Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 15)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 15

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Fifteen - Desperate grabs

With in twenty minutes, four car loads of police arrive, along with a van of divers for the search. Almost the entire population of Haven had now congregated out in the courtyard, as the news of Lori's disappearance had swept through like a wildfire. The mood was of somber hope, but one of shock.

The detective in charge was a tall woman of middle age by the name of Dana Shunger. This was a tall, quite imposing woman of well over six foot, who seemed to have the intensity of Miss Fincher yet also seemed to have some hidden softness deep inside of her.

The Detective was also the head investigator into the rape and murder of Allison. When the policewoman finally arrived, she immediately took charge of the situation ordering another search which was quickly implemented and the people under her coordinated it all quickly and professionally.

Megan watched the going on carefully. She had calmed herself down, but inside her was a mass of worry, fear and need... the need to find the pretty blonde girl. She still wondered just what they were doing in the Allison's case, as it seemed like they had been going nowhere fast in solving that one, and that made her wary of what they might do if Lori was not found. She found it hard to make herself stand back and let the police take charge like the had too.

Anxiously, she waited for anything at all to be found or even inferred. She just needed to let the Authorities do what they needed too.

A search went on for awhile, as they fanned out to search buildings, the divers dove into the pond for checking to see if Lori was there and everything and some seeing if any other students were missing too. The operation seemed to be moving, but rather slowly.

Even to the bystanders, it seemed that the police were getting frustrated, telling that the girl was not being found. The police seemed to be pulling out all of the stops, as people overheard the call going out for tracking dogs.

Megan sat on one of the benches that were right out front of the Chapel, her eyes constantly searching for any sign that they had found the girl. She thought about Jade and her friends, and knew that this was not out of their scope to do, yet she had no evidence to back up her still mounting suspicions.

Det. Shunger came over to Megan, a walkie-talkie in hand. She sat down beside the tall Class President and looked over at the girl. Megan looked up at the lady, and was surprised with the woman being there.

" You are worried about Lori, are you?" She said, a softness eaking out around the words.

" Yes." Admitted Megan, looking at the Policewoman. " I am sick over it, Detective."

With a nod and a half hidden smile, The Detective leaned over a little.

" I can tell that your girlfriend's disappearance is really worrying you." She said. " You love someone, that is natural for you to be..."

" You know that she was my girlfriend?" Megan asked, shocked at the woman's understanding.

The woman put her arm around Megan and nodded.

" I would too, if my girlfriend was missing too..." Admitted the pretty officer. " I would be so despondent that I would be in tears probably."

" Your girlfriend?" Stammered Megan, not believing what she was hearing. " You're a ..."

" A lesbian... yes, I am...." Said Det. Shunger with a little chuckle " I figured that you were too, when I saw you and Lori talking outside one day, as I came out of a meeting with your Headmistress about the murder investigation. The way you were looking at one another was simply undeniable and unmistakable. You love one another."

Megan blushed, as she finally realized that she was truly in love with Lori, the lady's words had confirmed that fact in spades That did not help the fact that she was missing, but the truth was huge nonetheless.

" I do." She smiled.

The Detective smiled softly at the girl, her eyes convening that she understood Megan's feelings. The two sat silently for a moment or two, each not saying anything, but they were feeling a sort of kinship building..

The poignant silence was broken, when a uniformed officer was heard hurried up to the two on the bench. Megan and the woman snapped a look up at the nearing officer, hoping that was some good news that was coming.

The young man in blue looked to be very excited as he neared. Once in better range, the man began to call out again.

" Det. Shunger..." He said in getting the lady's attention. " You must hurry over to Haven's administration building as fast as you can."

The lady stiffened with the officer's words, as her work face had came on.

" Tell me that you found the girl?" She asked, her eyes telling that she was worried about the answer that was sure to come.

" That is not it, Ma'am." The officer assured, shaking his head. " We were checking the video tapes of any outside camera's on the grounds as you ordered to, and we think we may have something here."

Megan gasped, as she heard the man explaining things to the Head Investigator. Hope sprung into Megan's chest, even though she fought for herself to be calm.

Detective Shunger was more calm about the officers report.

" Did you see Miss Brentwall on the tapes or something that shows where she is?" The woman inquired.

" We are not even sure what we have on the tape, other than it is seemingly suspicious. You just have to come and see yourself, Ma'am. " The young officer said. " They just sent me to get you to come and look at them too."

The detective stood up and started to walk off with the younger officer. She stopped and turned back to the President of Haven.

" You want to come and look at these tapes with me?" She asked.

The short haired girl blinked, her eyes large with the woman's offer.

" You want me to come with you?" Megan asked back.

" You have been the most vocal at trying to get us to solve Allison's murder, and now you see that your girlfriend is missing... I thought if you could see the tapes, you might help us at least find Lori."

With out a single moment of hesitation, Megan got to her feet with a jump as she nodded her agreement to help. The Detective just walked off in the direction of the Administration Building with the young officer and Megan following closely behind her.

The three weaves their way through the sea of students that still mulled around. Some had gone back to their rooms, but it seemed the majority of them were still out as they were unable to thing of exactly what else to do.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a great set up people... Chapter 16 is going to literally blow your mind. Rand R this story please... love seeing what I am doing right, and learnig what I really screwed up.

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