Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 11)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 11

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Eleven - A turn

Three days passed by with agonizing slowness. The ebb and flow of Haven continued on for most of the students, but for two, it was anything other than a leisurely time. It was a time of great tension

Lori went about her daily routine, yet never talked to anyone or let people talk to her. She simply went to school, to meals and church services and then holed up in her room whenever not doing anything else during her day. She seemed to be always walking around deep in thought, brooding over things that people could only speculate on. She never seemed to loiter in any one place for long, save for the closed off inner sanctum that was her room. She had become, in a sense, antisocial.

Megan, on the other hand, just went on with her duties as Haven President, but she seemed to be really disengaged with everything. She had tried to talk to Lori, knocking on her door quite a few times in an attempt at seeing her face to face. Her knocks and pleas had met with silence every time, every time she seen the girl, Lori had quickly melted away and was gone.

Seeming very sad with the blond girl's avoiding her, Megan simply tried to continue on with her everyday routine, without showing the hurt and anguish this was all causing. The silent wall that was there, was hard to ignore.

It was beginning of the fourth day, and Megan was coming to grips of realizing she may never know just what had turned the girl from her lover that night, to screaming at her all within a scant few hours. She had no clue to what she might have done to make Lori change so drastically. That was the mystery of it

She just felt very sad, as her feelings had not changed about the blond girl, not one little bit. Despite her apprehension of letting love in after the death of her first love, Heather, she now felt like she was falling in love with her, despite the way Lori had acted. She was finally admitting it to herself. She was.

The Presidential girl sat in the long hall alone, very early one morning. The sun was not ever up yet, as the cloak of darkness still hung outside the large building like a curtain. It was stone still in the long room, as she could hear her own heart beating in her chest.

Megan sat with a few folders of work she had to get looked over for an upcoming council meeting, and a steaming hot cup of coffee. She had decided just to keep herself busy with her duties, as the last few days had been relatively sleepless for her, being able to only squeeze out only a few hours each night, before her mind woke her. Even in sleep, she could not get the beautiful blonde haired girl out of her head.

The silence of the dining room was as such she could hear every page turn she made, as it echoed wildly. She just sighed, and ignored the feeling of emptiness that was matching the halls, and forced herself to deal with school things

Sharon, her roommate, suddenly burst into the hall. She was walking very fast, making a direct line to where Megan was. Megan looked up, curious at why the girl was walking so fast, that was not the girl's way.. She was usually so layed back all of the time.

As the girl neared, her voice seemed urgent.

" Megan!!" She said, getting to the girl's side. " This came for you by courier... from the police."

The short haired girl took the large manilla envelope from the girl, seemingly curious. She had not gotten a progress report from the cops for two days, and was sure they were not going to in the future. The fact that it was delivered so early in the morning, made her that much more Curiouser.

Megan scanned through the report, her eyes searching for what ever it contained as she hoped for some little morsel that she could use. The girl that had brought it to her had gone off to get herself some of the coffee too.

The girl came back, and found Megan had closed the folder up. She saw by the President's face, she was frustrated.

" Still nothing?"

" They are simply spinning their wheels like they were in deep mud..." Dryly drawled the girl. " It seems that they are not working to solve this case."

" They might have other cases at the same time?" Suggested Sharon. " Or they are not telling us anything, just because they are the police?"

" Is murder not important to solve?" Megan asked, feeling as if they were ignoring the case, then just sighed in frustration with the situation. " This report is almost exactly like all of the others." She shook her head. " They probably don't want to tip their hand, but I hoped they would at least give some indication where the investigation is going."

Megan went silent for a moment, obviously very frustrated.

" That would be comforting..." Sharon agreed. " Head Mistress seems very uneasy over this."

" I am too... that is why I am wondering about what the police are and are not doing." Megan stated.

Sharon shrugged, not understanding either. She sat down and joined the girl for coffee. Megan just sat there, brooding. There was more on her mind than the need to have Allison's murderer caught. She knew that was bad to admit, but her feelings were still there, even though Allison's murder was still unsolved.

Sharon looked at her roommate, and smirked. She knew that the girl was pondering on many things. She felt helpless to do anything other than support Megan. She sipped on her coffee, hoping that somehow, things would get moving for the girl, in more ways than the investigation.


Lori stood in the change room of the showers, peering around vacantly through the soaking wet strands of her long locks of hair. Her eyes seemed to show the depth of the thoughts that were going on inside, while drying herself off from the shower. The main topic was as it had been for a few days... Megan.

She had spent the better part of the last few days, trying to straiten out all of the emotions she was having. She had become somewhat alright with Allison's passing, and resolved to try and figure out just who had done this to the girl... now the other question that was occupying her mind was her feelings for the presidential beauty.

She struggled with the idea that she might be gay... a lesbian. She was shocked at her actions the night of finding out about Allison. In the midst of the sadness of Allison dying, she had found herself freed in the arms of the long legged beauty, finding a passion she had never knew she had inside of her. Just the very thoughts of the two of them making love, made her private place twitch with urges. She was confused about the feelings, but the sexual awakening she had was not in question at all.

She sighed, as she had to admit, still there was more to her attraction to the girl than just sex... way more. She could not stop thinking about the tall lanky girl.

"Could I be in love with Megan?" She posed the question to herself. She paused, then reiterated a question to herself " Am I... Gay?"

Lori's thoughts were broken, as Jade and her little group came in to use the showers. She felt a little nervous, after what the girl had tried on her weeks before, but felt safe in the midst of many girl's still mulling around in the change room. Noticing also, It seemed everyone was nervous though, this was where Allison was attacked.

Lori curiously found her eyes coming onto a smaller girl that was dressing across the room from her. She recognized the girl as Sandy Patterson, a girl she did not really know, except for her name and that she was in her etiquette classes, along with last period art. The girl's very stiffened body language had drew her attention, for this was out of the normal for the usually quiet and reserved girl.

The young dark haired girl seemed to had stiffen, right as Jade and her friends had entered. She had been standing there, putting one leg into her panties as she dressed, then had stopped her dressing, as if she had suddenly became a statue. Oddly, Sandy then removed the article of clothing from her leg, gathered up her clothes in a quick scooping action and then turned and hurried off into the bathroom area, her eyes never once averting from Jade and her two friends enter.

In watching, Lori noticed a darkened look of pure fear overtake the girl's soft brown eyes, as she hurried off. Her face was already whit with the fear, and she walked with a stiffness of distrust. She realized that something about the tall Jade had spooked the girl so.

The girl reminded Lori of that fearful day for her, when Jade had cornered and felt her up in the cover of the trees by the pond. She shuttered, as the images of Jade touching her flew threw her mind, and she closed her eyes for a moment or two. She just wanted the images to stop now, feeling her own fear grip her..

It then clicked inside of herself... could Jade be the one who Raped Allison? That was a possibility she could not ignore. The actions of Jade and her cronies, proved that they could be almost capable of it... the question was if they actually did it. Knowing enough about Jade from various people, she could never put it past her.

She knew that she had to tell Megan about this odd reaction of Sandy's, but she felt a little nervous at actually doing it. She sighed, knowing she might have to push aside her feelings, to report on this. Allison deserved at least that, her own problems just needed to be put on the back burner for awhile.

Snapping herself out of her thoughts, the blonde girl hurriedly dressed, knowing that she had to do what she had to. She would feel out these emotions later, this information was way too important to sit on.

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