Story: Deflowering Robin (all chapters)

Authors: Jdwheels

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Chapter 1

Title: One Shot

[Author's notes: A Witch Hunter Robin one shot.  Racey, but good.  ENJOY!]

Deflowering Robin

Attention - I do not own WHR in any way, and do not make money in any way off of it.

Miho looked at Robin with a very strange gaze. Her eyes were watching the young girl moving across the room, as if she was on a cushion of air as she moved so gracefully. Miho closed her eyes tightly, and turned away.

Everyone knew that Miho was a lesbian, yet that was never an issue in the STN offices. No one had even batted an eye when she had came out to them, simply treating her just like they usually had.. She was very grateful for this, and they made her feel like she was a part of the team still, and respected in the utmost.

Miho, on the other hand, now found it a problem. A big one. The hunter woman had always found herself being very attracted to the young fire-user. More than any other woman or girl in her life, she felt the pull like no other. She fought these urges, but it was getting harder to separate her feelings from work.

One night, she was working a case of a witch with the power to liquify people's minds with a single thought. The witch was being hunted for a string of killings, all of which were his own family members. Revenge or not, the witch had to be stopped, his last victim was his own little brother, only twelve years old. The man was deranged, to say the least, as the power probably had made his own brain unstable

She had been assigned to work with Robin on this one, as Amon and Sakaki were already on another case across town. The parings had been set that way, SOLOMON had asked for the men to take out the much more dangerous witch that was randomly killing people with the power to pull people literally apart.

Miho sat in her car, binoculars searching a housing complex they had been told the witch they hunted, was holing up in. Robin was in the passenger seat, waiting to see what the lady was looking for.
" Do you see anything, Miss Karasuma?" She asked softly.
" I don't..." She said, lowering her spy glasses.

Miho just looked at the girl, and found herself looking at the young girl's face. She marveled at it's smoothness of skin, and drunk in the young girl's perfect beauty. The green eyes seemed to captivate her, holding her there spellbound for a long moment. Miho could feel her panties getting wet, as the girl's Jasmin perfume wafted to her. She could feel herself shiver a little.

She fought her amorous feelings and snapped herself out of her own thoughts. She now noticed that Robin was looking at her with a very questioning eye.
" Robin?" She said, being a little surprised at finding the girl looking at her the way she was.
" Why were you looking at me right now, Miss Karasuma?" She asked, her innocence shining through.

Miho thought hard at what to respond to the girl. She was a virginal as they come, and Miho found herself almost lusting after the girl. A bad thing to do with an innocent like her.
" I was thinking how pretty you are." She said, being truthful but surprising herself with the statement.
" You think I am pretty?" Asked Robin, with a surprised tone.
" Very much." Miho admitted.

The girl blushed, as she looked at Miho. Miho felt her body shiver, as that little smile sent shockwaves through her entire being.
" Thank you." Said the shy girl.

The two went back to being silent in their surveillance, looking for the elusive witch that they tracked, as the sin set overhead. Miho just settle herself down, as thoughts of the girl still danced through her mind.

They broke off the surveillance a hour or so later on, after Michael had called them on their communicators. It seemed that this site was the wrong one, and they had to go and check out another site in the morning, from intelligence the computer lad had. The first Intel they had was wrong.

They went back to the headquarters, to see first hand the information that the lad had gotten for themselves. To make a plan of action, you needed to see all of what the team might have to use.

They exited the car, after Miho had parked in their underground lot. They met at the front of the car, each going to go get the elevator upstairs.

Robin stopped the girl, hist at the met at the car's front bumper.
" I want to ask you something..." The girl asked, almost too softly to hear except in the echoing of the parkade.
" I will answer you, if I can..." Said Miho, shocked at the normally quiet girl's question.

The girl pondered her words for a second or two, as Miho waited.
" You said I was pretty..." She started, some what hesitantly. " I know you like girls... in that way... is it like that for you... to me?"

Miho was surprised at the girls's question. She did not even think the young convent raised girl would even know such things, but the girl surprised her with the knowledge. She smiled though, as the girl's query made her shiver. She knew she needed to be truthful.
" Yes...It is." She replied.

There was a perplexed look on Robin's angelic face, but her eyes stared right into Miho's face. It seemed like she was possessing this information.
" Does that mean you wanted to kiss me?" She bluntly asked Karasuma. " Like a boy wants to kiss a girl?"
" Truthfully... yes." Miho said, feeling her own cunt twitch with the admission she give the girl.

