Story: Looking For A Weakness (chapter 2)

Authors: writer jm

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes:  

Okay, so here’s the next part…

Sorry if my characterizations are a little off. I will also deviate from the manga in a key area. How about we just assume I’m using the anime? Deal? (nods) Thanks.

This chapter also features another of my favorite characters, Shigure. He’s my zodiac sigh, so we should be a lot alike. If I go a little overboard, stun gun me, okay?

Disclaimer: I don’t own Fruits Basket. Sorry! I’m just writing a shoujo-ai fanfiction for fun!

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Looking for a Weakness: Chapter 2

After school ended, a trio of girls and one boy headed to Shigure’s house. Kyo had avoided the new couple for the rest of the day.

Yuki shook his head. “That stupid cat.” He mumbled to himself. He turned to Tohru, Hana, and Uo. “I’m really sorry for his behavior.”

Tohru just smiled sagely. “It’s all right. Just wait until we get home. I’m sure he’ll come around.” Hana squeezed her hand and gave her a small smile. She loved Tohru’s positive attitude.

“If he doesn’t, we’ll just have to convince him to come around…” Uo said popping her knuckles.

“Uo…” Tohru scolded.

The Yanki pouted, looking properly ashamed. “Sorry Tohru.” ‘She uses those eyes. They remind me so much of Kyoko.’

Once they arrived, Shigure, who was anxiously waiting on the porch, met Tohru halfway. “Oh, are you all right? Kyo came home all upset. Well, as upset as he can appear. Who did this to you?” To Hana and Uo, the older Sohma was suddenly a mother hen as he looked over his young friend.

“I’m all right, Shigure. I just had a little problem with some girls at school.” She said trying to wave it off.

“Okay, but if there is any more problems, I will have to do the mature grown up thing and whine to the principal!” His voice went all high pitched. “Don’t make me act like a grown up. I don’t wanna!” The dog truly wished he could hug the kind girl without transforming into man’s best friend. He led the quartet into the living area.

Hana let Uo speak up. “Well, that’s part of the reason why Tohru’s going to be spending a few days at Hana’s place, so she won’t be seen walking to school with him. I believe they’ve been watching them coming to school together.”

Tohru grimaced temporarily. She didn’t want to let Shigure know about Yuki’s fanatical followers causing trouble. The author’s eyebrow raised but he said nothing.

“It’s all right…” Uo continued. “We’re sure they won’t bother her again when she finds out about…” The blond stopped uncertain if she could continue.

“About what?” Shigure asked, curiously.

Yuki smiled. “Go ahead, it’ll be fine.”

Tohru smiled and wrapped an arm around Hana’s waist. “We’re going out now.”

Shigure blinked. Then, he blinked again before bursting into a smile. “Ah! Young love has finally swept our sweet Tohru off her feet!” He said in a dramatic tone as he grabbed the girl and waltzed her around the room. “Her heart has been grasped by the gothic flower who blessed Miss Honda with the gift of her own.”

Yuki just bonked him on the head. “Stop that. You sound too much like my snake of a brother.”

Shigure looked hurt. “Why not? He is my darling Ayame!”

Yuki hit him again. “Stop that, you pervert.”

Shigure pouted. “It’s all right for our lovely miss to be with her girlfriend, but I can’t express my closeness with my cousin?”

Yuki sighed and muttered. “No wonder Hattori won’t be seen in public with you two…”

Uo and Tohru laughed. Hana let a small smile show.

Shigure smiled. “So Tohru, how long will you be staying with Miss Hanajima?”

Tohru looked at Hana for conformation. “About 3 nights, we want to give the fan girls some time to cool off.”

“Well, we three poor bachelors will miss your divine cooking, Tohru.” He said placing the back of his hand to his forehead. “I don’t know how we will survive without you, but we shall surely manage.” He gave her a smile. “Have fun and enjoy your time with your new love!”

