Story: Two sides= Two Sams (chapter 3)

Authors: Totallygay

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Chapter 3

[Author's notes: Sorry it took so long ot update, been busy, hope you enjoy.]


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Sam was experiencing a peaceful sleep, after Clover had leaned her against the pillar whilst she got her own bag. Getting up stairs had been challenging but Sam had been partially asleep and hadn't really been awake to remember or help during the experience. For a super spy Clover was slightly lacking in the carrying buckle dead weight objects abilities, but they had still managed to make it or more accurately Clover had managed to make it.

Sam was sleeping upright until a high pitched squeal awoke her, the squeal obviously belonging Mandy was followed by Mandy jumping up and down in front of a pissed off Clover.

“You said you'd call”, she yelled at Clover who was still attempting to block out the irritating voice.

“So I forgot”, Clover responded, shrugging to emphasize her complete lack of interest.

“Well thats not good enough”, Mandy shrieked, as the neared Sam.

Sam was trying so hard to cover her ears and return to much needed sleep that she was shocked to open her eyes to have Mandy right in front of her.

“Whats wrong with Sammie?”, Mandy asked poking her head closer to Sam's.

Clover pushed Mandy out of the way.

“Shes not feeling well, I'm going to take her home”, Clover said, moving her hand under Sam's armpit and around her back to support Sam as she attempted to stand.

Mandy backed off at the possibility of Sam hurling on her.

“Well when Sammie's better, you better call me”, she yelled after Clover and Sam.

Clover just shrugged.

“Why do I even date her”, she asked Sam.

Sam shifted to look at Clover.

“Cause you want someone to love you”, she said sadly.

Once they reached Clovers car, Sam got into the passenger seat, and Clover hopped in the front.

“Does this have something to do with Alex”, Clover asked as she pulled away from school, noticing Sam's depressive mood was not only because of lack of sleep.

Sam just nodded not open her eyes for fear she would cry.

“well when I talked to her on Saturday she was saying all kinds of nice things about you and...”

Clover was cut off by Sam's quick interjection.

“You mean that I'm frigid”, Sam yelled.

Clover sighed, she knew that would come back to bite Alex in the butt, she had even warned her when she said it.

“Look Sam, the only reason Alex thinks your frigid is because you've been best friends for so long, shes know you forever. Been in life or death situations with you. So much more than any couple could ever be in, she feels so close to you, so the last two weeks were you have been officially dating. Alex has counted those on years of fighting together and best friendship. She knows you and you know her way more than anyone could. So for Alex sex is not the further step.” Clover said as they completed the trip to Sam's house.

Sam thought of this in silence the rest of the trip, maybe Clover was right, it could happen. Clover was after all to be her new role model.

When they pulled into the driveway Clover helped Sam out, and took her inside. Instructing her to take a bath and relax. Clover however would go to the chemist to get something to rejuvenate Sam, but she doubted anything but a good rest would do the trick.


Alex was starting to become rather suspicious as Sam had yet to head in the direction of school and school had started about 15 minutes ago.

“We're going to be late, Sam”, said Alex, looking over as Sam drove.

“Your right”, agreed Sam, placing a hand on Alex's thigh and gently caressing it whilst driving one handed.

Sam turned quickly down a near by street and headed the opposite direction to school.

“Your going the wrong way”, said Alex becoming some what worried.

“Nah, we're going somewhere better than school and I think you'll see that I'm going exactly the right way”, said Sam with a grin, as she slid her hand higher up Alex's thigh.

Alex gasped, this was going to be interesting, and as they passed another set of streets she realised were they were going. Sammie's house, settling back into the seat Alex allowed Sam to continue what she was doing as they drove in silence.

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