Story: Girls of Haven (all chapters)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

[Author's notes: Inspired by Straberry Panic, I have taken the essence, and turned it up a few notches.]

This is an original story, very loosely inspired by the Anime: Strawberry Panic. I wanted to do it a little more modern but keep some of the heart in it, and add in my warped mind. Enjoy.

Chapter One: New surroundings

On the outskirts of the sprawling City of Kilperton, stood the large expanse of the all girl school called Haven School for girls. From it's bush and ivy covered brick wall that surrounded it, to the older styles of every building, it oozed with the rich history of the school that was already far into the second century of use.

The tall spiral of the church at the center of the campus stood like a monument to God's power, while the dorms and education buildings surrounded the hundred year old plus building like sentries. Haven was one of the most prestigious of all the private schools in the whole country.

The sun beat down it's heat, as the campus stood in the late August swelter. Girls of all ages and sizes were mulling around in the brick courtyard that surrounded the very large St. Callahan Cathedral. Each were dressed in a knee length grey pleated skirt and starched white shirt and socks, with a almost wine colored maroon crossed kerchief was the final touch to the ensemble.

These were the girl's that went to Haven. They were all the elite's daughters of senators, movie stars and the wealthy. The campus and surrounding grounds showed not only the wealth that went here, but tradition that went along with it.

Through the mulling sea of grey and white, a small dot of bright blue was seen weaving through the crowd, dodging and weaving to miss other girls that stood around talking. It was a young girl that was parting her way through the jam of girls.

The girl had a few near misses, but she seemed to be trying to get towards a older building that was the only other structure directly beside the Cathedral. By her tenaciousness she raced with, she was nearing her seeming goal.

She was a very short girl of perhaps fourteen or possibly even fifteen, who had waist long blond locks that were tied back with a cloth elastic. She raced full tilt, a leather briefcase swung wildly in one hand and a suitcase was laboriously carried in the other. She did not stop for anything, causing shrieks and a few undignified and unladylike swears to come up from the many girl's she so narrowly missed knocking off of their feet. in her haste, she still tried to mutter out an apology.

The small slip of a girl seemed to be in a state of pure panic, as she raced across the brick courtyard, her patented leather shoes pounding the stones hard as she flew like the wind across the courtyard..

" I am late... I'm so late!!" She constantly mumbled to herself as she raced onwards.

The girl got to the steps of the smaller building it seemed like she sot and flew into the propped open door, still muttering wildly to herself, as she took the three steps up with one impressive leap.

The girl suddenly slammed into something or someone as she crossed the threshold into the building. She gasped, as the thing was much larger than her, and she hit rather hard against it.

Whatever it was, she found herself crashing to the floor overtop of the object. She screamed as she found herself crashing hard on to the highly waxed wooden floor, a small swear emanated from her lips as she realized that her bags had gone flying too.

Dazed, the blond girl sat up on the floor, gasping hard from the hard impact she just took.

" What did I hit?" She groaned, rubbing her head where she had hit on the grey linoleum.

" What is the meaning of this? Who is running on my campus like a wild ape on the loose??" Said a very stern sounding woman's voice.

The girl looked over and saw a very tall woman in a dark black dress was the thing she had ran herself into . She gulped at the lady's sight, somehow sensing she had just one whopper of something... and it was not good.

" Uh, I am so sorry!" The girl stammered, feeling embarrassed and flustered with her actions

The woman got to her feet with great grace, muttering to herself as she did. Up on her feet once more, the lady stood there with arms crossed looking down at the girl who was still flat on her backside on the ground. The blonde locked girl gasped, as she looked upwards at the person that was there.

The woman had to be well over six feet tall with a very prominent nose and a long almost triangular face. With her dark hair pulled back tightly into a bun and the half glasses that hung on a chain around her neck, the young girl felt a little sense of fear. This woman had the steely eyes of a hawk looking for prey, and they were piercing right at her.

The woman looked down at the small girl who was probably barely five feet tall, as she got to her feet, stammering another apology.

" You know that it is not womanly to be racing around like that on Haven school grounds." She said with a coldness.

" I know, but I was late..." The girl stammered. " I am suppose to meet with the Head Mistress Miss. Fincher to register for classes here."

The woman looked right into the girl's face.

" Register here?" The woman asked, her sternness only softening with more of a questioning gaze.

" Yes, Ma'am." The girl said, still stammering out her response. " My parents have called ahead, for they had to go out of the country for a year or more doing a movie... I am suppose to be going here during that time, and stay after that."

The woman seemed to snuff loudly and straighten herself to her full stature, and stared at the girl.

" You are then Lori Brentwall?" She asked calmly.

" Yes, I am.." Replied the girl, shocked to hear her name come out of the woman's mouth. " I am meeting with a Miss. Fincher."

" You are Ms. Brentwall, I am Miss Fincher." She said.

Lori felt her stomach twist, as she realized that she had knocked down the head of the school. She had only been her for a few minutes, and she already had made an impression... although not a very good one. She grinned sheepishly, hoping she could laugh her way out of this awkwardness.

" I.. uh... found you then..." She said with a giggle, trying to lighten the tension that had built up.

The woman did not even crack a smile with the girl's attempt ay levity, she only glared at the girl with those very intimidating dark eyes.

With her humor shot down like a duck in hunting season, she felt the pang of uneasiness in her chest.

" Now then..." Miss Fincher said, her voice stiff and all business. " If you can refrain from bowling more people over, you can just follow me back to my office and we will register you.."

" Yes, Ma'am." Lori said, feeling the domination that oozed out of the much taller woman.

" It is Head Mistress to you, Ms. Brentwall." The woman corrected with great curtness. " You shall address me as such, and nothing else while you are going to Haven School for Girls."

Lori just nodded meekly, as the woman walked off towards a long hallway that was off of the entrance way. The girl followed, knowing that first impressions of her were now shot all to hell.

After a hour in the woman's office, going over papers that Lori's parents had sent with her and over the rules of the School with exacting precision, especially the one about running anywhere in the schools grounds. She was given a rule book, that seemed like the thickness of a dictionary, as the talk was finally winding down.

The head mistress sat back in her plush leather chair and glanced over at the small girl while on the phone. Lori did not listen to what the lady was saying on the phone, she did not want to do any thing else wrong. Getting off on the right foot has just made her instead trip over the cracks.

The woman hung up the phone and regarded the girl again.

" You are now registered in, Ms. Brentwall." The woman said, a forced tinge of warmth on her speech. " I have sent for a senior class girl to show you to your dorm you will be assigned, and also make arrangements for your school uniform fitting." She snuffed. " We only accept you wearing our uniform, even in public... yet you will be permitted to wear regular clothes out on occasion."

Miss. Fincher went silent, as they waited for the Senior girl's arrival. Lori just felt out of place with all the rules and things with this school. It was old fashioned, not like her last school. This was different though... she had never stayed at school before.

She felt her heart sink, wanting to be back at home with her parents, and going to her old school. That was not going to happen any time soon, and she knew it. Her father had said this was a chance of a lifetime, now that they had money to send her there. She had to obey her father, but she did not have to like it.

Minutes later, a knock came at the oak door. It was a soft knock, almost overly polite in it's way. The woman called out for whoever it was to enter the room, her voce strong and still flat.

A tall dark haired girl stepped in and give a very stuffy curtsy to Miss. Fincher. The girl, dressed in the school's outfit was taller than the short Lori, and looked a little older too.

" You called for me, Had Mistress?" She asked, with a bow of her head as she folded her hands in front of her in almost a very practiced motion.

" Tasha, this is Lori Brentwall... she is a new student here at the school." The woman announced, her tone flat. " She will be in the tenth grade dorms this year... please escort her to get her uniform fitted and have her fitted for the other wardrobe too, then over to the tenth dorms... she will be in 10-41c with Allison Cramer."

Tasha curtsied again, and bowed her head.

" I will, Head Mistress." She said, her voice low and almost subservient. She looked at Lori and bowed. " Welcome to Haven, Lori."

" Go with her, Lori.. Hoping that we don't ever 'meet ' quite like we did ever again." She said, her voice strong and commanding.

The girl motioned for Lori to follow her, opening the door. Lori said nothing but followed, leaving the intimidating woman's office. She could still swear that she could feel the ladies piercing eyes as she left the room.

Chapter 2

[Author's notes: Thing are even stranger for Lori]

Chapter Two: A little odd here...

Lori followed the girl out of the building, and across the courtyard. To her surprise, the courtyard was now empty, the wind hot air that rose from the bricks made it seem like she was in a ghost town.

She watched the girl in front of her that led her, and noted that she was not speaking any to her. She had not since the brief statement back in the Head Mistresses's office, nor had she looked back at her.

Lori felt the sting of being the 'new girl' already, but she just followed the girl in her own forced silence. She knew that she would be a little different, as her parents were film directors, and not rich as some of them she had heard of coming here. They were not poor, but still not like the elite that sent their girls here

A small two story building was where Lori was led. She was taken down into the basement of this small structure, which was located near the far south wall of the Haven compound. She just followed in silence, letting her guide take her where she needed to be.

The girl opened a door at the far end of the underground floor and walked in. Lori just followed.

The room behind the door was lined with shirts, blazers skirts of every size needed in a school this big.

" The Head Mistress had got me, because I am the wardrobe outfitter for all of Haven." The girl said, finally talking.

" That must be fun at times." Said Lori, shocked to actually be spoken to.

" Sometimes." Smirked the girl. " Now undress down to your underwear, I need measurements to find the right sizes. We have so many fitting sizes, we can exact a tailored type of fit here."

The blonde girl felt odd being asked to disrobe, especially when the girl actually had a small smirk on her face when she asked. She had only undressed in front of her mom, and her doctor, but complied anyway. Tasha was a girl, and she was on the campus of an all girl school. To her knowledge, there was no men or boys for miles.

She striped down to her simple white bra and panties, as the girl got out a long measuring tape. Tasha seemed to be looking her over quite intently, making the uncomfortable situation feel a little more tense. Lori took a deep breath to try and ease herself with it, and raised her hands up a little for the girl to do what she needed to do.

The wardrobe girl reached around and wrapped the yellow colored tape around her breasts, and snugged it around each of the cups while taking her time while doing so. She looked at the numbers and smiled, writing it down with a free hand on a pad near her. Lori just stood there, trying not to stress about the girl being this close to her like she was. It was a little bit unnerving.

After marking the measurements down, the girl named Tasha then lightly cupped one of the breasts in her other hand for a second and smiled. The dark haired girl then squeezed the breast she had in her hand ever so lightly, rubbing the fabric of the bra with the thumb just over the nipple area. It made the blond girl jump a little, letting a small gasp out.

" Looking at your height, and your very light weight, I would not have guess you had this firm of a chest on you." Commented the girl, looking Lori right in the face before dropping her sight to be eyeing the girls somewhat small but very firm bosom that she held. " You will be very popular around here, I can see that right off."

Shocked at the comment, Lori did not know what to say or do. She just swallowed hard, finding it hard to even say something. She wondered if that really had just happened, or did she just imagine that the girl had touched her breast.

The wardrobe girl then knelt down and took a waist then a inseam measurement. The girl rested her hand against Lori's vagina area as she made her find, the hand seemed to be trembling a little as it pressed a little harder upwards against the crotch of the white panties.

" That is nice.." Tasha commented, with a tone of being pleased, but never once looking up at the girl..

Oddly, Lori felt her private place jump and tingle under the girl's touch, even when the rest of her felt shocked and slightly repulsed with this type of boldness. Her bodies reaction was the strangest thing of all to her, this was the first time she had ever experienced something like this, that alone made her shiver. Her body was reacting on it's own.

The blonde girl was shocked at the girl's comments, and on the actions that Tasha had done. She knew boys were like that, but girl on girl, she asked herself. She wanted to pull away with it being uncomfortable, but the girl had her against a wall for proper measuring, there was no place to go.

With Lori still in her underwear, the girl went off and searched through the many racks of clothes, bringing back what seemed to be a huge load.

" You have here: three shirts, three skirts, three blazers..." She said, putting the sets down as she said. " Eight sets of socks and we will measure for the shoes, then I will grab you a church outfit, a formal outfit and the other articles of clothes you will be needing while going here." The girl then gave a sigh, as she looked at the girl up and down again. " You put on one of your uniforms, I will gather the other things and then we take you to your dorm."

Glad to put on something finally, Lori dressed in one of the uniforms she had been given. Despite what had happened, she was amazed at the exactness of the fit on her, as it was quite a cute on her she thought. The hem was a little short over the knees, but it seemed that it was a rule friendly length for the school.

Satisfied with the uniform, she began to fold the dress she was wearing while she waited for the girl to bring back more. She was still amazed at the actions of the girl, never had she been touched like that in her young life.

She decided to try and put it aside in her mind, but it would not go away. It was like shock and pleasure all at once. The feeling of someone touching her in her most intimate places had definitely awoke something, but she was quite not sure just what that thing was.

As the girl returned to where she stood, loaded down with other clothes as she had said, Lori just let the curiosity of her feelings ebb away, but the feelings kept a watch in her.

A hour later, Tasha holding half, and Lori carting the rest of the load, brought the girl into the dorm room as she had promised. It had been a long walk, considering the amount she had. Perhaps this is why they were assigning a person to act as a guided through the large expanse that was Haven.

Two beds were in the room, both on opposite sides of the door. There were two small desks two free standing clothes closets and two smaller dressers. Looking out of the window, she saw from her third floor dorm, it had a beautiful view of the entire courtyard, and the four school buildings too that were across from the large dormitory buildings.

Tasha boldly moved to the one free standing closets on the left of the room and flung it open. A large amount of hangers sat on one of the two long poles, along with a few smaller drawers on the bottom of the piece of furniture.

" Your roommate has that side, she is already in classes.... it is the first day of school you know." She said. " You need to unpack and head back across the courtyard to the admin building to pick up your class schedule and meet with your home room teacher, Miss. Asworth in room sixty three in building two that is called Daisy Hall." She said, turning after gently placing the clothes she carried on to the bed with the dull maroon colored comforter. " We shall see you later... do you know your way back?"

Lori nodded, thinking that she could get herself back to the building in question, and figure out which building was. Tasha nodded and headed for the door with a small smile. Lori said not one word, but watched the girl leaving.

The dark haired girl took one look back, almost as if she was looking her over again like she had, then out the door she went. In a flash, she was gone, leaving the newest student of Haven alone in her dorm room.

Lori shuttered, as the leers of the girl made her feel odd, but somehow it made her feel good somewhere in herself She just set to work, putting away her stuff in the small spaces she had been assigned. She was surprised to find out that she had more than enough room to put it all away, as it seemed that the room had been tailored for it.

Finished her unpacking by putting away the few personal things she had brought with her, she hurried out the door to go get her schedule, hoping the little jaunt would stop her mind from thinking this over ten times a second. She could not straighten this all out in her head, or make any minor headway with the girl's conduct.

This place already was strange enough, the behavior of the one girl could not possibly be representative... could it? She was hoping not. She knew about lesbians to some degree from movies and stuff, but was this like that here? Was she like them?

Chapter 3

[Author's notes: Lori finds things working finally... sort of.]

Chapter Three: Roomie

After getting her school schedule then had the meeting with her Home Room teacher, Miss. Asworth. The curriculum the had put in place here in Haven, was harsh, as the time table on the paper showed her.

They had six periods in a day, and she seemed to have three of the most hard of all of the classes in a row in the mornings. Algebra, Chemistry and Literature would be the start of her day, and it would go from there. She always had been a good student, but she still was not looking forward to it one little bit either. She could tell that this was gong to be one hell of a semester for her to also acclimate into this school besides the pressures of the classes.

She was sent back to her dorm room to wait for the noon meal to meet her roommate before starting her classes in the afternoon periods. They were going to jump her right in to the thick of it all, that had been the exact words of Miss. Asworth.

The young blonde girl nodded, and headed back to the dorms. She was glad that she would have about another couple of hours to kill, the thought of jumping right in to a strange school system with people that probably have gone to school all of their lives together, scared her a little. What had happened earlier had just magnified that many times over.

The girl made her way down the third floor hallway, heading to her new room to sit for awhile until she heard the bell for lunch, which her home room teacher had told her to listen for from the church steeple.

The halls were quiet, only her footsteps could be heard echoing throughout. She just made her way, looking around at her new surroundings. It was kind of eerie, yet it was kind of soothing in a way, as she knew she had a little bit of time to settle herself before everything would commence.

Lori's hearing picked up some odd sounds as she neared where her room was located on the floor. It was sort of a faint sound, yet it was right there. She turned her head to locate where it was coming from, as she recognized the sound of heavy breathing and the odd moan. After all that has happened already, she was wondering all over again.

She spotted a door sitting ajar, just a few doors away from the entrance to her room. She could hear the moans were more pronounced, and something inside of her was wanting to investigate just what was going on. She crept to the door and cautiously peered in to the small opening.

She saw a young slim long haired girl lying naked on a bed, her legs were up and spread with a short brown haired girl kneeling between them on the bed. She could see the brown haired girl was licking the young girl's almost hairless sex vigorously, her tongue lapping vigorously on the outer folds of the girl's sex with a finger of her hand plunged deeply inside.

The girl on her back was moaning softly, tossing her head back and forth with rapturous gasps as her partner traced circles with her tongue over the top of her slit. When the shorter haired girl inserted a second finger while her tongue continued it's work, the other girl gasped louder and her hips bucked against the invading fingers.

Lori was transfixed by the sight of the two girls in the thralls of love making. No matter how much she wanted to turn and leave, she could not. She was also aware that her own private area was tingling and twitching, and she could feel her panties becoming very wet. She felt hot, and had urges that she could not even begin to explain wash over her. She wanted to touch herself so badly, but she kept herself from dong so.

She watched as the girl on her back started to writhe on the bed, her moans becoming louder as her entire body was shining with sweat as she bucked against the other's face. The girl on her knees became faster, pumping her fingers deeper with vigor into the girl, her tongue also sped up it own work.