Tohru smiled back, blushing. “I will!” She led the other girls up the stairs to her room.

Shigure looked at Yuki who had finally seated himself. “That was quite a surprise for you wasn’t it?”

The “Prince” nodded. “It caught both Kyo and I completely off-guard.” Then, he paused. “Why aren’t you surprised?”

The writer smiled. “I noticed the look on Hanajima’s face every time she looked at Tohru. It’s hard to read, but you can see the love in her eyes whenever she looks at her.” He laughed at Yuki’s blush. “I’m just surprised that Uo wasn’t competing with her for Tohru.”


The three girls collected some of Tohru’s sparse amount of clothes in a suitcase on the bed. Hana made a comment. “Now that we’re ‘going out,’ perhaps it would be an ideal time for me to buy you some clothes.”

Tohru waved her hands. “No that’s all right, Hana! You don’t have to buy me anything!”

Hana gave her a look. “Tohru, we’re friends, if nothing more. I really want to buy you some new clothes. Please?” She gave the other girl a pleading look. Tohru caved eventually. ‘I always wanted to get her something nice.’

“But nothing too expensive, okay?” she commented, pouting.

Uo spoke, purposefully ignoring her friend’s cute pleading. “Plus, it’ll give you some exposure to the fan club girls. There is a chance they’ll see you out shopping together.”

“I guess we can go tomorrow after school…” Tohru said, conceding. They carried the suitcase downstairs.


Tohru refused to leave without making dinner for the Sohmas. While she was alone in the kitchen, she heard the door slide open. She was surprised to see orange hair.


He grumbled. “I’m sorry, okay?” He dug his toe into a spot on the floor. “I can accept the fact that you and Hanajima are together.”

“Thank you Kyo!” Tohru went to hug him, but stopped herself in time. Instead, she petted him on the head.

“I’m not a cat, remember!” He growled. Tohru pulled her hand back. “Sorry…”

The rice ball smiled but pointed out: “You might want to apologize to Uo. She was really hurt by what you said about my mother…”

Kyo began to sweat. It was easy with Tohru. She wouldn’t kick his ass. Uo might. “Fine.” He said, stalking into the dining room, where the rest were uncomfortably assembled. The girls just gave him long stares. “I apologized, all right?” Hana nodded. “Okay, Uo… I’m really sorry about what I said. You too, Hanajima…”

“Apology accepted.” Uo said. Hana nodded.

“Yeah whatever…” Kyo said, grabbing a bowl of soup.


After the short meal, the Sohmas walked the trio part of the way back to town. From there, after sharing several hugs, Uo split off to head back to her apartment.

Hana stopped her. “I cleaned your jacket last night. Here.” She handed over Uo’s butterfly jacket that she wore for special occasions. (the one from the episode when they visited Kyoko’s grave)

“See ya later, lovebirds!” Uo said teasingly, noticing both blushes. ‘They’re so in denial. Hopefully, this pretend relationship will turn into a real one. Now, how to get them to tell how they really feel…’

She waved as she went on her way.


Uo whistled a happy tune to herself. ‘Too bad I can’t get back at those girls… But Hana did promise that there was still a possibility of retribution without breaking our promise to Tohru…’

She kicked a can across the sidewalk scaring a stray cat. As she closed in on the park, she heard noises. It sounded like a group of angry girls with another voice calling for help. “What’s going on?” She rushed toward the park. ‘Could it be a gang?’

The Yanki quickly donned her black butterfly coat and pulled her mask from the pocket. Sure she wasn’t an active gang member, but hopefully some of her reputation was still around.

“Please, stop!” A soft voice pleaded.

“Didn’t you want to join us? This is a part of the process. Deal with it!” A rougher voice replied harshly. Then there was a dull thud and a groan of pain.

Uo noticed a shorter girl with black hair, surrounded by 5 other girls. She was bleeding from a busted lip and was limping away. ‘An initiation.’ She inwardly winced. Hers was a particularly painful memory.

