Story: Totally Spies Confidental Adventure Files (chapter 3)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 3

[Author's notes: The conclusion of the story.]

Samantha sat at her desk, looking at a photo of her and Mandy in cute swimsuits. It was hard to imagine that just a few years earlier, she and Mandy were bitter rivals at school. Then Jerry brought her into WOOHP and stuck Sam with training her. It took months but over that time, they grew closer and finally found each other. She smiled, their clumsy first night....full of apologies for poking fingers here and there, completely missing the intended targets. It brought a smile to her face when she remembered how they finally gave up and rented porn to figure things out. She looked up at the clock on her wall and sighed, soon she'd be off and back with the girl she loved...but she almost lost her...

Months Earlier, they had been assigned a simple task, to retrieve some blueprints from a minor dictator. It seemed like a good training mission for Mandy. But things got out of hand, fast. First, the dictator knew someone would come and was ready with armed guards. Second, he already had used the blueprints to make a prototype. And Three, they were the target for testing. Their standard anti-personnel gadgets, designed to deal with henchmen and such, where all but useless against the damn machine. The second they entered the warehouse, the damn thing fired on them!!
"This is not good, everything we've got isn't worth shit!" Sam shouted as they dove for cover.

"No kidding...the only thing left is this hair dryer gun."

"Look out!!" Sam shouted as the unit skirted their cover and opened fire on them, the shots when wide but managed to slice through the edges of both suits. The girls struggled to hide.

"This isn't good, we can't deal with this kind of thing..."

"Can't we call for backup or something??"

"Not till that damn thing is neutralized."

"Wait...I just had an idea...that thing has intakes for the engine right...what if we jam this dryer gun into on and set it on full blast, that should do some damage right?"

"It would, but getting close won't be easy."

The girls circled the area till they could get the angle they needed and with Mandy on distraction, they set their plan in action. The unit turned toward Mandy and fired, she barely got to cover, most of which was chewed up but the unit's gun, as Sam leapt on the prototype and jammed the tornado dryer into an engine air intake and set it on high as she leapt off. The force of the dryer's blast literally blew the engine apart, the pilot barely escaped as guards rushed into the room just as WOOHP agents entered from above. A short fire fight ensued, then all parties were dealt with. The Dictator was arrested and carted off as the slightly wounded girls were sent back to headquarters. Jerry examined the details and the ruined unit and sighed and made his decision to change the training. The world was changing and WOOHP needed to as well.

Sam smiled as the clock chimed the hour and set her files in order and shut down her terminal. She had dinner with Mandy then an evening off for once. She wondered what would happen next. As Sam made her way down the corridor, she paused outside Clover and Alex’s room. She noticed the red light was on the lock, indicating privacy. She chuckled and smiled a bit, she was glad they found what she had found in Mandy. She took the lift down two levels to her apartment and noticed that the lock was still green…was Mandy late again? She keyed the lock and slipped in, the room was dark. She noticed a faint glow from the bedroom. She followed the light and smiled to find a mostly naked Mandy lounging on the bed.

“Well, this isn’t quite what I expected to find.”

“You don’t like it?” Mandy cooed, wearing a purple garter belt and matching hose, a cute purple choker and her hair done up with a purple ribbon.

“I didn’t say that did I?” Sam smiled as she tossed her jacket on the chair and kicked off her shoes. Mandy wiggled a bit on the bed, rubbing her thighs together as Sam wiggled out of her skirt, then her panties, slowly kneeling on the end of the bed to slowly unbutton her blouse, teasing Mandy a bit as she took her time before letting it slid down her arms. Mandy made a happy sound as Sam proved yet again that she never had need for bras!! Sam slowly crawled up the bed till she was on top of Mandy, smiling as she kissed her softly.

“Clover and Alex are an item.”

“What? Really?!”


“I knew those two would be drawn to each other…”

“And to think, you used to make fun of them…”

“That was before I had you.”

Mandy reached up, her hands on Sam’s waist, slowly sliding them up to across her stomach to her firm breasts, lightly rolling them as she smiled. Sam giggled a bit, she was ticklish here and there and mmmed softly.

“Sam…make love to me…please…just make love to me…any way you want.”

