Story: Evangelion: Critical changes (all chapters)

Authors: Asukalover88

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Chapter 1

Title: Reassigned report

“Better that then an outspoken, egotistic, megalomaniac like you.” Rei bit out uncommonly outside the elevator as she stood her ground against the wild red head.

“Why you fucking little…!” Asuka screamed violently as she planted her palms on Rei’s chest and pushed. Rei fell hard against the wall, banging her head as stars blurred her vision to the floor.

Asuka smirked in triumph as a hand gripped her shoulder and spun her around. The red head turned right into an open palm slap that connected cleanly across her cheek. Asuka reacted instantly, covering her burning cheek as her eyes demanded blood from the person responsible.


The German girl froze as her sight fell on Misato Katsuragi; Major Katsuragi to be correct, and a very angry Major to be precise.

“There better be a damn good explanation for this Miss Langley.” Misato’s normally smooth, carefree voice was cold and hard as a chunk of glacier ice. Asuka also notice that Misato had not simply called her Asuka for some reason; this made her more nervous, then just seeing the woman mad.

“Wonder girl called…” Asuka started discontentedly, pointing to the downed girl as Misato’s hand moved swiftly. Asuka tried to flinch back from the next slap, but Misato was’ in going to let her off that easy and extended a little and connected with more force then the first.

“Shut your fucking mouth Asuka!” Misato demanded menacingly as she snatched the young girl's red hair. Asuka yelped feebly as she grabbed the tall woman’s hand to relieve the stress of the grip.

"You see you?" Misato jerked the girl violently towards her as she came face to face with the young red head.

“Misato you’re hurting me.” Asuka whined toughly as Misato’s hand squeezed her hair even tighter.

“That’s Major Katsuragi, BITCH!” Misato snapped viciously as she leathered Asuka’s face with another backhand to help her understand. In the background, Rei slowly got to her feet, shaking off the dizziness as she watched Misato whip Asuka into military conformity

“I don’t want to hear you ever call her that again, do you understand me?” Misato ordered sternly, striking Asuka in the mid-section with a solid fist, the hit forced the red head to her tippy toes as spittle shot from her mouth. Asuka fell to her knee’s as she held her stomach, gasping for oxygen. Rei moved closer to the two as she expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you… Major.” Rei thanked formally as she met the Major’s dark eyes.

“And you!” Misato yelled as she seized Rei up by the collar. Rei’s facial expression didn’t change as Misato’s brown eye’s burned into her red ones.

“How dare you let this little Nazi whore push you around like that, I would of broken her nose on the first day for jus’ looking at me the wrong way, much less name-calling.” Misato barked spitefully as she kicked Asuka in the ribs. Asuka grunted aloud as she rolled on to her back drawing air in laborious breaths. Rei’s eyes looked down to Asuka twisting in pain on the floor, then back to Misato, her face never changing.

“There’s going to be some serious fucking changes around here…” Misato threw her back as she pointed to the two pilots threateningly.

“…so you two better unfuck yourselves real quick…” Misato balled her other hand into a fist as she focused on Asuka and Rei with a murderous glare.

“…or there will be hell to pay.” Asuka lifted her watery eyes to Rei as the blue haired girl stepped forward to help her up. Asuka staggered to her feet, throwing an arm over Rei’s shoulders as she propped herself up, cradling her side.

“That’s a good start, Dismissed!” Misato folded her arms across her chest as she waited for the two girls to leave her sight. The two turned away silently, fearing Misato would strike them from behind, they remained tensed. After a few stressful seconds, and relieve the attack never came both girls thoughts ran together as they moved slowly down the empty hall, looking off in different directions.


“…or hell?”

After a short walk and a long silence Rei and Asuka entered their locker room and moved to an empty bench. Rei slid Asuka to the bench without a word and headed for the door until Asuka spoke out.

“Rei…” Asuka whispered softly as she closed her eyes.

