Story: Spy on me (chapter 1)

Authors: Totallygay

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Chapter 1

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Sam was going over the surveillance tapes just as Jerry had asked her. All 270 of them, from barely one month of surveillance of the spies which included training, missions and their general actions throughout the month. One of the dumber agents at WHOOP had managed to separate what should have been 28 tapes, one for each day. Into 270 separate tapes, over the month. Some went for hours and others for minutes. So naturally Jerry had too much to do and Sam always had too little. So here she was at 8pm on a Saturday night looking through surveillance tapes of her and her friends, Alex and Clover.

The tapes as it happened to be were of every area the spies were in their daily lives and missions, to work out how much of a threat the enemy was and how effective the spies were at disabling threats. As Sam went through several tapes of routine missions, she became quiet bored and wished Alex and Clover hadn’t left her to do the work by herself.

The tape ran out and she stuck another random one in, from the huge piles on the floor next the TV, marking down the time this one had started and ran out. The tape she had just stuck in began to play and the Gym came up. Someone was hitting the punching bag when they turned to face the camera; Sam saw that it was Clover a little disappointed at the thought that it COULD have been Alex. Which in a weird way scared Sam that she thought such things about her fellow colleague and more importantly her best friend. She had often imagined Alex and herself together only to awaken in a startle and have to immediately watch or read something with hot men in it. She knew that she was deluding herself but she felt it was the only way to protect Alex from shame and possible a nervous breakdown.

As the tape continued Alex came into view, edging closer to Clover, as she continued to hit the bag with all her might. As Sam watched with a sudden interest, Alex began to talk, Clover still punching.

Alex: Clover?

Clover: Hey Alex, do you wanna spare?

Alex: No, I kind of need a friend.

Clover (still punching): Sure thing Alex, shoot.

Alex looked sad as she moved from left to right, Clover took note of this.

Alex: its…. kind of a… Sammy thing.

Clover immediately stopped punching and went over to Alex, who collapsed into her arms.

As Sam watched in horror, Alex cried in Clover’s arms. Sam couldn’t believe it, Alex was crying over something she had done and Clover knew by the looks of things all about it. She couldn’t believe it and she didn’t want to, but it had to be admitted that Alex was acting more standoffish around her. Sam had to know why.

After Alex had stopped crying she turned back to Clover.

Alex: Its just getting so hard, I feel like I can’t take it any more.

Clover stroked her hair lightly.

Clover: Alex I don’t know what to tell you.

Alex: Then don’t just listen, please. (She begged)

Clover: sure thing, sweetie.

Clover and Alex sat opposite to each other as Alex tried to recover from her crying fit.

Alex: well you see, it’s been really hard lately. She’s just been so standoffish.

Clover nodded.

Alex: and I mean I know she feels it too, but does she just feel it from me or does she feel it as well. As in liking me back.

Sam couldn’t believe this; the girl she would deny loving was confessing that she “liked” her also. This day just got a whole lot better.

Alex: I just feel like she doesn’t care, like no matter what I do I can’t get her to like me as well.

Sam’s face light up and then fell at this.

Alex: I just want to be able to go “Sam, I think your brilliant, sexy, smart and every time I see you I can’t think of anything else cause your all that will ever matter to me”.

Sam was right up in front of the TV now, looking right at the slightly blurred image of Alex confessing to Clover.

Alex started choking up: But that will never happen. I will not put our friendship at risk over an obsessive crush.

Sam couldn’t believe it, was she just called an obsessive crush.

Alex: I mean just yesterday Ell, asked me (CRACKLE, the tape started to break)

Clover squealed: really?? You too are so (CRACKLE, CRACKLE the picture was there but the audio was going, Sam whacked the machine twice and it worked again).

Sam’s anger grew, she promised to remind herself to pound the living daylights out of Clover, as soon as she saw the blonde.

Alex: yeah and I said no cant.

Sam smiled there was the Alex she loved. Giggling at that thought she pulled herself into a hug as she continued to watch.

Clover: Alex look I’m your best friend right and I’m also Sam’s. And I love you two to bits but you have got to get over Sammie. Sam as much as I hate to say it, either isn’t interested or is too thick to get it, which would be weird, given she’s the brains. (Alex looked like she was going to cry again, Clover hugged her)

Clover (softly): The point is Sam and you aren’t meant to be.

Alex cried and Sam fumed, she was defiantly going to hurt Clover after she got Alex to understand.

Alex suddenly looked up: You know your right.

Sam looked stunned this was a nightmare, this wasn’t happening.

Alex: I’m over Sam and I’m going to call Ell right now, might as well (CRACKLE, CRACKLE)

With that she pulled out her phone and dialed, Clover watched on with enthusiasm, whilst Sam attempted to level her breathing. She watched as Alex giggled to Ell and set the date for their date at Alex’s house.

Sam shut off the tape, she had to talk to Alex right away. She looked at her watch 9pm, Saturday the same Saturday that the date was. SHIT, was all Sam could think.

She got in her car and drove to Alex’s, hanging around outside for fear of ruining the evening and upsetting Alex more. If Alex was over her she would move on too, she loved Alex and all she wanted was for her to be happy. “Wait love. Love is kind of strong for someone I just admitted to liking”, she thought, “but then again I can’t describe it with any other words. I love Alex.”

