Story: Of Tears And Broken Hearts (chapter 8)

Authors: keilanch

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Chapter 8

Title: Chapter Six - Evaded Return

[Author's notes:

This is the first part of the sixth chapter and I hope you're still interested in this... Things are going to pick up speed and action are coming soon but for the meantime, I hope to develop the characters and introduce more.

Btw, thank you for the reviews! Feedback keeps me going on...


Chapter Six – Evaded Return

She never meant to pass by but there she was and she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. It had been almost seven years since she’d last seen her friend. She had to admit that their friendship, as honest and as fun as it had been, was probably long over. Despite promises of keeping in touch, the last contact she had with the other girl was when they both said their goodbyes.

And then, there was nothing. It was as if the three months they had together when they played, talked to each other, and slept over at each other’s houses didn’t happen. It was as if everything had been a wonderful dream, but just a dream nonetheless.

Kristen couldn’t believe her friend had just forgotten her like that. If she knew where the other girl was headed then she would have been the one to write and send letters. Apparently, neither of them knew where Leila was going and so Kristen settled for waiting for letters that never came. Still she never really lost hope that maybe one day the other girl would remember her promises.

But now, as she looked at the house that had once been her friend’s home being demolished by dozens of construction workers, she could not help the sinking feeling settling inside her. Even the very last connection they had together was being destroyed. Maybe it was finally the time to understand that such a friendship was now just a part of the past and of her childhood.

She continued looking on as she observed how the simple house was being turned to rubbles and debris. It was true that she rarely passed by the area around here anymore. Once in a while, when she found herself wanting to be alone, she would sit by the old oak tree a few paces away and just think. Afterwards, she would walk past the house and just reminisce on the good times.

With the house now gone however, she’d probably have to reconsider the long walks and moments of remembrance. Besides, if the house was being demolished, it probably meant that Leila and her family weren’t going to come back soon. If she was to be asked too, she wasn’t even sure if her friend’s family even owned the place in the first place. They could have just been renting the house so they’d have somewhere to stay for the few months they were there. She could still remember clearly how her friend had even been the one to say that they traveled a lot, so it was no doubt that their stay was not meant to be permanent.

Kristen sighed. There was no point getting all worked up over a friendship which probably never even meant as much to the other girl as it did for her.

Although, she still wondered and asked about a lot of things like where Leila was, what she looked like now, how she was doing.

She looked at the now almost non-existent ‘house’ and realized that there was also no point in wondering about those things. Obviously, the other girl had already moved on. Maybe it was time to get over the past and also move on.

She started walking away while sounds of a demolition became a haunting background. The sun was about to set and she still needed to study for a test the next day. It was time to go home.

Not to mention she had already forgotten the reason she came here in the first place.




Kristen could almost hear the loud thumping of her heart and as much as she would want to ignore it, she just can’t. Looking up at the huge house that stood mightily in front of her, the emotions swirled around her in angry waves and it had absolutely nothing to do with the size of the shelter. It wasn’t so much the what as the where.


“Okay, everyone. Welcome to my humble abode,” Lei announced with a smile.


“Humble, huh? More like colossal…and it doesn’t look very humble.” Trust Sven to say just what’s on her mind.


When everyone had finally agreed to hold the party at Lei’s place, it was also decided that Kristen, Diane, Sven, and Julia would be treated an initial look of the place, given the fact that the four of them plus Lei would be the ones responsible for organizing the said party. It seemed like the best idea at the time.


Kristen was having second thoughts about the idea now.


Actually, the moment she realized where they were headed, the confusion started and bells immediately began to ring inside her head. By the time the gate opened and she stepped out of Lei’s convertible, Kristen’s anxiety was more palpable than the confusion.


“We could head over to the place that I think would be best for the party,” and with concern in her eyes, Lei looked at Kristen’s weary expression. “Or we could go to the kitchen and get something to drink. Are you okay, Kristen?”


The blonde looked at Lei and saw the calm blue eyes looking back at her. Immediately, the beating of her heart became even more furious.


She looked down. Something was definitely wrong here and she didn’t know how to face whatever it was. “Y-yes. I’m fine.”


With knitted eyebrows, Lei gave a small nod. “Okay. Well, maybe we’ll go for the drink first.” The brunette knew that something was up with Kristen and probably a cold drink would make the blonde feel better.


