Story: Of Tears And Broken Hearts (chapter 3)

Authors: keilanch

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter Two - Without A Doubt

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She looked around her. Everything was striking and sparkling, from the beautiful chandelier, to the pyramid of wine glasses displayed on the grand table. It was very obvious that the celebration was made with the most precise details, careful arrangements, meticulous planning…and of course, heaps of money.

It was a gathering of the best among the best for the only the best.

The tell-tale signs that the celebration was for the wealthiest of families were neither, however, the decorations nor the servings. It was the people, the members of the elite, who flaunted their garish gowns and neat tuxedos as they walked around the hall, heads high and proud. Whether they talked in hush whispers or with loud, obnoxious laughter, the aura of class and superiority still oozed off of them in waves.

She hated these kinds of gatherings.

I know how much you hate these kinds of things.”

She looked to her right as her father came to stand next to her, standing on the verandah just outside the hall where all the action seemed to be. She had been looking at the vast horizon faraway on the other end of the ocean for sometime now, lingering on the peace that the calm night sky and the tranquil waves brought her.

No dad. It’s okay.”

I’m sorry, baby girl. This was supposed to be about you.”

No really dad, it’s okay. Thank you.”

I don’t think I really deserve the thanks.”

Dad… I mean it. Any girl would be really happy celebrating her birthday in a beautiful place with all these important guests. Plus, I loved the wine glass pyramid.”

Her father smiled as he gazed at his daughter, still facing the nothingness. “But Leila, you’re not just any girl. You’re our little girl – your mother and I both.”

I know that, dad, and I can’t be any happier,” She looked at her father’s face, now showing the early signs of maturity in his tender, senior age.

As your father, Leila, I also know that you don’t actually enjoy these kinds of parties.”

But –“

He cut her off before she was even able to utter her next word. “And no buts. I know you Lei, and I love you. I also know that as much as you hate all these show of fancy clothes and cars, you understand that these are inevitable parts of our lives. Birthdays or no birthdays.”

His demeanor softened as he smiled with all sincerity. “And because of that, we – your mother and I – are so proud of you.”

Leila fell into his father’s open arms as they embraced each other, basking in the love that only a father can give to his daughter and a daughter to her father.

After a while, Leila disentangled herself from her father’s tight yet gentle embrace and, for the first time, noticed the large brown envelope he held. Her father seemed to notice her curious expression as he handed her the light package that she received, her eyes now filled with undeniable interest. He smiled at her as she slowly opened the envelope and took out a series of papers that she started reading.

We figured you’d like a special extra for your birthday, baby girl.”

Leila’s eyes opened wide as she realized what the papers she held in her hands meant. She couldn’t believe what she was actually seeing and her mind failed to utter a single word of response.

Again, it was her father who spoke.

Remember when you were around 9 and 10? You always bugged your mom and I about going back to this place that you apparently held dear to you. But everything was still very complicated back then that as much as we wanted to grant your wish, we just can’t,” His eyes held the tinge of sadness that Leila knew was also reflected on hers.

But I grew out of it,” Finally, she regained the use of her voice as she stated those simple words.

Yes, you did. But I doubt you ever really forgot. All the memories are still etched inside of you,” He paused, but spoke once more. “We didn’t want to give you a car, or a diamond bracelet, or anything as superficial. We wanted to give you back your memories. And with that,” He pointed at the papers she held, “you can easily go back to those special times – something, I know you treasure deep in your heart.”

I…I don’t know what to say…”

Thank you would be enough.”

She beamed as tears that she didn’t notice forming at the corners of her eyes began to fall down freely. Once more, she enveloped her father in a tight hug that conveyed all the words she didn’t know how to say.

I love you dad. I love you and mom both.”

We know, baby girl. And we love you too.”

And there, under the calm night sky, father and daughter reveled in the peace of everything serene.

Two years after that fateful day, and ten years after the innocence of playing with a beautiful blonde girl, now a long lost friend…finally, she had gone back.


Kristen went to school a little earlier than usual because of two reasons. One, it was finally the first day of her senior year. And two, she had been unable to get back to sleep when Diane called her at five in the morning just to get her ready for “the day the heiress came”. I mean, five in the morning?! What was she thinking?

Apparently, no one had been having thoughts along the line of sanity too.

When Kristen came to the school parking lot that morning to make room for her chrome 2-seater Honda Insight, she knew right away that everything was far from usual. There were students everywhere, talking and chatting with their own groups. At first, it may seem as though they just found out, finally, that the school parking lot was an awesome place to have social affairs with people. However, a closer observation showed that all these students seemed to keenly, if not subtly, take note of the cars that came to the lot that day. It was as if they were all waiting for someone.

Then, it dawned on her. Of course they were waiting for someone. Not just someone but The One. The Leila CC.

Taking the keys with her, Kristen took her bag, swung it on her shoulder, and finally stepped out of her car. She looked around at all the students – insane, way over the top, students – and scanned the crowd for her friend. What caught her eye wasn’t her friend though, but a huge banner posted at the wall of the nearest school building with a message written in big bold letters:


Now if Kristen hadn’t known of the heiress’s decision to attend their school, surely she certainly knew now. The banner, in its grandeur, was of course one hell of a dead give away.

Suddenly, she was yanked out of her thoughts as she felt her arm, along with her whole body, being pulled to the side.

“So, what do you think of the banner?”

Kristen looked at the expectant and somewhat freakishly jubilant look on Diane’s face.

“This is your doing?”

“No, silly! It’s the school’s doing. I just helped organize,” Kristen was kind of disturbed at the overly beaming face of her friend. “So, what do you think?”


“Of course it’s big! I meant about the color and the letters and the message and –“

Diane was cut off as the sight of a sparkling red Jaguar convertible paved its way through the crowded parking lot. At the same time, Kristen swore she saw all heads turn to watch the very same spectacle that her friend was so entranced at.

When the undoubtedly expensive and customized car roared its final breath of life and went silent, Kristen thought she heard gasps in the crowd. When the doors of the car at the driver’s side finally swung open, she knew she heard the gasps. When the driver stepped out, she, herself, gasped at the sight that beheld her.

The driver was a brunette woman with wavy and yet wonderfully done hair that seemed to follow her every move. She wore classy blue sunglasses that matched her faded denim jeans and also blue sneakers. She wore a tight white shirt which clung to her at the right angles and at the same time bore a very revealing and powerful message: I Can’t Even Think Straight! Her bag hung to her shoulder in a simple yet still quite endearing manner.

In all her modesty, this gorgeous woman, oozing with power and sex appeal, was without a doubt, Leila Charles-Carlson.

End of Chapter Two.

Coming Soon on Of Tears and Broken Hearts:

Kristen sniffled. Leila placed her hands once more on the blonde’s back, but now, instead of patting, she was rubbing it.

I’m not going to make you cry.”

Kristen looked up.


Leila’s smile widened and her eyes hinted a glint of amusement. A crush and I haven’t even been here 5 minutes. Oh, this will be fun. “So…”

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