It seemed like the prone girl was about to explode or something, as she arched her body upwards with each lick she got. She was making noises that Lori had never heard anyone do before, but found they were having a pronounced effect on her. All of this was making the crotch of her panties even more wet, but she knew she was not peeing or having her period either.

The girl suddenly was shaking, her moans became half stifled screams through the hand she had cupped over her mouth. She bit her fingers as she humped the other girl's face wildly, reaching down to hold the girl's head with the other hand. Lori could see the juices flowing out of the long haired girl's sex, bathing her partner's face as she moved herself expertly to keep pressure with her hard working wiggling body.

The girl on her back gasped once more, then fell back on to the bed, breathing hard and gasping with a tone of pure relief. Her body seemed to literally sink itself into the bed under her, a large smile was on her sweat streaked face.

Lori could feel her own sex twitching wildly inside of her underwear, as all of this was stimulating something for her. She suddenly froze to the spot, as both girls noticed that she was standing there.

" You must be the new girl.." Said the girl on her knees, turning her juices bathed face to Lori, a smile of satisfaction glowed on her cherub face. " Welcome to Haven School for Girls."

" Would you like to join us?" As the other girl, still panting hard from her orgasmic pleasuring. " I am one that enjoys it when others joins in."

Lori just shook her head, not knowing how to even respond to the offer. The girls just nodded and looked at one another, as the long haired girl pulled the other lass on top of her. The long haired girl's hands began to roam all over the girl's body, stopping to squeeze the firmness of the breasts. They kissed one another with a passion that the new girl had never seen ever in her short life.

Lori just turned and headed to her room with very quickened steps. She did not what to think about what she had witnessed, but her body felt all afire, like if someone had lit a candle wick deep inside her, and the flame was building and growing. She was uncomfortable and intrigued by it at the same time

Once in her room, she closed the door. She went across to the window and stared blankly out on to the courtyard below. She may not have understood just what she had saw, but something deep inside did understand, and it was alive and kicking. She just decided to wait here in the room, her mind still trying to unravel just what was happening here and inside of her own self.


The low chiming bong of a bell chimed loudly from outside. The sound made the floor reverberate with it's hauntingly beautiful notes, as it seemed to hang on the air like a eagle on the wind.

Lori heard the bell tolling, and knew that lunch was now being convened. She knew to wait for the girl that was going to be sharing the room, but her mind was still going by the few interesting events she had experienced on this her first day.

She wondered how long she had to wait, as she had not had a bit to eat since getting off the plane this morning. She had her last meal with her parents, then saw them hop another airplane and go off to Europe for filming a new docudrama for their studio.

The door to the room slowly opened, and a girl came in to the room like she was gliding on air.

The girl was about the same age as Lori, but seemed to be just a shade taller but as thinly built as she was. She had long reddish blonde hair pulled back with a maroon colored hairband that kept her locks away from her heart shaped face. Her most striking feature was light colored brown eyes that seemed to have a light all of their own. Lori had never seen a blond that had brown eyes before, but she found them actually attractive.

She looked at the new girl, and gave a very warm smile.

" You must be Lori..." She said, her voice was very soft and musical in its lilt.

" Allison, I presume?" Lori asked, relived to see that this girl might be more normal than she had seen here at Haven.

The girl giggled, its sound was also very musical and inviting. She looked at Lori with her big light brown eyes.

" I was told to take you to lunch, then show you around to help get your bearings here at Haven. " The girl said, happily. " This place can be a bit overwhelming for people, if you don't know the set up. Guess I know this place well, considering I have gone here since starting kindergarten."

" I can see that would be an advantage for going here." Lori said, smiling.

The girl giggled again, making Lori feel even more at ease.. Finally.

" I think this arrangement will work out, I like your sense of humor." She commented. " That is very important to have, when one shares a room with someone."

" I can agree with that, humor is very needed from time to time." Said a very happy Lori. " I was a little worried about it not being there between you and I... I see that it won't be a problem."

" Hearing that I was being roomed with a new girl did make me a little bit worried, but I think I was just letting that get to me." The girl said. " This will work out I am sure of it... I hope you don't snore."

" I don't think I do...." Lori mused understanding the girl's statement. " Just throw a shoe at me if I do.

" Deal!" Giggled Allison, looking at the newest girl. Both girls fell into a fit of uncontrollable laughter, as one got the other going.

After calming down her laughter, Allison motioned for Lori to follow, to take the girl to the long hall, where everyone ate as a group. Lori nodded and followed the girl with a relived heart. She hoped that she could have a friend in Allison, as the goings on around the school were odd enough.

The two left the room and headed outside to cross the expanse of the courtyard to the Long Hall for the noon meal.

Lori looked at the girl that strode beside her, she felt a little more at ease as this girl seemed to be friendly indeed.

"Things are looking up." Lori said to herself as she went with the girl, now hopeful that she just may have a shot of fitting in around Haven.

With the other things that went on, she hoped that she would find a way to accept it... or at least find a way to cope with it all. To lori, that was all that she could do for herself.

Chapter 4

[Author's notes: Summery to be posted]

Chapter Four: Wrestling with one's self

The rest of the day went quite well for Lori. Allison had introduced her to a few friends of hers, and helped her to find each of her classes she was to attend that afternoon. Being that Haven was so many large buildings and classes to house three thousand plus girls, she needed all the help she could get.

She found it nerve-wracking, as she was stared at being the new girl, but she hoped that would not last very long. Most were nice that she actually talked to, and that seemed to ease her anxiety a little.

" This just might work its way out in the long run." She told herself, seeing the possibilities.

Soon night had came to hang over Haven. The school seemed to be shifting its gears for the hours of sleep, as all across campus, it was becoming more and more quiet with every minute. Lights in every window were turning off like dominos, signaling slumber time for the occupants of the room.

Lori was in her dorm, right after taking a shower down the hall in the floor's shower area, and was putting on her plain white nightie for the coming night. She felt the heaviness of her exhaustion making her feel almost dopy. Her new friend was already changed into a long teeshirt type of sleepwear, and was siting up quietly reading in her bed.

The girl looked at the new girl of Haven, noting that she was crawling into her bed across the room.

" Tired?" She asked, putting her book down on her lap.

" Pretty much exhausted!" Lori said. " I can't remember the last time I felt this tired."

" First day can be that way." Sympathized Allison, adding. " Being the new girl just makes it harder... at least I think."

" To me it does." Lori giggled.

Allison nodded, giggling right along with the girl.

" Once you get the hang of this place, It will get better." Allison surmised with a playful smirk.

" Hope so..." Remarked the blonde girl, thinking back on the strangeness of the past day. " Things are... odd around here."

" Sure it will..." The Strawberry blonde giggled. " This place is not so bad... it actually is pretty great. I don't think it is odd, but then I have been her since I was about five or six."

Lori could not help remembering the days oddities she had encountered, and thought the girl might be right about it might not being that bad at Haven.

" Things just might be not what they seem..." she told herself, remembering all what she had seen. " Tomorrow will be better."

Allison put her book down on the small table beside her bed and rolled over to face the wall after turning off her lamp before hand.

" G'night." She said, pulling the covers over herself, a small yawn drawing out the last syllable. " Hope you sleep well."

" Night." Replied Lori, doing the same as she turned off her lamp on the sidetable.

The room fell into the darkness, and the silence of the dorm was the ruler. The hours of sleep crept over the now silent rooms and halls, taking over every nook and cranny of the school.

The place was now so still, and would be until the inevitable morning would come in only a few short hours.

An hour later, found Lori laying in her bed unable to fall asleep since crawling into it. She layed on her back, staring up at the darkness draped ceiling over her. Her mind swimming with thoughts that blocked any chance of sleeping.

She was thinking on seeing the two girls in the room, having sex while the other girls were over in the school part of the campus. Instead of being shocked about it anymore, she felt like she was on fire. The more the images of the sleek naked young girl licking the vagina of the other played in her head, the more she felt her body reacting to it. How loving yet hungrily the girl was attending to the girl, all of that was making her desire to be touched and licked like that, to feel the girl's fingers playing with her just like that.

Her cunny was twitching wildly and making her panties all wet, and she felt the strange urges that had swooped in on her just like when she was watching. They were stronger now, roaring through her like a Forrest fire. She was trying hard to push them away, but it seemed like it was on a constant playing loop in her head. The more she pushed them away, the more they stayed.

She began to touch her breast under the blankets, and felt her nipples were hard under the thin fabric of her nightgown. Her touch made her gasp, even though she had never done something like this before, as a electric shock flashed through her. She pinched the erect nob of her boob, and she wriggled under the feelings. She did the same with her other hand on the other tit, and the feelings grew.

Lori layed there and played with her nipples, luxuriatingly enjoying the explosion of sensations make her heart pound in her chest, and felt her own little cunt ache with wanting something, yet she was unsure of what it was.

She trailed a hand down her stomach, ending up going under the hem of her nightie. Her hand found her panties, and she could feel her fingertips lightly trail downwards. She gasped, as she felt her own fingers going through her pubic hair, the thin material the only barrier between them. She gasped a little, as she now felt her wet spot on the crotch, her own fingers sending waves of pleasure through her.

Driven by whatever it was, she found her hand going back upwards again, then she slid her hand down pat the waistband of her panties. She could feel her hand brush through her blond pubes, as it made its way passed them. Se held her breath, as she anticipated something when her hand finally got to her twitching girlhood that was aching and tingling.

Fingertips coming in contact with her now swollen clit, she gasped as they shot growing sensations through every inch of her being, making her pull a sharp breath in. Opening her legs and bending her knees up, her digits found that she was so very wet, the slightest touch made her skin feel like it was on fire. She began to rub herself, noting where the sensations were the strongest. She found a small hill of flesh, almost a smaller version of her nipples, hiding in the now wet folds of her labia. When she began to rub the small thing, she felt her whole body start to sweat like if someone had turned up her body's heat.

She played with her new found nub, rubbing it with purposeful circles. She gasped, as her body twitched and vibrated with her touches. She trailed her fingers down, lightly tracing her outer cunny lips, immediately sending even more titillations through her. She tilted her head back deeper into her pillow, and closed her eyes as her fingers searched the wetness of her own body.

When she found her hole, she put her finger inside in testing, and found a wondrous feeling slam her, making her body react with great enjoyment. Her hips suddenly began bucking up to meet her frenzied finger, as her insides twitched around her little pointer. She sunk the digit all the way in, and felt herself have a jolt of electricity fire through her, and she heard a little cry of pleasure on the air. She realized right off, it was her own voice that was making the sound.

With sweat poring off of her, she slammed her finger deep inside her tight channel, totally experiencing such a feeling of pure pleasure that caused her to pump herself even faster, her hips moving in unconscious response to it. She felt the building sensations growing, making her pump wildly against her own hand, her other hand had slide up her nightgown to play with one of her nipples. The feeling of her first growing orgasm only grew and intensified, she felt like she was the only one in the world at that point.

Biting her own lip, she felt her sleek form beginning to shake and tremble, as whatever she was feeling felt like it was about to explode as it hung her in mid air. The palm of her hand brushed her aching blood engorged nub, and that sent her over the edge with a large explosion of sensations that vortex through her.

With a cooing moan in the back of her throat, it hit hard. Her hand was speeding along, every muscle in her body wildly vibrating, feeling the gush of wetness flow out of herself and spread over her hand while drenching her ass with warmth. Lori's hips flashed upwards off the bed to meet her hand in perfect sync, making sure her finger was buried inside of her as deeply as she could get. She closed her eyes, as the image of the girl on her back writhing in pleasure matched what was happening to her.

The sensations of her first orgasm gripped her, waving over her like a cascading waterfall that she did not want to end. A few more pulses ripped through her, then it began to subside and her had finally slowed in culmination.

Spent, sweaty and gasping to catch her breath, she layed there in the silence of the dark, drinking in all of the feelings that were still coursing through her. With cunt still twitching to some extent, her body felt pleasantly heavy, a contentment she had never felt was there to greet her amazed mind. She pulled her finger out of herself hesitantly, still reliving every single sensation like a wine taster would do with fine vintaged grape.

She could now feel just how wet she was, and even through the blankets she could smell the sweet musky aroma of her juices wafting up to her. Determining just how wet her underwear was, she felt embarrassed with it.

She wondered what to do now, as she felt a type of shame come from what she had just done. The girl's new roommate still was sleeping quite soundly it seemed, only a few feet away, thankfully she had not been awoken. She thought of what to do, while still wrestling with the feelings of pure satisfaction mixing with the shame that had come to her.

She quickly removed her very soddened panties, and stuck them under her mattress closest to the wall. She planned on hand-washing them hopefully before Allison would even be up. That was the only thing she could come up with to do.

She was going to roll back, but when she almost did, she could feel the coolness of a very damp spot on the bed. She wrinkled her nose, as she realized that was from her too. She just opted to lay where she had rolled to and closed her eyes, hoping her new friend had not been laying there, listening to her masturbating.

Oddly, sleep rapidly overtook her, as she still grappled with her multitude of feelings. They were not stopping sleep now.

Chapter 5

[Author's notes: To be posted]

Chapter Five: a Rough Admirer

Three days had come and gone for young Lori at Haven School for Girls. To her, things had calmed down to some extent, but she could feel a tenseness in the air still, yet she was not knowing just why it felt like it all over campus. She wondered if this was the normal vibe, but wondered why it had to be like this.

She had fallen in to a sort of rhythm of the school, still trying to completely integrate into her new surroundings. She was glad that Allison was there, being so very kind in helping her get her feet wet in Haven. The girl was sweet and caring, turning into a friend almost immediately. She was still trying to feeling all of it out, but it seemed like not everyone was strange finally.

First period was on for Lori. She sat yawning, as she had stayed up studying until rather late. Algebra was not conducive to mornings, as her brain seemed not to be fully awake for the task. She wished that she had drank another coffee at breakfast to jump start her mind, but she had been late getting to breakfast and she only had time for the one cup. Now, she had to get her brain to work without it.

The teacher droned on, talking about different equations, making Lori now even more tired and now simply bored. She put her head on her hand, leaning a elbow on the desktop as she tried to focus. It was not working out too well though. She was not a morning person to begin with, but this made it harder. She made a note to herself in her head to make sure she got to breakfast earlier to counteract this situation.

Out of the corner of her eye, she realized that someone had been watching her from across the room, more like staring at her. Every one else had their eyes forward, but someone across the classroom was looking her way. She glanced over in curiosity, to see just who it was.

A tall looking girl with shoulder length hair of darker brown was the one staring at her. She had not noticed this girl before, but this girl was seriously staring right at her. Lori forced a smile at the girl, trying not to feel paranoid with the girl's stares, while wondering why this girl was looking at her.

The girl stared at Lori for a few seconds more, then licked her lips in a very suggestive manner, as she stared at the new girl. With a small wink, the girl then turned away with a smirk painting her long face.

Lori gasped, feeling her self stiffen with this suggestive gesture. She just turned herself back to the teacher, making sure that she would keep her eyes on the boring older teacher at all cost. She felt odd with the sexual nature of the girl's action, and tried real hard to block out the image, feeling disturbed by how the girl did it.

It was just after lunch the same day. Lori decided to take a walk around the large pond, that lay just near the southern wall of Haven's sprawling campus. Her roommate, Allison, had gone to a emergency meeting of one of her school clubs that she chaired, and had raced off after bolting down her lunch like a mad-girl.

With Allison occupied with what had to be done, Lori just felt like getting a little bit of peace and quiet for a time. The pond seemed to be that place she was looking for the forty five minutes before classes started again.

The water was so very clear in the pond, as she could see the many coy that were swimming around. She smiled, as watching the many colored fish swimming made her feel so relaxed and calm for the first time in a while, as the last three days had been hectic with getting use to Haven ways and customs.

She knew that this was an elite school, and as far as school work so far, had been challenging but not overly quite yet. With that aside, the air of sexuality here was the one thing she had never encountered before. With all of that going on, she wondered about her own growing sexuality.

She wondered if she was becoming a lesbian, as the sight of the two girls making love had stuck in her mind and made her do things she had never done in her life. Being a virgin, she did not quite know where she landed on this topic, but her thoughts on it were the same as it had.

She thought she liked boys, but she also found herself being attracted to girls, neither on strongly yet. Because of the very vivid image of the two girls she saw making love, the last couple of nights found her unable to fall to sleep until she masturbated. That was shocking to her, that she do something like this, but it also was feeling very natural to her too. She thought on the way the girl in class was openly flirting with her also made her think hard too.

With all of this stuff flying around in her mind like a pinball game, it just made all of this that much more confusing for her. She did not feel ashamed as much about masturbating, but the questions that rocketed through her made her mind swim.

All of this was overwhelming, and she found herself wanting any of her old friends back home to talk this all through with. They would not understand it all, she thought, but here... she felt alone with al of these things piling up in her mind.

She just sighed, and continued to watch the coy swim around in the clearness of the pond, wondering about what was happening inside of herself. A rustling in the bushes near her, made her turn.

The girl that was winking at her in class strode out of the bushes, flanked on each side by two other very shorter but more stocky built girls. The main girl looked at Lori with a very odd look in her eyes..

" Ahh..." The girl said. " Enjoying the pond, are we?"

Lori did not know just what the girl was up to, but her instincts were telling her there was danger here, as the three walked closer to where she sat on the pond's bank.

" Un, yes... I am." She said, standing up and taking a few steps backwards.

" This is a very... sensual place to be..." The girl said, her eyes leering at Lori with hunger in them.

Seeing the three getting closer, Lori kept backing up, trying to glance back and find the break in the shrubs and trees where the path out of this place to escape through, but she could not locate it as she moved.

The two smaller girls broke from the taller one, and each grabbed Lori by the arms. The blond haired girl struggled as hard as she could, feeling trapped, but found the two to be holding her right where she was.

The taller girl stepped up and stood right in front of Lori, grabbing her chin in her hand so she had to look at her.

