Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 12)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 12

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Twelve - Decision and Realization

A tall woman with a very short cropped dull brown hair stood before the council, droning on about policies that needed to be changed or amended. The twenty or so girls that were in the room, seemed to be board to death with the lady's monotone delivery. For a noontime meeting, this was one long one.

Megan sat in her usual seat in the meeting room, taking notes, trying to ignore the fact that this woman, who was one of the teacher's representatives, was boring everyone to death. She painstakingly jotted down every point she thought was needed, so she could go over them at a later time.

The teacher finally stopped her constant talking, and the meeting slowly began to break off. Every one seemed to be glad, as most hurried out of the room as fast as they could. Megan stayed back for a moment, as she usually did, to field any questions from anyone. To her relief, there seemed to be no one at the time.

The girl looked at the old pendulum clock that hung on the wall, and saw she could have just enough time to get herself a cup of coffee before her afternoon classes would began. She gathered up her things, and began to head to the door to make sure of getting a coffee.

Megan stopped dead in her tracks, as a solitary figure was standing right in the doorway. She smiled, as she was now looking upon the petite blonde girl that stood there.

Megan felt her heart fluttered at the sight of the girl, but also felt her self feeling nervous with the appearance.

" Hi." She said to the girl, feeling a little nervous at seeing her again.

Lori stepped into the room, and crossed to where Megan stood to stand only a few feet in front of the girl.

" Hi." She said back, her voice wavering a little.

There was an awkward silence dropped in-between them, as they looked at one another for a moment.

" I have some information for you... Something I have seen that you need to know about." Said Lori, unable to come up with anything else to say, but tried to say it better. " I saw something, that might be pointing in the direction of Allison's murderer."

" You have?" Megan asked, shocked at the girl's statement. " I am here... I will listen."

For the next few minutes, Lori told of what she saw in the shower room this morning, and accidentally blurting out her own fear with the arrival of Jade. Megan listened intently, drinking in every word.

After Lori was done explaining, Megan nodded to make sure the girl knew that she had been listening all along.

" I had a hunch it might be her." She said. " It was one theory I was keeping to myself a little..."

" Is Jade actually capable of that much brutality?" Lori asked.

" Maybe... but I am not sure." The tall girl said. " We may just have to approach Sandy to find out just what happened for her to react like that when Jade came in."

" She might not say, if it did happen to her." Pointed out the shorter girl. " Being attacked is not a conversation starter."

Megan nodded, knowing that Lori had came up with a very good point. She paused to think for a moment or two.

" We have to try... Since the police probably don't know about this." Megan said. " Something like this, most are not willing to actually report it...I can understand that."

" Should we tell them what we are suspecting?" Lori asked.

" They should know... but we may have more of a chance that she might open up to us, then we can figure out that later."

The blonde girl nodded, understanding the logic behind Megan's words. She smiled a little.

" When should we then?" She said. " No time is a good time."

" I say tomorrow..." Suggested Megan. " We could talk to her during her study period, or catch her alone at some point."

" I'll come along then, to maybe tell her how Jade nearly raped me, if that was what happened to her." Offered Lori.

" Would not have it any other way." Smiled the short dark haired girl, looking right at the blond. She was so strong, she thought to herself. " Your help would help, if this little suspicion of yours is correct."

The girl agreed with Haven's president, and smiled. Lori then turned and began to leave the room, her face trying to hid the emotions that were battering through her. She just kept to her word, that her emotions had to take a back seat for now. She left, heading to her grade ten building for the afternoon classes.

Megan watched the girl go, her hand pressed against her chest. She felt it beating wildly, as the girl's leaving had made her yearn once again. She did love the blonde girl, her heart told she knew absolutely. All she wanted was to apologize for whatever she had done the other night that was so wrong, and then wanted to speak her heart... the heart she had finally opened wide after such a long time.

The head of the council was thinking of trying to catch up with the girl, to say what was weighing in her heart, but found that the little meeting with Lori had taken a longer time than she realized it did, and the bells in the chapel rang out for school to start. The tall girl sighed, as she heard the mournful bell chiming in the courtyard.

" Damn." She whispered the swear to the empty meeting room.

With great speed, she grabbed up her stuff, and hurried to get top classes. It would be rude of her, for the President of the school to be tardy. With that, she hurried to her own school building.


