Story: Two sides= Two Sams (chapter 2)

Authors: Totallygay

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Chapter 2

Title: New ME


Sam sat in the Lab, this was going to be hard how to combine the complete loving Sam with the Sex crazed Sam if either existed. She sat for a whole hour unmoving until it hit her, she stood up in triumph only to literally fall on the floor, from loss of blood circulation to her legs. But nether the less she had the answer all she needed was the prefect opportunity.

Two Days Later, Monday

“Sammy you look horrible did you get any sleep”, Clover looked at her friend with sheer concern.

Sam turned, as a blurry figure that resembled Clover came into view.

“Hey role model” she gargled.

Clover was astonished if she did not know Sam and it wasn't 8 in the morning on a school day, more importantly that being Monday she would have definitely thought that Sam was drunk. And what was this about being a role model.

“Okay, Sammie lets get you something to drink okay?” Clover questioned cautiously, sliding her arm under Sam's armpit and around her back to pretty much carry the red head to the vending machine upstairs.

“Yeah, water would be good”, Sam replied as best she could as she was lead through the hall.

“Sam I can't believe you bought a car, and a car like that!” Alex screamed in delight as Sam stood out the front of her house.

Sam shrugged, "guess its the new me. You like." 

Smiling she opened her arms to Alex who after latching herself to Sam's neck let out a squeal as Sam pinched her butt. Giggling she allowed Sam to bring her into a passionate kiss.

When the kiss finished Alex had to gulp for Air, “wow” she breathed.

“No your Wow”, said Sam in a confident almost boyish fashion. Alex looked stunned and was about to comment when Sam interrupted her.

“Who wants to go for a ride?” she yelled as she opened the passenger door for Alex, who climbed eagerly into the jet black automobile.

Sam smiled as Alex examined the interior, it wasn't a happy soothing smile either, it was a cat toying with its pray kind of smile. Then she jumped into the drivers seat, fun would be had by all.  

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