Story: Girls of Haven (chapter 10)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 10

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Ten: A crack in the mirror

Lori opened her eyes, asa silvery crack of morning sun started to fall up her face with a warming sensation. She opened her eyes slowly, her body feeling the heaviness of sleep lifting from her and she began wondering where she was. The warm sun seemed to draw her out of her sleep, making her become more coherent of everything.

She first off recognized her own room, but felt something different was with her or around her. She took a deep breath in, trying to clear out the cobwebs of slumber from her mind to try and figure this all out. All of a sudden, she was suddenly aware of a person laying beside her. She turned her head with a quick jerk, startled with the presence.

She found the person was a sleeping Megan beside her, cuddled up almost right against her. Lori saw that the covers were pushed down at the girl's waist, and Megan's full bare breasts were all pink and slightly goose-bumped with the coolness of the room as they slowly rose and fell with each breath she took.

Lori at first struggled to comprehend why the girl was there, totally naked in her bed like this. Gasping loudly, another realization came to her. She had realized that she too, was fully naked under the covers that she had wrapped around herself. Her mind spun, as it all came back to her all at once, every little detail about the many events from the day before were now crystal clear.

From finding out that Allison had died, to the night of pure passion she had with the girl that was sleeping soundly beside her, it all came back to her like a roaring wildfire. She inhaled sharply, as the many realizations hit her hard all at the same time, making her panicky and very scared. Her heart now raced in her chest, as the cold feelings of panic and shame flowed through her.

Just then, Megan stirred from her sleep and turned her head to look at the girl, awakened by the bed moving. She saw the face of Lori was devoid of any color, and she seemed to be hyperventilating badly as she sat rigidly in bed.

" W.. What is it, Lori?" Said the older of the two girls, sitting herself up in the bed swiftly.

Lori did not answer the question posed to her, but wildly continued to stare right at the girl with dismay. This look actually scared Megan, as she had never seen such a look on anyone's face like this.

" Did you have a nightmare or something?" Asked a very concerned Megan, reaching out a hand to grab one of Lori's to try and sooth whatever was happening to the smaller girl. " You are all right, you know?"

The blond girl pulled her hand away like as if she had been hit by acid, just as Megan had touched her. She shrunk back against the window that was over the bed, clasping the covers from the bed to her naked form. Her eyes were staring, wide open and pupils dilated to almost totally cover the pretty blue Lori usually had.

This puzzled Megan, who seemed to be unsure of just what was going on with the pretty blonde haired girl.

" Lori?" She asked cautiously, not wanting to spook the girl any more than she was at that moment.

Lori kept staring right at her, the normal brightness of her baby blues was now taken over by sheer panic. Megan saw the look, but could not come up with an answer for just why the girl was acting this way.

" Please... Leave." Lori finally got out, shouting her words one at a time at Megan and pointing to the way out. " Just get dressed and leave!! Now!"

Megan blinked, as the screaming words hit her. She felt a pain in her chest, as Lori repeated herself a few times more, each time becoming louder.

" You want me to leave?" She said in disbelief, trying to touch the girl's bare arm to calm her. " Lori... why do you want me to..."

" GET... OUT...OF...HERE!!!" Lori screamed, her face suddenly growing red as fire. " LEAVE NOW... right this minute!!"

Megan jumped from the bed, and snatched up her cloths from the tall pile on the floor while staring at the girl in confusion and hurt. She dressed herself quickly, as the smaller girl continued to yell at her almost hysterically.

" Why? Why do you want me to leave? Why are you acting like this... did last night mean nothing to you? It meant the world to me!" Megan screamed back with total pleading, still trying to dress herself. " What is wrong with you!!"

Lori threw the covers off of herself and jumped to kneel upright on the bed, her naked body shaking with every scream she let loose. Flailing her arms wildly over her head, Lori seemed to be a girl on the verge of losing it, and continued to scream from the depth of her soul right at the very flustered girl.

" I just want you to leave... that is it.... Nothing more too it...just for you to leave!!" She cried loudly, her body shaking noticeably with violent sobbing. " Go! Go! Get the hell out of here!!!"

Bewildered and feeling a huge tightness in her chest growing, Megan finished dressing and ran to the door. She had stopped trying to rationally talk to the girl, wanting nothing more than to just to get out of the room as fast as she could, as the blond girl's tirade continued with great ferocity even as she escaped it. The feeling of rejection was just too much to bare for her, and she just sprinted into a dead run.

Flinging the door open, the short haired girl raced out of the room, as the girl's screams trailed her leaving with a constant volley that was pointed with bouts of tears. Megan's own eyes were filling with tears that spilled over her face in torrents, as she bolted down the hallway past sleepy students that had cracked open their doors and stepped out into the hall to see what all the commotion was about.

Megan did not look at anyone in her flight from the room, barreling herself headlong down the hall in full flight. Down the stairs, she flung herself, heading straight for the nearest exit she could have found.

" Why was Lori acting like this?" She asked herself over and over again, as the tears ran down her cheeks, her heart feeling like it was being held in a vice... tightening with every passing second.

Pushing through the doorway to the outside, the girl did not even slow down a step. She raced towards her own grade's dormitory, as her tears rolled down her face still. She wiped her cheeks, but kept on going, her mind trying to comprehend any of this.

Back in the dorm room, a distraught Lori had slammed the door shut and slid down the wooden portal to the cold hardwood floor of the dorm room.. Her petite naked body was convulsing with tears and sobs that echoed through out the room, as she ignored the constant knocking and calls of different girls from her floor, who were trying to see what was going on with her.

Face buried in the crook of her arms as she splayed out on the floor, the girl cried and sobbed continuously, only two word was clear through it all.

" I'm Not!"

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