Sam kissed Mandy again softly, then deeper and deeper before breaking the kiss and smiling, slowly kissing her way down Mandy’s neck to the swell of her breasts. She slowly kissed her way up on firm mound, brushing her lips across the hard sensitive nipple a few times before capturing it between her lips, sucking on it as her tongue flickered across it, making mandy squeal a bit. She then kissed her way back down the breast and up the other, repeating her tender treatment before slowly kissing down past them, her hands resting on Mandy’s breasts, lightly rolling them, catching the nipples between her fingers. Mandy moaned and gasped, panting very softly as Sam’s tongue teased around her belly button then moved down to stop her trail of kissed just above Mandy’s sex. Sam looked up at her lover and smiled, lightly blowing on Mandy’s clit a bit, watching her tense up and moan cutely. Sam lowered her lips and lightly brushed them across her love’s love button, smiling as each pass made mandy moan and tense up a bit, waiting for what was next. Sam continued her teasing for a bit, making mandy moan and wiggle was fun, though she couldn’t resist the urge and pressed her tongue to her love’s sex and slowly drew it up the length, mmming as she soo enjoyed the sweetness of her lover. She listened to Mandy’s moans, increasing on volume with each lick, Sam’s tongue working this way and that, the tip tracing the outer folds of her lover’s perfect flower. Sam pressed her lips to Mandy’s sex, mmming as she slowly wiggled and worked her tongue into her love.

“OH SAM!!!” mandy squealed, she loved it when Sam frenched her pussy…it was soo naughty and sexy! Sam’s muffled moans stimulated mandy even more as her tongue wiggled and twisted and licked around inside her. Sam pulled back, a line of spittle connected her tongue to her love as she smiled and moved to straddle Mandy’s waist.

“I love you…”

“I love you too Samantha.”

Sam smiled as she slipped off Mandy and lifted Mandy’s legs over her own, scooting up till her sex was very close to Mandy’s, Mandy moaned, trembling, she loved what was to come next. Sam pushed Mandy’s legs up, her knees toward her chest as she scooted up and placed her sex against Mandy’s, moaning loudly. Mandy wiggled under Sam, her legs dangling in the air as Sam mmmed and lightly ground her hips, panting softly. Mandy closed her eyes.

“Oh sam…ohhhh….ohhhh please!!!”

Sam moaned softly, trembling as she continued to grind her hips, holding out a little longer as she closed her eyes, panting softly. Mandy wiggled and moaned, whimpering…

“No fair….please Sam!”

Sam was trying to concentrate, to stay slow, to keep it gentle and long, but her desire and Mandy’s moaning requests were too much, she began to literally hump her lover, rubbing and pushing her pussy against Mandy’s, bouncing her lightly. Mandy squealed with delight, panting as her hands moved to grope Samantha’s bottom, lightly squeezing it in time with the gentle bounces. Sam passionately kissed her dearest love, panting as she caressed Mandy’s hair and face.

“mandy…who would have imagined…us…together…”

“No one…but…ohhhh god….I wouldn’t…..ahhhh….change it for anyone!!”

Their mouths locked into a passionate kiss, tongues dueling, caressing as their bodies moved together. Sam began to bounce faster, harder, Mandy moaning loudly as she closed her eyes, arching her back more, her breasts jiggling as she moved her hands up to the small of Sam’s back, panting heavily.
“ohsamohsamohsamohsam!” Mandy chanted, panting as she felt her body rinsing toward the wonderful release as Samantha bounced faster, and faster. The bed squeaked loudly in protest of their wild bouncing as Samantha and mandy raced toward bliss, the pair suddenly stiffened, Sam’s back arched, her sex pressed firmly against Mandy’s, Mandy’s hips arched to press against Sam as they came, their bodies trembling as they cried out their joy and bliss, shuddering before collapsing together onto the bed.

“Oh god…that was fun…” Sam gasped.

“Yeah…but I’m still horny.” mandy blushed…

“I figured…why don’t you take me…”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Mandy rolled of the bed and located one of her favorite toys, a double ended strap-on she had found online. She smiled, slowly pushing the shorter end into herself, moaning as she pulled the straps on and tightened them, wiggling a bit to get the toy in a comfortable position before smiling and crawling across the bed. Samantha smiled and giggled, rolling on her stomach, wiggling her bottom at Mandy. Mandy pounced on Sam and purred, fondling her breasts as she rubbed the toy against Sam’s sex, making her moan lustfully.