" You are such a very yummy looking morsel..." She said, squeezing the girls face firmly. " A fresh faced angel has come here to old Haven."

" What do you want?" Asked Lori, fighting to speak through the hand that clasped her chin.

" I always want to try the new fresh flowers here first... and you are one very fresh bloom indeed." She said, smirking, looking down at the girl's heaving chest.

Lori tried to scream, but it was getting caught in her throat, as mind-numbing fright gripped her soul. She found the strength to struggle a little harder, but her small size coupled by the larger girls that held her, made escape impossible. Even though these girls all were about her age, the curse of her seemingly being the smallest person in her grade was working against her right now.

The tall girl ran her hand down Lori's chest, stopping to feel the breasts that were under the shirt. The tall lass moaned, and smiled, as she fondled the boob in her hand.

" You are well put together, just like Tasha had said." She commented with a lecherous grin. " This will be very fun indeed."

The girl continued down until she had gone down Lori's hip, and under the grey skirt. To the horror of Lori, the hand roved to the front of her pelvis, and started stroking the intersection of her legs and the body through the fabric of her underwear.

" Feels like you have such a sweet pussy under those plain-jane panties you are wearing..." The girl said, purring like a wild cat in heat. She began to snake her hand up and over the waistband. " Let's have a initial feel, before I taste your nubile puss for myself."

Lori went to close her eyes, as she could feel the hand invading her underwear. A tear began to fall from her eye, as she did not know what to do or say. It was beyond her scope for what was happening.

Suddenly, the girl that was touching her went flying, as two hands appeared and pushed her to the side from out of nowhere. Lori felt the other girls let her drop to the ground, and she looked up to see just what was going on around her.

A very tall girl, older than al of them, stood over Lori and her assailants that also was on the grass. Lori saw the girl had short black hair, a smooth long face and deep chocolate brown eyes that burned with anger.

" What are you three fucking doing?" Spat the taller girl, at the one who had been fondling Lori.

" President Megan??" Stammered the girl, looking up at the girl.

The one that had been called President Megan stared down at the leader of the three, as she cowered into a tree. The older and taller girl glared at the girl on the ground, fists clenched against her legs as if she was stopping herself from thrashing the girl right then and there.

" Jade... get your two little whores and yourself out of here, or I will report you to the Head Mistress for this sick little thing!" She said, adding as she glared right at the girl. " I may be Haven Student President, but mark my words, I will still take the time to kick the living shit out of you if you do this again to anyone. Do I make my self clear?"

The two pudgier girls that had been with the girl named Jade were already running off through the forest area that circled the pond, leaving their leader back with the irate girl. Jade followed suit and raced off into the bushes and trees too, after shooting a hate filled glare at both Lori and the girl named Megan, and promptly vanished.

With the tree gone, the tall girl helped Lori to her feet. Silently, the girl helped adjust Lori's clothing, as the blond girl seemed to be a little dazed as she stood leaning against a tree.

" Are you alright?" She asked.

Lori nodded, as she began to get her bearings.

" I am...Thank you!" She finally said, staring directly into the girl's face.

" I am glad of that." Smiled the girl sweetly. " That is what you call one forceful girl. She does this all the time, because of her little posse."

" She does?"

" Unfortunately, yes." Said the girl, nodding at Lori. " She has been reprimanded a whole lot of times for stuff like this."

The blond haired girl looked up at the girl, and gasped. The girl that had saved her was absolutely beautiful. Lori could not help marvel at the smoothness of the girls long face, the now calming twinkle in those eyes that was with such a attractive smile that was accented by the short dark hairstyle she sported. She was the most captivating person Lori had ever seen, her heart literally was racing in her chest.

The girl then spoke to Lori, breaking the girl out of whatever funk she was in.

" I am so sorry... where are my manners..." The pretty girl said with a sparkling giggle. " I am Megan Shelby, Grade Twelve Student Body President for Haven School for Girls."

" Uh, I am Lori, Lori Brentwall." She stammered, snapping herself from dizzily looking at the girl.

Megan giggled, looking right into the bright blue eyes of Lori.

" I know, you are the only new student that has transferred in this school year." The girl said with a smile brighter than anything Lori had ever seen.

" Oh!!" Said Lori, blushing.

The Class President saw the girl's face glow red, but give a smile that eased the long haired girl a little.

" I guess you have had a little bit of a strange indoctrination to our little school, haven't you?"

" It has been... interesting." Lori said, admitting without telling everything that has happened..

" Jade probably will not bother you again... just try and keep an eye out though." Suggested Megan, her eyes sparkling with a light that came from within her.

Lori went to thank the girl for the help, but the bells of the church peeled out loudly over the campus.

" We better get to class..." Megan said, hurrying off. " Have a better day at school."

The girl disappeared into the trees, as Lori watched. She sighed, then looked around at the quiet silence of the pond area. Hearing the bells chiming again, she realized that she could be late for her next class if she was not careful.

The blond haired girl smiled, and began to rush through the trees to get back to her building. This had been an eventful day, she thought to herself, still thinking on the girl that had helped her out.

She met up with Allison as she entered the building for the Grade ten classes.

" How was your lunchtime?" The girl asked.

" Uh, Fine..." Lori said, snapping out of her own thoughts.

" Did you meet any new People?" Asked Allison, hearing the girl's curious answer.

" I met Megan Shelby today." She said, the girl's pretty face in her mind.

" You met our School President?" Gasped the girl, looking at her roommate with awe. " That is just plain cool!" She smiled. " You liked her?"

" She was cool." Smiled Lori, almost dreamily. " Really cool, if you ask me."

Allison looked at the girls odd expression, and shook her head. The two girl's enter the building together, hurrying to get to their class before either one of them would be late.

Chapter 6

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Chapter Six - Inner Confusion

A bright sunny day bloomed over the Haven campus. The trees and the brick walkways were still a little damp from a small rainstorm that had rolled through just before the sun had broke in the sky, now there was not a single cloud in the sky as the light of day took its place.

It was still about an hour before breakfast around the school. A few early birds of students had made their way into the Long Hall, most looking for a fresh cup of coffee on this bright day. Lori was one of the few, getting up before her roommate had even woken up. The girl sot out the coffee to help her with the earliness of morning.

With a large steaming cup in her hand, she took a seat near the window of the dining area, one that overlooked a small bench area just off of the courtyard below. She yawned, as she had just gotten up showered and dressed to do this, and she felt the heaviness of her sleep still in her body.

She had gotten into this early morning routine of getting her coffee, since a couple of weeks before she had noticed how tired she had been in algebra class. She was trying so hard to get it together, and this just give her a little leg up on it all.

She took a sip and smiled, as the bitter drink was like ambrosia to her senses, tickling her tongue with its strong flavor. She sighed with pleasure, as this little ritual she had gotten into was just the thing she needed.

Enjoying her coffee, she watched the courtyard start to get busy, as the girls came out of their dorms to head for morning meal. It weren't too many of them yet, but over the next sixty minutes, it would be like a flood of white and grey dressed water coming in. She took another sip, enjoying the time to just savor all of this.

Lori heard a voice behind her, and it seemed to be talking to her. She turned away from the window, to see just who it was. To her surprise it was the pretty senior class president who stood there, coffee in hand.

" May I join you for coffee?" The much taller asked, her bright smile a breath of fresh air on this morning.

For a second, Lori was shocked with the girl's presence, and almost verbalized it with a gasp. She stopped herself from doing it, and composed herself.

" Sure." She answered, feeling her cheeks flush.

The girl took a seat across from Lori at the table, setting down the navy blue mug she carried. She looked at the blond girl, and saw how shocked the girl seemed to be with her presence.

" I have been wondering how you have been doing, since your little run in with Jade and her friends." She explained.

" Hanging in there, I guess." Lori said, trying to stay calm, yet the pretty girl's smile was making her heart race.

" No trouble from them since?"

" She stares at me a lot in class, and I see them all whispering, but they have not even gotten near me since that day. " Explained, feeling elate that this girl was interested in how she was. " Jade did follow Allison and I a couple of times, but stopped both times on her own... Still, that was creepy."

" A play for intimidation purposes on their part..." Speculated the lovely girl, her eyes locking with the long haired Lori. " She does play a type of mind games now and then, especially with newcomers."

Lori froze, as the girl's beautiful eyes caught her in a soft hold. She felt her heart skip, and her forehead erupted in sweat. She swallowed as she tried to say something, anything at all.

" You think?" Was all she could muster out. She felt weird with her statement, as she wanted to say it better than she did.

" Yes." Said Megan. " She's just our most troublesome girl here over the last three years."

" Three years?" Asked Lori.

" She failed grade nine once, that is why she still wallows in grade Ten." Megan explained. " Hopefully, she will just stay away from you, along with her little posse of followers."

Lori looked at the girl, marveling at the brightness of the President's eyes. She could feel the sincerity and knowledge in those eyes, and she smiled. A warm, comfortable feeling chased most of the blond girl's nervousness away, but another type of emotion was just sitting there. Something that Lori could not put her finger on, or even try to explain.

The two fell silent for awhile, then when they spoke again, the topic changed to more of a lighter tone. They sat chatting together, sipping of their still steaming beverages as they did.

Abruptly, a very tall girl with very wavy hair that covered half of her face came up to the table. By her rigid way of standing, she was waiting for either Lori or Megan to notice she was standing there.

" Megan, there is an emergency meeting of the board about the funding distributions to the clubs." Said the girl, speaking very lethargically. " The Head Mistress said it was minatory for everyone on council to attend to this problem as quickly as we can."

" But right now?" Sighed Megan, looking at the girl.

" Head Mistress want to take it to the financial board as soon as she can... they are still looking for where they can find funding for the field hockey team's new uniforms, and expand the clubs to be better equipped too."

Megan took a long sigh, and looked at Lori with a small smile of tiredness.

" It is never ending." She said, standing up. " Maybe we can talk again sometime, Lori?"

" Uh, ok." The girl replied, shocked at the girl's offer to talk again.

" Great... Have a great day in class." Megan said, with a little wave as she stepped away from the table to join the other girl.

Megan walked off with the tall girl, leaving Lori to her coffee time alone again. The girl with the president looked at her.

" Megan... can I as you something?" She said, matching stride with the quick walking girl.

" As long as we get to out meeting quickly, Ann." Said the girl, her voice showing she had turned all to business.

Ann paused for a moment.

" Why were you sitting with that sophomore?" She asked.

" Lori?" She said, breaking her thoughts. " I told you what happened, I wanted to check on her to see if she had acclimated finally to Haven."

" I've seen this from you before..." Ann piped up.

" What are you talking about?" The school President said, looking at the girl with a raised eyebrow.

" With Heather..." The girl began.

" That is not for conversation." Said Megan, her voice tight.

" It's been three years since..."

" Stop right there." Said the School's President, snapping at her friend. " Do you think I am being attracted to Lori now?"

Ann looked over to Megan, and nodded her head with authority. Megan snuffed and looked away..

" Nonsense!" Megan said, her eyes now averted from her friend. " What I had with Heather was very special... I could not have a relationship like that again."

" It has been three years since she died you know..." Started Ann, as they stepped out of Long Hall and into the courtyard.

Megan turned her head again, her eyes flashing with annoyance as her body stiffened.

" I told you that was not up for discussion!" She spat. " Now lets get out mind on the problem at hand.

Ann just fell silent, hearing the accenting tone in Megan's words. She knew that it was not the time any more to speak about this. She just let the topic slide, and they reverted back to talking about student council business.

Back at Long Hall, Lori sat silently, sipping on her coffee. She seemed preoccupied when Allison joined her at the table.

" Morning." She said, setting down her own mug of java.

Lori looked at her friend with almost a far away look, one her roommate could not ignore.

" What is going on?" Allison asked, seeing the odd facial expression of her roommate.

" Nothing..." Said Lori.

" I heard from some people outside that you were sitting with Megan this morning... " Said Allison, laying out what she knew.

" I was..." She said, blushing, knowing that gossip was the backbone wherever a large group of kids and teens were concerned. " She just showed up and had coffee with me for awhile."

" She's a grad twelve student..." Stated the girl, with a gasp. " That is unheard of here at Haven for the grades to pal around."

" She just did... wanted to know how I was doing, after helping me with my little run in with Jade." Explained Lori.

Allison looked at her friend, and took a long breath in.

" I guess it's different to hear of... class distinction and separation is very strong here." She said. " almost like a tradition."

" To just have coffee, its suppose to be not right to do or something?" Lori asked back.

" It's not just that..." Allison started, her words trailing off a little.

" Then what?" Lori queried

" There was this other girl long time ago, and Megan was seemingly very close to her..." Said Allison, thinking out loud, her voice seeming stressed a little.

Lori blinked, as the girl's word came to her. There was a assumption hidden within them.

" Other girl?" She asked. " What are you getting at, Allison?"

Allison nodded, and looked at her friend's face.

" Awhile back, Megan was in the ninth grade..." Said Allison. "Megan and this girl that were in the same grade together were... close., some said very close."

" Close? What do you mean?" Hearing the implication tone in Allison, but not understanding it.

" You know... lovers!" Said Allison, for the first time, her voice had a flatness to it.

Lori looked at her friend, shocked.

" You think because she sat down to have coffee with me, she wants me to be her lover or something?" She said. " It was just to talk and have coffee."

" You like her, don't you?" Allison posed the question, her face now was blank of expression.

" I like her..." Said Lori, her voice showing waverings, as she did not finish her sentence.

" In that way though?" Allison pressed, her happy tone leaving her. " Do you like her in that way?"

Lori took a deep breath, then shook her head. Her pausing like this was odd on the blonde girl's part.

" I like her." She restated, yet it was not fully with conviction that she said it with. " That is all..."

Allison just looked at the new girl, noting the flustered looks Lori was experiencing as she stared out of the window beside them. Allison just passed on pressing any more, and the two just sat and had their coffees. Through that, it was Allison that seemed to be almost sad as she had her coffee.

Nearby where Allison and Lori sat, three figures slipped out of the hall unnoticed from where they had been sitting behind a row of potted plants. The three were the tall girl named Jade, and her two constant sidekicks.

The girl and her two cohorts had been watching the goings on in the dining room, and now they slunk out of the large room unnoticed. The three were talking low amongst one another with great animation, but on what was for speculating on.

Chapter 7

[Author's notes: As usual-TBP]

Chapter Seven - Powerplay

Night had just fell on Haven. The night was sticky, as the late summer heat had baked the school to a crisp. The day had been so hot, the trees seemed to be wilting, and the night was still broiling with the sweltering aftermath.

The hour was late, but there was one lone person in the showers in the Tenth grade dorms, as others had already did their clean ups, and left for the air conditioned coolness of their rooms.

Allison was just stepping out from under the rushing water of the shower. Her lean body was a light pink with the steamy water that she had used to wipe away the sweatiness the day had produced. She looked down at herself as she moved to where towels were stacked, and saw even her nipples on her small breasts were glowing a little bit. She giggled, as they tingled with contact of the coolness of the air outside of the showers.

She looked around, and saw that she was all alone in the shower room.

" Lori must have finished already, and headed back to the room.." The girl thought to herself, sighing deeply.

She reached for a thick white towel on the rack, when she was grabbed from behind. She was pulled down to the floor on her back hard, hitting the tiles with a wet crashing sound under the weight of whoever had grabbed her..

Allison saw that the two henchmen of Jade were the ones that had practically tackled her. They were both naked as Allison was, as the pinned her to the floor tightly.

" What the..." She said, her words cut off by one of the two pushing a towel into her mouth.

She struggled, but the girls were very strong and Allison was pinned to the point that she could not fight back at that moment.

" Settle down and enjoy this." Said the darker skinned of the two, her tan deep and rich. " It will be easier and over sooner!"

Allison upon hearing the words, tried to flail and kick to try and dislodge the girls who held her down, but they had now pinned both her legs and arms down, rendering her at their mercy. The two just smirked very menacingly, seemingly waiting for the arrival of their leader at any second.

Jade entered the shower room with a stride of smug confidence. The girl was naked, except for a leather looking harness that hung around her pelvis and hugged her sex. She was holding a long object in her hand, caressing it with the other. Allison's eyes bulged out, as she was sure what the girl had.

The object the girl held looked like a man's penis, only it was colored hot pink. It was almost a foot long, and thicker than most girl's wrists. The tip was bulbous and there was a knobby texture over the surface of this object.

Jade held the object between her heaving medium sized breasts, her dark eyes locked on to the girl that was pinned down on the floor. She smiled.

" Well Allison dear..." She said, looking over the naked girl, paying close attention to the sparsely hair that surrounded the pussy of the girl. " Since I cant get near your very pretty roommate... I guess I will have to do you, showing you what she is missing."

Allison screamed against the towel in her mouth, but not much got passed the terrycloth barrier. The screams and wriggling seemed to make Jade even more excited.

" You sure are a little spitfire, aren't you?" She commented with a purr. " This will be fun.:"

Jade lowered the dildo to the harness she wore. She seemed to lock it into place, and then look at a very wide eyed Allison who watched in horror. The hot pink object stood straight out from the girl's body, and she proudly swung it around with her hips. Jade pinched her nipples, making them hard points, as she stepped closer to Allison, the dildo bobbing a little in front of her as she moved.

The girl now stood over the helpless Allison, eyeing the girl with a hungry leer. She nodded, and the two girls pulled the girl's legs open while still pinning down her arms.

Jade knelt down between the girls legs, as they tried to kick out to freedom.

" Stop fighting it, Dear Allison..." The taller girl warned, her eyes glinting with glee as she watched the girl struggle against her friends grip. " Try to enjoy!"

Jade leaned in to the girl like a man would, watching as the fake cock touched the girl's opening. She looked at the horror filled face of the girl for a moment, smiling as she listening to the muffled screams come. After a few seconds, Jade reached up and slapped Allison's face with a viciousness that few girls could do..

" Oh shut up... You will like it once I start." She spat.

