Story: Of Tears And Broken Hearts (chapter 6)

Authors: keilanch

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Chapter 6

Title: Chapter Four - Bewildering part two

[Author's notes: Here is the continuation to the earlier chapter and the next chapter will be up when I get another review... Feed the review whore please!]

Chapter Four – Bewildering

Lei wasn’t even meters away from the classroom of her last class for the morning when she noticed a redhead approaching her. Immediately, she wondered what this girl wanted since, judging from how people seemed to react around her, they either just stared or tried to discreetly – yeah right – check her out. If this girl had the courage to approach her straightforwardly, then it must either be because of official business or just because she was the only one with the guts to talk to ‘the heiress’ – other than Diane early that morning of course which, considering the other brunette was the head cheerleader and all, wasn’t such a surprise.

This redhead slowly getting nearer and nearer however didn’t seem like the cheerleader type. She looked kind of… punk even.

Lei smiled softly as she watched the other girl walk towards her. If this girl wanted to befriend her and actually had the guts to approach her, then surely she would love the company. Having a punk redhead as a friend in a suburban school sounded like a pleasant enough thought.

The redhead was now in front of her and Lei felt her grin growing wider. Seeing this open and welcoming expression from the brunette, the other girl seemed to drop the indifference act and warmly smiled herself.

“Hey. I’m Julia Aimes.” Julia offered her hand out immediately and hoped to herself that the brunette would take it. She really couldn’t afford to look like a big fool if ever Lei turned out to be a major bitch.

Lei took the hand and shook it as she introduced herself. “Lei Charles-Carlson.”

“Really nice to meet you,” Julia was gratefully relieved when the other girl took her proffered hand in a friendly handshake. Maybe the rumors that this brunette was a bitch weren’t true after all.

“Same here.”

“Ummm… I know you’re kinda thinking why I just approached you like this out of no where. I mean, normally people would just stare…”

Lei laughed heartily. She liked this girl already.

“Well, I am wondering actually. It’s a good thing you talked to me though. A girl could only take too much staring in one day.”

“Well, you better get used to it. With you being you, it’s really no surprise,” the redhead said as she made casual conversation. To tell the honest truth, Julia was being pleasantly surprised with the instant comfort she found while talking to Lei. She never knew that a wealthy and famous ‘heiress’ like Lei could actually really be nice. There were already enough bitches in their school and she was glad that Lei didn’t seem to be a part of that category. At least that was what it looked like it.

“I know. It’s just,” Lei sighed. “why can’t people at least try to tone it down to a more suitable level? Plus, I bet the guys’ girlfriends aren’t pleased with all the ogling. I really don’t want to be branded a boyfriend stealer this early in the year. I mean, come on. I don’t even play for that team.”

Bingo! “So you’re gay?” Julia tried to hide her giddiness. Everything was going really well.

Apparently, Lei noticed the redhead’s change of demeanor to something lighter and… happier? “The shirt didn’t clue you in?” Lei smugly pointed to her shirt and the clear message being relayed.

Julia was now grinning from ear to ear.

“I just didn’t want to really assume or anything. So the rumors –”

“About me being a lesbian is absolutely, undoubtedly true,” the brunette cut off and announced a little louder for most of the people around the crowded hall to hear. When she got the reaction she expected – people staring at her even harder, if that was even possible, and some had mouths open (and were there drool?), in shock or lust, Lei couldn’t know – she looked at the crowd and waved at everyone. Some looked away in embarrassment while some talked in hushed tones. Others – some girls to be exact – blushed furiously.

Julia saw all this and was amazed at how Lei just bluntly announced her sexuality to the whole school. At that moment, she knew that she definitely needed Lei in the group.

“That was… you just practically came out to the whole school…”

Lei shrugged. “I don’t like hiding anything. If they can’t respect me, my beliefs, and the choices that I make, then they’re not worth my respect either. I’ve been open about my preferences since the beginning. I have nothing to hide,” Lei looked at the redhead sincerely, hoping that the other girl would understand fully what she was saying.

Julia was even more amazed at what Lei said and she found herself admiring the brunette and her personality. Who knew the CC ‘heiress’ was nothing she expected her to be – a spoiled rich bitch?

“Would you like to join the Gay Straight Alliance? We could really use someone like you with us. I’m head of the group, by the way,” Julia finally said, now hoping more than ever that Lei would acquiesce. If what she witnessed was to be a sign if ever Lei joined the GSA, then the group was headed for bigger better things this year.