Miho was suddenly surprised. Robin had stepped right up to Miho and looked right at her. The hunter woman could see that the girl's breathing was deeper and more rapid, her small breasts under her old styled dress heaved up and down deliciously. She fought the urge she had of grabbing the young girl and kissing the living shit out of her, and reluctantly stopped ...but she was only human.

The girl leaned in and surprisingly give the woman a soft peck on the lips. It was almost as soft as a butterfly kiss, but it made the woman ache. Throwing it all to the wind, the woman wrapped her arms around the young one, passionately kissing the girl. To Miho's pleasure, the girl did not squirm or try to get away, the girl's actually kiss become more deep and urgent.

The lady felt the girl's small and very compact body against hers, the smell of the girl's perfume was more distinct with her proximity. The girl wrapped her own arms around the woman, and they stood there in a passion embrace.

Miho began to kiss the girl on the jaw line, then moved her lips slowly to the neck. She could feel the girl shaking, and heard a moan come from her. Miho's head spun, as she kissed the girl ravenously, her hands resting now on the covered breasts.

The girl was gasping, her arms clutching Karasuma's body to her own. The hunter woman squeezed one of Robin's breasts in her hands. By the groan that passed the girl's lips, Robin felt the shocks of pleasure flash through herself.

Miho's hands went down both sides of the girl, feeling the smallness of the body under her touch. She could feel the sides heaving with every touch she made, becoming faster and faster. The girl cooed softly, as Miho slid her hands lower. The girl did not even move a muscle with her move.

The brown haired woman slid her hand to gather up the girl's long skirts. She hoisted them until she could slip a hand under the hem. Once under the skirt, Miho came in contact with the girls simple white panties, and felt the anticipation mounting coming from both of them She slid her hand across the front of the underwear, and felt the heat coming off of the body under the thin fabric. Moving her hand down the fabric, she slowly slid her hand between the girl's legs.

Robin's briefs were already very wet on the crotch, to the point of soaking, and Karasuma could smell the excitement the girl was experiencing. She ran her fingers along the wet cotton, tracing the outline of the little cunt held within. She felt the girl stiffen, then a gasp came out of her mouth.
" Oh... your... your touching me there... in my private place......" She gasped, her eyes widening. " It makes me feel like tingly."
" Do you want me to stop?" Miho asked, looking deep into the girl's eyes.

The craft-girl moved her legs apart, to answer the woman. Miho just continued to kiss her neck , and pushed her against the car. Robin let herself be half laying on the hood, her legs still spread for the woman's hand to investigate deeper.

Miho took her other hand and slid the cotton undies down to just above young Robin's knees. Her hand dipped in between the quivering legs and felt the unknown treasure that awaited her.

The pussy she came in contact with was soft and nearly hairless, the vague feeling of stubble told Miho that the girl was in the habit of shaving her pussy, which she would have never guessed Robin did for herself. Touching the outer lips, the girl groaned and kissed the woman hard, pushing her pelvis right to the hand. The woman obliged, and slid a finger to part the lips of the cunny, which made Robin shiver.

The wetness of the girl was incredible, and Miho swooned as her fingers could feel the heat of the juices. Slipping a finger inside the girl, she could feel just how much it was juicing under her manipulations. She slid the digit in until she was all the way in, her hand knuckle pressing up against the folds. Robin's hips bucked up against the invader, legs now spreading farther to accommodate.

Pumping the digit in to the girl with practiced finesse, she could feel the girl's body quake with absolute pleasure. Miho rained kisses over the neck of the young girl, and felt the passion that was building in the young one. Adding a second finger, the tightness of the girl was evident, but Robin never tried to get away.

Miho pushed the girl all the way back on to the car, and knelt a little between the lovely thighs that beckoned her. She slid the underwear right off of the legs, and dropped them to the concrete and moved the skirts up past Robin's waist.

The young pussy in front of Miho was a soft dusty pink color, all swollen and glistening with juices. It seemed to vibrate in front of her eyes, and Karasuma licked her lips with anticipation, as it looked delicious, as well as beautiful. Robin's virginal cunt was there, and the girl was willing to let her have it... have it first.

She lowered her head between the legs, taking in the wonderful musky smell that intertwined with the Jasmin perfume as it tickled her nose. She could not remember the last time she felt so horny, and Robin was the fuel that was fueling her fire. She readied her tongue for the fist taste with great anticipation.

