Story: Evangelion: Critical changes (chapter 1)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Reassigned report

“Better that then an outspoken, egotistic, megalomaniac like you.” Rei bit out uncommonly outside the elevator as she stood her ground against the wild red head.

“Why you fucking little…!” Asuka screamed violently as she planted her palms on Rei’s chest and pushed. Rei fell hard against the wall, banging her head as stars blurred her vision to the floor.

Asuka smirked in triumph as a hand gripped her shoulder and spun her around. The red head turned right into an open palm slap that connected cleanly across her cheek. Asuka reacted instantly, covering her burning cheek as her eyes demanded blood from the person responsible.


The German girl froze as her sight fell on Misato Katsuragi; Major Katsuragi to be correct, and a very angry Major to be precise.

“There better be a damn good explanation for this Miss Langley.” Misato’s normally smooth, carefree voice was cold and hard as a chunk of glacier ice. Asuka also notice that Misato had not simply called her Asuka for some reason; this made her more nervous, then just seeing the woman mad.

“Wonder girl called…” Asuka started discontentedly, pointing to the downed girl as Misato’s hand moved swiftly. Asuka tried to flinch back from the next slap, but Misato was’ in going to let her off that easy and extended a little and connected with more force then the first.

“Shut your fucking mouth Asuka!” Misato demanded menacingly as she snatched the young girl's red hair. Asuka yelped feebly as she grabbed the tall woman’s hand to relieve the stress of the grip.

"You see you?" Misato jerked the girl violently towards her as she came face to face with the young red head.

“Misato you’re hurting me.” Asuka whined toughly as Misato’s hand squeezed her hair even tighter.

“That’s Major Katsuragi, BITCH!” Misato snapped viciously as she leathered Asuka’s face with another backhand to help her understand. In the background, Rei slowly got to her feet, shaking off the dizziness as she watched Misato whip Asuka into military conformity

“I don’t want to hear you ever call her that again, do you understand me?” Misato ordered sternly, striking Asuka in the mid-section with a solid fist, the hit forced the red head to her tippy toes as spittle shot from her mouth. Asuka fell to her knee’s as she held her stomach, gasping for oxygen. Rei moved closer to the two as she expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you… Major.” Rei thanked formally as she met the Major’s dark eyes.

“And you!” Misato yelled as she seized Rei up by the collar. Rei’s facial expression didn’t change as Misato’s brown eye’s burned into her red ones.

“How dare you let this little Nazi whore push you around like that, I would of broken her nose on the first day for jus’ looking at me the wrong way, much less name-calling.” Misato barked spitefully as she kicked Asuka in the ribs. Asuka grunted aloud as she rolled on to her back drawing air in laborious breaths. Rei’s eyes looked down to Asuka twisting in pain on the floor, then back to Misato, her face never changing.

“There’s going to be some serious fucking changes around here…” Misato threw her back as she pointed to the two pilots threateningly.

“…so you two better unfuck yourselves real quick…” Misato balled her other hand into a fist as she focused on Asuka and Rei with a murderous glare.

“…or there will be hell to pay.” Asuka lifted her watery eyes to Rei as the blue haired girl stepped forward to help her up. Asuka staggered to her feet, throwing an arm over Rei’s shoulders as she propped herself up, cradling her side.

“That’s a good start, Dismissed!” Misato folded her arms across her chest as she waited for the two girls to leave her sight. The two turned away silently, fearing Misato would strike them from behind, they remained tensed. After a few stressful seconds, and relieve the attack never came both girls thoughts ran together as they moved slowly down the empty hall, looking off in different directions.


“…or hell?”

After a short walk and a long silence Rei and Asuka entered their locker room and moved to an empty bench. Rei slid Asuka to the bench without a word and headed for the door until Asuka spoke out.

“Rei…” Asuka whispered softly as she closed her eyes.

“…thanks.” Asuka admitted impartially as she opened her eyes gratefully to the blue haired girl. Rei simply nodded and walked out to head home. Moments later a figure appeared in the locker room doorway.

“Are you ok?” A voice asked softly as it remained in the shadow of the door.

“Yeah.” Asuka looked up and sneered as she flicked off the owner.

“You didn’t have to slap me so hard, it still feels like my face is on fire.” Asuka snapped as she rubbed her cheek.

“I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you tonight, come on let’s go home…”

Rei sighed longingly as she stood in front of her door of her apartment, wanting nothing more then just to lie down, go to sleep and forget about her day. Rei gripped the door handle and pushed down…


She tries the door with the same result.

“What’s this?”

The young girl looked at the locked door with contempt and wonder as Misato’s image filled her mind.


Rei looked to her mailbox which was empty for the first time except for a single letter with the NERV emblem on it. Rei pulled the letter out and removed its contents.

“Rei Ayanami,
You have been relocated to the following location; your personal effects have been sent ahead, Please report to Miki lane, Apt 331, ASAP.”

The letter was brief and to the point as she already knew where she was going.

“Misato Katsuragi‘s.”

Rei turned down the abandon hall and headed to her new home, dreading every step.

After an hour and half of walking, Rei found herself in front of Misato, Shinji and Asuka’s home. Rei lifted her finger carefully to the door bell as she hesitated to make her present known. Rei fidgeted from her left foot to her right as she started to have second thoughts and pressed the button. The door opened slowly as Asuka stood in the doorway, sporting a rueful smile.

“Hello Wonder…” Asuka gritted her teeth as she forced herself to be polite. “…Rei.”

“Come in…” Asuka whispered hardily as she gripped Rei‘s hand and yanked her inside.

“Jus’ don’t give her a reason.” Asuka warned offhandedly as she pulled the girl down the hall.

“Where’s Shinji?” Rei murmured quietly as she followed instep, looking around for their fellow Eva pilot.

“He’s gone, reassigned jus’ like you.” Asuka reported swiftly as her eye’s scanned with the alertness of a cautious prairie dog. Then she caught Misato’s door opening, stopping in her tracks she braced herself. Rei ran unknowingly into Asuka’s back as she looked over the red head’s shoulder for the sudden stop. Smoke crept from Misato’s doorway as the woman stepped out and blocked their way. A sinister smile split the major’s face as a cigarette met her lips.

“What’s the rush ladies?” Misato asked viciously as she leaned in closely to the girls, exhaling a sweet hazy mist in their faces.

“I was…” Asuka scrunched her eyes painfully as the violet haired women grabbed her left breast quickly and squeezed.

“I was showing Ayanami to her room, Miss Katsuragi.” Asuka informed informally as her eyes flared open with bitterness.

“Good, I want you two settled in before dinner.” Misato snapped as she cut Asuka loose and stepped out of the way to let them pass. The two stood frozen unsure to pass by the Major.

“Well!?” Misato flexed forward as she motioned to the frighten girls with a sweeping hand gesture. Asuka preceded forward still gripping Rei, who looked at Misato as she passed.

“Don’t eye-fuck me tramp!” The Major ordered as she shoved the blue haired girl into Asuka, forcing them both to stumble down the hall.

“What did I tell you?” Asuka grunted under her breath as she opened her bedroom door and pulled Rei in. Rei looked around the room in wonder as she made a personal note.

“Where is my room?” Rei asked quietly as Asuka looked at her like she was crazy.

“This is our room, that‘s our closet and this is our bed, get it?” Asuka pointed around the room as she sat on the edge of the only futon and smiled.

“We have to sleep together?” Rei swallowed hard as Asuka nodded with vicious intent.

“Yeah, what’s wrong Rei? never had a roommate before?” Asuka grinned lustfully as she patted the futon next to her.

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