Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 16)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 16

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Sixteen - Fixing Toxicity

Major pain was what Lori felt, as blackness was being replaced by light. She could feel the back of her head throbbing, and her vison was very murky. The girl fought a intense nauseating feeling that was coming with the awakening as vomit filled the back of her throat, but still the pain was intense.

She fought through it all, and became more aware of her surroundings, and of herself at the same time. What she did find herself, was very shocking.

She found herself totally nude, her hands bound up behind her and her clothes laying beside her. Her school outfit was looking like they had been literally cut right off of her body in a frenzy. Even her underwear seemed to have been very much slashed up.

Lori noted that she lay on a cold rock made floor of what appeared to be some sort of a basement room that was very old. She could feel the damp coolness on her body, and smelled the heaviness of the dust and moldiness that was all around her. She tried to sit herself up, but she was pushed down by two sets of hands.

She found the two that were pushing her down were none other than Jade's two henchmen. They leered down at her, as if she was nothing more than a piece of crap, as they also were holding her legs down by wrapping their legs around each one.

" What the hell?" She said, uncharacteristically swearing in her desperation of her situation.

" You shut the fuck up." Said the heavier set of the two girls.

The girl that did not say anything, roughly slammed something into Lori's mouth that was made of cloth. The blonde girl gagged violently, as the cloth was wedged firmly in and she could not speak or spit it out, and could only let out a muffled squawk.

The two girl's laughed evilly at Lori, as they watched the small framed girl squirm futilely against her bonds and their grip on her. They tightened their hold on her, locking her down even more solidly against the roughened stone work floor.

Lori choked a little more, as the cloth had began to slip and hit the back of her throat. The two seemed to be unresponsive against the girl squawking and simply ignored the girl as they held her legs firmly against the floor to the point of causing pain.

The blonde girl's mind spun as it tried to think of just what was happening, and for a way to free herself. Her mind now hit on the truth...she fully knew that Jade was behind Allison's death and rape after all. This was just putting the exclamation on it, and she might be the next victim.

She felt her growing fear burst forth more.

Out of the shadows of the basement, Jade strode into the light. Dressed only in a harness thing strapped onto her pelvis and hips, the girl was very much nude, one arm folded back behind her as if concealing something. Lori's mind felt the fear well inside of her, and knew there was no escape for her.

Jade eyed the naked girl her minions held down with a evil type of lust. She stopped to pounder where the sweet angular legs met the body with great amusement.

" I finally can see your wonderful little puss finally." She hissed, looking at the bald vaginal opening of the girl that was in her clutches. " It is... quite yummy looking... And it will be fun to use it for my whims."

Lori thrashed against the bonds and the two girl's in response to Jades comment. The stocky main girl laughed, as she watched the futility of the blonde girl's thrashings.

" You will be let go... maybe if I tire of you... but not after I have my fun with you sweet self..." The girl hissed through her teeth, playing with one of her own boobs. " I have waited for you long enough..

The girl went silent, and pulled out something from behind her back. Lori's eyes flashed big, as she saw just what the girl had.

The thing was long and cylindrical, about twelve inches at least with a rounded tip and nobs all over it. From health classes, she knew that it was a fake male penis, one plastic and larger than a normal male would be. In that instant she knew how Alison was raped, and what was in store for her.

" Don't fight me, bitch..." Jade said, moving closer to Lori to stand right over her. " I guess you cant enjoy this... I certainly will.

The girl's two cohorts pulled Lori's legs open, despite the girl fighting it. With her hands tied behind her, the girls were successful in doing so with great ease. Jade knelt down in between Lori's legs and visually looked at the pussy that was in front of her.

" It is so sweet... my little friend of mine here is wanting to break you so much." She said, attaching the thick thing onto the harness she wore. " This will be my crowning glory.. The one I was waiting for!"