“Leave her alone!” She yelled as her face mask muffled her voice.

The girls jumped, but laughed. Their leader, a tall girl with short blonde hair replied: “And who’s going to stop me?”

Uo stepped into the light. She attempted to make full use of her intimidation skills. “I am.” She said coldly.

The group of girls felt a chill. One of them noticed the mask and the coat. “She’s not a normal girl!”

Uo continued her act. “This is why I retired from my gang… All these sloppy little girls who just want to act tough. In reality, all of you are only little bullies.” She gave them all demeaning looks, finishing with the leader. She knew that all she had to do was scare her off and it would end without blows being exchanged. She didn’t want to shame Kyoko by going back to violence. “I think you should leave my territory before I decide to remove you myself.”

The blonde backed up a step. “I’ll be back for you when your bodyguard isn’t around!” She said trying to maintain some dignity as she and the other girls ran off.

Arisa reached down to help the other girl up after removing her mask. “Are you all right?”

The other girl looked up with scared brown eyes. “I-I’m fine. Thank you for rescuing me… Miss…” She was in awe of the blond standing over her, who had a look of concern on her face.

“Arisa Uotani.” She helped the girl to her feet. “I’m guessing you got in over your head…”

“K-Kotone Shizune.” She rubbed a sore spot on her side. “Yeah, one of the girls said she knew how I could make new friends quickly since I’m new in town. When I got here, they explained what they were going to do and I tried to run.”

Arisa sighed. The girl had made a mistake, but she had to have been naïve, kind of like another girl she knew. “Let me walk you home.”

“Okay.” Kotone had spent a lot of time hearing fairy tales. She had never truly believed in the concept of the dashing prince, but here was a golden, shining example.


“Megumi, I’m home.” Hana called out into the quiet house. Most would think the Hanajima house would be unsettling in its deathlike silence; however, friends found it peaceful like a sanctuary.

“Hello, sister, Tohru.” The younger Hanajima sibling bore a close resemblance to his sister, although personality-wise, he was more apt to tease Tohru. “You’re back a little late.”

Hanajima gave her brother a small smile. “We went by to pick up some of Tohru’s clothes. She’ll be staying with us a couple of nights.” Megumi looked at Tohru and noticed the bandages. His eyes widened slightly, but his sister interrupted. “The Prince Yuki Fan Club got jealous and ambushed her.”

The middle school student scowled at someone who wasn’t there. “I’m guessing Motoko is no longer among them?” Hana nodded. “Hmm…” He walked off to his room.

Tohru watched him go, then looked at Hana. “What’s going on?”

Hana grinned inwardly. “Nothing… He’s just going to his room to cool down. He may not show it, but he’s rather upset that you were hurt.”

“Oh…” Tohru looked worried.

Hana stopped her from thinking too much into it. “It’s a sign that we love you. We get upset because we care so much about you.” Tohru visibly relaxed as Hana hugged her.


(Later that night)

“Are you ready to go to sleep, Tohru?” Hana asked as she slipped on her nightgown.

Tohru, who was blushing, nodded. “If you are…”

Hana smiled and slipped into the bed. As the other girl got under the sheets, she noticed her “girlfriend” had her arms open for her. She promptly snuggled in.

Hana sighed peacefully. ‘Now if I could do this for the rest of my life…’ She thought before she fell asleep.

Tohru always felt secure in Hana’s arms. Not to mention warm, in a good way. ‘I hope her arm doesn’t go to sleep. I could really get used to this.’

End Chapter 2

Oops. I think I imagined Yumi from Maria-sama when I envisioned Kotone. That would make Uo into Sei! (panics) It wasn’t intentional, I promise! By the way, I give name credit to Teresa Kaiju who answered my prayers by delivering me an OC name (actually a list of them)!

I hope this chapter was up to my usual standards, but I hope to be better each time.

Review, if you will. I’d like to know how well I’m doing. Thanks!

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