Another sweltering evening was on Haven. The day had been viciously hot, and had not abated one bit with the sun's setting. Add to it that a couple of dormitory buildings air conditioning units had failed, made for a very sticky night for both the Freshman dorms, as well as the sophomore building.

Lori was still up, as the clock on her desk showed it neared ten thirty. Because of the heat, she had stayed up to do some schoolwork in hopes of it cooling down a little in her room. Even wearing only a pale pink silk nightgown she had been given by her mother, did not fully help the feeling of the humidity in the air. The fan she had going was of little use either, as the air was heavy.

The heat was the prime culprit for her unable to sleep, but her mind was also, making resting hard to come by.

The young girl sat, mulling over a algebraic problem, trying to figure out what its answer was without much success when a knock came at her door. She got up to go answer it, thankful for a little break from this problematic equation, and fighting off her own overactive mind. Lori was shocked to find Megan standing there when she opened up the door.

The tall girl was standing there, dressed in a long purple nightgown and wrapped in a blanket set around her shoulders. The dark brown eyes seemed to be searching Lori's face, as if trying to read her reaction to her being there. The girl looked at Lori, seemingly nervous.

" The heat has gotten to you too?" Asked Lori, her mind reeling from the surprise of the girl's appearance at her door.

Megan giggled, but never once took her eyes off Lori for a second.

" I wanted to talk to you." She said, fumbling for words for which she never had before.

" Err.... Alright." Said Lori, as Megan stepped in.

After Lori closed the door, there was a pause of silence, as neither one knew how o start this conversation. Each stared at one another, waiting not very calmly for something to be finally said.

It was Megan who started first.

" I want to apologize for the other night..." She said, her voice quivering. " I never meant to scare or hurt you.... I never wanted that."

" Scare me?" Said Lori, realizing that the girl was blaming herself for why she was thrown out of the room, but the girl continued before she could say anything.

" I thought that you... liked me." Megan explained, pulling the words out. " After my last love, Heather, died, I had locked that part of myself away, not wanting to hurt any longer... now I feel as if it is back again, finally letting me to give my heart once more. Maybe I came on too strong or something because I knew that deep down. I feel so attracted to you, it's almost scary in a way."

Lori shook her head vigorously, taking a step forward to stand directly in front of the taller girl.

" I was the one that kissed you first... and I really did want to do that, so very badly..." She said, knowing just what she had done. " You did not do anything wrong.... It was me that was the problem... Nothing you did scared me... in fact... I loved it."

" You?" Echoed the girl. " The Problem?"

Lori nodded, her face a mask of shy shame.

" You asked me that morning, as I was yelling at you, if I thought that it meant something to me, what we had done..." She paused and blushed a little. " It did so much, the problem was with me."

" Problem?" Asked Megan, her heart pounding as she waited for the girl to continue.

The girl seemed to pause to figure out the way to say what it was she wanted to. Her heart told her just to do it, and she steadied her nerves to finally do just that.

" I was not fully sure if I was gay or not, and after waking up and realizing that I had made love with you the night before, I was confused and scared, and I turned that all into fear and threw you out with such vial meanness." She explained, her face showing her remorse. " I realized now, after mulling it al over, that I knew the truth about myself since I was a young kid... I am a lesbian... Truth be told, I never was attracted to Boys in the first place." Lori blushed, and looked right into Megan's face. " I have realized that I was all along... And did not want to actually admit it." She paused to stare directly into the girl's dark orbs. " What I am trying to say so roundaboutly is... I think I am falling in love with you."

Megan reached out to the girl, and took her hand. She smiled, and gazed lovingly into the deep blues of Lori's gaze, her hand gently squeezing Lori's.

" I am falling in love with you too!" She said with great passion. " After all of this time, I am and very deeply." She giggled with relief, as the words now were out there. " With you, it's easy."

The two looked at one another, as the came together. Lips touched lips, and they stood there for long moments, breathing one another in. Their arms wound around each other, holding one another close against their bodies. Their feelings now out in the open, and the spark now flashed into flames, the two finally let their hearts touch.

Lori did not stop kissing the girl, but led her over to her bed. They both fell on to the softness of the mattress, still locked in their embracing of one another. Megan did not fight the girl, letting her be pulled next to the soft form, as they hit the bed. There was no other place she wanted to be right then.

Lori's kisses were like a hairbreaths, softly and sensually brushing Megan's lips. Both girl's gasped, as their mutual kisses made them both shutter as their bodies felt the electric snap of their sensations. Their hands began to roved over one another, feeling the tautness of them both through the nightclothes they wore. For long minutes, they seemed to be simply enjoying one another's touches.

