Story: A new life (chapter 1)

Authors: Tukuyomi

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Chapter 1

Title: Chapter 1 - Loneliness

Why was she walking through the streets of Termina at night? She didn't know. Maybe because she didn't like the daylight very much and humans as well. They always stared at her, like she was a monster of some sort. They stared and whispered all the things she had heard at least a thousand times in her short life.

"Look at her! She comes from the circus!"

"Over there! A demi- human!"

"Hey little jester! Show us some tricks!"

But she didn't show them some tricks. She didn't even look at them. Couldn't they stop talking about her just once? Although Fargo and Nikki had done a lot for a more tolerant and accepting relationship between humans and demi-humans, they were still far away of living in peace, together.

Because of that, Harle preferred to go out at night. Nights were cool, quiet, refreshing. And lonely. She couldn’t help that, but tried to tell herself that it was unavoidable.

It was her third day in Termina, but she couldn't decide whether to go to Arni Village or not. The people there hated her for what she had done in the past, but that was no difference from every other town in whole El Nido. She couldn’t blame either of them. Everyone hated her for having been the right hand of Lynx. But it had been her duty as the seventh dragon to follow him, hadn’t it? Of course she knew of the evil she had done and she truly regretted it. But she had changed now, even though it was only for her to see.

She wished she could wash the blood off her hands, but she couldn't. The stains were too deep, having seeped deep under her skin. There was no way to clean herself from them. It was too late now.

Sometimes, when she sat in a little street corner at night, all alone, she wished she could die as well, but she wasn't meant to. It wasn’t her fate to die yet. Her punishment was to suffer alone.

But she tried to make the best of it, tried to see the one bright thing in her life. Serge. He had always understood her, had always supported and helped her even though he had to have known that she would eventually have to betray him.

So without giving it much more thought or preparation, she left Termina and went out to meet Serge, the only person who didn't hate her, maybe. Even though she couldn’t find the courage within her to meet him, yet. Would he even remember who she was? Maybe he already had a girlfriend and would send her away. She knew she could never bear that. There were at least a hundred things that could go wrong, but she had to try, for not trying would leave her in doubts forever. She couldn't bear that either. But most of all, she couldn’t bear being alone.

A tear ran down her cheek as she thought of herself sitting alone in a cold and dirty street corner again. She hastily wiped it off and headed for Arni. She should arrive there within two days if she didn't stop too much on her way to rest. Which she was certain she wouldn’t.

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