“…thanks.” Asuka admitted impartially as she opened her eyes gratefully to the blue haired girl. Rei simply nodded and walked out to head home. Moments later a figure appeared in the locker room doorway.

“Are you ok?” A voice asked softly as it remained in the shadow of the door.

“Yeah.” Asuka looked up and sneered as she flicked off the owner.

“You didn’t have to slap me so hard, it still feels like my face is on fire.” Asuka snapped as she rubbed her cheek.

“I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you tonight, come on let’s go home…”

Rei sighed longingly as she stood in front of her door of her apartment, wanting nothing more then just to lie down, go to sleep and forget about her day. Rei gripped the door handle and pushed down…


She tries the door with the same result.

“What’s this?”

The young girl looked at the locked door with contempt and wonder as Misato’s image filled her mind.


Rei looked to her mailbox which was empty for the first time except for a single letter with the NERV emblem on it. Rei pulled the letter out and removed its contents.

“Rei Ayanami,
You have been relocated to the following location; your personal effects have been sent ahead, Please report to Miki lane, Apt 331, ASAP.”

The letter was brief and to the point as she already knew where she was going.

“Misato Katsuragi‘s.”

Rei turned down the abandon hall and headed to her new home, dreading every step.

After an hour and half of walking, Rei found herself in front of Misato, Shinji and Asuka’s home. Rei lifted her finger carefully to the door bell as she hesitated to make her present known. Rei fidgeted from her left foot to her right as she started to have second thoughts and pressed the button. The door opened slowly as Asuka stood in the doorway, sporting a rueful smile.

“Hello Wonder…” Asuka gritted her teeth as she forced herself to be polite. “…Rei.”

“Come in…” Asuka whispered hardily as she gripped Rei‘s hand and yanked her inside.

“Jus’ don’t give her a reason.” Asuka warned offhandedly as she pulled the girl down the hall.

“Where’s Shinji?” Rei murmured quietly as she followed instep, looking around for their fellow Eva pilot.

“He’s gone, reassigned jus’ like you.” Asuka reported swiftly as her eye’s scanned with the alertness of a cautious prairie dog. Then she caught Misato’s door opening, stopping in her tracks she braced herself. Rei ran unknowingly into Asuka’s back as she looked over the red head’s shoulder for the sudden stop. Smoke crept from Misato’s doorway as the woman stepped out and blocked their way. A sinister smile split the major’s face as a cigarette met her lips.

“What’s the rush ladies?” Misato asked viciously as she leaned in closely to the girls, exhaling a sweet hazy mist in their faces.

“I was…” Asuka scrunched her eyes painfully as the violet haired women grabbed her left breast quickly and squeezed.

“I was showing Ayanami to her room, Miss Katsuragi.” Asuka informed informally as her eyes flared open with bitterness.

“Good, I want you two settled in before dinner.” Misato snapped as she cut Asuka loose and stepped out of the way to let them pass. The two stood frozen unsure to pass by the Major.

“Well!?” Misato flexed forward as she motioned to the frighten girls with a sweeping hand gesture. Asuka preceded forward still gripping Rei, who looked at Misato as she passed.

“Don’t eye-fuck me tramp!” The Major ordered as she shoved the blue haired girl into Asuka, forcing them both to stumble down the hall.

“What did I tell you?” Asuka grunted under her breath as she opened her bedroom door and pulled Rei in. Rei looked around the room in wonder as she made a personal note.

“Where is my room?” Rei asked quietly as Asuka looked at her like she was crazy.

“This is our room, that‘s our closet and this is our bed, get it?” Asuka pointed around the room as she sat on the edge of the only futon and smiled.

“We have to sleep together?” Rei swallowed hard as Asuka nodded with vicious intent.

“Yeah, what’s wrong Rei? never had a roommate before?” Asuka grinned lustfully as she patted the futon next to her.

Chapter 2

Title: Getting along

“No.” Rei shook her head carefully as Asuka bounced up from the futon and moved closer to the blue haired girl.