“Don’t tease…please….”

“I know…but it’s soo fun to make you beg a bit.”


Mandy giggled and shifted her hips and pushed forward, burying the shaft inside her lover, the resistance pushing the toy into Mandy as well.

“Ohhh….yessss…” Mandy moaned, echoing Sam’s moans of delight.

The pair shuddered softly for a few moments. Mandy began to slowly move in and out, the movement causing the half inside her to shift back and forth, making her moan as she kissed Sam’s neck, shoulders…panting softly as Sam let out a shuddering moan of delight. Mandy had planned to take her time, but the movement of the toy, the sounds her love made and her overall need to cum again overrode her plan and she began to thrust faster, panting, her hips lightly slapping against Sam’s bottom as her hands rolled and caressed her love’s perfect breasts. Sam closed her eyes, moaning as she let Mandy lead, she liked to let Mandy control her abit, it was kinky and they both enjoyed it a lot. Mandy began to thrust faster, panting and moaning Sam’s name till her hips were rapidly slapping Sam’s body, her breasts jiggling as she held onto Sam’s breasts.

“Mandy…oh Mandy, faster faster!!”

“Yes oh yes!!”

Many was crying out as she pistoned her hips, trembling as she closed her eyes, only feeling Sam through her hands and when their bodies touched. To Mandy, in her mind, only she and Sam existed, only she and Sam were real right then and there. She lay against Sam’s back, her breasts rubbing those of her love, her body rubbing against Sam’s as she thrust with wild abandon. Sam was closer to cumming than she had imagined and now she wasn’t sure she could hold out against Mandy‘s driving thrusts, little did she know what Mandy was in the same boat. Mandy’s thrusts began to become slightly erratic as she opened her eyes, burying the shaft deep in side her love as she cried out.


Sam squealed as Mandy buried the shaft deep inside her, making her cum with her love!


They stiffened, bodies trembling as they rode out the shared wave of bliss, the second one in a row for them. Mandy pulled out and flopped on her back as Sam rolled over. Mandy lay next to her love, hand in hand, panting softly as she smiled…

“Soo…what now?”


Mandy smiled and snuggled up against Samantha’s side, resting her head on Sam’s shoulder as she Sam gently caressed her back lightly, their bodies relaxing enough for them to slip off to slumber.

The next morning...things were under way. Jerry had them back training the new spies while he went over a series of documents that he had drawn up to make sure that their new positions were legal. He then went about transferring access to some of the systems to Samantha as she began her new role as his primary assistant.

Alex watched as her class went through warm-up exercises, the girls were limber and it did excite her to watch them stretch and bend in their form fitting training suits. She couldn't get the image of Clover in that skin tight pilot's suit out of her mind, she soo wanted to just blow off training, track her lover down and pounce on her! But her duty to make sure these new spies were trained was a bit more important, for the time being. She ordered the girls to pair off and begin basic combat throws as she walked between them. She saw soo much potential in them.

Sam sat at her desk and went over the latest reports to come in. Some of the secondary teams were reporting directly to her, requesting new gear, wanting updates on missions or requesting pick up of themselves and suspects they had captured. She took her new role very seriously and went about making sure each team had the best gear for their assignment, quick retrieval and the best Intel she could give them. She didn't mind taking over some of Jerry's duties, she loved the challenge.

Mandy stood at the training range and oversaw the current class's use of some of the standard gadgets, shouting when they misused them then correcting them. Often, and she was sure they were tired of hearing her say it, she would tell them, "Knowing how these gadgets work and how to best use them will mean the difference between life and death some times." She got gruff and angry at times, but she wanted the girls to be able to do the best and survive, she wanted to be proud of them and knew that soon them would be put into trios and sent out first on training missions with a vet to oversee them and then in their trios on their own.

Clover, weaning a long coat over her bodysuit, walked the line of simulators and checked each girl to make sure she was properly attired and ready. "Good, hair pulled back, suits on, alright ladies, these are Type one trainers, mount up and begin the tests. Go slowly, take your time and you'll be fine." As the girls saluted and mounted what passed for pilot seats and closed up the trainers, Clover smiled, knowing they'd have to muck out some of the units after this class, always had to, soo many girls were unprepared for the unique feelings one got in the sims.

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