Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 2)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Thing are even stranger for Lori]

Chapter Two: A little odd here...

Lori followed the girl out of the building, and across the courtyard. To her surprise, the courtyard was now empty, the wind hot air that rose from the bricks made it seem like she was in a ghost town.

She watched the girl in front of her that led her, and noted that she was not speaking any to her. She had not since the brief statement back in the Head Mistresses's office, nor had she looked back at her.

Lori felt the sting of being the 'new girl' already, but she just followed the girl in her own forced silence. She knew that she would be a little different, as her parents were film directors, and not rich as some of them she had heard of coming here. They were not poor, but still not like the elite that sent their girls here

A small two story building was where Lori was led. She was taken down into the basement of this small structure, which was located near the far south wall of the Haven compound. She just followed in silence, letting her guide take her where she needed to be.

The girl opened a door at the far end of the underground floor and walked in. Lori just followed.

The room behind the door was lined with shirts, blazers skirts of every size needed in a school this big.

" The Head Mistress had got me, because I am the wardrobe outfitter for all of Haven." The girl said, finally talking.

" That must be fun at times." Said Lori, shocked to actually be spoken to.

" Sometimes." Smirked the girl. " Now undress down to your underwear, I need measurements to find the right sizes. We have so many fitting sizes, we can exact a tailored type of fit here."

The blonde girl felt odd being asked to disrobe, especially when the girl actually had a small smirk on her face when she asked. She had only undressed in front of her mom, and her doctor, but complied anyway. Tasha was a girl, and she was on the campus of an all girl school. To her knowledge, there was no men or boys for miles.

She striped down to her simple white bra and panties, as the girl got out a long measuring tape. Tasha seemed to be looking her over quite intently, making the uncomfortable situation feel a little more tense. Lori took a deep breath to try and ease herself with it, and raised her hands up a little for the girl to do what she needed to do.

The wardrobe girl reached around and wrapped the yellow colored tape around her breasts, and snugged it around each of the cups while taking her time while doing so. She looked at the numbers and smiled, writing it down with a free hand on a pad near her. Lori just stood there, trying not to stress about the girl being this close to her like she was. It was a little bit unnerving.

After marking the measurements down, the girl named Tasha then lightly cupped one of the breasts in her other hand for a second and smiled. The dark haired girl then squeezed the breast she had in her hand ever so lightly, rubbing the fabric of the bra with the thumb just over the nipple area. It made the blond girl jump a little, letting a small gasp out.

" Looking at your height, and your very light weight, I would not have guess you had this firm of a chest on you." Commented the girl, looking Lori right in the face before dropping her sight to be eyeing the girls somewhat small but very firm bosom that she held. " You will be very popular around here, I can see that right off."

Shocked at the comment, Lori did not know what to say or do. She just swallowed hard, finding it hard to even say something. She wondered if that really had just happened, or did she just imagine that the girl had touched her breast.

The wardrobe girl then knelt down and took a waist then a inseam measurement. The girl rested her hand against Lori's vagina area as she made her find, the hand seemed to be trembling a little as it pressed a little harder upwards against the crotch of the white panties.

" That is nice.." Tasha commented, with a tone of being pleased, but never once looking up at the girl..

Oddly, Lori felt her private place jump and tingle under the girl's touch, even when the rest of her felt shocked and slightly repulsed with this type of boldness. Her bodies reaction was the strangest thing of all to her, this was the first time she had ever experienced something like this, that alone made her shiver. Her body was reacting on it's own.

The blonde girl was shocked at the girl's comments, and on the actions that Tasha had done. She knew boys were like that, but girl on girl, she asked herself. She wanted to pull away with it being uncomfortable, but the girl had her against a wall for proper measuring, there was no place to go.

With Lori still in her underwear, the girl went off and searched through the many racks of clothes, bringing back what seemed to be a huge load.

" You have here: three shirts, three skirts, three blazers..." She said, putting the sets down as she said. " Eight sets of socks and we will measure for the shoes, then I will grab you a church outfit, a formal outfit and the other articles of clothes you will be needing while going here." The girl then gave a sigh, as she looked at the girl up and down again. " You put on one of your uniforms, I will gather the other things and then we take you to your dorm."

Glad to put on something finally, Lori dressed in one of the uniforms she had been given. Despite what had happened, she was amazed at the exactness of the fit on her, as it was quite a cute on her she thought. The hem was a little short over the knees, but it seemed that it was a rule friendly length for the school.

Satisfied with the uniform, she began to fold the dress she was wearing while she waited for the girl to bring back more. She was still amazed at the actions of the girl, never had she been touched like that in her young life.

She decided to try and put it aside in her mind, but it would not go away. It was like shock and pleasure all at once. The feeling of someone touching her in her most intimate places had definitely awoke something, but she was quite not sure just what that thing was.

As the girl returned to where she stood, loaded down with other clothes as she had said, Lori just let the curiosity of her feelings ebb away, but the feelings kept a watch in her.

A hour later, Tasha holding half, and Lori carting the rest of the load, brought the girl into the dorm room as she had promised. It had been a long walk, considering the amount she had. Perhaps this is why they were assigning a person to act as a guided through the large expanse that was Haven.

Two beds were in the room, both on opposite sides of the door. There were two small desks two free standing clothes closets and two smaller dressers. Looking out of the window, she saw from her third floor dorm, it had a beautiful view of the entire courtyard, and the four school buildings too that were across from the large dormitory buildings.

Tasha boldly moved to the one free standing closets on the left of the room and flung it open. A large amount of hangers sat on one of the two long poles, along with a few smaller drawers on the bottom of the piece of furniture.

" Your roommate has that side, she is already in classes.... it is the first day of school you know." She said. " You need to unpack and head back across the courtyard to the admin building to pick up your class schedule and meet with your home room teacher, Miss. Asworth in room sixty three in building two that is called Daisy Hall." She said, turning after gently placing the clothes she carried on to the bed with the dull maroon colored comforter. " We shall see you later... do you know your way back?"

Lori nodded, thinking that she could get herself back to the building in question, and figure out which building was. Tasha nodded and headed for the door with a small smile. Lori said not one word, but watched the girl leaving.

The dark haired girl took one look back, almost as if she was looking her over again like she had, then out the door she went. In a flash, she was gone, leaving the newest student of Haven alone in her dorm room.

Lori shuttered, as the leers of the girl made her feel odd, but somehow it made her feel good somewhere in herself She just set to work, putting away her stuff in the small spaces she had been assigned. She was surprised to find out that she had more than enough room to put it all away, as it seemed that the room had been tailored for it.

Finished her unpacking by putting away the few personal things she had brought with her, she hurried out the door to go get her schedule, hoping the little jaunt would stop her mind from thinking this over ten times a second. She could not straighten this all out in her head, or make any minor headway with the girl's conduct.

This place already was strange enough, the behavior of the one girl could not possibly be representative... could it? She was hoping not. She knew about lesbians to some degree from movies and stuff, but was this like that here? Was she like them?

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