eat since getting off the plane this morning. She had her last meal with her parents, then saw them hop another airplane and go off to Europe for filming a new docudrama for their studio.

The door to the room slowly opened, and a girl came in to the room like she was gliding on air.

The girl was about the same age as Lori, but seemed to be just a shade taller but as thinly built as she was. She had long reddish blonde hair pulled back with a maroon colored hairband that kept her locks away from her heart shaped face. Her most striking feature was light colored brown eyes that seemed to have a light all of their own. Lori had never seen a blond that had brown eyes before, but she found them actually attractive.

She looked at the new girl, and gave a very warm smile.

" You must be Lori..." She said, her voice was very soft and musical in its lilt.

" Allison, I presume?" Lori asked, relived to see that this girl might be more normal than she had seen here at Haven.

The girl giggled, its sound was also very musical and inviting. She looked at Lori with her big light brown eyes.

" I was told to take you to lunch, then show you around to help get your bearings here at Haven. " The girl said, happily. " This place can be a bit overwhelming for people, if you don't know the set up. Guess I know this place well, considering I have gone here since starting kindergarten."

" I can see that would be an advantage for going here." Lori said, smiling.

The girl giggled again, making Lori feel even more at ease.. Finally.

" I think this arrangement will work out, I like your sense of humor." She commented. " That is very important to have, when one shares a room with someone."

" I can agree with that, humor is very needed from time to time." Said a very happy Lori. " I was a little worried about it not being there between you and I... I see that it won't be a problem."

" Hearing that I was being roomed with a new girl did make me a little bit worried, but I think I was just letting that get to me." The girl said. " This will work out I am sure of it... I hope you don't snore."

" I don't think I do...." Lori mused understanding the girl's statement. " Just throw a shoe at me if I do.

" Deal!" Giggled Allison, looking at the newest girl. Both girls fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, as one got the other going.

After calming down her laughter, Allison motioned for Lori to follow, to take the girl to the long hall, where everyone ate as a group. Lori nodded and followed the girl with a relived heart. She hoped that she could have a friend in Allison, as the goings on around the school were odd enough.

The two left the room and headed outside to cross the expanse of the courtyard to the Long Hall for the noon meal.

Lori looked at the girl that strode beside her, she felt a little more at ease as this girl seemed to be friendly indeed.

"Things are looking up." Lori said to herself as she went with the girl, now hopeful that she just may have a shot of fitting in around Haven.

With the other things that went on, she hoped that she would find a way to accept it... or at least find a way to cope with it all. To lori, that was all that she could do for herself.

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