The smaller framed girl squirmed back again, even harder against both the girls that held her. Angered with Allison still trying to fight against them all, , the tall girl punched Allison in the face many times, stopping the girl's squirming very quickly after the forth or fifth blow. This seemed turn Jade on even more, her pussy dripping on the harness that held the dildo.

The tall girl reached down and opened Allison's pussy a little, making sure that the tip of her dildo was pressed up against it. She watched the horrified girl's face, seemingly relishing in the terror she was inflicting. Jade leaned back and plowed her hips forward, driving the dildo deep into the virgin cunt of the girl, and smiled as she watched Allison's pretty face contoured and winced in pain.

" We will make you wet here, My pretty..." She gasped as she did the deed.

Allison screamed out in agony, as she felt the hard rubber cock smash its way deep into her. She felt like it was ripping her right in two like a hot poker. She felt the skin around her pussy literally break and tearing away and felt the warm blood flooding out of her and trickle down her ass to the floor beneath her. The girl on top of her just battered her with sexual fury, smashing the dildo in with every buck of her hips. A broad smile of pure evil displayed on her face.

With grunts and groans, Jade plowed the dildo in and out of the girl, seemingly speeding up every time she heard the girl moan in pain, reveling in what she was doing to the helpless young girl. Jade also busied herself with biting down on the girl's nipple hard a few times, drawing blood every time too. She watched the girl's face, noting how it changed with each pump she made with her little friend.

" Let yourself experience something I like to call a Fear Orgasm... I think you might love it." The girl hissed, as she pounded the strap-on deeper into the smaller girl with extra force.

Allison just layed there, trying to ignore the searing pain that her virgin vagina was experiencing... for what seemed to be forever. Each pounding stroke, sent a new wave of pain right through her.

Allison was barely aware when Jade suddenly gasped and shuttered on top of her, as she orgasamed many times in a row.

Jade moaned in satisfaction and looked right into Allison's eyes, sweat pouring off of her face.

" That was damn good of you... giving me such a delicious orgasm." She said, smirking.

The girl got up on her knees from between Allison's legs, and looked down. She saw that her dildo was covered in blood, as so was her own pussy and legs. Allison's little twat was also painted with a heavy coat of crimson too, and still oozed it's red flow unrelentingly.

Jade smiled Demonically, seemingly so very pleased with it all.

" Remember that I was the one that took your precious cherry for you...." She said with a snicker, as her two friends cackled and called Allison ever name under the sun. " You weren't the best I've taken..., but you are damned good, you little vixen."

Allison could not even move, even as the girl's cohorts released her arms. Helplessly, she could only lay there and groan, as they turned her over, propping her ass up in the air. She felt the pain inside her wrack her with it's fury, and she could do nothing but whimper.

She felt something now go up against her butt hole, and knew what was coming next for her, yet she was now unable to mount even a small groan of defense. She was now quite helpless with pain and loss of blood she was incurring, as the two that had held her cheered on their leader with enthusiasm.

She felt the rubber cock begin to batter its way into her ass, ripping away at her insides again. Searing pain accompanied Jades deed, along with the girl gasp of glee at it all.

" We are going to make a full lezbo whore out of you yet." Jade said with a very malevolent laugh, as she slammed her hips forward in evil excitement, the dildo she wore sunk deep into the girl's ass, bringing pain with each thrust.

With the pain too much, coupled with the blood that seeped out of her with each thrusting attack made on her, Allison thankfully lost consciousness.


Lori looked up from her studying her literature homework at the clock that sat on the corner of her desk. She frowned and looked over at the empty bed across from her. Allison was still not there

It had been over an hour since leaving the showers, and Allison had not returned from her showering. She thought that she had met up with someone and was just talking, but something inside of her was telling her different. Something felt way wrong with the situation.

Throwing her robe over her nightgown, she left the room to go find her, as the feeling would not go away.

She hurried herself into the shower area, thinking that would be the logical place to start looking. She had asked a few people on the floor if they had seen her in the last hour. None of the girl's she had queried, had seen her other than entering the shower.

The shower room was dead silent, and she could hear each step she took on the tiles echoed. She looked around, as she made her way through to where the back showers were.

She came upon Allison on the floor, unconscious. She was nude, laying on her front in the middle of the showers stall area. A large pool of blood was under her lower half of her body, and the red painted her bum and thighs all the way down. Lori fell to her knees beside the unmoving form and checked on the girl.

Relived to see that the girl was still breathing, only very shallowly. Lori jumped back up to her feet and raced to the door, her mind spinning with the need to get help. She flung open the door and shouted at the top of her lungs.

" Someone call the Dorm Mother!!" She yelled out to the hall outside. " Someone has attacked Allison.

Chapter 8

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Eight - Comfort and Understanding

The Long hall was full of the girls of Haven one morning, as the sun tried to peek through the clouds outside. The topic of discussion was like the last few days, the speculation of what happened to Allison Cramer the night before last. Fear over the knowledge of Allison being raped also had a huge impact on everyone

Everyone had seen the girl taken out by EMS crews that fateful night, and then was sped away from the campus in a wailing ambulance. With both the truth and conjecture running through the very heart of the school, most were getting a mixed story of just what had happened, but mainly it was the truth. Someone had raped this young girl on campus.

President Megan sat with her friends at the tables that usually were reserved for the senior class. She seemed a little preoccupied inside herself, as her friends all were talking about the coming weekend, and their chance to go into the city and doing some shopping for the day. She seemed not to even know what was being excitedly talked about.

A touch on the girl's hand brought her back to the world with a little start.

" Megan..." Said her friend and co-councilgirl Ann. " I asked if you were going to buy that dress you wanted when we go on Saturday?"

The Tall school President realized what had been asked.

" Uh, Maybe..." She said, her mind clearing from her thoughts.

" Gheesh..." An said, shaking her head. " For the last few days, you have been so flighty and out of it."

" With what happened... do you blame me for pondering on it?" She replied.

" The police are on the case here..." Ann began. " They are doing all they can to solve this horrible thing... why do you fell as if you need to investigate it?""

" Maybe so, but it still is my responsibility to deal with it somehow on the school council level..." Megan said. " I am School President. I have a obligation to the student body to at least address it."

" What can you do? I say, let the cops do their thing, and we just move along with what we have to do." Questioned the girl with the thick wavy hair, who promptly looked away from Megan

Ann did not turn back to speak any more, which suited Megan fine. It seemed like Ann was not wanting even to think about what had happened, and just let it drop for the time being.

" Guess using denial is how some people cope." Megan told herself, bowing her head as she could not stop thinking on it.

She knew deep down, that the brutal rape that happened right in the dorms, scared most of the girls on the campus, especially if it was perpetrated by a man sneaking on school ground. What thought scared Megan, was it could be one of their own too. A girl like that, who could possibly do something like this, could be more dangerous than any man... She was aware of this sickening possibility.

Megan then looked over to her right. She felt her heart sink in her chest, as she spotted a solitary figure through the massive throng of girls that packed every table that was in the dining room.

The girl had spotted Lori, sitting alone at a small table in the corner of the large hall. She saw that the girl sat with her head down, eyes fixed on the steaming coffee mug in front of her in vacant concentration.

The girl looked so very pale to Megan, dark rings painted under Lori's eyes, contrasting with the crispness of her school uniform. Even to her eyes, who only knew the girl for a short time, she knew that all was not right inside this girl.

Another one of the girl's that sat with Megan noticed her gaze.

" I heard that she was this Allison's roommate." The girl piped in, seemingly ready to gossip at a moment's notice. " It is said that Allison is in a coma or something..."

" She is Allison's roommate." Megan replied, trying not to get into this with the girl, but needing to give her the right information if she needs to gossip. " From what I heard, at last report, Allison is in and out of a coma, and her parents have flown her to a hospital near her home."

" Rumor has it that this Lori girl has not slept any since what had happened with her roommate." The girl continued, almost seemingly jumping over whatever Megan had said to her.

" Not slept?" Said Megan, the information hitting her. " She has not slept, did you say Joni?"

" Not a wink, by what I heard this morning!" Confirmed Joni. " She goes to school and then to her room... I heard she simply sits and stares out the room's window all night long, until it is time to get ready for school again, drinking only coffee. She has not eaten anything at all since either"

In her mind, it was clear as a bell, Megan knew this was serious. She thought on it as she sipped on her own coffee, taking glances over at the girl until Lori got up and left the hall before breakfast was being served. She seemed to be walking with a bit of a waver, possibly from the sheer exhaustion and hunger, or even from the heaviness of her sadness. Either way, that showed that the girl was not handling it well.

With all of these feelings she was having surrounding this blond beauty, Megan felt torn on what to do, what not to do and even of she should do something. All she knew was her heart hurt for the girl.

Megan sat, pondering, as her friends talked all around her. She did not even really know this girl, but she found herself drawn to her and to try and help her. She sighed and tried to get herself back into the group talk, but found her mind wandering off every now and then.


Night was on the School once again. The rain had finally came, after the clouds had battled with the sun and it's heavy heat all day. Now the rain pelted down, drenching everything it touched.

Lori sat in her room alone, only one light was on to illuminate everything around her. She was sitting on her bed, head bowed forward in thought. Her heavily tear stained cheeks told the story of her heart at that moment.

She had just came back from trying to get a hold of her parents in Europe, hoping to even talk to them about what was going on at school. They were out on a shoot in a very rural part of Poland, and there was trouble with the global satellite phone feed. The production company had said she would not be able to get a message to them for at least a few days. With her friends from home also not around to talk, she felt so alone and scared. That was her situation, and her heart ached for some sort of relief from all of it..

Lori just wanted nothing more than to go back home right now, or to hear something about Allison's condition. Neither one was going to happen anytime soon, and she knew that all too well. She wiped a tear away from her cheek, as her mind spun with everything.

A knock at the door stopped her tears. She looked at the door vacantly, wondering who it could be. Allison's friends had been around a little, but somehow she knew it was not them knocking.

Lori froze where she sat, as a voice came through the door.

" Lori... are you there?" It said, and Lori recognized it. It was The voice of Megan.

The long tressed girl came to the door and opened it. The taller girl stood there, hands clasped in front of herself. Lori blinked, as the short black haired girl looked at her with a very comforting look.

" May I come in?" She asked, her face having a small smile on it..

The exhaust girl stepped to one side and nodded. The girl smiled sweetly and entered the room.

Megan turned to look at the shorter girl as she closed the door. Lori looked back at her, her eyes searching her face.

" What a surprise for you to come her to our Dorm hall." Said Lori, politely yet sounding a little weak. " May I ask why?"

Megan regarded the girl with a smile.

" I heard that you were not doing very well, and I was worried." She said, almost in a comforting fashion.

" Well.... I..." The girl stammered, taken off guard by the girl's straight to the point way of speaking. Lori dropped her eyes.

" You look so very tired, Lori." Megan said, smiling. " You can't help Allison if you collapse from exhaustion."

Lori nodded her head.

" I know... I just can't sleep because every time I try to..." Her words trailed off, and she bowed her head.

Megan took a step towards the girl, her eyes seeing the great amount of pain in her bright blues.

" You can't get the image of finding Allison on the floor out of your head, right?" The older girl said, finishing Lori's attempt at explaining.

" No, I can't." Agreed the long haired girl, starting to tear up a little bit. " I just can't..."

" Sit down and you talk about it." The tall girl suggested. " Sounds corny to do, but it does help."

Lori blinked at the suggestion she had been given.

" You listen to me?" Said the girl, rather shocked. " But I am just a simple sophomore and..."

" That is a part of my job... and I want to." Assured Megan, smiling at the girl. " I am here on my own accord, aren't I?"

Lori sat down on the bed and looked at the President of her school. Megan responded by sitting on the bed next to her. The taller girl draped her arm around the girl and looked right into her face.

" If you want to just sit, we'll sit.. If you want to talk, you talk." Megan said, her voice comforting in tone. " Your choice."

Lori was just going to sit there, but suddenly her heart opened, and she poured out her images and the feelings that came with them. The head of the school council just held the girl against her, and listened.

For over an hour, Never once did Megan speak to interrupt, simply putting both arms around the form, firmly clutching the younger girl against her. She heard the anguish and fear that was filling this girl, felt the sobs as they rolled out of her and senses the loneliness that she was feeling with everything At Haven.

Sweaty from her spilling everything, Lori looked up at the girl that held her, she seemed more beautiful than ever.

" Thank you!" Lori said, feeling so grateful.

" You feel better?" She asked.

" Yes... I do."

" Then, you promise me you'll try and sleep... and for heaven's sake eat too?" Megan said with a smile.

" I promise." She said.

Megan leaned in, and kissed the younger girl on the cheek. It was a soft as a whisper, as her lips grazed the silky smoothness of Lori's cheek, then it was gone after lingering for a few moments. It was not just a kiss of concern... it seemed to be much more than what it could have been.

Lori felt her heart surge, her face redden, as this girl gave her a kiss. She swooned a little, as she realized what the girl had done. She looked deep into Megan's eyes.

" I will check in on you tomorrow." She said, then a small smile flowed over her angular face. " I have a plan to find out who did this to your roommate."

Lori was shocked.

" Y...You do?" Lori said, a little shocked. " But the police are doing that... Why would you..."

" I know the police are... but I feel like I have to find this out too..." Megan explained. " As the Student President, I need to lead...I need to know just who did this most heinous thing."

" Then may I help you investigate?" Lori asked. " I don't know what I could actually do... but I will find out whatever I can too, to help."

Megan giggled and looked at the girl, looking at her directly in the eyes for a long moment of time.

" I would not want to have it any other way." She said, turning to leave. " Good Night, Lori... Get some of that sleep...ok?"

" Good night, Miss. President, and I will." Said a very happy Lori, seeing the loving determination on Megan's face.

" Please..." Megan said, as she stopped half way through the doorway to look back at the long blonde haired girl. " Simply call me Megan from now on. No formality is necessary, My name is not President."

Lori blushed, as the girls sultry eyes connected with hers. She felt her own heart pump a little faster.

" Good night, Megan."

The girl smiled at Lori before closing the door behind herself as she left. As quickly as that, the presidential beauty was gone.

Lori stood there in the still of the room for a moment, looking at the door. With her heart racing still long after Megan had left, she wondered if this all had been just a dream, and wondered why she was feeling this way to the beautiful girl. She giggled a little, as she reassured herself that it did happen, but as for answering the other question, she knew that would take longer.

True to her word, Lori got herself ready for bed. She crawled in to bed, her whole body now wanting sleep. She barely had layed down, and she was quickly overtook by her need of sleep

All through that night, the images of the beautiful girl called Megan was in Lori's dreams. For the first time in days, her sleep was one that would be called restful.

Back with Megan, the student body president was laying in bed. She had just read over a few things that the police had left for them to read over. The information was not much, but it was at least something.

Her roommate came in from being in the bathroom at the end of the hall. The tall chestnut brown haired girl looked at Megan.

" Still going over those updates from the police?" She asked.

" Yes, I am." She said, looking over.

" Anything?"

" Not much here Sharon." She said.

The brown haired girl moved to her bed, then stopped.

" Can I ask you something?" Suddenly asked the girl to the one in the bed

" Sure." Megan replied.

Sharon turned to look at her roomie.

" Is it true... you went to see Lori tonight?"

" I did... I was worried." She replied, after a split second of hesitation.

Sharon moved closer to Megan's bed, she seemed interested in more questions she had burning inside of herself.

" Is there more to it than your Presidential duties?" The girl said, looking at her friend. " After all of these years... Are you liking this girl?"

The short haired girl looked up, the question that was posed to her loomed large in her mind.

" Truth?" She asked.

" Others might talk about it ... Ann would... I won't." Assured the girl back. " Do you know the truth? Are you feeling something for this new girl?"

Megan fell silent, her head was slightly bowed forward. She seemed torn by her own thoughts, so Sharon waited for some sort of answer to come.

" After Heather... I thought I would never like someone ... actually feeling the potential to actually discovering love again. I am finding that becoming true again." She started, her smile was not hard to see. " I find myself very attracted to her."

" Are you attracted to her physically?"

" More than that." Megan admitted with a bashful grin as she picked her head up a little. " I feel like I am drawn like a magnet to metal to this girl... just like Heather."

" That strong?" Sharon asked.

" Stronger than I have ever felt." Admitted The short dark haired girl.

Sharon nodded, as she stood there looking at the girl who layed there in the bed. She could see Megan had many internal questions for herself.

" Do you know if she likes you?"

" I don't even know of she likes girls." She bashfully explained, obviously trying to pul out her own thoughts. " From the moment I saw her... I feel myself hopelessly drawn right to her." She sighed, rubbing her eyes with one hand.. " I want to comfort her, not to scare her off, yet I just want to hug her and feel her against me....To actually know her heart." She lowered her head more. " I should just try and stay at arms length, but my heart has a whole other plan."

After saying that, Megan went silent. Sharon turned and headed to her bed, not saying a word for a little as she climbed into bed herself. The silence hung over them both in the room as the lights were turned off.

Megan layed silently in her bed, her mind was occupied by many thoughts. Sharon's voice came out of the darkness, to the short brown haired girl.

" All I have to say, is that your mind might rationalize staying aside, but your heart might trump all of that." Sharon said. " Working with her to investigate to make sense of this crime may seem right and also being plutonic, but will your heart just let you be the helper?" She sighed. " In wanting to help, will your feelings get in the way?"

Sharon stopped talking, allowing the silence of the room to collect over them both once more. It felt like it was even more still than it had been.

Megan layed there, thinking on her friend's words.

"Sharon might be right." She pondered to herself, her heart just might not let her logic to get in the way.

She soon fell asleep, thinking on the long blond haired girl. Her friend's words were becoming reality for her.

Chapter 9

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Nine - Confusion

The botanical area of Haven was alive with the whole spectrum of flowers and faunae from all over the world. In amongst the plants, were benches and tables in which the students could come an have a quiet place to sit, to get away from the hustle of the school routine.

