Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 13)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 13

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Thirteen- Caught alone

The first class of the day was usually despised by everyone, or at least tolerated to some extent. This bright sunned morning, was no exception yet it seemed to be accented by many times with the apathy of it all. All the student's of Haven seemed to be very lethargic, as classes had barely started.

In every class of every year, it seemed that all of the students were sluggish to the point of being totally unaware of the lessons being taught to them. Today was a day that seemed everyone just did not want to be there.

Lori sat in her first period class, seemingly almost falling asleep as she tried to fight the heavy feelings of her eyelids. She caught herself once almost falling completely out of her seat, and shook her head to try and stave off the drowsiness that seemed to make her body want nothing more than to rest.

For the most part, the students seemed to not like the morning times, but Lori was tired for a whole other reason, as her mind reminded her as it drifted back to the night before. She give herself a smile, as she pictured the night's everts vividly in her mind's eye as she found herself unable to stop them.

The sight of Megan's long leanness of body flowed through her mind, every little soft angle and curve still locked, captivated by even her tired mind. Softness of the skin, coupled by the sent that girl had brought a smile to Lori's face, as she could still feel the girl's hands caressing every inch of her body, and the many crashing orgasms that was brought with it. To her shock, she could swear that she still tasted Megan's sweet pussy juices on her lips, and the heavenly musk in her nose.

Lori felt her pussy begin to get wet inside of her panties all over again, as she thought on it all. Her sex tingled and ached like wild, as she thought of the night of passions that had passed. She smiled, and hoped Megan could 'hook up' tonight again. That thought just made her panties even wetter than they had been, and she smirked to herself with the thought.

Lori just sighed, and forced herself to return to the task at hand. She also knew she should get it together if they needed to talk to the girl by the name of Sandy. She came back to reality, as the fact that no one was seen as Allison's killer yet. Her personal happiness must be put on hold, as she had made a promise to herself to try and figure this out.

She reminded herself one more time, and she snapped it all out of her head, and stayed in the land of reality. She forced her weary brain to wake up a little more to be more attentive to her lessons, but still felt like she could have put down her head and drift off into deep sleep at a moments notice.

Noontime rolled around, and Lori sat, waiting for Megan to show up. She sat for a long time, but it seemed that something was holding up the beautiful girl. Megan had not arrived like she usually did. Lori glanced around, getting sort of worried on just why the girl had not shown up.

Lori's thoughts and worries suddenly was cut off, as a blaring announcement come over the campus wide intercom system. The announcement was about a emergency Council meeting that was in progress right art that moment. The council was going to go over the latest report from the police with an officer dispatched from the main headquarters in Kilperton pertaining to the ongoing case.

The announcement did say little else, but Lori now knew that the girl did not ditch her or anything. Lori had worried too quickly, Megan's Presidential duty had just called her away as usual. The blonde girl shrugged, and just hoped they could see one another to talk over more about Sandy and what to do, and besides, she admittedly wanted to see the girl again.

" I'm thinking silly now!" She told herself, giggling at herself at her jumping off of the emotional train like this. One night of loving had did this to her.

With herself straitened out enough to eat, Lori dug into the fare that was served to them. It was not a five course meal at a ritzy restaurant, but at least it was over borderline good.

The day wore on, and the classes seemed to be getting longer by the second. The last half of classes was biology for Lori, and they were studying the outdoor fauna that was surrounding the pond area.

The class headed out into the heat of the afternoon to collect the specimens needed for their papers that would have to do. The class seemed to like that idea of going out, after being cooped up in classes all day. There was even a huge swell of excitement as they headed out as a group into the large expanse of Haven's grounds.

Once around the pond, the group splintered off after each were assigned a animal to catch for study. The thirty or so girl's all went off, hoping that it would not take too long. The day was so hot, even students that were cooped up in the classrooms all day were wanting to stay indoors so as not to feel the mighty heaviness of the heat. The excitement of being out was being sapped by the days heat.

Lori searched the water's edge for the elusive little lizard she had been assigned to catch. She was grossed out a little at the fact that she needed to catch this small green thing, but she fortified herself and knew that not getting the lizard would be hazardous to her midterm marks. She just thought on the beautiful Megan to get her mind off of the gross little lizard she had to hunt down.

Peering into the edges of the clear waters below, she sat with a small handled net and jar at the ready as she waited to try and catch the elusive little creature. Even though it was described as a striking green with brownish black speckles over it's entire body, the lizard was turning out to be very hard to find than it seemed. She only saw a old bullfrog wallowing in some reeds near her.

Patience was usually one of Lori's strongest points, but the task was getting a little frustrating as she broiled under the hot sun that beat down from high in the blue sky. The heat tempered by her bone tiredness, made her not wanting to do this exercise anymore.

" Where are these little beasts hiding?" She said to herself, as she forced herself to concentrate harder on finding the lizard. She giggled to calm the frustration she was feeling" I bet they are doing this just because I am looking for them."

Her eyes ran along the shore line all around herself, as she knew these little lizard hunted all over in and around these tranquil waters for the mosquitos and other little insects they preyed upon. She knew that the lizard had to be somewhere, but found not even a single trace of them. Frustrated, she heads further down the shoreline, heading to a rocky outcrop that was set onto a small lagoon.

She looks over the rocks carefully, her eyes trying to spot the telltale green of her prey. She moves onto some of the rocks, thinking that the little modern day dinosaurs might be hiding in amongst them. It was what the textbooks told her about them, but she was wondering if the information was wrong.

She took a step carefully, so as not to fall off of any of the small boulders and go head first into the pond. She made her way to where she was guessing the little things were hiding from her. She hoped that she could locate one and head back into the air conditioned classroom a quick as possible.

Lori suddenly heard some rustling sound behind her, then footsteps followed. She thought it might be one of her classmates also on the hunt for whatever she had been assigned to find. She smiled, as the company would be nice to have. Four eyes would also help both of them get their specimens.

She straighten up a little to see who it was, but a sharp pain in the back of her head knocks her down. She feels herself fall to the rocks under her, as the pain was intense as her vision clouded, then started to dim as she layed there on the cool rocks of the pond's edge.

That was the last thing Lori thought to herself, as the blackness overtook her and she lost consciousness.

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