“Well Misato did say to make changes....” Rei froze in place as the corners of Asuka’s lips curled up.

“We’ll... share everything.” Asuka whispered lightly as she cupped Rei’s face lovingly in both hands.

“Asuka…” Rei blushed deeply, looking into Asuka’s glazy eyes as the red head leaned forward her lips aimed at Rei’s. Rei could feel Asuka's warm breath on her face as…

“Asuka, Rei? Come eat!” Misato announced loudly as Rei jerked away from Asuka’s hands and approaching lips.

“I’m… sorry.” Rei mumbled sympathetically as she side-stepped Asuka and headed for the door. The wildly red head watched the red-eyed girl escape their room, smirking at Rei’s perfectly curved body as it disappeared out the door. Rei inhaled deeply as she walked through the hall to the kitchen. She rounded the corner to see Misato turn slowly as Rei expected another sneering face from her new tormentor.

“Hey Rei!” Surprisingly, Misato grinned widely as she stood at the stove stirring noodles with one hand and drinking a beer in the other.

“You and Asuka aren't fighting again... are you?” Misato tilted her head to the side, her eyes focused attentively on the blue haired girl. Rei stood silently as she simply stared at the full figured women.

“Rei? I asked you a question.” Misato struggled to keep her smile in place as Asuka strolled in the room and sat at the table.

“Good, let’s eat!” Misato shifted back to the noodles gladly as Asuka stirred in her seat, mumbling under her breath.

“Asuka, help Rei set the table please?” Misato asked sweetly as she started to fill their bowls.

“Yeah, whatever.” Asuka snapped toughly as she stood up and started her tasks.

“Silverware, glasses here, plates, and bowls over there.” Asuka pointed out swiftly as she pulled open the draw for silverware with a bored look on her face.

“Don’t pout Asuka, you look silly.” Misato laughed cheerfully as she crushed her empty can and tossed into the trash. Asuka bit back a sharp remark as she set the table. Rei watched wordlessly as she remembered every cabinet and all the draws in the kitchen as she took her share and set the table.

The two girls finished and sat at the table, watching Misato’s body language with curiosity and contempt as the violet haired women brought their dinner.

“Eat up girls.” Misato smiled lascivious as she turned and retrieved her own bowl. Misato grabbed another beer and joined the soundless girls at the table.

“So, how was your day you two? Misato asked innocently as she sat down and cracked her beer. Asuka huffed aloud as she remembered being slapped, punched, and kicked perfectly; yeah that summed up the highlight of her day.

“Good.” Asuka answered irately, leveling her elbow on the table and cupping her right cheek as she looked over to Rei. Rei looked down at the steaming noodles in front of her and then to Asuka who motioned her eyes to Misato.

“Ok.” Rei replied softly as she picked up her silverware.

“That’s great to hear.” Misato said slyly as she raised a fork full of noodles without regret. The three ate quietly for a while until Misato broke the silence, spooking both girls.

“I’m sorry for earlier, I’m just tired of you two always fighting.” Misato apologized considerably as she set her fork down and sighed.

“Given your age, you’re more emotional and distracted by everything around you.” Misato explained as she picked up her beer and leaned back in her chair.

“Shinji is worse off then the two of you, he doesn't know if he wants to be a pilot or not, But you two are more or would be more compatible if you’d just learn to get along.” A smile spiked Misato’s face, as she watched both girls look at each other.

“Well if Rei didn’t...” Asuka interrupted as Misato raised her hand, cutting her off from the unnecessary and probably rude comment.

“That why you're living here with me, I’m to… condition you two like one another.” Misato continued as she paused for a drink.

“So sticking us together were jus’ suppose to fall in love with each other and be best friends is that it?” Asuka protested hotly as she stared at Misato finishing her beer. Misato closed her eyes and shook her head despairingly as she set her drained can on the table.