At one of the tables, Megan sat with a folder in front of her. She seemed to be going over papers and stuff, as the quiet of the place was conducive to it. She looked at her watch and then around her, as if non-verbally saying that whoever it was she waited for was a tad late right then.

Spotting a movement, she looked over and smiled. She saw the long blond haired girl Lori racing into the large greenhouse area, still holding a bagel in one hand while balancing a coffee in the other.

Lori got to the table and looked at Megan.

" Sorry I am late.." She puffed through a half mouth full of bagel. " I had to wait for a shower this morning."

" Alright." Smiled Megan, looking at Lori's flushed cheeks. " I just got the new progress report on the case."

Lori seemed to be happy about that, but Megan's face showed none of that.

" The progress report says there is little if any progress." She said, bluntly. " In fact, except for being written differently... it is the same one I had the other day." She dropped the papers intentionally on the table. " Simply stated ... nothing."

The blonde haired girl just seemed a little disappointed.

" Did you tell them about your theories on a possible it being a girl that raped Allison?"

" They said they looked at that... and dismissed it." She said, frowning with her answer, adding. " Dismissed me rather..."

" Did toy try to say we suspect Jade?"

" She had a alibi, they said." Megan responded. " Another words... they are ignoring us, as being kids, and took the alibi Jade had at face value."

Lori just sat there across from the girl, her head lowered a little.

" They just shot you down?"

" Like a wounded duck." Snuffed the girl back. " This report is just blowing smoke up our butts."

The blonde girl went around the table to look at the papers over Megan's shoulder. She leaned in and peered at the type written report, hoping to be able to see something herself that would be a hint. She knew it was a longshot, but she was hoping that it just might pay off.

She found herself smelling a light floral perfume that wafted up from Megan, along with a very faint muskiness of her natural body odor. The scent hit her nose, and she could feel her private area between her legs twitch almost instantly, as it made her feel like swooning.

She noticed that her gaze could see the top of the girl's breasts from where she stood, and that made her panties feel very wet all of a sudden. They were bigger than her's, by the looks of them, but were very full, their creamy whiteness was like whipped cream.

Lori tried to ignore all of the feelings that shot through her, but her closeness to Megan made her body quiver a little bit more. She just looked at the paper and forced herself to read, and tried hard to not let it get to her.

Megan watched the girl lean past her to the table. She found herself looking almost down the girl's shirt. She could see the not so small breasts firmly straining against the white fabric of Lori's shirt which were almost right in her face. She could smell the baby powder the girl obviously had put on after her shower mixed with a soft odor. She found herself trembling a little, as this little gorgeous girl was right next to her. She closed her eyes and took a breath in.

She was trying to stay at arms length, but the more she talked to her and just simply be around her, made it more difficult to ignore her growing attraction. Megan just turned her eyes to look at the paper, distracting herself from the lovely form that was mere inches from her.

The bell in the steeple rang out suddenly, alerting everyone that school started in ten minutes. Both girl's looked at one another, faces reddened by their own thoughts.

" Want to meet for after school to look this over more?" Asked Megan, composing herself somewhat.

" Sure." Lori said, her face glowing with a darkened shade of red. " Where should we meet up?"

" Perhaps outside my dorm building."

" See you then." Said the girl, a small nervous smile crooked her face

The two hurried out of the botanical building and quickly rushed to their buildings for their classes. Both seemed to be sneaking looks back at one another as they left, neither of them catching the other doing so.


Second period was going rather slowly for Megan. She sat in her geometry class, trying to keep herself concentrating on what was being taught, but not fairing so well.

She was sitting looking out of the window to the world outside. She was thinking about the young girl named Lori. The girl's impish smile and well slight face commanded her every waking thought, causing the girl to sigh. She found that what ever she did, would not dislodge the image from her.

She looked at the courtyard below, and saw a group of four people standing beside the fountain that was the centerpiece in the huge round that all the buildings made. She had realized that one of them was Lori, along with a middle aged woman and two younger girls. The new three were not dressed in the school uniforms, so they could not be a teacher and students. These were people from outside the school.

She wondered just who was the three that were with Lori, as this was odd for visitors to be allowed on campus while they were in class. She knew something was up, but what it was not evident right now.

She sighed, and turned herself to focus on the teacher once more, the question of who it was could wait, she told herself.

Megan got out of school that afternoon, and hurried herself to meet Lori outside of the grade twelve dorms that were close to their school building. She got there quick, but found no sign of the girl anywhere. She looked around for a moment, then turned to head to the sophomore dorms, wondering if she had forgotten about their little meeting.

She entered the dorms, and immediately found a whole group of people all mulling around in the entrance way. Some girls were crying, others seemed to be totally blank of any emotions and a few were of in a corner praying.

Megan looked around, confused at what was happening. She wondered just what was up to make people act like this.

" What is going on here?" She asked loudly to the crowd.

A young girl with sandy blonde hair turned and saw the girl.

" You don't know yet, Madam President?" She said, her soft blue eyes filled with tears.

" I just got here..." Megan said, looking at the girl. " Would you plead fill me in?"

" Allison died." Said the girl, bluntly.

Megan looked at the girl in shock. She just stared at the young girl, her mind processing the news that was dropped on her.

" Dead?" She said.

" Allison's roommate just announced it a few minutes ago, along with the Cameron family. " The girl informed more. " She passed away last night from blood clots that developed."

Megan was stunned, and she felt like she too, was going to cry. She forced them down and looked at the girl.

" Where is Lori and Allison's family now?" She said.

" They went up to Allison's dorm room." The girl informed. " They went up about ten minutes ago.

Megan thanked the girl and went up to the fourth floor, her resolve was strong.

Lori stood nearby, as she watched the three others pack up Allison's belongings. She had no clue on just what to do or say, so she stood there, watching.

The Mother of Allison looked over and smiled.

" You know, in the few letters home, she talked highly about you." She said " It seemed that she had found a friend in the few short weeks she knew you."

" She was the first one to really befriend me, when I first came here." Lori said, her face cracking a smile with what she had heard even through her emotions. " I am glad to have gotten to know her."

Mrs. Cramer looked over at Lori, a tear came in her eye.

" She knew so many people here, but it seemed that she had found her one true friend in you." She said, with a deep breath. " It is nice to think that she had that here."

Lori smiled, as she looked at the woman. Megan came in right then, and Lori introduced them to her.

" It is nice that the Student President would come to pay her respects in person like this." The woman said, a saddened smile on her face.

" I feel that it is my duty." Said Megan, holding back her own tears. She never knew the girl personally, but felt the sting of the loss nonetheless.

" Thank you..." Said the mother, as the two daughters behind her could only just stand there in somberness.

The people were polite, but they were now done with what they had to do. Gathering up their daughters things, they left to head back downstairs, seemingly having more trouble by the minute in being in the school Allison loved so much.

They closed the door behind themselves, almost symbolic of their own grief. With the two girls left, the silence seemed to weigh tons.

Megan looked at Lori, and saw the deep sadness the permeated from the girl's heart through the dulled blue of the eyes. She stood, trying to think of what to say, knowing nothing might be able to be.

Suddenly, Lori pitched herself right at the girl. Startled at this act, the President of Haven caught the girl in her arms, as the blonde's face buried itself into her chest. Wrapping her arms around Megan, huge sobs came from the diminutive form, her body shaking and spasaming as a flood of tears flowed.

Wordlessly, Megan folded her arms around the girl, consoling the girl with her silence as the tears flowed from the smaller girl.

" Just cry." Megan finally whispered, her heart understanding.

" Hold me... please." Lori said, half muffled into the taller girl's chest. " Just hold me."

" As long as you need to be... I will." Megan cooed

In the silence of the room, the two forms held one another, one out of grief and one out of compassion.

Lori looked up at the girl after a long time, gazing into the dark browns. Megan looked back with lovingness.

Lori suddenly lifted herself up on her toes, and planted a soft kiss on Megan's lips. Startled by this, the girl stood there as the smaller form kissed her. Something swelled inside of her, and she began to kiss her back. The fervor of their kisses escalating mushrooming

The two girls kissed with great passion, their lips drawing in on another. Hands roving over on another bodies, trying to feel one another with a unwritten need. Blouses were being puled off, hands gyrating to now bared skin as they also removed the bras that held their womanly forms in check.

Megan cupped Lori's now bared breast, reveling in their perfect fullness. She felt the silky softness of the boob, that was off set by the hardened nipple as her thumb flicked it. Lori gasped, but never said a word, and her hands mimicked Megan's and rubbed the girl's now firmed breasts. Both shuttered in utter delight, as they kissed and stopped to stare into each others faces.

Megan ran both hands down the girls sides. She felt the small but very athletic growing hot under her touch., and the body now trembling. She looked into the girl's soft features, as she undid the button on the skirt. Lori did not stop her, and the article slipped down her hips and to the floor.

Simple white panties were all the girl wore other than the socks and shoes. Megan looked down, and just wanted to drink in every inch of this perfect small form. Lori looked up at her, and did the same for the taller girl, reveling Megan's small black panties she had on. Lori smiled, as her eyes traced the long and lean legs that Megan was sporting.

Megan slowly pushed the blond girl on to the bed, and slowly went to her knees. Lori watched from her laying position, her body trembling with anticipation.

Megan hooked Lori's pantie waistband and slowly drew them down Lori's shapely legs, until they cleared her feet. The older girl held the little white undies for a second or two, then dropped the flimsies to the floor. She smiled, then turned her head up to see just what she had unwrapped.

Lori's pussy was almost shaved, with a small tuft of soft wheat blonde hair right at the very top. Megan could see the wetness forming on the dusty pink outer cunt lips, and she noticed a soft feminine musk which was coming to her nose from the girl. She breathed it in, noting how intoxicating it was to her whole senses. She smiled, as she slowly lowered her head to taste the girl love rose, anticipating the sweetness she was going to have.

Lori felt the girl's lips kiss her private area, and she shuttered. It was an amazing feeling, casing her to want more and more. She squirmed as the girl lavished kisses on her outer vaginal opening and thighs. She gasped, as she felt the wave of pure ecstacy explode over her and shoot to ever part of her body.

With a surprised little gasp on her lips, she started to feel the girl's tongue starting to trace the outer parts of her snatch with a baby's breath of friction. Lori felt her legs opened on their own, instinctually wanting to give the girl ever access to her. She swooned, as that tongue began tracing circles around one particular spot. She began to vibrate uncontrollably, throwing her head back with a moan on her lips, as what ever she was doing, was sending her into cloud nine.

Megan started to lap the girl with a cautious motions, knowing this was probably the girl's first time. She purposely took it slow, making sure she hit each and every spot she knew of to bring great pleasure for the girl. The moans and gasps she heard coming from Lori as she writhed on the bed, told her that she was doing it all right. She inserted a finger into the girl's now wet hole as she licked the little love nub, the girl began to hump her face and hand, and she knew that she was right on the mark.

Lori felt a powerful type of feeling building inside of her, and all she wanted was for the girl to continue whatever this was. Sweat beaded on her skin like shiny rhinestones, as she found herself wriggling and contorting on the bed. She could hear herself moaning and gasping, and was unable to stop it in any way. She did not want to either.

Megan inserted a second finger after awhile, speeding up her lapping at the same time to maximize everything. The girl on the bed vibrated wildly, she arched up and slammed her pussy into the girl's face Another gasp came from the girl, and Megan's face and hands were suddenly drenched in the girl's very sweet smelling juices.

The older girl smiled in to the girl's now heated hole but never stopped her work. Megan realized that she just had given the girl her first full orgasm, and she wanted to give the girl as many as she could possibly do for her. The short haired girl just closed her eyes, and continued, enjoying herself while pleasuring the girl.

Megan's hand drifted down and went into her own sloping wet panties, and her fingers were quickly set to work on her own love nub. She gasped into the girl's hole as she fingered herself, and the two of them shuttered in unison.

Lori felt her body floating on ths wave of intense euphoria. Every lap of Megan's tongue sent another pleasure wave, culminating in another orgasm after orgasm. She could only moan and coo with rapture, as she vibrated with each orgasm that rocked her to her core. Taken away on this action, she felt the girl continued her onslaught on her pussy.

Megan finally stopped, and pulled herself on the bed beside Lori, her face was totally soaked with the young girl's sweetness she had caused. She looked down into the girl's face, smiling directly at the sweat streaked face that regarded her in the dimming light of the evening. She felt her heart race, as those bright blue eyes were twinkling back at her

Lori was just laying there, looking up at Megan in silence as they settled down into the softness of the bed. The girl just looked deep into Megan's eyes, using a hand to stroke Megan's cheek. Neither one even tried to speak, as their hands gently rubbed one another soothingly.

The two covered up with the comforter, and simply sunk into one another's embrace. As the falling night outside took away what little light their was, the girls fell asleep, spent from what had just happened.

Chapter 10

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Ten: A crack in the mirror

Lori opened her eyes, asa silvery crack of morning sun started to fall up her face with a warming sensation. She opened her eyes slowly, her body feeling the heaviness of sleep lifting from her and she began wondering where she was. The warm sun seemed to draw her out of her sleep, making her become more coherent of everything.

She first off recognized her own room, but felt something different was with her or around her. She took a deep breath in, trying to clear out the cobwebs of slumber from her mind to try and figure this all out. All of a sudden, she was suddenly aware of a person laying beside her. She turned her head with a quick jerk, startled with the presence.

She found the person was a sleeping Megan beside her, cuddled up almost right against her. Lori saw that the covers were pushed down at the girl's waist, and Megan's full bare breasts were all pink and slightly goose-bumped with the coolness of the room as they slowly rose and fell with each breath she took.

Lori at first struggled to comprehend why the girl was there, totally naked in her bed like this. Gasping loudly, another realization came to her. She had realized that she too, was fully naked under the covers that she had wrapped around herself. Her mind spun, as it all came back to her all at once, every little detail about the many events from the day before were now crystal clear.

From finding out that Allison had died, to the night of pure passion she had with the girl that was sleeping soundly beside her, it all came back to her like a roaring wildfire. She inhaled sharply, as the many realizations hit her hard all at the same time, making her panicky and very scared. Her heart now raced in her chest, as the cold feelings of panic and shame flowed through her.

Just then, Megan stirred from her sleep and turned her head to look at the girl, awakened by the bed moving. She saw the face of Lori was devoid of any color, and she seemed to be hyperventilating badly as she sat rigidly in bed.

" W.. What is it, Lori?" Said the older of the two girls, sitting herself up in the bed swiftly.

Lori did not answer the question posed to her, but wildly continued to stare right at the girl with dismay. This look actually scared Megan, as she had never seen such a look on anyone's face like this.

" Did you have a nightmare or something?" Asked a very concerned Megan, reaching out a hand to grab one of Lori's to try and sooth whatever was happening to the smaller girl. " You are all right, you know?"

The blond girl pulled her hand away like as if she had been hit by acid, just as Megan had touched her. She shrunk back against the window that was over the bed, clasping the covers from the bed to her naked form. Her eyes were staring, wide open and pupils dilated to almost totally cover the pretty blue Lori usually had.

This puzzled Megan, who seemed to be unsure of just what was going on with the pretty blonde haired girl.

" Lori?" She asked cautiously, not wanting to spook the girl any more than she was at that moment.

Lori kept staring right at her, the normal brightness of her baby blues was now taken over by sheer panic. Megan saw the look, but could not come up with an answer for just why the girl was acting this way.

" Please... Leave." Lori finally got out, shouting her words one at a time at Megan and pointing to the way out. " Just get dressed and leave!! Now!"

Megan blinked, as the screaming words hit her. She felt a pain in her chest, as Lori repeated herself a few times more, each time becoming louder.

" You want me to leave?" She said in disbelief, trying to touch the girl's bare arm to calm her. " Lori... why do you want me to..."

" GET... OUT...OF...HERE!!!" Lori screamed, her face suddenly growing red as fire. " LEAVE NOW... right this minute!!"

Megan jumped from the bed, and snatched up her cloths from the tall pile on the floor while staring at the girl in confusion and hurt. She dressed herself quickly, as the smaller girl continued to yell at her almost hysterically.

" Why? Why do you want me to leave? Why are you acting like this... did last night mean nothing to you? It meant the world to me!" Megan screamed back with total pleading, still trying to dress herself. " What is wrong with you!!"

Lori threw the covers off of herself and jumped to kneel upright on the bed, her naked body shaking with every scream she let loose. Flailing her arms wildly over her head, Lori seemed to be a girl on the verge of losing it, and continued to scream from the depth of her soul right at the very flustered girl.

" I just want you to leave... that is it.... Nothing more too it...just for you to leave!!" She cried loudly, her body shaking noticeably with violent sobbing. " Go! Go! Get the hell out of here!!!"

Bewildered and feeling a huge tightness in her chest growing, Megan finished dressing and ran to the door. She had stopped trying to rationally talk to the girl, wanting nothing more than to just to get out of the room as fast as she could, as the blond girl's tirade continued with great ferocity even as she escaped it. The feeling of rejection was just too much to bare for her, and she just sprinted into a dead run.

Flinging the door open, the short haired girl raced out of the room, as the girl's screams trailed her leaving with a constant volley that was pointed with bouts of tears. Megan's own eyes were filling with tears that spilled over her face in torrents, as she bolted down the hallway past sleepy students that had cracked open their doors and stepped out into the hall to see what all the commotion was about.

Megan did not look at anyone in her flight from the room, barreling herself headlong down the hall in full flight. Down the stairs, she flung herself, heading straight for the nearest exit she could have found.

" Why was Lori acting like this?" She asked herself over and over again, as the tears ran down her cheeks, her heart feeling like it was being held in a vice... tightening with every passing second.

Pushing through the doorway to the outside, the girl did not even slow down a step. She raced towards her own grade's dormitory, as her tears rolled down her face still. She wiped her cheeks, but kept on going, her mind trying to comprehend any of this.

Back in the dorm room, a distraught Lori had slammed the door shut and slid down the wooden portal to the cold hardwood floor of the dorm room.. Her petite naked body was convulsing with tears and sobs that echoed through out the room, as she ignored the constant knocking and calls of different girls from her floor, who were trying to see what was going on with her.

