Story: Girl's Bravo: Romance 101 (chapter 1)

Authors: Shanejayell

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Chapter 1


Girl's Bravo: Romance 101

Lisa Fukuyama nodded to herself thoughtfully, the lovely blonde smiling as she said to her bodyguard, "Thank you for delivering the weekly Yukinari update." She frowned as she added, "We'll have to continue surveillance until I can devise some way of getting that cursed Miharu and the others away from my beloved!"

"Of course, madam," the dark haired woman bowed slightly in reply, her slim body dressed crisply in a black suit.

Without another word Lisa went back to reading her fortune telling magazine, then blinked as she realized that her servant hadn't left yet. "Is something wrong, Kosame?" she asked, looking up to meet her brown eyes.

"I was hoping," Kosame said to her with a great deal of dignity, "to ask for your advice... in a romantic matter."

"You want love advice?" Lisa asked her eagerly, turning around in her chair to look up at the other young woman.

"Indeed," Kosame admitted, still standing straight beside Lisa's seat. "There's someone that I'm interested in," she continued, "but I'm having difficulties."

"Who is he?" Lisa's voice was excited, wondering what sort of person her intense bodyguard would be interested in.

"Kirie," Kosame answered softly.

"Kirie!" Lisa sat right up in surprise. "But... she's a woman! And she's violent, rude, obnoxious..." she trailed off.

"I know," Kosame looked off into the distance with a little smile, "that's what makes her so charming to me."

Lisa looked up at her blankly a moment, then shook her head. "Never mind that...," she murmured, her thoughts racing. Kirie was Yukinari's childhood friend and a rival for his affections, if she could hook her and Kosame up it would clear one rival away. "What do you mean, having difficulties?" she asked her briskly.

"I called her charming when we fought over Yukinari," Kosame continued with a smile, her tone of voice almost like she was taking about a date, "the I seized my chance when she visited your family home."

Lisa took a few minutes to draw out more detailed information from her guard, feeling her heart sink in her chest as she listened. "You threatened her with a gun and then fondled her breasts with it!" she blurted.

"Well, yes," Kosame answered innocently, from the look oh her handsome face she clearly wasn't seeing anything wrong with that.

Lisa sighed, feeling a dull headache coming on. "I know that I'm not the most normal woman in regards to dating," she said weakly, "but even I know that's a bad idea. Didn't your mother teach you anything?"

"Actually I was raised by my father on the military base," Kosame admitted.

"That explains it," Lisa sighed. "Clearly, you need to change you tactics."

Kosame perked up at the use of such a military term as tactics, feeling happy to hear things put in terms she understood. "I would eagerly accept any advice, ma'am," she said.

"At least your appearance won't be a problem," Lisa muttered, looking Kosame over. If she was a guy, Lisa suspected she might have gone for herself. 'Wonder if that's why brother hired her for me?' Lisa wondered idly, then focused o the task at hand. "Courting," Lisa sighed, "we're going to have to give you a remedial course on courting."


Kirie looked at Yukinari with fond exasperation as they walked home from school, her light brown hair falling into her eyes. "You have to learn to stand up for yourself more," she reminded him, "or the girl's will just keep on walking all over you."

"Sorry Kirie," Yukinari sighed, black hair falling into his eyes.

"And stop apologizing so much," Kirie sighed.

Miharu looked over from where the pink haired woman kept a grip on Yukinari's arm, "I'm sorry Kirie, I should be helping more."

"It's not your fault, Miharu," Kirie waved that off as they went around the corner towards their homes, then froze as they saw a familiar sight.

"Is that...?" Yukinari started to ask, looking at the black limo that patiently waited on the street in front of the houses.

"It's probably that pervert Kazuhara or his sister Lisa again," Kirie growled.

"Oh good, company," Miharu smiled.

The driver's side door opened and Kosame stepped out, her dark brown hair falling into her handsome face, lingering by the car as they approached. "Good afternoon," Kosame said once they were close enough.

"Are you here to kidnap Yukinari again?" Kirie growled forcefully.

"No, I'm here about you," Kosame answered. Instinctively Kirie took up a combat stance, ready to fight and Kosame got a dreamy look on her face, "So charming..."

"Huh?" Kirie blinked, blushing faintly.

Kosame shook herself, reminding herself to concentrate on what she was doing, stepping forward to take Kirie's hand. "I wanted to apologize for how forward I was when we first met," she smiled, "I was so overwhelmed by your loveliness I lost myself."

"Huh?" both Yukinari and Kirie blurted.

"Excuse me," and with that Kosame climbed back into the car and was off.

The next morning Kirie went to her desk, looking in surprise at the single red rose that sat on her desk. "Who's it from?" Yukinari asked.

Kirie opened the card, reading it silently. "This is where I first saw you," it read, "and I have not forgotten you since." Elegant script, signed "Kosame."

"What is she thinking?" Kirie muttered, stuffing the card and rose in her desk.

"I think it's charming," Miharu said cheerfully.

The next morning and each morning thereafter there was another gift waiting. It started with more roses, then chocolate, then perfume, each one accompanied by a complimentary note signed by Kosame. After a while Kirie found herself lingering over the cards, her expression oddly thoughtful, and waiting for what would come next.

Finally the morning came when Kirie arrived for school, strode to her desk... and stopped, surprised. "Nothing?" she asked softly, feeling oddly deprived somehow.

"I wonder if Kosame is sick today?" Miharu asked innocently.

Suddenly bullet fire rang out, then the window shattered as the students scattered. With unearthly grace Kosame swung into the room, straightening up gracefully from her landing. "What do you think you're doing..." Kirie started, only to trail off.

Kosame extended the bunch of roses gracefully, the other girl smiling at her charmingly. A single rose was in her breast pocket, providing a burst of vibrant color. "Good morning," she said, "you look especially charming today."

"Th.. thank you," Kirie stammered as she relaxed from her battle pose, feeling faintly surprised to be blushing.

"I was wondering if you'd like to go to a martial arts exhibition with me," Kosame asked after a moment of silence.

"What?" Kirie looked at her in surprise.

"I thought you might be interested," Kosame explained. She blushed faintly as she continued, "And... I'd enjoy your company."

Kirie looked down at the roses, then up at the blushing Kosame. "I'd like that," Kirie admitted. She paused then gave Yukinari a look, "And don't get any perverted ideas."

"Of course not," Kosame said, "I'd never consider that on a first date."

"First date?" Yukinari and Miharu looked at each other.

"Does that mean they'll be others?" Miharu asked sweetly.

"That would depend on her," Kosame said respectfully.

Kirie paused then smiled surprisingly. "Let's see how this one goes first," she said.

"I'll look forward to it, then," Kosame said as she strode from the room, shoes crunching the broken glass as the dignified woman went.

"Are you serious about this?" Yukinari asked Kirie once Kosame was gone.

"I don't know," Kirie admitted as she brought the roses up to breathe in the scent, "but I'm interested in finding out."


Notes: Kosame is a character from the Girl's Bravo anime and develops quite an interest in Kirie during their first two meetings. Sadly, she's a bit blunt in expressing her interest in Kirie, so I figured she could use some romantic help.

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