“This is what I’m talking about, you and that damn mouth of you're Asuka, sometimes I jus’ want you bound, gagged and thrown in my closet!” Misato tone began to rumble as she slammed the top of her empty can crushing it. Asuka snapped her vision back to her half-eaten dinner as she felt Misato’s eyes smoldering into her.

“I wish you’d jus' play puppet like Rei…” Misato alleged unkindly as she let out a deep and much needed breath.

“I’m not a puppet.” Rei spoke up as she looked to Misato with growing anger.

“What?” Misato asked deafly as she turned her sights on the normally silent girl.

“I SAID I’m not a goddamn PUPPET!!!” Rei yelled unashamedly as she slammed her fists on the table. Both Misato and Asuka gawked with surprise as Rei stood up for herself.

“I was wondering when you were going to grow a backbone Rei.” Misato smiled viciously as she got up, walked to one of the cabinets and pulled out a small white jug.

“This… calls for a celebration!” Misato roared as she grabbed three small shot glasses, sat back down and started pouring.

“But Misato we’re not old enough to drink.” Asuka declared as she watched the clear liquid fill the glasses.

“Well in Texas you can drink at any age as long as you’re with a parent or guardian.” Misato stated all knowingly as she finished filling the glasses and set one in front of both girls.

“But we’re not in Texas.” Asuka confirmed scornfully as she looked at Rei.

“Is it that hard to pretend little missy?” Misato spoke jokingly in one of the best Texan accent Rei had ever heard.

“Bottoms up girls.” Misato continued her accent, as Rei and Asuka tried smiling as they lifted their glasses and drank together.

After an hour of drinking the super sake Misato had got from Hong Kong the three could feel the effects of the alcohol.

“And he says to the bartender, “That’s not a lion its a giraffe!” Misato laughed heartily as Asuka and Rei joined her for the silly punch-line.

“I want to listen to sooooome muuuuusic.” Asuka slurred as she stood up and fell in the same motion.

“Watch that first step it’s a do-z.” Misato chuckled on as Asuka basically crawled the rest of the way to the CD-player. Misato smiled at Asuka’s swaying ass as she looked over Rei.

“Are you having fun Rei?” Misato asked drunkenly as she poured another drink for her.

“Yeah, I really am.” Rei grinned saucily as she took the glass and downed it. Rei could feel the heat in her cheeks as she looked dreamily at Misato. She hadn't noticed it earlier how pretty Misato really was, her violet hair sided her soft almost wrinkle-free face that highlighted her violet eyes which were like windows to her kind and caring soul, lips so full they just begged to be tasted.

“You’re beautiful.” Rei blurred aloud as she covered her mouth quickly, blushing totally red.

“T-that’s good to hear, here.” Misato stuttered a little from the alcohol and shock as she filled Rei’s glass again.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid." Rei groaned softly at making a fool of herself as Asuka grabbed her hand and yanked the blue haired girl to her feet.

"Dance with me Rei!" Grinned Asuka as she lead the drunk girl into the music blaring in the living room

To be continued... 

Chapter 3

Title: All said and done

“What are we listening to?” Rei asked confusedly as Asuka started moving her body naturally to the music.

“Techno! Is’ in it great?” Asuka yelled gleefully over the music as her body twisted perfectly to the crazy constant beats.

“What’s techno?” Rei continued her questioning as Asuka stopped dancing suddenly and marched over swiftly to Rei, looking at her sternly.

“Jus’ shut up and start moving your hips, like this.” Asuka ordered as she clamped her hands on Rei’s slim hips and began to push and pull them to the music. After a few minutes Rei broke away as she moved awkwardly to the repeated bass line. Asuka giggled hysterically as Rei looked like a dancing cardboard box.

“What’s so funny?” Rei pouted immaturely as her red cheeks didn’t help her appearance any. Asuka fell over laughing whole-heartily as Rei pounced on her and pinned her arms to the floor.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” With tears in her eyes and a grin on her face Asuka studied the seriousness in Rei’s eyes.

