Story: Two sides= Two Sams (chapter 1)

Authors: Totallygay

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Chapter 1

Title: Sam's realisation

[Author's notes: This is just a idea bare with me, it'll be fun. REad + Review]

Sam was beaming this was great, for once in her life she had everything she wanted. She had Alex, over 2 weeks ago she had told Alex how she felt and Alex had responded with a kiss, they were perfect together they did everything together. That was another reason why Sam was beaming, she was on her way to Alex's house, just over a block away walking with a goofy grin plastered on her face since the day she had confessed to her girlfriend.

One could only wish to be as lucky as Sam that was until one stumbled upon the truth that our little Sammie is walking into, as we speak.

Sam breathed in as she stopped at Alex's front door, it was Saturday afternoon so Alex was probably sleeping, as she brought her hand up to knock on the door, it opened. Alex's mother stepped out not in the slightest startled by Sam's presence.

Motioning that Alex was upstairs, Alex's mother moved out the door and down the path to her car, she had to work. Sam thanked her, but did not want to make the woman any later than she probably would be, so she simply stepped inside and closed the door.

Thinking it would be fun to sneak up on Alex she crept to Alex's room, waiting just outside the door hoping to snuggling into Alex's bed, but Alex's voice interrupted her.

“I mean I know I'm probably asking for a lot but she's just so frigid, we will be making out and she will stop before I can get anywhere. Two weeks is a short period of time but I would like to at least think my Girlfriend wants to be with me you know....”

Sam couldn't take any more of it, she ran through the house, out the front door and back to her room. She couldn't believe it, Alex was... was upset that she was not as loss as others.

“Loss” she thought, “I even think frigid”

She stood up wiping away her tears, “I am Sam I can do this I just have to be more like... like Clover, yes Clover will be my role model”.

And the last thing Sam's frigid (rational) side thought was, “I never thought Clover could be anyones role model.”

Sam was going to change.

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