It sounded good enough, Sam smiled replaying the thought in her head sitting outside Alex’s house her smile growing as her thoughts turned less and less G rated. Till the front door opened and Ell and Alex stepped out. Ell resembled Sam as much as a stranger could, they both had long red hair and Ell had permanent glasses and if Sam remembered correctly Ell was a brain too. Alex smiled at Ell and they kissed lightly, Sam was so tempted to run at Ell and tackle her, winning Alex’s affection, by shear brawn. But she was more into strategy than that, she would use tactic and there fore she restrained herself. Barely.

As Ell headed back to her car Alex waved her off then went inside. Sam made a move towards the house, the lights were all off save for Alex’s bedroom, Sam guessed her parents were out. Swiftly scaling the wall in jeans, Sam climbed quickly into the window praying the neighbors were not still up.

As Sam entered the room, she could hear soft humming from the bathroom and she smiled to herself as she heard Alex singing. Sam sat patiently on the bed waiting for Alex to come out of the bathroom. Alex didn’t show any shock when Sam was in her room at 10pm. She just moved for her clothes happy as ever, changing into her PJs and then turning back to a very confused Sam.

Alex: So Sam, want to tell me why you’re in my room?

Sam: Want to tell my why your dating that freak?

Sam’s tactics had gone out the window she’d just come in. She hadn’t meant to call Ell a freak it just happened. Alex for her part was as angry as ever, how dare Sam do this to her.

Alex: She is not a Freak! And I think you have to leave!

Alex yelled opening her bedroom door to signal Sam should leave. Sam didn’t move.

Alex: Sam just get out. Your not welcome if you’re going to be mean to my friends.

Sam moved past Alex and as she did so she said.

Sam: I just don’t get it Alex, why go after her, when you could have me?

Alex froze, this was twisted, Sam was never seductive or that adventurous and here she was stalking the house in the middle of the night out, climbing in her window and telling Alex that she could have her. This was seriously messed up there had to be an explanation and suddenly Alex new what the source was.

Alex: have you been talking to Clover?

Asked Alex suddenly worried.

Sam: no, but you have.

Sam looked hurt and Alex remembered the conversation, instantly, Sam was going through the tapes. SHIT.

Alex: Sam look I’m sorry but I can’t go on like this. Either say it or leave and act like this never happened.

Sam moved closer to Alex.

Sam: Look Alex this is me (she made gestures to herself) and this is you. We are two different people with two different lives (Alex knew the “I’m not into girls” line was coming), but for one moment when I see you I feel…. (Alex couldn’t believe it) like we are one.

If that had come from anyone else on the whole planet cheese would have dripping off him or her, but from Sam it felt right. Alex for all her might couldn’t say anything she was frozen, unable to move or give any reaction. She was beaming on the inside though. Sam of course overreacted, as was usually for the red head.

Sam: and I will always have that. Ell is really nice; she could tutor you in algebra or something. (Sam laughed nervously and sadly) Study date I guess.

The words hurt Sam and the thought of Ell staying over hurt more. Alex couldn’t hear anything she was in heaven, Sam liked her, she like liked her.

Sam: I think I’ll go.

Sam began out the door, but Alex stopped her.

Alex: Sam is that true? What you just said do you mean it?

Sam: With ever inch of my heart.

Alex leaned into Sam: Good

Was all, Alex said before she kissed Sam and led her to the bed. Alex leaned down on Sam, who fell back onto the bed, Alex began to kiss down Sam’s neck making her giggle, until she realized.

Sam: Alex?

Mhm came the reply as Alex continued to kiss and nibble at Sam’s neck.

Sam: What about Ell?

Alex laughed.

Alex: Sam weren’t you even watching? That girl is my friend, Friend as in Friend nothing more. She was tutoring me.

Sam: but the kiss

Alex: was on the cheek, how did you see from your angel any way? You were half way down the street.

Sam (blushed): how did you know were I was?

Alex sat up.

Alex: I’m a spy. It’s like my job to know where everything is.

Sam blushed again.

Alex leaned down and kissed Sam passionately on the lips.

Alex: Glad you did though.

Sam giggled as Alex returned to her nibbling sequence and they continued to kiss and explore. Sam would hurt Clover tomorrow or maybe never, she was happy were she was for now. And so was Clover as she watched the Surveillance deck at WHOOP, Jerry came up behind her as she shut off the video.

Clover turned to him: thanks Jerry couldn’t have done it without you.

Jerry: My pleasure Clover, their meant to be together.

Clover sighed happily: Yeah

Jerry: What about you? Won’t this make you the odd one out?

Clover chuckled; Nah Jer, Alex and Sam would never let this get in the way of our friendship, besides whilst they need some alone time, I’ll have my own alone time.

Jerry looked confused. Clover patted him on the shoulder as she left.

Clover: You’ll get it some day, Jer.

Clover stated still laughing at her boss. Once outside she was interrupted by a loud squeal and Mandy was suddenly stuck to her, arms around her neck.

Clover chuckled: Missed you too babe.

Mandy leaned in gently bringing their lips together.

Mandy: Want to tell me where you have been?

Clover: Later.

Clover leaned in and kissed Mandy again.

Clover: Right now I want to make out.

Mandy pouted

Clover smiled: with you of course.

And how could Mandy complain, so she let herself be lead by the fiery blonde, enjoying every minute of their time together.


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