“You’re making fun of me!” Rei grumbled hurtfully as Asuka speedily flipped her wrists over and pulled Rei down. Rei paused fearfully as she came face-to-face with the mounted red head. She could smell the potent alcohol on Asuka’s breath as they both stared with warm but lustful tendencies. Asuka pursed her lips together as Rei blushed down at her, their lips begging to connect, then suddenly.

“No, it jus’ was’ in…” A pair of hands gripped Rei from behind and lifted her up.

“…Sexy enough.” Misato grinned as she spun the girl around and fixed a leg in between Rei’s. Misato began to move her hips and body as she gripped Rei’s back and ass. Rei felt the heat radiate up from her crotch as Misato’s thigh grinded into her slit.

“Hold me Rei and move a little.” Misato smirked as she pulled the blue haired girls hands around her waist and placed them on her ass. Goosebumps rose on Rei’s skin as she grasped Misato’s ass securely in both hands and started to move more lithely to the beat.

Asuka got up off the floor and wrapped her arms around Rei’s neck as she initiated her own grinding. Rei purred softly as she tilted her head back over Asuka’s shoulder. Taking a chance Asuka planted her lips on Rei’s neck and kiss it. Misato felt Rei quiver in her arms as she leaned over and kissed the other side of the red eyed girl’s neck.

“You taste so good Rei.” Asuka whispered frivolously into Rei’s ear as she licked it. Rei groaned compassionately as Asuka’s right hand slid down the top of her shirt, to her left breast and squeezed.

“How does it feel Rei?” Misato hummed avidly as she looked into Rei’s lust filled eyes.

“W-wonderful.” Rei stammered faintly as Asuka’s other hand worked it’s way into the front of her pants.

“That’s great.” Misato smiled attentively as she cupped the inebriated girl’s face and kissed her. Rei felt Misato’s warm tongue probe her mouth as it savored every inch of her taut orifice.

“Oh you’re getting all wet down here Rei.” Asuka giggled, her fingers playing with Rei’s panties, as the dazed girl's sticky love juices seem to pour right out of her. Misato broke off her kiss, and stepped back as she watched Asuka seduce Rei single-handedly.

“Asuka dear will you take Rei to my room and get her comfortable?” Misato cleared her throat as both girls look to her with aroused glares.

“Yes ma’am.” Asuka answered feverishly as she retracted her hands from Rei’s body.

“Come on Rei, now the fun really starts.” Asuka leered as she grabbed the love struck girls hand and hurried her off. Rei followed willingly as her legs shook with an excitement she had never felt before in her whole life. Asuka opened the major’s door and darted in as she let go of Rei.

“Are we going to do it?” Rei asked inquisitively as Asuka started pulling her clothes off effortlessly. Asuka's face turned maliciously as the red-eyed girl began to have second thoughts.

“You're not scared are you?” Asuka lips curled up as she moved closer and completely naked to Rei.

“I-I never did it before.” Rei backed up to the bed, her eyes looking everywhere else but at Asuka as the red head lifted and locked her fingers into Rei’s hair.

“Don’t worry, it hurts a little at first but then it feels great, and besides Misato is gentle she won’t hurt you, she understands how we feel she’s been there.” Asuka explained knowingly as she slowly unbuttoned Rei’s pants and drop them to the floor. Rei felt a little uneasy by Asuka’s words but the alcohol put her to ease as she pulled off her shirt.

“See? Nothing to worry about it’s like I said earlier we’ll share everything pain and pleasure.” Asuka reported as she got to her knees and lower Rei’s wet panties. Rei undid her bra clumsily as she stepped out of her underwear. Asuka slyly elevated the soaked undergarment to her nose and inhaled profoundly. Rei felt ashamed to see Asuka doing this as she tried to take them back.

“You want to have a sniff too?” Asuka jumped up and push the soiled panties into Rei’s face. Rei landed drunkenly on the bed as her hands failed to stop Asuka’s advance. Pinned under the red head, Rei fell victim to her panties as Asuka pressed them firmly to her nose and mouth.