Face buried in the crook of her arms as she splayed out on the floor, the girl cried and sobbed continuously, only two word was clear through it all.

" I'm Not!"

Chapter 11

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Eleven - A turn

Three days passed by with agonizing slowness. The ebb and flow of Haven continued on for most of the students, but for two, it was anything other than a leisurely time. It was a time of great tension

Lori went about her daily routine, yet never talked to anyone or let people talk to her. She simply went to school, to meals and church services and then holed up in her room whenever not doing anything else during her day. She seemed to be always walking around deep in thought, brooding over things that people could only speculate on. She never seemed to loiter in any one place for long, save for the closed off inner sanctum that was her room. She had become, in a sense, antisocial.

Megan, on the other hand, just went on with her duties as Haven President, but she seemed to be really disengaged with everything. She had tried to talk to Lori, knocking on her door quite a few times in an attempt at seeing her face to face. Her knocks and pleas had met with silence every time, every time she seen the girl, Lori had quickly melted away and was gone.

Seeming very sad with the blond girl's avoiding her, Megan simply tried to continue on with her everyday routine, without showing the hurt and anguish this was all causing. The silent wall that was there, was hard to ignore.

It was beginning of the fourth day, and Megan was coming to grips of realizing she may never know just what had turned the girl from her lover that night, to screaming at her all within a scant few hours. She had no clue to what she might have done to make Lori change so drastically. That was the mystery of it

She just felt very sad, as her feelings had not changed about the blond girl, not one little bit. Despite her apprehension of letting love in after the death of her first love, Heather, she now felt like she was falling in love with her, despite the way Lori had acted. She was finally admitting it to herself. She was.

The Presidential girl sat in the long hall alone, very early one morning. The sun was not ever up yet, as the cloak of darkness still hung outside the large building like a curtain. It was stone still in the long room, as she could hear her own heart beating in her chest.

Megan sat with a few folders of work she had to get looked over for an upcoming council meeting, and a steaming hot cup of coffee. She had decided just to keep herself busy with her duties, as the last few days had been relatively sleepless for her, being able to only squeeze out only a few hours each night, before her mind woke her. Even in sleep, she could not get the beautiful blonde haired girl out of her head.

The silence of the dining room was as such she could hear every page turn she made, as it echoed wildly. She just sighed, and ignored the feeling of emptiness that was matching the halls, and forced herself to deal with school things

Sharon, her roommate, suddenly burst into the hall. She was walking very fast, making a direct line to where Megan was. Megan looked up, curious at why the girl was walking so fast, that was not the girl's way.. She was usually so layed back all of the time.

As the girl neared, her voice seemed urgent.

" Megan!!" She said, getting to the girl's side. " This came for you by courier... from the police."

The short haired girl took the large manilla envelope from the girl, seemingly curious. She had not gotten a progress report from the cops for two days, and was sure they were not going to in the future. The fact that it was delivered so early in the morning, made her that much more Curiouser.

Megan scanned through the report, her eyes searching for what ever it contained as she hoped for some little morsel that she could use. The girl that had brought it to her had gone off to get herself some of the coffee too.

The girl came back, and found Megan had closed the folder up. She saw by the President's face, she was frustrated.

" Still nothing?"

" They are simply spinning their wheels like they were in deep mud..." Dryly drawled the girl. " It seems that they are not working to solve this case."

" They might have other cases at the same time?" Suggested Sharon. " Or they are not telling us anything, just because they are the police?"

" Is murder not important to solve?" Megan asked, feeling as if they were ignoring the case, then just sighed in frustration with the situation. " This report is almost exactly like all of the others." She shook her head. " They probably don't want to tip their hand, but I hoped they would at least give some indication where the investigation is going."

Megan went silent for a moment, obviously very frustrated.

" That would be comforting..." Sharon agreed. " Head Mistress seems very uneasy over this."

" I am too... that is why I am wondering about what the police are and are not doing." Megan stated.

Sharon shrugged, not understanding either. She sat down and joined the girl for coffee. Megan just sat there, brooding. There was more on her mind than the need to have Allison's murderer caught. She knew that was bad to admit, but her feelings were still there, even though Allison's murder was still unsolved.

Sharon looked at her roommate, and smirked. She knew that the girl was pondering on many things. She felt helpless to do anything other than support Megan. She sipped on her coffee, hoping that somehow, things would get moving for the girl, in more ways than the investigation.


Lori stood in the change room of the showers, peering around vacantly through the soaking wet strands of her long locks of hair. Her eyes seemed to show the depth of the thoughts that were going on inside, while drying herself off from the shower. The main topic was as it had been for a few days... Megan.

She had spent the better part of the last few days, trying to straiten out all of the emotions she was having. She had become somewhat alright with Allison's passing, and resolved to try and figure out just who had done this to the girl... now the other question that was occupying her mind was her feelings for the presidential beauty.

She struggled with the idea that she might be gay... a lesbian. She was shocked at her actions the night of finding out about Allison. In the midst of the sadness of Allison dying, she had found herself freed in the arms of the long legged beauty, finding a passion she had never knew she had inside of her. Just the very thoughts of the two of them making love, made her private place twitch with urges. She was confused about the feelings, but the sexual awakening she had was not in question at all.

She sighed, as she had to admit, still there was more to her attraction to the girl than just sex... way more. She could not stop thinking about the tall lanky girl.

"Could I be in love with Megan?" She posed the question to herself. She paused, then reiterated a question to herself " Am I... Gay?"

Lori's thoughts were broken, as Jade and her little group came in to use the showers. She felt a little nervous, after what the girl had tried on her weeks before, but felt safe in the midst of many girl's still mulling around in the change room. Noticing also, It seemed everyone was nervous though, this was where Allison was attacked.

Lori curiously found her eyes coming onto a smaller girl that was dressing across the room from her. She recognized the girl as Sandy Patterson, a girl she did not really know, except for her name and that she was in her etiquette classes, along with last period art. The girl's very stiffened body language had drew her attention, for this was out of the normal for the usually quiet and reserved girl.

The young dark haired girl seemed to had stiffen, right as Jade and her friends had entered. She had been standing there, putting one leg into her panties as she dressed, then had stopped her dressing, as if she had suddenly became a statue. Oddly, Sandy then removed the article of clothing from her leg, gathered up her clothes in a quick scooping action and then turned and hurried off into the bathroom area, her eyes never once averting from Jade and her two friends enter.

In watching, Lori noticed a darkened look of pure fear overtake the girl's soft brown eyes, as she hurried off. Her face was already whit with the fear, and she walked with a stiffness of distrust. She realized that something about the tall Jade had spooked the girl so.

The girl reminded Lori of that fearful day for her, when Jade had cornered and felt her up in the cover of the trees by the pond. She shuttered, as the images of Jade touching her flew threw her mind, and she closed her eyes for a moment or two. She just wanted the images to stop now, feeling her own fear grip her..

It then clicked inside of herself... could Jade be the one who Raped Allison? That was a possibility she could not ignore. The actions of Jade and her cronies, proved that they could be almost capable of it... the question was if they actually did it. Knowing enough about Jade from various people, she could never put it past her.

She knew that she had to tell Megan about this odd reaction of Sandy's, but she felt a little nervous at actually doing it. She sighed, knowing she might have to push aside her feelings, to report on this. Allison deserved at least that, her own problems just needed to be put on the back burner for awhile.

Snapping herself out of her thoughts, the blonde girl hurriedly dressed, knowing that she had to do what she had to. She would feel out these emotions later, this information was way too important to sit on.

Chapter 12

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Twelve - Decision and Realization

A tall woman with a very short cropped dull brown hair stood before the council, droning on about policies that needed to be changed or amended. The twenty or so girls that were in the room, seemed to be board to death with the lady's monotone delivery. For a noontime meeting, this was one long one.

Megan sat in her usual seat in the meeting room, taking notes, trying to ignore the fact that this woman, who was one of the teacher's representatives, was boring everyone to death. She painstakingly jotted down every point she thought was needed, so she could go over them at a later time.

The teacher finally stopped her constant talking, and the meeting slowly began to break off. Every one seemed to be glad, as most hurried out of the room as fast as they could. Megan stayed back for a moment, as she usually did, to field any questions from anyone. To her relief, there seemed to be no one at the time.

The girl looked at the old pendulum clock that hung on the wall, and saw she could have just enough time to get herself a cup of coffee before her afternoon classes would began. She gathered up her things, and began to head to the door to make sure of getting a coffee.

Megan stopped dead in her tracks, as a solitary figure was standing right in the doorway. She smiled, as she was now looking upon the petite blonde girl that stood there.

Megan felt her heart fluttered at the sight of the girl, but also felt her self feeling nervous with the appearance.

" Hi." She said to the girl, feeling a little nervous at seeing her again.

Lori stepped into the room, and crossed to where Megan stood to stand only a few feet in front of the girl.

" Hi." She said back, her voice wavering a little.

There was an awkward silence dropped in-between them, as they looked at one another for a moment.

" I have some information for you... Something I have seen that you need to know about." Said Lori, unable to come up with anything else to say, but tried to say it better. " I saw something, that might be pointing in the direction of Allison's murderer."

" You have?" Megan asked, shocked at the girl's statement. " I am here... I will listen."

For the next few minutes, Lori told of what she saw in the shower room this morning, and accidentally blurting out her own fear with the arrival of Jade. Megan listened intently, drinking in every word.

After Lori was done explaining, Megan nodded to make sure the girl knew that she had been listening all along.

" I had a hunch it might be her." She said. " It was one theory I was keeping to myself a little..."

" Is Jade actually capable of that much brutality?" Lori asked.

" Maybe... but I am not sure." The tall girl said. " We may just have to approach Sandy to find out just what happened for her to react like that when Jade came in."

" She might not say, if it did happen to her." Pointed out the shorter girl. " Being attacked is not a conversation starter."

Megan nodded, knowing that Lori had came up with a very good point. She paused to think for a moment or two.

" We have to try... Since the police probably don't know about this." Megan said. " Something like this, most are not willing to actually report it...I can understand that."

" Should we tell them what we are suspecting?" Lori asked.

" They should know... but we may have more of a chance that she might open up to us, then we can figure out that later."

The blonde girl nodded, understanding the logic behind Megan's words. She smiled a little.

" When should we then?" She said. " No time is a good time."

" I say tomorrow..." Suggested Megan. " We could talk to her during her study period, or catch her alone at some point."

" I'll come along then, to maybe tell her how Jade nearly raped me, if that was what happened to her." Offered Lori.

" Would not have it any other way." Smiled the short dark haired girl, looking right at the blond. She was so strong, she thought to herself. " Your help would help, if this little suspicion of yours is correct."

The girl agreed with Haven's president, and smiled. Lori then turned and began to leave the room, her face trying to hid the emotions that were battering through her. She just kept to her word, that her emotions had to take a back seat for now. She left, heading to her grade ten building for the afternoon classes.

Megan watched the girl go, her hand pressed against her chest. She felt it beating wildly, as the girl's leaving had made her yearn once again. She did love the blonde girl, her heart told she knew absolutely. All she wanted was to apologize for whatever she had done the other night that was so wrong, and then wanted to speak her heart... the heart she had finally opened wide after such a long time.

The head of the council was thinking of trying to catch up with the girl, to say what was weighing in her heart, but found that the little meeting with Lori had taken a longer time than she realized it did, and the bells in the chapel rang out for school to start. The tall girl sighed, as she heard the mournful bell chiming in the courtyard.

" Damn." She whispered the swear to the empty meeting room.

With great speed, she grabbed up her stuff, and hurried to get top classes. It would be rude of her, for the President of the school to be tardy. With that, she hurried to her own school building.


Another sweltering evening was on Haven. The day had been viciously hot, and had not abated one bit with the sun's setting. Add to it that a couple of dormitory buildings air conditioning units had failed, made for a very sticky night for both the Freshman dorms, as well as the sophomore building.

Lori was still up, as the clock on her desk showed it neared ten thirty. Because of the heat, she had stayed up to do some schoolwork in hopes of it cooling down a little in her room. Even wearing only a pale pink silk nightgown she had been given by her mother, did not fully help the feeling of the humidity in the air. The fan she had going was of little use either, as the air was heavy.

The heat was the prime culprit for her unable to sleep, but her mind was also, making resting hard to come by.

The young girl sat, mulling over a algebraic problem, trying to figure out what its answer was without much success when a knock came at her door. She got up to go answer it, thankful for a little break from this problematic equation, and fighting off her own overactive mind. Lori was shocked to find Megan standing there when she opened up the door.

The tall girl was standing there, dressed in a long purple nightgown and wrapped in a blanket set around her shoulders. The dark brown eyes seemed to be searching Lori's face, as if trying to read her reaction to her being there. The girl looked at Lori, seemingly nervous.

" The heat has gotten to you too?" Asked Lori, her mind reeling from the surprise of the girl's appearance at her door.

Megan giggled, but never once took her eyes off Lori for a second.

" I wanted to talk to you." She said, fumbling for words for which she never had before.

" Err.... Alright." Said Lori, as Megan stepped in.

After Lori closed the door, there was a pause of silence, as neither one knew how o start this conversation. Each stared at one another, waiting not very calmly for something to be finally said.

It was Megan who started first.

" I want to apologize for the other night..." She said, her voice quivering. " I never meant to scare or hurt you.... I never wanted that."

" Scare me?" Said Lori, realizing that the girl was blaming herself for why she was thrown out of the room, but the girl continued before she could say anything.

" I thought that you... liked me." Megan explained, pulling the words out. " After my last love, Heather, died, I had locked that part of myself away, not wanting to hurt any longer... now I feel as if it is back again, finally letting me to give my heart once more. Maybe I came on too strong or something because I knew that deep down. I feel so attracted to you, it's almost scary in a way."

Lori shook her head vigorously, taking a step forward to stand directly in front of the taller girl.

" I was the one that kissed you first... and I really did want to do that, so very badly..." She said, knowing just what she had done. " You did not do anything wrong.... It was me that was the problem... Nothing you did scared me... in fact... I loved it."

" You?" Echoed the girl. " The Problem?"

Lori nodded, her face a mask of shy shame.

" You asked me that morning, as I was yelling at you, if I thought that it meant something to me, what we had done..." She paused and blushed a little. " It did so much, the problem was with me."

" Problem?" Asked Megan, her heart pounding as she waited for the girl to continue.

The girl seemed to pause to figure out the way to say what it was she wanted to. Her heart told her just to do it, and she steadied her nerves to finally do just that.

" I was not fully sure if I was gay or not, and after waking up and realizing that I had made love with you the night before, I was confused and scared, and I turned that all into fear and threw you out with such vial meanness." She explained, her face showing her remorse. " I realized now, after mulling it al over, that I knew the truth about myself since I was a young kid... I am a lesbian... Truth be told, I never was attracted to Boys in the first place." Lori blushed, and looked right into Megan's face. " I have realized that I was all along... And did not want to actually admit it." She paused to stare directly into the girl's dark orbs. " What I am trying to say so roundaboutly is... I think I am falling in love with you."

Megan reached out to the girl, and took her hand. She smiled, and gazed lovingly into the deep blues of Lori's gaze, her hand gently squeezing Lori's.

" I am falling in love with you too!" She said with great passion. " After all of this time, I am and very deeply." She giggled with relief, as the words now were out there. " With you, it's easy."

The two looked at one another, as the came together. Lips touched lips, and they stood there for long moments, breathing one another in. Their arms wound around each other, holding one another close against their bodies. Their feelings now out in the open, and the spark now flashed into flames, the two finally let their hearts touch.

Lori did not stop kissing the girl, but led her over to her bed. They both fell on to the softness of the mattress, still locked in their embracing of one another. Megan did not fight the girl, letting her be pulled next to the soft form, as they hit the bed. There was no other place she wanted to be right then.

Lori's kisses were like a hairbreaths, softly and sensually brushing Megan's lips. Both girl's gasped, as their mutual kisses made them both shutter as their bodies felt the electric snap of their sensations. Their hands began to roved over one another, feeling the tautness of them both through the nightclothes they wore. For long minutes, they seemed to be simply enjoying one another's touches.

Both girls then drew their hands down, and each went under the other's night gowns as they kissed passionately. The stopped, and looked at each other, eyes locked with surprise. They had found that neither one of them were wearing any underwear underneath their gowns. Hey giggled, but let themselves slowly undress the other without stopping any more.

Lori began to kiss the perky mounds of Megan all over it's softness, drinking in the delicate musk that emanated from the girl and feeling the heat that was rising from the skin. The soft skin was with saltiness, yet a hint of sweetness also mixed on the Lori's tongue. That made the blonde girl's head spin in pure delight.

The taller girl shuttered with contentment, as Lori's lips softly sucked on one of the nipples.

" God, that feels so good." Megan gasped, her own hand squeezing a breast of the other girl's. " So very good indeed...."

Lori giggled, and let her lips start to trail down the girl's long and lean body, planting kisses strategically as she went down. She stopped to kiss the belly and the bellybutton too, her hands rubbing and caressing the shapely hips and slopes as she did, then she looked down at her goal.

The girl's pussy was a light pink color, its outer lips were full and erectly throbbing while it leaked with sweet juice. Lori noticed that the girl shaved herself fully, and that made her want the girl even more than she did a second ago. She wanted to experience this girl in every way, as she just drank in the pink prettiness of Megan.

She knew this was the first time for her to be doing this to someone, but she just let herself dive in, lowering her head to experience the sweet rose petals that were nestled between those lovely thighs.

Megan gasped, as the girl's lips touched her cunny lips with a baby's touch. She felt her tongue clumsily begin to taste her outer lips, tracing every inch of the outer parts with a light contact. The short haired girl gasped, as this clumsy attempt was sending strong shockwaves throughout her body like wildfire. She reached down and held the girl's head softly between her legs, letting herself enjoy the passion that Lori was showing her.

