Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 17)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 17

[Author's notes: The love does come... after all of this...]

Chapter Seventeen - Epilogue

The night was warm and moonlit. Haven was dark and in the grip of slumber, the air seemed to be one of relief and serenity, as even the air was still. Not even a breeze could seen ruffling leaves and branches. Clearly, it was a satisfied calm that held the school in it's palms.

In the dark of one room, two figures layed in bed. Arms wrapped around one another, they seemed to be fully enjoying the stone silence, as they pressed their bodies against one another.

One of the two spoke.

" You alright now?" Whispered Megan.

" I am now..." Giggled Lori, kissing the shoulder she had her head resting against. " I just have a few questions though."

Megan looked down at the naked girl beside her, her eyes filled with curiosity.

" And what would that be?" She asked, smirking a little.

Lori propped herself up on her elbow, and gazed down into the pretty brown eyes of her lover.

" How did you know where I was taken when Jade had taken me?" She asked.

" You really want to know that?" Asked the Blonde's lover. " We just made love, now you want to ask that?"

" It is... in my mind." Restated the girl, a smile painting her face. " I feel like I need to know... that's all.

Megan sighed and had to admit, she had a right to know these things.

" After and even during the search for you, we checked the security cameras that are spaced out on the grounds... and saw Jade and her friends carrying you. I did not know where this camera was, nor did I know that part of Haven's grounds."

" Then how did you know just where? I did not know where I was at the time?"

" It turned out to be Det. Shunger who put it all together... she went to school her almost twenty five years ago." She explained. " She recognized the area that led to a old building that was the Teacher's residence at the turn of the century" She giggled. " It is not well known, as time had made most people forget that it was even there... Jade's mom went here, and that is how she knew of the house.

Lori just gasped.

" That was lucky." She said.

" That is not the strange part of this though, Lori dear..." Started Megan.

" Strange part?" Asked a now confused Lori. " I am not following... what do you mean by 'strange part'?""

Megan just leaned over and kissed the girl on the lips, pausing to drink in the girl's muskiness.

" Let me explain..." She said impishly. " She has nearly been booted out of school on many occasions... her father, who owns one of the largest security technology firms in the world had been donating the security cameras and other things to the school, to keep her in school."

" She was caught by her own families business!!" Lori said piecing together everything. " That is sort of equal justice, don't you?"

" Precisely!" Grinned the girl, her hand reaching down the small girl's lean body to stroke Lori's tummy.

Lori smiled, as she felt the pleasure of her lovers touches on her. She suddenly turned though and looked at Megan.

" What will happen to her now? Are they going to put her in prison or a mental hospital?"

" Could be jail or something... I am not sure." Megan said, thinking on it as she talked. " either way, I hope she gets what she deserves."

" You think she purposely killed Allison, or do you think it was an accident?" Asked Lori bluntly, her eyes showing how sad she was still with the death of her roommate and friend.

Megan paused for a moment, her mind pondering on the heavy question.

" I think that killing Allison's might have been a accident... one that she may have found to be pleasurable after the fact..." Megan speculated, frowning with the thoughts. " All that I know, is that she was a very sadistic personality to begin with, one that needed to control and dominate everyone around her."

" Do you think that she was mentally ill?" Thought out loud The blonde girl. " Is that how we explain her deeds?"

" You have to be unbalanced in some way to do something like this..." Countered the short haired girl, after a deep thought pause. " I don't know if that excuses what she has done, including killing Allison... only God can really make that sort of a decision. I feel she needs to be punished, but also needs help desperately."

Lori nodded, agreeing with the girl. She could not argue with logic like what her lover was using. She felt a sadness cover her for a moment, as she thought back on Allison, then snapped out of it. She leaned into the girl and planted a kiss on to her lover, one ful of what she was feeling for the girl.

Megan suddenly got up to her knees on the bed and scooted down. She crawled between Lori's short but very shapely legs and planted a kiss right on Lori's bared cunny with a cunning touch.

The girl squirmed under the girl's lips.

" If you are going to..." Said the girl, gasping, her comment suddenly ending and then lost in the growing passions and electric sensations that were cascaded now through her body.

Megan replied by flicking her tongue out deftly, circling the young girl's sweet hole with rapid strokes. Relishing the girl's intoxicating taste, she began to lick more, causing her younger lover to tremble. She moved a hand in and inserted a finger, feeling the smooth velvet of the girl, and began to slowly pump it in and out.

" Let's talk about more pleasures than seriousness right now..." Megan said, pausing from her work. " Let's just see what this 'topic' can bring to us right now..."

The girl put her head back down, and started again with finger and tongue, but now with more passion and conviction than ever. She wanted nothing more than to feel the young girl as much as she could.

Lori just moaned in ecstacy and opened her legs to the widest, letting the girl access to her honeyhole. The seriousness of their conversations were now gone, as the mantle of passion overtook the both and they were swept away on it's ride. As the tongue of Megan did it's thing, all she could do was lay back and enjoy, swept away on the waves of her ecstasy.

The night did hold a lot for Haven, but now one of them was not fear.


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