Both girls then drew their hands down, and each went under the other's night gowns as they kissed passionately. The stopped, and looked at each other, eyes locked with surprise. They had found that neither one of them were wearing any underwear underneath their gowns. Hey giggled, but let themselves slowly undress the other without stopping any more.

Lori began to kiss the perky mounds of Megan all over it's softness, drinking in the delicate musk that emanated from the girl and feeling the heat that was rising from the skin. The soft skin was with saltiness, yet a hint of sweetness also mixed on the Lori's tongue. That made the blonde girl's head spin in pure delight.

The taller girl shuttered with contentment, as Lori's lips softly sucked on one of the nipples.

" God, that feels so good." Megan gasped, her own hand squeezing a breast of the other girl's. " So very good indeed...."

Lori giggled, and let her lips start to trail down the girl's long and lean body, planting kisses strategically as she went down. She stopped to kiss the belly and the bellybutton too, her hands rubbing and caressing the shapely hips and slopes as she did, then she looked down at her goal.

The girl's pussy was a light pink color, its outer lips were full and erectly throbbing while it leaked with sweet juice. Lori noticed that the girl shaved herself fully, and that made her want the girl even more than she did a second ago. She wanted to experience this girl in every way, as she just drank in the pink prettiness of Megan.

She knew this was the first time for her to be doing this to someone, but she just let herself dive in, lowering her head to experience the sweet rose petals that were nestled between those lovely thighs.

Megan gasped, as the girl's lips touched her cunny lips with a baby's touch. She felt her tongue clumsily begin to taste her outer lips, tracing every inch of the outer parts with a light contact. The short haired girl gasped, as this clumsy attempt was sending strong shockwaves throughout her body like wildfire. She reached down and held the girl's head softly between her legs, letting herself enjoy the passion that Lori was showing her.

The nectar on Lori's tongue was tasting was o-so sweet, the taste made her only want to lick more and more. Lori was trying to do, what she had felt Megan do to her the other night, hoping she could get close to give her as much pleasure as she did her. Finding the nub on the top of the girl's slit, she felt Megan shutter as her tongue brushed it.

Megan let out a long gasp of pure ecstacy, as her pussy pulsed and shivered with the electricity of it. She gasped, and lifted her hips to meet with Lori's tongue in a sort of abashed rhythm to the girl ministerings. She felt her legs shake, and her sweat was coming faster than it had been before. The girl was doing everything right, she thought to herself.

The blonde girl felt proud of herself... she had found the magic spot. She closed her eyes and kept on with her work.

With great frenzy, She started to trace little circles around the fleshy button as fast as she could, Megan's hips grinded into her face and a moan rose from the girls half parted lips. Lori was sure she was doing it right now, as the girl's pussy pulsed rapidly under her tongue, the sweet nectar flooded her mouth continuously.

Megan felt one orgasm already building inside of her, calling to be released with great need. She was surprised at how big it was feeling, as the young pretty girl administered her loving with great diligence and passion. Clumsy or not, Lori was going to make her cum like she had never came before. The tall girl could only hump her hips against the girl's invading tongue, wanting to feel the girl in every way possible. The girl started to lick faster, and Megan threw her head back with a large gasp, letting her self go. Her orgasm was not far off, and she was not about to ignore it.

The blond girl felt Megan's body begin to shutter strongly and juices began to flow out of the hole she licked. A loud cry of pure ecstasy came out, and even more cunt juice gushed out. Lori knew, she had made Megan cum... and she was not done yet. She kept licking with great intensity, and the girl's groans kept coming and coming, along with more orgasms.

Megan felt one climax come, then another and then even more. Her body shuttered and vibrated with each orgasm that rocked her, quickly losing count of just how many she had over the ;last few minutes. Each one was grabbing her and shaking every inch of her until another one would appear and take over. Like high tide, it just continued on and on.

After many more orgasms, she reached through her uplifted knees and brought Lori's sweet face up to look at her.

" That was amazing..." Megan said, hardly having enough breath to talk.

" I hope I did it right." Said the girl, her face gleaming with a heavy wetting of pussy juices.

" You did..." Said Megan pulling her through her legs to finally lay right on top of her, her small sweat streaked form against her own sweatiness. She kissed the girl, tasting her own sweetness on the lips, mixes with the girl's saliva. " I am satisfied."

