Story: A new life (chapter 7)

Authors: Tukuyomi

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Chapter 7

Title: Chapter 7 - Small talk

"Damn, where are my bloody clothes?" Kidd held the backpack upside down and its various contents fell to the ground before her. Harle was watching her, still giggling. She noticed a few Heal and Cure elements rolling on the ground, reflecting the fire.

"Why do you have so many Heal elementz? You don't usually have zeze, non?" Harle looked at Kidd curiously, wondering if she had retired from being the fierce attacker, instead concentrating on Healing elements. There was nothing that could surprise her, anymore.

"Don't ask such stupid questions!”, Kidd shouted, half annoyed and half laughing at the stupidity of the question. “Don't ya remember ya were the one lying half dead on the ground? I stole 'em from Arni, cuz I hadn't any left." Harle raised her eyebrow at that and waved her finger in a naughty- naughty way.

"You stole zem?", she repeated, smiling. It wasn’t that much of a surprise for her that Kidd was a thief, but for her to steal healing elements for her sake was unexpected. Some things could surprise her, after all.

"Yeah, why should I pay if they're not even for me? I stole 'em for ya, so actually ya stole 'em!", Kidd said and pointed her finger at Harle, grinning widely.

"Ah, okay, it iz mon fault. I stole zem." Harle answered with a guilty voice, raising her hands in defeat before breaking into laughter. Somehow it made Kidd feel comfortable and even happy to see her like this. So relaxed and completely different from the Harle she knew. She didn’t know what to make of this change.

"Nah, too late now. Serge probably hates me for stealing 'em. He saw me when I just wanted ta leave Arni. I tell ya, he was so mad! But he lemme escape when I said I would fight him if necessary. Guess I shouldn't go back there too soon.", Kidd said with a smile. Serge’s expression had been priceless. His disappointment and helplessness had been so evident, but Kidd couldn’t bring herself to pity him. If anything, he deserved it.

Harle didn't understand at all. "Serge iz angry about you? Moi iz sorry, sincèrement." Even though she could still feel jealousy within her, the flames were starting to cease. She had accepted it as best as she could. She didn’t think much about it anymore, the better part of her mind being occupied with worrying about the dragons.

"Well, it was fun ta scare him. He really deserves it! If he just wouldn't marry that bloody Leena!" Kidd cursed but wasn’t really that angry anymore. He would regret it some day. However, she laughed when she saw Harle's mouth fall open in shock.

"S...Serge marriez Leena?", she asked incredulously. This question sent Kidd rolling on the ground, giggling like crazy.

"Oh yeah, ya didn't know, did ya? I met him in Arni and he told me. Some kinda jerk.", Kidd said and laughed. She should have punched him right into the face, now that she thought of it. Somehow being around Harle made her forget about the pain of having been rejected. Maybe because Harle had to feel the same.

"You're such an idiote, Harle...", Harle mumbled, suppressing the desire to slap her forehead.

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