Diane knew better, however. Kristen’s demeanor was already off even when they were still inside the car and they’ve been friends long enough to know that this didn’t have anything to do with being sick. It was deep and it was rooted inside.




Inside the kitchen, they all took their own choice of drinks like soda or canned iced tea while Diane dragged her friend to the side for a talk.


“Kristen, I know something’s off. You know you can tell me anything, right?”


“Yes, I do. It’s just… I don’t even know what’s actually happening.” The blonde looked down and then to the can of root beer she was holding.


“I’m not getting you.”


“I’m not getting myself either. But…but maybe I’m just over-analyzing things…”


“Over-analyzing what? What things?” Diane was genuinely confused now.


Kristen sighed and closed her eyes for a moment. She just didn’t know how to explain everything to her best friend.


“Hey, Kristen, Diane, we’re heading to where Lei says the bands could be set-up. You coming?” Julia called out.


Another sigh from Kristen and she went over to where Julia was now going. Eyes downcast, she didn’t see Diane shaking her head and also giving out her own sigh while following closely behind.


“So Lei, you live here alone? This place is too big. You could get lonely.”


Lei, walking a little distance ahead of the others, looked back at the bottle redhead and smiled. “I have a regular visitor so I don’t really get lonely…not that I don’t like the alone time.”


“I never pegged you for the loner type.”


“Well, I wasn’t.”


The reply was soft and it lacked the enthusiasm that Lei exuded every time she spoke. If Sven’s attention was focused on something else, she probably won’t have heard it. As it turned out though, Sven’s attention was on Lei at the moment and the hidden implication of what Lei said didn’t go unnoticed. She said she wasn’t. So, is she trying to be a loner now? Or is she trying to get away from something…someone?

At least Sven still had the decency not to dig anything deeper as she decided on giving no further comment. They just reached what looked like the living room area and she figured it was better to focus on more important things like the GSA party.


Or the unknown figure currently sitting on the sofa reading a magazine…who, the instant they came in, showed off a soft smile and went on to hug the now also smiling brunette.


Sven felt like an unwelcome presence in this obvious show of affection. The feeling was understandable considering how she never felt like an important part of her own family. And this, what she was witnessing at the moment, was obviously a family kind of thing.


“You didn’t tell me you were coming here!” The happiness in Lei’s eyes was undeniable.


“It was supposed to be a surprise. And knowing you, you’re going to come in through the backdoor so I thought I’d sit around here and inspect the mess you’ve made.”


“You know there’s no mess.”




“I’m not messy!”


“You’re forgetting who you’re talking to, Leila. If I knew you’d say that 15 years ago, I would have never stopped laughing,” at that instant, the gaze of the said figure went towards Lei’s back and to the bottle redhead who obviously looked uncomfortable. “And who do we have here?”


Lei looked back at Sven with a smile just as other personas entered the scene.


“Oh, I brought some friends over.”


The obviously elder person looked back at Lei, “And you still didn’t have the right manners to bring them in through the front door. I’m disappointed, Leila.”


“You know me and manners…” the brunette said.


“Oh I know so well,” said the elderly woman while seemingly not taking her eyes away from the last person that came in the room.


Lei saw this and figured it was probably time for introductions. Turning to the others, she gave a hearty smile, “Girls, this is one of the most beloved people in my life, my Nanny Josie.”


While Nanny Josie proceeded to smile at everyone, Kristen’s reaction was indecipherable.


“Nanny Josie, these are friends and fellow GSA members, Sven, Julia, Diane, and…” with this the elderly woman walked nearer the blonde girl, “Kristen.”


Standing just in front of the shocked blonde, the elderly woman took both of Kristen’s hands, “I never thought I’d see you again…Krissy.”


Confusion flashed through everyone’s faces, including Lei, as Kristen and Nanny Josie embraced. A few seconds after, realization, then shock replaced the confusion in Lei and all she was able to do was plop down on the couch without looking away at what was happening before her.




This brought everyone’s attention towards the brunette, including Kristen as she and the elderly woman ended the tight embrace.


“I didn’t… I had… I had no idea.”


Nanny Josie was smiling as she held Kristen’s hand and brought the girl closer to the still shocked brunette. “I didn’t think you’d find her this easily, Leila. But I knew better than underestimate you. Eighteen years taught me that.”


It was then that she turned to the blonde. “I think you both a have a lot to talk about.”


End of the first part of chapter six…

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