The nectar on Lori's tongue was tasting was o-so sweet, the taste made her only want to lick more and more. Lori was trying to do, what she had felt Megan do to her the other night, hoping she could get close to give her as much pleasure as she did her. Finding the nub on the top of the girl's slit, she felt Megan shutter as her tongue brushed it.

Megan let out a long gasp of pure ecstacy, as her pussy pulsed and shivered with the electricity of it. She gasped, and lifted her hips to meet with Lori's tongue in a sort of abashed rhythm to the girl ministerings. She felt her legs shake, and her sweat was coming faster than it had been before. The girl was doing everything right, she thought to herself.

The blonde girl felt proud of herself... she had found the magic spot. She closed her eyes and kept on with her work.

With great frenzy, She started to trace little circles around the fleshy button as fast as she could, Megan's hips grinded into her face and a moan rose from the girls half parted lips. Lori was sure she was doing it right now, as the girl's pussy pulsed rapidly under her tongue, the sweet nectar flooded her mouth continuously.

Megan felt one orgasm already building inside of her, calling to be released with great need. She was surprised at how big it was feeling, as the young pretty girl administered her loving with great diligence and passion. Clumsy or not, Lori was going to make her cum like she had never came before. The tall girl could only hump her hips against the girl's invading tongue, wanting to feel the girl in every way possible. The girl started to lick faster, and Megan threw her head back with a large gasp, letting her self go. Her orgasm was not far off, and she was not about to ignore it.

The blond girl felt Megan's body begin to shutter strongly and juices began to flow out of the hole she licked. A loud cry of pure ecstasy came out, and even more cunt juice gushed out. Lori knew, she had made Megan cum... and she was not done yet. She kept licking with great intensity, and the girl's groans kept coming and coming, along with more orgasms.

Megan felt one climax come, then another and then even more. Her body shuttered and vibrated with each orgasm that rocked her, quickly losing count of just how many she had over the ;last few minutes. Each one was grabbing her and shaking every inch of her until another one would appear and take over. Like high tide, it just continued on and on.

After many more orgasms, she reached through her uplifted knees and brought Lori's sweet face up to look at her.

" That was amazing..." Megan said, hardly having enough breath to talk.

" I hope I did it right." Said the girl, her face gleaming with a heavy wetting of pussy juices.

" You did..." Said Megan pulling her through her legs to finally lay right on top of her, her small sweat streaked form against her own sweatiness. She kissed the girl, tasting her own sweetness on the lips, mixes with the girl's saliva. " I am satisfied."

Megan then gently pushed the girl on her back, and crawled in between the girl's shapely legs. Swe looked at the girl's pussy that was all swollen and dripping with her excitement. The soft sweetness of Lori's pussy was calling Megan, as she looked at the sweat softened tuft of hair that accented the whitish pink of the inviting puss.

" My turn on you..." She said, lowering her head, and her tongue waiting to be used.

Lori felt Megan's tongue touch on her clit, and she gasped as her mind went blank except for what was happening. Throwing her knees wide open, she let the girl have full access to her aroused cunny, wanting nothing more than just to have the girl love it all up.

Almost immediately, Lori was vibrating and quaking with pure exhilaration as her now lover began with her tongue stabbed deep inside of her sopping hole. Every lick she could feel, brought a shutter of rapture that hit her very core. She cooed louder and louder still, as Megan slipped a finger into her dripping hole while licking all around the folds. With her mind now in pure passion, Lori just let herself go on to this tidal wave of sensations, never wanting it to stop any time soon.

The orgasms soon flew out of the blonde girl, as the experience of Megan made her want to make this a pure and amazing experience for Lori. One after another the orgasms crashed through the pretty lass's small body, each bringing the girl a new height of pleasure before having another one replace it. Megan was just using this as a springboard, she wanted to girl to be fully satisfied when she was done, but she also wanted more too.

Lori was bathed in sweat, as her lover had been giving it her all, and her orgasms were to show for it. It had waved over her, engulfing her as the dark haired beauty gave her climaxes after climaxes. making Lori shutter with pleasure with each and every one, and yearned for more.

Suddenly, Megan stopped and turned herself around. Without her mouth barely leaving, the taller girl swung herself to straddle Lori's head, her pussy ending up hovering just inches away from Lori's face. The gorgeous dark haired girl was hoping the wheat tressed girl knew what she wanted to do.

She did not know exactly what Megan was doing, but figured it out quickly with a smile of yearning on her face. She visually traced the outer folds of the cunt that was right over her, and licked her lips in the anticipation of what she was about to join in with.

Lifting her head a little, the blonde haired beauty began to tongue lavish the girl's puss again, as Megan kept on doing the same. Both were enthusiastically eating out one another, only heavy breathing and muffled moans bounced around the room while the heat of the night all but overtook by the heat of two young lover's passions.

After a long while, the two abruptly felt one large orgasm explode out of themselves. As if scripted, they had both came at the exact moment of the other. Both bodies convulsed with their orgasms, their pussys drenching the faces of their partners, moans turning to screams of pleasuring, echoing with words that were both inaudible and illegible. For many moment's, the only thing in the world for the two, were one another and their climaxes.

Sweaty and tired, Megan got off of the girl, and turned herself to lay properly, side by side with Lori. She looked at the girl, who was glowing with a broad smile. There was no fear in those eyes now, just this stare that was full of caring and love.

" I love you, Lori..." Megan said, smiling.

" It feels so right to hear that... and to say this back to you..." Beamed the girl, looking up at Megan. She looked at Megan, and found her love growing with each second. " I love you too."

The two girls curled up on the bed, now realizing how hot they both were. Despite the heat, they refused to not hold one another, as they layed there and listened to the fan across the room osculate back and forth in a futile attempt of keeping the area cooler.

As they felt sleep finally coming, Lori looked up at her lover.

" Shall we go see Sandy tomorrow, as planned?"

" We need to be careful.." Whispered back the taller girl, stroking Lori's arm absently. "Lets get close to Sandy, and we will know when it is time approach her so as not to spook her off."

" Yeah... rushing in would not help." Agreed Lori, enjoying just laying here with the girl. " I have to remind myself that we need to be careful... but I want to find out who did this to Allison."

Megan giggled, and kissed the girl on the cheek.

" I want that too, but we just need to take a step forward, not a huge leap." Smiled Megan. " Even if the cops do figure this out, we both have the need to try..."

" For Allison's sake?"

" For Allison's sake!" Agreed the tall girl, her smile reassuring the blonde fully.

Lori nodded, then said no more. The two cuddled into one another, opting not to use the blankets on such a oppressively hot night. They fell asleep in one another's arms, both were now feeling complete.

Outside Lori's door, a figure was seen sneaking away. Under the darkness of the hall, who it was not known, but it was in a hurry to get away and be unnoticed in the deadness of the halls.

Chapter 13

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Thirteen- Caught alone

The first class of the day was usually despised by everyone, or at least tolerated to some extent. This bright sunned morning, was no exception yet it seemed to be accented by many times with the apathy of it all. All the student's of Haven seemed to be very lethargic, as classes had barely started.

In every class of every year, it seemed that all of the students were sluggish to the point of being totally unaware of the lessons being taught to them. Today was a day that seemed everyone just did not want to be there.

Lori sat in her first period class, seemingly almost falling asleep as she tried to fight the heavy feelings of her eyelids. She caught herself once almost falling completely out of her seat, and shook her head to try and stave off the drowsiness that seemed to make her body want nothing more than to rest.

For the most part, the students seemed to not like the morning times, but Lori was tired for a whole other reason, as her mind reminded her as it drifted back to the night before. She give herself a smile, as she pictured the night's everts vividly in her mind's eye as she found herself unable to stop them.

The sight of Megan's long leanness of body flowed through her mind, every little soft angle and curve still locked, captivated by even her tired mind. Softness of the skin, coupled by the sent that girl had brought a smile to Lori's face, as she could still feel the girl's hands caressing every inch of her body, and the many crashing orgasms that was brought with it. To her shock, she could swear that she still tasted Megan's sweet pussy juices on her lips, and the heavenly musk in her nose.

Lori felt her pussy begin to get wet inside of her panties all over again, as she thought on it all. Her sex tingled and ached like wild, as she thought of the night of passions that had passed. She smiled, and hoped Megan could 'hook up' tonight again. That thought just made her panties even wetter than they had been, and she smirked to herself with the thought.

Lori just sighed, and forced herself to return to the task at hand. She also knew she should get it together if they needed to talk to the girl by the name of Sandy. She came back to reality, as the fact that no one was seen as Allison's killer yet. Her personal happiness must be put on hold, as she had made a promise to herself to try and figure this out.

She reminded herself one more time, and she snapped it all out of her head, and stayed in the land of reality. She forced her weary brain to wake up a little more to be more attentive to her lessons, but still felt like she could have put down her head and drift off into deep sleep at a moments notice.

Noontime rolled around, and Lori sat, waiting for Megan to show up. She sat for a long time, but it seemed that something was holding up the beautiful girl. Megan had not arrived like she usually did. Lori glanced around, getting sort of worried on just why the girl had not shown up.

Lori's thoughts and worries suddenly was cut off, as a blaring announcement come over the campus wide intercom system. The announcement was about a emergency Council meeting that was in progress right art that moment. The council was going to go over the latest report from the police with an officer dispatched from the main headquarters in Kilperton pertaining to the ongoing case.

The announcement did say little else, but Lori now knew that the girl did not ditch her or anything. Lori had worried too quickly, Megan's Presidential duty had just called her away as usual. The blonde girl shrugged, and just hoped they could see one another to talk over more about Sandy and what to do, and besides, she admittedly wanted to see the girl again.

" I'm thinking silly now!" She told herself, giggling at herself at her jumping off of the emotional train like this. One night of loving had did this to her.

With herself straitened out enough to eat, Lori dug into the fare that was served to them. It was not a five course meal at a ritzy restaurant, but at least it was over borderline good.

The day wore on, and the classes seemed to be getting longer by the second. The last half of classes was biology for Lori, and they were studying the outdoor fauna that was surrounding the pond area.

The class headed out into the heat of the afternoon to collect the specimens needed for their papers that would have to do. The class seemed to like that idea of going out, after being cooped up in classes all day. There was even a huge swell of excitement as they headed out as a group into the large expanse of Haven's grounds.

Once around the pond, the group splintered off after each were assigned a animal to catch for study. The thirty or so girl's all went off, hoping that it would not take too long. The day was so hot, even students that were cooped up in the classrooms all day were wanting to stay indoors so as not to feel the mighty heaviness of the heat. The excitement of being out was being sapped by the days heat.

Lori searched the water's edge for the elusive little lizard she had been assigned to catch. She was grossed out a little at the fact that she needed to catch this small green thing, but she fortified herself and knew that not getting the lizard would be hazardous to her midterm marks. She just thought on the beautiful Megan to get her mind off of the gross little lizard she had to hunt down.

Peering into the edges of the clear waters below, she sat with a small handled net and jar at the ready as she waited to try and catch the elusive little creature. Even though it was described as a striking green with brownish black speckles over it's entire body, the lizard was turning out to be very hard to find than it seemed. She only saw a old bullfrog wallowing in some reeds near her.

Patience was usually one of Lori's strongest points, but the task was getting a little frustrating as she broiled under the hot sun that beat down from high in the blue sky. The heat tempered by her bone tiredness, made her not wanting to do this exercise anymore.

" Where are these little beasts hiding?" She said to herself, as she forced herself to concentrate harder on finding the lizard. She giggled to calm the frustration she was feeling" I bet they are doing this just because I am looking for them."

Her eyes ran along the shore line all around herself, as she knew these little lizard hunted all over in and around these tranquil waters for the mosquitos and other little insects they preyed upon. She knew that the lizard had to be somewhere, but found not even a single trace of them. Frustrated, she heads further down the shoreline, heading to a rocky outcrop that was set onto a small lagoon.

She looks over the rocks carefully, her eyes trying to spot the telltale green of her prey. She moves onto some of the rocks, thinking that the little modern day dinosaurs might be hiding in amongst them. It was what the textbooks told her about them, but she was wondering if the information was wrong.

She took a step carefully, so as not to fall off of any of the small boulders and go head first into the pond. She made her way to where she was guessing the little things were hiding from her. She hoped that she could locate one and head back into the air conditioned classroom a quick as possible.

Lori suddenly heard some rustling sound behind her, then footsteps followed. She thought it might be one of her classmates also on the hunt for whatever she had been assigned to find. She smiled, as the company would be nice to have. Four eyes would also help both of them get their specimens.

She straighten up a little to see who it was, but a sharp pain in the back of her head knocks her down. She feels herself fall to the rocks under her, as the pain was intense as her vision clouded, then started to dim as she layed there on the cool rocks of the pond's edge.

That was the last thing Lori thought to herself, as the blackness overtook her and she lost consciousness.

Chapter 14

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Fourteen - Fear

Megan walked out of her school building just as the final peals of the Chapel's bells rang out across the courtyard. They were signaling the end of another school day to everyone on Haven's grounds.

Megan was relived to be out of the building, even though the air was still heavy with the heat that blazed over the school. With the long meeting she had done with the police and her heavy class schedule, she was mentally taxed to the bone. The end of the day had came none too soon.

Wearily, the head of the student body walked with one of her lower council members that was called Crystal, talking about generally nothing important, while her mind was planning to go see a certain blonde haired girl for awhile.

Crystal was just talking about some trip she might be taking, when Megan made herself listen to the girl again. She felt embarrassed that she had zoned the girl out like that, so was making a effort not to again.

" You think I should go with my parents then?" Crystal asked with great bubbly cheer, not realizing that her much taller friend had not been listening for awhile.

" If you think you'll have fun?" Diplomatically asked Megan, choosing just how to reply while not admitting that she had not been listening.

" I would... but what about Jamie, Francine and I going off to see Bermuda together like we have been planning to?" The dark haired girl asked. " That seems like a total blast and a half."

" I guess you have to think on whether you can have fun with your parents or not." Megan replied after a moment of thought. " Your parents also might just want you with them, since we are getting near the time we graduate and then might go off to University, and your parents want that last time with you before having you go off and start your higher educational route."

The girl seemed to be pondering Megan's words carefully, as she unconsciously bit her nails on one hand. Megan knew that this girl was very deep in thought, but wished the lass did not have such a disgusting habit.

The girl suddenly stopped her chewing and looked at Megan with a small smile of resolve on her very angular face.

" As usual, your reasoning abilities are so right on the money." Said the girl with a long sigh. " I can go to the Bahamas another time." She smiled a satisfied grin as she explained herself. " Going to see Paris with my family at midterm break does actually sound more than just a little fun."

" Shopping in the heart of Paris does." Giggled Megan, seeing the light go on in the girl's head.

Megan just was relived that the girl did not have a clue that she had been not listening, and that she had guessed at everything. She always was good at finding context clues, helping Crystal out even though not understanding, made her realize this. She snickered to herself, and promised not to do that anymore.

The two seniors were just starting across the large central courtyard together when they both spotted a gathering of many people near the grade eleven and ten building down a ways from them. The group seemed to be talking louder, and the amount of people there were on they unusual side of things

The crowd looked to be in a bit of a panic over something.

" Wonder what is going on over there?" Crystal said, her eyes searching the crowd for a clue to what was happening. " Looks like some sort of raucous is going on."

Megan peered over to survey the crowd too, curious of just why such a large group had gathered. Her friend was right though, there was something going on, as the girls that were congregating there seemed to be very upset or something by the tone of the chattering. A feeling of coldness suddenly shot right through her, as she pondered on it.

A girl with dark colored hair suddenly broke form the crowd, and ran straight for the President and her friend. The girl raced over, her eyes firmly glued on to the two that she hurried to, not once moving off.

Megan froze where she was, as something deep inside her heart told her to do so. Watching for what seemed like many minutes, The President noted the girl racing headlong was the wardrobe girl, Tasha.

The girl arrived at where Megan and Crystal stood. She was panting hard from the running she just had done, patting her chest with trying to catch her breath.

" Madam President..." She called out, puffing the words out with great laboring gasps. " Have you heard?"

" Heard what, Tasha?" Asked the short haired beauty, puzzled with the girl's question. " What is going on over there?"

The girl finally regained some of her breath back to a normal rate, and looked at the much taller Megan.

" One of the girls is missing since fourth period." She said. " A girl from grade ten Biology class.... they went to collect specimens from the pond, and she totally vanished from the group."

Megan felt her heart skip a beat, as the girl rolled out her explanation. Quickly, her mind went to places where she did not want to. She reigned herself to some degree, as the girl speaking was waiting for something from her

" Who is the girl?" Megan pressed hesitantly, hoping that the name was not what she was fearing it could be.

" It's the new girl in Grade ten, Lori Brentwall." Said Tasha almost bluntly. " She just has simply vanished."

The girl fought to keep her composure, but the fear that she was having, was bubbling over deep inside her. She took a deep breath in, as the questions she had must be asked for now.

" Have they searched the around the pond and wooded areas yet?"

" Yes, Madam President..." The girl informed. " The have done that... there is a rumor that they found blood on some rocks near the edge of the water. They have called for the police and their divers to check the pond."

" B... Blood?" Megan echoed, her heart pounding wildly. " They found some blood?"

" Yeah, a little by what I heard." The girl filled in, her own voice now wavering. " A girl in Lori's class was searching for her after the class was suppose to meet at the head of the path going in to the Pond area."

Megan felt a cold chill go through her body, as all of the information was now hitting her. She just tried to think logically, while her mind flashed with all of the emotions she was having for her now missing lover. She was realizing just how strong her feelings were for Lori.

" Was Miss Fincher advised of this yet?" She said, holding back her growing worrying state.

" She is over there waiting for the police to arrive from Kilperton's main Police Headquarters." Tasha said, looking right into Megan's face. " They said they would dispatch a squad right away."

Unable to contain herself anymore, Megan pushed past her friend and Tasha, and bolted for the group. She felt the tears coming down her face, as all she could do was scream out Lori's name in her mind.