Jade looked into Lori's eyes, and seemed to revel in the fear that they held. She snuffed in satisfaction, as her eyes flashed with a evil glee. She reached out with her hand and touched the splayed open pussy, taking the clitoris in between her fingers. She twisted the little nub with a deft move, and watched Lori's pain flash over her face and seemed to relish the sounds coming from the girl. She laughed and twisted the nub the other way, even harder than she had before and Lori screamed against her gag, all the while she jammed in two fingers into the girl's moisture-less hole.

" Pretty sounds you are making..." Jade moaned, her eyes filled with demonic lust as she stared at her prey. She seemed to get pure delight with the sounds of pain. "Let us make more of these sounds, now shall we?"

The girl let go of Lori's very pained parts and situated herself with the dildo pressed against the smaller girl's reddened cunt as she hovered over the smaller girl in readiness to do her deed. She took a deep breath and stared right into the baby blues of Lori's, halting for a second to savor the fear that was being shown.

" Show time..." She said with a demented smirk.

Lori's body stiffened, waiting for the girl on top of her to complete her evil deed. All she could do was think about Megan and pray. Her prayers seemed to be now for naught.

Suddenly, the door flew open to the basement area with a large banging sound and Megan appeared through the doorway, her face a mask of pure rage. She launched herself at a very surprised Jade, as three policemen followed her in.

Tackling Jade, she knocked her off of Lori and the two crashed to the floor, limbs flashing in the low light.

Megan threw a few punches into Jades face as she got to straddle the girl's chest, each one landing hard against the girl's long cheekbones. Jade took a few punches of her own from her disadvantaged position to Megan's face, but the enraged girl seemed to be totally unaffected by it and continued her beating of Jade.

Like a machine, Megan continued to pummel Jade harder and harder, until the girl stopped moving and blood was flying everywhere, then the police pulled Megan off of Jade with a very great effort.

Megan could see that Jade was still breathing, but bleeding from the nose and mouth as she was pulled away.

" I give... I give!!" The girl on the stone floor screamed out, her arms blocking her injured face.

One of the police officers turned the girl over, and handcuffed her right there. Jade just put her face into the floor, and was heard to be crying.

" Your under arrest!" The officer said. " Murder, kidnaping, rape and more."

" I know, I know..." She sobbed like a little girl, the cockiness and attitude of the girl was now gone.

Lori was quickly freed by a middle aged woman, as the two girls that originally were holding her had their hands up in surrender as the other police had drawn their guns.

With the gag removed, Lori looked at Megan then the woman that had freed her.

" Thank you.." She said, her tears flowing down her face. Tears of relief. " Thank you all!!"

Megan raced over and threw her arms around the naked girl and held her against her bosom as she collapsed to her knees She kissed the top of her Lori's head, feeling the body against her was now calming down. The presidential girl took a deep breath, as the reality of this living nightmare, was finally over.

Lori gasped and hung on to the girl too, still shaking from everything. She found all she wanted was to feel the girl, and now she was.

" It's over... " Megan kept repeating with a cooing tone, stroking the blonde girl's mussed locks.

" Hold me..." Sighed Lori, her fear now vanishing as she melted into her lover's arms. " As tight as you can.. Hold me!"

" You bet I will. I will hold you for as long as you want to be..." Megan said with a passion in her voice. " Always!"

" I love you..." cooed Lori, feeling the girl's embrace on her nakedness. " I have not said it fully, but I do love you."

" Me too!" Megan said, squeezing the girl a little harder to herself, not wanting to let go any time soon. " I will always try and let you know that too."

Like a statues of two lovers, the sat on the floor while Jade and her companions were being whisked away in handcuffs for a date with Iron bars. They did not even watch, just simply needing one another right then and there.

Detective Shunger watched the two hold one another and she nodded. A tear came into her eye. She wiped it away quickly and stood there looking at the pure love exhibited by the girl's.

" I am such a sap!" She mused to herself inside her head, watching the two girl's hole each other.

She was feeling satisfaction. Looking at the two girl's she made a mental note to make sure that her partner knew how much she loved her.

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