“How do you like it?” Asuka chuckled as she slowly wiped them across Rei’s face. Rei could feel the dampness of her own crotch on her face as she found her own scent intoxicating.

“Asuka?” A voice whispered from behind as a hand crossed over her face. Misato fastened Asuka’s underwear across the young girl’s nose as Asuka started drawing in her own teenage aroma reluctantly.

“I can’t leave you for a moment can I?” Misato laughed cruelly as the fingers from her other hand reached down between the blue-eyed girl’s thighs and dripping love hole. Asuka was also aware of something long and plastic brushing against her ass as she started moaning like a bitch in heat.

“I’ll take those.” Misato mentioned sweetly as she dropped Asuka’s panties, took Rei’s and stuffed them into Asuka’s mouth.

“Be a team player Asuka and show Rei how it’s done.” Misato leaned Asuka over Rei on the edge of the bed, adjusting her hips as she lined up her dildo with Asuka’s puffy pussy. Asuka looked back with the corner of her eye and nodded silently. Asuka groaned with unbridled pleasure as Misato penetrated the girl's seeping cunt with the precision of a pro. Rei watched Asuka slowly pump her body as her panties snuffed the German girl’s erotic groans. Misato rammed the girl’s tight gap harder, gripping her shoulders for better leverage as the wet panties fell from her mouth.

“Oh god!” Asuka screamed deafeningly, her legs shuddered uncontrollably as Misato kept impaling the red head on the rubber sex toy. Rei stared in awe as Asuka rocked wildly back into Misato’s crotch. Seeing this Asuka dropped her mouth on to Rei’s left nipple and sucked loudly as she played and pinched with the other. Rei cry out in ecstasy as she bit her knuckle excitedly. Asuka’s sex and sweat started to pour off her and cover Rei. Pure pleasure and burning nostalgia ached in Rei’s body and crotch as the blue haired girl launched her hand to her own lubricated cunt and joined Asuka’s sexual shrieks.

“I-I’m cumming!” Asuka threw her head back in heavenly bliss as her cunt spewed her hot teen-hood solution into Rei’s lap and collapsed on top of her. Fighting for air, Rei embraced the exhausted girl as Asuka looked into her eyes and kissed her sensationally.

“It’s your turn Rei.” Asuka whimpered as she slid off Rei’s slick body and locked her fingers together over her face still desperate for oxygen. Rei look up at Misato as the violet haired woman motioned her to back up on the bed.

“Are you sure you want this Rei?” Misato asked honestly as she crawled onto the bed and on top of Rei. The red eyed girl nodded apprehensively as the saturated dildo brushed her inner thigh with Asuka’s love liquid.

“Ok now jus’ lay back and relax.” Misato assured calmly as Rei slowly opened her legs, allowing full access to her most private part of her body. Rei blushed innocently; her sweet girlish scent drifted up leisurely as both girls inhaled it deeply.

“Du riechst so gut.” Misato spoke with a slight German tone, causing Asuka to giggle lightly as Rei's cheeks went from pink to red. Misato lower herself on top of the blue haired girl, planting her hands of both sides of Rei’s head as she looked down at the anxious girl.

“This may hurt a bit.” The major warned softly as she placed her hips to put the dildo into position. Rei nodded her head bravely, and with a little push the tip of the dildo pierced Rei’s pink, virgin petals for the first time. Rei grunted harshly, squeezing her eyes shut as Misato deliberately stretched Rei’s tender flesh. Misato carefully reloaded her hips as she pushed a little deeper.

“I-It hurts.” Rei yelped aloud as tears started to form at the corner of her closed eyes. Misato’s heart thudded painfully as she pulled out.

“I know it hurts Rei but it will pass.” Misato informed sturdily as she continued to spike Rei’s tight breach. Rei nodded her head as she wrapped her arms around Misato’s back, pulling her and her rubber friend deep inside her.