To her shock, she realized right then that she was not just saying it in her mind, she was screaming the girl's name at the top of her lungs as she ran.

Chapter 15

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Fifteen - Desperate grabs

With in twenty minutes, four car loads of police arrive, along with a van of divers for the search. Almost the entire population of Haven had now congregated out in the courtyard, as the news of Lori's disappearance had swept through like a wildfire. The mood was of somber hope, but one of shock.

The detective in charge was a tall woman of middle age by the name of Dana Shunger. This was a tall, quite imposing woman of well over six foot, who seemed to have the intensity of Miss Fincher yet also seemed to have some hidden softness deep inside of her.

The Detective was also the head investigator into the rape and murder of Allison. When the policewoman finally arrived, she immediately took charge of the situation ordering another search which was quickly implemented and the people under her coordinated it all quickly and professionally.

Megan watched the going on carefully. She had calmed herself down, but inside her was a mass of worry, fear and need... the need to find the pretty blonde girl. She still wondered just what they were doing in the Allison's case, as it seemed like they had been going nowhere fast in solving that one, and that made her wary of what they might do if Lori was not found. She found it hard to make herself stand back and let the police take charge like the had too.

Anxiously, she waited for anything at all to be found or even inferred. She just needed to let the Authorities do what they needed too.

A search went on for awhile, as they fanned out to search buildings, the divers dove into the pond for checking to see if Lori was there and everything and some seeing if any other students were missing too. The operation seemed to be moving, but rather slowly.

Even to the bystanders, it seemed that the police were getting frustrated, telling that the girl was not being found. The police seemed to be pulling out all of the stops, as people overheard the call going out for tracking dogs.

Megan sat on one of the benches that were right out front of the Chapel, her eyes constantly searching for any sign that they had found the girl. She thought about Jade and her friends, and knew that this was not out of their scope to do, yet she had no evidence to back up her still mounting suspicions.

Det. Shunger came over to Megan, a walkie-talkie in hand. She sat down beside the tall Class President and looked over at the girl. Megan looked up at the lady, and was surprised with the woman being there.

" You are worried about Lori, are you?" She said, a softness eaking out around the words.

" Yes." Admitted Megan, looking at the Policewoman. " I am sick over it, Detective."

With a nod and a half hidden smile, The Detective leaned over a little.

" I can tell that your girlfriend's disappearance is really worrying you." She said. " You love someone, that is natural for you to be..."

" You know that she was my girlfriend?" Megan asked, shocked at the woman's understanding.

The woman put her arm around Megan and nodded.

" I would too, if my girlfriend was missing too..." Admitted the pretty officer. " I would be so despondent that I would be in tears probably."

" Your girlfriend?" Stammered Megan, not believing what she was hearing. " You're a ..."

" A lesbian... yes, I am...." Said Det. Shunger with a little chuckle " I figured that you were too, when I saw you and Lori talking outside one day, as I came out of a meeting with your Headmistress about the murder investigation. The way you were looking at one another was simply undeniable and unmistakable. You love one another."

Megan blushed, as she finally realized that she was truly in love with Lori, the lady's words had confirmed that fact in spades That did not help the fact that she was missing, but the truth was huge nonetheless.

" I do." She smiled.

The Detective smiled softly at the girl, her eyes convening that she understood Megan's feelings. The two sat silently for a moment or two, each not saying anything, but they were feeling a sort of kinship building..

The poignant silence was broken, when a uniformed officer was heard hurried up to the two on the bench. Megan and the woman snapped a look up at the nearing officer, hoping that was some good news that was coming.

The young man in blue looked to be very excited as he neared. Once in better range, the man began to call out again.

" Det. Shunger..." He said in getting the lady's attention. " You must hurry over to Haven's administration building as fast as you can."

The lady stiffened with the officer's words, as her work face had came on.

" Tell me that you found the girl?" She asked, her eyes telling that she was worried about the answer that was sure to come.

" That is not it, Ma'am." The officer assured, shaking his head. " We were checking the video tapes of any outside camera's on the grounds as you ordered to, and we think we may have something here."

Megan gasped, as she heard the man explaining things to the Head Investigator. Hope sprung into Megan's chest, even though she fought for herself to be calm.

Detective Shunger was more calm about the officers report.

" Did you see Miss Brentwall on the tapes or something that shows where she is?" The woman inquired.

" We are not even sure what we have on the tape, other than it is seemingly suspicious. You just have to come and see yourself, Ma'am. " The young officer said. " They just sent me to get you to come and look at them too."

The detective stood up and started to walk off with the younger officer. She stopped and turned back to the President of Haven.

" You want to come and look at these tapes with me?" She asked.

The short haired girl blinked, her eyes large with the woman's offer.

" You want me to come with you?" Megan asked back.

" You have been the most vocal at trying to get us to solve Allison's murder, and now you see that your girlfriend is missing... I thought if you could see the tapes, you might help us at least find Lori."

With out a single moment of hesitation, Megan got to her feet with a jump as she nodded her agreement to help. The Detective just walked off in the direction of the Administration Building with the young officer and Megan following closely behind her.

The three weaves their way through the sea of students that still mulled around. Some had gone back to their rooms, but it seemed the majority of them were still out as they were unable to thing of exactly what else to do.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a great set up people... Chapter 16 is going to literally blow your mind. Rand R this story please... love seeing what I am doing right, and learnig what I really screwed up.

Chapter 16

[Author's notes: TBP]

Chapter Sixteen - Fixing Toxicity

Major pain was what Lori felt, as blackness was being replaced by light. She could feel the back of her head throbbing, and her vison was very murky. The girl fought a intense nauseating feeling that was coming with the awakening as vomit filled the back of her throat, but still the pain was intense.

She fought through it all, and became more aware of her surroundings, and of herself at the same time. What she did find herself, was very shocking.

She found herself totally nude, her hands bound up behind her and her clothes laying beside her. Her school outfit was looking like they had been literally cut right off of her body in a frenzy. Even her underwear seemed to have been very much slashed up.

Lori noted that she lay on a cold rock made floor of what appeared to be some sort of a basement room that was very old. She could feel the damp coolness on her body, and smelled the heaviness of the dust and moldiness that was all around her. She tried to sit herself up, but she was pushed down by two sets of hands.

She found the two that were pushing her down were none other than Jade's two henchmen. They leered down at her, as if she was nothing more than a piece of crap, as they also were holding her legs down by wrapping their legs around each one.

" What the hell?" She said, uncharacteristically swearing in her desperation of her situation.

" You shut the fuck up." Said the heavier set of the two girls.

The girl that did not say anything, roughly slammed something into Lori's mouth that was made of cloth. The blonde girl gagged violently, as the cloth was wedged firmly in and she could not speak or spit it out, and could only let out a muffled squawk.

The two girl's laughed evilly at Lori, as they watched the small framed girl squirm futilely against her bonds and their grip on her. They tightened their hold on her, locking her down even more solidly against the roughened stone work floor.

Lori choked a little more, as the cloth had began to slip and hit the back of her throat. The two seemed to be unresponsive against the girl squawking and simply ignored the girl as they held her legs firmly against the floor to the point of causing pain.

The blonde girl's mind spun as it tried to think of just what was happening, and for a way to free herself. Her mind now hit on the truth...she fully knew that Jade was behind Allison's death and rape after all. This was just putting the exclamation on it, and she might be the next victim.

She felt her growing fear burst forth more.

Out of the shadows of the basement, Jade strode into the light. Dressed only in a harness thing strapped onto her pelvis and hips, the girl was very much nude, one arm folded back behind her as if concealing something. Lori's mind felt the fear well inside of her, and knew there was no escape for her.

Jade eyed the naked girl her minions held down with a evil type of lust. She stopped to pounder where the sweet angular legs met the body with great amusement.

" I finally can see your wonderful little puss finally." She hissed, looking at the bald vaginal opening of the girl that was in her clutches. " It is... quite yummy looking... And it will be fun to use it for my whims."

Lori thrashed against the bonds and the two girl's in response to Jades comment. The stocky main girl laughed, as she watched the futility of the blonde girl's thrashings.

" You will be let go... maybe if I tire of you... but not after I have my fun with you sweet self..." The girl hissed through her teeth, playing with one of her own boobs. " I have waited for you long enough..

The girl went silent, and pulled out something from behind her back. Lori's eyes flashed big, as she saw just what the girl had.

The thing was long and cylindrical, about twelve inches at least with a rounded tip and nobs all over it. From health classes, she knew that it was a fake male penis, one plastic and larger than a normal male would be. In that instant she knew how Alison was raped, and what was in store for her.

" Don't fight me, bitch..." Jade said, moving closer to Lori to stand right over her. " I guess you cant enjoy this... I certainly will.

The girl's two cohorts pulled Lori's legs open, despite the girl fighting it. With her hands tied behind her, the girls were successful in doing so with great ease. Jade knelt down in between Lori's legs and visually looked at the pussy that was in front of her.

" It is so sweet... my little friend of mine here is wanting to break you so much." She said, attaching the thick thing onto the harness she wore. " This will be my crowning glory.. The one I was waiting for!"

Jade looked into Lori's eyes, and seemed to revel in the fear that they held. She snuffed in satisfaction, as her eyes flashed with a evil glee. She reached out with her hand and touched the splayed open pussy, taking the clitoris in between her fingers. She twisted the little nub with a deft move, and watched Lori's pain flash over her face and seemed to relish the sounds coming from the girl. She laughed and twisted the nub the other way, even harder than she had before and Lori screamed against her gag, all the while she jammed in two fingers into the girl's moisture-less hole.

" Pretty sounds you are making..." Jade moaned, her eyes filled with demonic lust as she stared at her prey. She seemed to get pure delight with the sounds of pain. "Let us make more of these sounds, now shall we?"

The girl let go of Lori's very pained parts and situated herself with the dildo pressed against the smaller girl's reddened cunt as she hovered over the smaller girl in readiness to do her deed. She took a deep breath and stared right into the baby blues of Lori's, halting for a second to savor the fear that was being shown.

" Show time..." She said with a demented smirk.

Lori's body stiffened, waiting for the girl on top of her to complete her evil deed. All she could do was think about Megan and pray. Her prayers seemed to be now for naught.

Suddenly, the door flew open to the basement area with a large banging sound and Megan appeared through the doorway, her face a mask of pure rage. She launched herself at a very surprised Jade, as three policemen followed her in.

Tackling Jade, she knocked her off of Lori and the two crashed to the floor, limbs flashing in the low light.

Megan threw a few punches into Jades face as she got to straddle the girl's chest, each one landing hard against the girl's long cheekbones. Jade took a few punches of her own from her disadvantaged position to Megan's face, but the enraged girl seemed to be totally unaffected by it and continued her beating of Jade.

Like a machine, Megan continued to pummel Jade harder and harder, until the girl stopped moving and blood was flying everywhere, then the police pulled Megan off of Jade with a very great effort.

Megan could see that Jade was still breathing, but bleeding from the nose and mouth as she was pulled away.

" I give... I give!!" The girl on the stone floor screamed out, her arms blocking her injured face.

One of the police officers turned the girl over, and handcuffed her right there. Jade just put her face into the floor, and was heard to be crying.

" Your under arrest!" The officer said. " Murder, kidnaping, rape and more."

" I know, I know..." She sobbed like a little girl, the cockiness and attitude of the girl was now gone.

Lori was quickly freed by a middle aged woman, as the two girls that originally were holding her had their hands up in surrender as the other police had drawn their guns.

With the gag removed, Lori looked at Megan then the woman that had freed her.

" Thank you.." She said, her tears flowing down her face. Tears of relief. " Thank you all!!"

Megan raced over and threw her arms around the naked girl and held her against her bosom as she collapsed to her knees She kissed the top of her Lori's head, feeling the body against her was now calming down. The presidential girl took a deep breath, as the reality of this living nightmare, was finally over.

Lori gasped and hung on to the girl too, still shaking from everything. She found all she wanted was to feel the girl, and now she was.

" It's over... " Megan kept repeating with a cooing tone, stroking the blonde girl's mussed locks.

" Hold me..." Sighed Lori, her fear now vanishing as she melted into her lover's arms. " As tight as you can.. Hold me!"

" You bet I will. I will hold you for as long as you want to be..." Megan said with a passion in her voice. " Always!"

" I love you..." cooed Lori, feeling the girl's embrace on her nakedness. " I have not said it fully, but I do love you."

" Me too!" Megan said, squeezing the girl a little harder to herself, not wanting to let go any time soon. " I will always try and let you know that too."

Like a statues of two lovers, the sat on the floor while Jade and her companions were being whisked away in handcuffs for a date with Iron bars. They did not even watch, just simply needing one another right then and there.

Detective Shunger watched the two hold one another and she nodded. A tear came into her eye. She wiped it away quickly and stood there looking at the pure love exhibited by the girl's.

" I am such a sap!" She mused to herself inside her head, watching the two girl's hole each other.

She was feeling satisfaction. Looking at the two girl's she made a mental note to make sure that her partner knew how much she loved her.

Chapter 17

[Author's notes: The love does come... after all of this...]

Chapter Seventeen - Epilogue

The night was warm and moonlit. Haven was dark and in the grip of slumber, the air seemed to be one of relief and serenity, as even the air was still. Not even a breeze could seen ruffling leaves and branches. Clearly, it was a satisfied calm that held the school in it's palms.

In the dark of one room, two figures layed in bed. Arms wrapped around one another, they seemed to be fully enjoying the stone silence, as they pressed their bodies against one another.

One of the two spoke.

" You alright now?" Whispered Megan.

" I am now..." Giggled Lori, kissing the shoulder she had her head resting against. " I just have a few questions though."

Megan looked down at the naked girl beside her, her eyes filled with curiosity.

" And what would that be?" She asked, smirking a little.

Lori propped herself up on her elbow, and gazed down into the pretty brown eyes of her lover.

" How did you know where I was taken when Jade had taken me?" She asked.

" You really want to know that?" Asked the Blonde's lover. " We just made love, now you want to ask that?"

" It is... in my mind." Restated the girl, a smile painting her face. " I feel like I need to know... that's all.

Megan sighed and had to admit, she had a right to know these things.

" After and even during the search for you, we checked the security cameras that are spaced out on the grounds... and saw Jade and her friends carrying you. I did not know where this camera was, nor did I know that part of Haven's grounds."

" Then how did you know just where? I did not know where I was at the time?"

" It turned out to be Det. Shunger who put it all together... she went to school her almost twenty five years ago." She explained. " She recognized the area that led to a old building that was the Teacher's residence at the turn of the century" She giggled. " It is not well known, as time had made most people forget that it was even there... Jade's mom went here, and that is how she knew of the house.

Lori just gasped.

" That was lucky." She said.

" That is not the strange part of this though, Lori dear..." Started Megan.

" Strange part?" Asked a now confused Lori. " I am not following... what do you mean by 'strange part'?""

Megan just leaned over and kissed the girl on the lips, pausing to drink in the girl's muskiness.

" Let me explain..." She said impishly. " She has nearly been booted out of school on many occasions... her father, who owns one of the largest security technology firms in the world had been donating the security cameras and other things to the school, to keep her in school."

" She was caught by her own families business!!" Lori said piecing together everything. " That is sort of equal justice, don't you?"

" Precisely!" Grinned the girl, her hand reaching down the small girl's lean body to stroke Lori's tummy.

Lori smiled, as she felt the pleasure of her lovers touches on her. She suddenly turned though and looked at Megan.

" What will happen to her now? Are they going to put her in prison or a mental hospital?"

" Could be jail or something... I am not sure." Megan said, thinking on it as she talked. " either way, I hope she gets what she deserves."

" You think she purposely killed Allison, or do you think it was an accident?" Asked Lori bluntly, her eyes showing how sad she was still with the death of her roommate and friend.

Megan paused for a moment, her mind pondering on the heavy question.

" I think that killing Allison's might have been a accident... one that she may have found to be pleasurable after the fact..." Megan speculated, frowning with the thoughts. " All that I know, is that she was a very sadistic personality to begin with, one that needed to control and dominate everyone around her."

" Do you think that she was mentally ill?" Thought out loud The blonde girl. " Is that how we explain her deeds?"

" You have to be unbalanced in some way to do something like this..." Countered the short haired girl, after a deep thought pause. " I don't know if that excuses what she has done, including killing Allison... only God can really make that sort of a decision. I feel she needs to be punished, but also needs help desperately."

Lori nodded, agreeing with the girl. She could not argue with logic like what her lover was using. She felt a sadness cover her for a moment, as she thought back on Allison, then snapped out of it. She leaned into the girl and planted a kiss on to her lover, one ful of what she was feeling for the girl.

Megan suddenly got up to her knees on the bed and scooted down. She crawled between Lori's short but very shapely legs and planted a kiss right on Lori's bared cunny with a cunning touch.

The girl squirmed under the girl's lips.

" If you are going to..." Said the girl, gasping, her comment suddenly ending and then lost in the growing passions and electric sensations that were cascaded now through her body.

Megan replied by flicking her tongue out deftly, circling the young girl's sweet hole with rapid strokes. Relishing the girl's intoxicating taste, she began to lick more, causing her younger lover to tremble. She moved a hand in and inserted a finger, feeling the smooth velvet of the girl, and began to slowly pump it in and out.

" Let's talk about more pleasures than seriousness right now..." Megan said, pausing from her work. " Let's just see what this 'topic' can bring to us right now..."

The girl put her head back down, and started again with finger and tongue, but now with more passion and conviction than ever. She wanted nothing more than to feel the young girl as much as she could.

Lori just moaned in ecstacy and opened her legs to the widest, letting the girl access to her honeyhole. The seriousness of their conversations were now gone, as the mantle of passion overtook the both and they were swept away on it's ride. As the tongue of Megan did it's thing, all she could do was lay back and enjoy, swept away on the waves of her ecstasy.

The night did hold a lot for Haven, but now one of them was not fear.


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