Megan then gently pushed the girl on her back, and crawled in between the girl's shapely legs. Swe looked at the girl's pussy that was all swollen and dripping with her excitement. The soft sweetness of Lori's pussy was calling Megan, as she looked at the sweat softened tuft of hair that accented the whitish pink of the inviting puss.

" My turn on you..." She said, lowering her head, and her tongue waiting to be used.

Lori felt Megan's tongue touch on her clit, and she gasped as her mind went blank except for what was happening. Throwing her knees wide open, she let the girl have full access to her aroused cunny, wanting nothing more than just to have the girl love it all up.

Almost immediately, Lori was vibrating and quaking with pure exhilaration as her now lover began with her tongue stabbed deep inside of her sopping hole. Every lick she could feel, brought a shutter of rapture that hit her very core. She cooed louder and louder still, as Megan slipped a finger into her dripping hole while licking all around the folds. With her mind now in pure passion, Lori just let herself go on to this tidal wave of sensations, never wanting it to stop any time soon.

The orgasms soon flew out of the blonde girl, as the experience of Megan made her want to make this a pure and amazing experience for Lori. One after another the orgasms crashed through the pretty lass's small body, each bringing the girl a new height of pleasure before having another one replace it. Megan was just using this as a springboard, she wanted to girl to be fully satisfied when she was done, but she also wanted more too.

Lori was bathed in sweat, as her lover had been giving it her all, and her orgasms were to show for it. It had waved over her, engulfing her as the dark haired beauty gave her climaxes after climaxes. making Lori shutter with pleasure with each and every one, and yearned for more.

Suddenly, Megan stopped and turned herself around. Without her mouth barely leaving, the taller girl swung herself to straddle Lori's head, her pussy ending up hovering just inches away from Lori's face. The gorgeous dark haired girl was hoping the wheat tressed girl knew what she wanted to do.

She did not know exactly what Megan was doing, but figured it out quickly with a smile of yearning on her face. She visually traced the outer folds of the cunt that was right over her, and licked her lips in the anticipation of what she was about to join in with.

Lifting her head a little, the blonde haired beauty began to tongue lavish the girl's puss again, as Megan kept on doing the same. Both were enthusiastically eating out one another, only heavy breathing and muffled moans bounced around the room while the heat of the night all but overtook by the heat of two young lover's passions.

After a long while, the two abruptly felt one large orgasm explode out of themselves. As if scripted, they had both came at the exact moment of the other. Both bodies convulsed with their orgasms, their pussys drenching the faces of their partners, moans turning to screams of pleasuring, echoing with words that were both inaudible and illegible. For many moment's, the only thing in the world for the two, were one another and their climaxes.

Sweaty and tired, Megan got off of the girl, and turned herself to lay properly, side by side with Lori. She looked at the girl, who was glowing with a broad smile. There was no fear in those eyes now, just this stare that was full of caring and love.

" I love you, Lori..." Megan said, smiling.

" It feels so right to hear that... and to say this back to you..." Beamed the girl, looking up at Megan. She looked at Megan, and found her love growing with each second. " I love you too."

The two girls curled up on the bed, now realizing how hot they both were. Despite the heat, they refused to not hold one another, as they layed there and listened to the fan across the room osculate back and forth in a futile attempt of keeping the area cooler.

As they felt sleep finally coming, Lori looked up at her lover.

" Shall we go see Sandy tomorrow, as planned?"

" We need to be careful.." Whispered back the taller girl, stroking Lori's arm absently. "Lets get close to Sandy, and we will know when it is time approach her so as not to spook her off."

" Yeah... rushing in would not help." Agreed Lori, enjoying just laying here with the girl. " I have to remind myself that we need to be careful... but I want to find out who did this to Allison."

Megan giggled, and kissed the girl on the cheek.

" I want that too, but we just need to take a step forward, not a huge leap." Smiled Megan. " Even if the cops do figure this out, we both have the need to try..."

" For Allison's sake?"

" For Allison's sake!" Agreed the tall girl, her smile reassuring the blonde fully.

Lori nodded, then said no more. The two cuddled into one another, opting not to use the blankets on such a oppressively hot night. They fell asleep in one another's arms, both were now feeling complete.

Outside Lori's door, a figure was seen sneaking away. Under the darkness of the hall, who it was not known, but it was in a hurry to get away and be unnoticed in the deadness of the halls.

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