“She's right Rei, jus’ breath.” Asuka murmured as Rei screamed meekly, clenching the dildo as it went the full-length in. Rei felt something tear inside her as she dug her nails into Misato’s back. Asuka leered hotly as she knew what had happen and sent her hand to investigate.

“Look Rei, you’re not a virgin anymore.” Asuka moaned comfortingly as she showed Rei the trickles of blood in her hot cream. Concern filled Rei’s eyes as she looked to Misato for answers.

“You’re cherry just popped, it happens to every girl when they have sex for the first time.” Misato reassured as she slowed her pace as Rei’s hands relaxed. The pain gradually subsided in Rei’s crotch as her grunts of hurt turned to pants of passion.

“Get on your hands and knees Rei.” Misato ordered affectionately as she knew Rei was beginning to enjoy herself. Rei did what she was told as Asuka scooted around and stared wantonly at her new roommate and lover.

“Rei would you eat my pussy please?” Asuka sat in front of the blue haired girl playing with her little cunny.

“I’d love to.” Rei admitted happily as she lower her face between Asuka’s legs to the wetness below. Rei lashed her tongue repeatedly over Asuka’s clit as she continued to pierce herself with Misato’s “cock”. Misato fucked Rei silently as she watched a side of Rei she never seen before, taking it from behind and eating out Asuka at the same time was unbelievable.

“Misato it feels like I-I have to pee.” Rei panted as she lifted her mouth from Asuka’s dripping orifice. Rei was at her breaking point, as her love nectar filled inside her womb.

“You’re jus’ getting ready to cum that’s all.” Misato stated as she drilled Rei harder. Rei’s body bucked back, shouting amateurishly, her liquid explosion gushed from her opening rapidly as she couldn’t help but faint. Asuka caught the girl in her arms as she stroked the fatigued girls head. Rei slowly turned her head up as tears streamed down her cheeks

“You were right Asuka, It only hurt a little.” Rei smiled weakly as she closed her eyes for a much needed rest.

“Oh Rei.” Asuka kissed Rei lovingly as she fought off her own sleepiness.

“Time for bed, Asuka, be sure to clean yourselves up a bit before you two lay down.” Misato instructed as she removed her strap-on and started pulling her soiled sheets from her bed. After a few moments Asuka finished cleaning Rei and herself they found themselves in bed. Asuka shut her eyes for forty winks as a pair of arms and legs wrapped and entwined her body as she looked to Rei staring at her.

“Asuka, your not ashamed of me for the way I acted tonight are you.” Rei asked disgracefully as her eyes glistened in the moonlight that shown through their window.

“Rei how can you say that? I had your wet panties in my mouth for like 5 minutes, I should be asking you that question.” Asuka stared up at the ceiling as Rei blushed at the mention of her panties.

“I’m just glad you were there.” Rei snuggled her face into the red head’s neck and lightly kissed Asuka’s flesh.

“We jus’ shared sides of ourselve’s we’ve never shown anyone and it’s like I keep telling you…” Asuka continued as Rei cut her.

“We’ll share everything.” Rei giggled mockingly as Asuka huffed aloud.

“Ok funny girl go to sleep.” Asuka moaned irately as she rolled away from Rei.

“Asuka?” Rei asked again as she cuddled closely to Asuka, pressing her chest against the blue eyed girls back.

“What now!” Asuka roared wrathfully as she turned her head back to miss 20 questions.

“Do you think we’ll…?” Rei paused as she breathed out and finished.

“…Fall in love?”

Asuka caught a noise in her throat as her skin began to heat up. A few seconds passed, Rei was about to ask her again as Asuka cut her off time.

“Maybe… if you show me that thing you did with your tongue.” Both girls giggled girlishly as Asuka turned back to Rei.

“Whatever you want lover.” Rei smiled brightly as she leaned in and kissed Asuka fully on the lips.

“Goodnight Rei.”

“Goodnight Asuka.”

[End notes: ...TBC?]

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