The hunter woman's lips kissed the outer lips with a light touch, drinking in the first taste of this girl. Robin moved her legs to fully open, placing her feet on the car beside her bottom. She was wide open to Miho now, the way was fully opened.
" Do... whatever you want too..." She gasped, feeling the woman's lips on her swollen cunny. " Please..."

Licking the small erect nub that she found in the folds, Miho found pleasure as the girl moaned, reaching down with her hands to keep her head there. The Hunter-woman dove right in to the task, licking with a vengeance, smearing her saliva all over the protruding labia and tasting the girl's bouquet of sweetness.

She was so very sweet tasting, so mind-blowing and amazingly sweet, Miho could not lick fast enough for herself. She closed her eyes, and let herself ride the waves of passion and lust that thundered through her.

With great expertise, the woman lapped the girl, flicking the nub with circular motions with the tongue That elicited Robin to grind her pussy in to Miho's face in response. The woman then inserted a finger with one hand, as she continued to lap away at the young cunt. A squeal of ecstasy echoed through the parkade, as Robin felt the tongue doing it's work. Miho responded by quickening her work.

Robin could feel her body twitch and shake, deep with in her she felt something building. It was making her crazy, and she pulled the head of the woman in more, feeling the tongue doing it's work. Sweat flowed down her face as she felt the pressure rising, and her need for it to be released also climbing. She did not understand it all, but she knew inside of herself that she needed to have the woman do much more.

Miho could feel the girl was stiffening and quivering, telling that Robin was on the very brink of an orgasm, and planned to make sure the young one would never forget this moment. She pulled her hand away and doubled her tongue speed, now going all out on the clitoris that was fully hard and ready, traveling circles around the pleasure nub with speed she did not know she had.

Robin gasped, and her body started to shake and uncontrollably quake. She felt something wash over her, and all she could do was close her eyes and arch her back while slamming her pussy to meet the woman's oral directions. The electric shocks crashed through her body and soul, and she felt the power of her first orgasm flow over her. She screamed out to the echos, not worrying if any one would hear at that point, Miho's name barreled out of her lips.

Miho felt the girl's pussy spew it's sweet nectar, flooding her mouth and bathing her face with it's wetness. She lapped with zeal, just wanting to drink up every last drop that the little cunny could give her, wanting to literally milk it dry. The more she lapped, the more orgasms flowed through the young girl, one after the other. Miho lost count after giving Robin ten earth shattering orgasms, and she still kept up in the intention of giving the young girl squirming on her tongue way more.

Sweaty and spent, the young crafter finally felt her orgasms waning as the woman finally stopped. Robin could only lay there, panting heavily and looking up at the ceiling with overwhelming feelings.

Miho pulled her head from between Robin's legs and looked at the tawny beauty with her face glistening with juices and a face filled with pride in what she had done.
" Did you... enjoy that?" Miho asked, after letting the girl catch her breath for a moment.
" It was great..." Blushed the girl, sitting up a little.

Miho reached down and handed the girl back her underwear from the concrete floor, still being able to smell the intoxicating musk that bathed her face. Robin looked at the woman, holding the wet panties in her hand.
" Miss Karasuma..." Said the girl, her face glowing red, but a smile on her face.
" Yes, little Robin?" Said the woman with a loving smile.
" Will you... take me home with you tonight?" She asked, blushing with her forward question.
" Do you want me to?" Asked Miho, feeling excited with that prospect of more time with the young beauty.
" Yes... I... Do..." Robin said, her face blushing brighter. " I would like to.. Do what you did to me... on you."

Miho smiled and nodded, making the young girl smile with the acceptance.
" Lets check with Michael about this information, then we will get out of here... to my home."

Robin slipped on her underwear and then got off the car hood, smiling all the while she did. She fixed her dress, so as not to look as disheveled as she felt like she was, and smiled at the woman.
" Would it be bad... to hurry? She asked almost tentatively, making herself blush even worse than she already was.

Miho giggled, and smiled broadly to the girl. She took Robin's hand in hers and looked into the bright green orbs that looked squarely at her.
" I would say that it was not 'bad' at all."
" Good!" The young one said, a giggle passing through the word. " I... want to explore this more... if that is the right words to use..."

The two then started to giggle a little and hurried to catch the elevator. They could not wait to get what they needed to know from the computer whiz, as the night was still young for far more pleasurable pursuits to come.

The end

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