“Sure. I’d be glad to be a part of the school’s GSA.”

“Great! That’s really awesome!” The redhead tried to contain the overexcitement but knew that she failed terribly. “Ummm... There’s a meeting tomorrow afternoon at the bookstore at the end of the street outside school. That’s the regular meeting place. You could go, if you want.”

“Expect me there tomorrow.”

Julia couldn’t believe that the brunette had just been a part of the GSA and she was definitely very excited. With Lei as a member, it was bound to definitely be a wonderfully kick-ass year. Having a sort-of celebrity, openly gay schoolmate – and hopefully friend – was sure to have its ups.



The blonde opened her eyes upon hearing her name and immediately saw Diane approaching her. She smiled at the sight of her friend. Maybe, the presence of her friend would help ease whatever troubled emotions she had at the moment.

“This early in the year and you’re already being anti-social!” Diane sat down next to the blonde and saw the book that had been left unnoticed lying on the grass. She picked it up and looked at it curiously before handing it to Kristen. “And you’re already being a nerd!”

Kristen chuckled softly. Having Diane near really was refreshing – despite the fact that the brunette took her role as the head cheerleader way too seriously. Which included making sure all she did was ‘in’.

“Whatever, Diane. You know I love hanging out here.”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to be all loner girl,” And with that, the conversation about Kristen’s choice to sit alone and read a book during lunch period was over. It definitely was, considering Diane now skipped to a more ‘important’ topic she had in mind. “So, are you going to the GSA meeting tomorrow?”

The blonde looked at her friend in mild shock. Since when did Diane Briggs ever give any of her precious attention to the school’s Gay Straight Alliance?

When she wasn’t met by a response, Diane prodded her friend by asking the question once more. “What? Are you going to the GSA meeting tomorrow or not?”

Kristen, still unsure where her friend’s sudden interest in the GSA meeting was coming from, answered uncertainly, “I guess? I mean, I’ve always been attending since… Wait. Why are you suddenly asking me about the GSA meeting?”

“Well, if you are, then wait up for me tomorrow ‘coz I’m coming with you.”

And upon hearing that, Kristen’s furrowed brows – from, again, mild shock and now with the much added curiosity – rose as high as they can get along with her widened eyes.

“You’re coming with me?!”

The brunette just smiled and nodded.

“You? You are coming with me?! To the GSA meeting?!”

Another nod.

“Is this some kind of joke?”

“No joke, Kristen. Why? Don’t you believe me?”

“I’m finding it hard to,” Kristen, for all her years in high school and since the GSA started a few years ago, was trying so hard to remember one single event where her cheerleader friend ever showed any interest in cooperating with the GSA projects. Nope, nothing there.

“Well, whether you believe it or not, I’m coming with you.”

A brief pause.




“Because I believe in what the GSA believes in.”

Kristen looked at the cheerleader incredulously, but refrained from saying anything.

After a few seconds of being stared at like a second head suddenly grew on her, Diane couldn’t take it any more and finally blurted out the real reason for her sudden course of actions.

“Okay. Okay. I want to go ‘coz Lei CC is going to be there.”

“I knew it!”

“So, we can go together, right? Tomorrow?”

“Sure. But how did you know that Lei’s going to be in the meeting?”

“Oh well, my sources say that punk Julia just recruited her or something.”

“And she agreed to join and go to the meeting tomorrow?”

“Of course! She even outed herself to the whole school hall.”

“Really? That’s…”

“HOT,“ Diane cut off, eager to put in her own opinion of what happened.

“I was about to say brave and admirable.”

“But HOT is a better thing to say. Especially when Lei CC’s involved.”

And with that final comment from the head cheerleader, Kristen had nothing left to say.

End of Chapter Four.

Coming soon on Of Tears And Broken Hearts:

She turned around to look and at that instant, whatever annoyance there was seeping through her blood suddenly vanished. She sat awestruck as she gazed at a gorgeous raven-haired beauty. She realized that not only did the feelings of annoyance leave her, but so did her ability to think properly like a normal person.

Happy birthday.”

Did the heavenly being before her just speak?


“Well, not everybody’s a bitch either and most possibly the hugest hypocrite that’s ever existed.”

Julia sighed, “How do you know that when you’re not even friends? And the fact that one of the kindest people we know, which is Kristen, has been friends with her and stuck with her for a very long time should say something about Diane’s personality. Maybe she’s not so much the bitch you make her out to be.”

“And maybe, Kristen’s just too kind to lose a friend. Ever think of that?”

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