Story: Totally Spies Confidental Adventure Files (chapter 2)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 2

[Author's notes: The story continues]

Clover woke first, yawning a bit as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She blinked and looked down, realizing that Alex was still there in bed with her!! Even through they were clothed, to a point, they were in bed, Alex's hand still on Clover's thigh. Clover had to take deep breaths to get control of her racing heart, for Alex's robe had slipped a bit during the night and she could see almost the entire form of her right breast, perfect and flawless in Clover's mind. She was half tempted to pull the robe open more, but Alex blinked as the phone rang.


"Clover?? Who is it??"

"I'll find out..." Clover grumbled as she picked up the phone.


"Listen, it's Sam, I'm at WOOHP, I think you two should get here as fast as possible!"


"We have new agents that need to be shown around and start their training."

"That's not our job Sammy..."

"Well, it is now, We've been promoted. There is a jet at the airport waiting for you."

Sam hung up as Clover sat there with a stunned look on her face.

"What is it Clover?"



Clover jumped out of bed and pulled Alex with her, jumping around and laughing, Alex couldn't help but join in as they celebrated, but then, without thinking, Clover pulled Alex into a sudden kiss!! They both stood there, slightly stunned by the act. Clover pulled away, blushing.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have..."

"No...I didn't mind..." Alex said in that damn cute voice of hers.

"You mean that?"

Alex nodded and put her arms around Clover's neck.

"I thought about what you said, and well...I...I guess I've always felt something special about you, but never had a name for it till now."

"You aren't teasing me right??"

"I wouldn't ever tease about something this important...Clover, I love you too, it's just, gonna be kind of weird for a while."

"Tell me about's gonna be something we'll have to go day by day with."

"Should we tell Sam?"

"Not yet...I...wanna be more comfortable about this before we tell her."

"Me too..."

Clover gave Alex a quick kiss and smiled.

"We need to get going, we promoted spies have new duties to deal with."

"Okay, but...I hope we get some time alone, there is a lot we have to discuss and stuff."


Alex and Clover dressed and packed what they had brought and headed down to catch a cab to the airport. They held hands on the ride over and on the flight in the private WOOHP jet. They weren’t sure what they would be doing but knew that as long as they had each other, they'd do fine.

They arrived home, dropping their things off at the house. Clover and Alex spent the ride over kissing softly and discussing what they might do for dinner in the evening to discuss their new relationship., Clover and Alex arrived at WOOHP and were surprised to find Sam and Jerry working on a new roster for the new arrivals.

"Ahh, there you are. It's good that you made it back in one piece...we have a lot to do." Jerry said in his usual tone.

"Yes...Clover, Alex, we've had to increase staff due to a number of new instances that have been cropping up." Sam said, Clover thought she was acting a bit odd.

"I see, but what will we be doing?" Alex asked.

"Simple, Alex, you will be instructing the new hand to hand combat class, Clover you will be first trained in then instructing the new powered armor training course." Sam informed them.

"Wait...since when do we use powered armor??" Clover asked.

"Since the last incident with Samantha and Mandy where they were almost killed. All agents of WOOHP will now be trained in it's use."

"Almost killed, when did this happen?" Alex asked, concern tinting her voice.

"It doesn't matter right now. Alex, you need to get to the training room for Hand to hand." Sam said firmly. Clover arched an eyebrow at the change in their friend’s attitude and shrugged.

"Guess I'm off to train then."

"Good, you girls get going and we'll have the new trainees up and ready in a few weeks."

Both Alex and clover looked a bit defeated, a few weeks meant very little time to explore their new relationship, unless they could find someplace in the WOOHP facility to spend time. Alex and clover rode the elevator down to the Training Level. They knew they were being the main room, Jerry cut the feed.

"Give them privacy Samantha..."

"I still can't believe it...are you sure that your Intel is correct??"

"Yes...from what I have learned, they have discovered feelings for each other and I think we should honor that with giving them some privacy, As I did you and Mandy..."

Samantha blushed and cleared her throat.

"If you think that's best."

"Good, now then, I believe you have a tactics class and make sure that Mandy isn't late for gadgets class again."

"Will do."

Jerry smiled, the four of them would lighten his load considerably and at the same time improve their skills. At this rate, they'd be master grade spies before they became 25.

Alex found herself facing a class of some 15 girls, all ready to prove themselves. She introduced herself and had them go through some warm up exercises while she looked over them to see if she could spot any trouble makers. Clover, on the other hand was trying out the simulators to get a handle on their new power armor toys. They had several types and she was gonna have to work hard to get them all mastered. While Alex had the ease of teaching hand to hand, Clover had much more to deal with. First there was the skin tight, leave nothing to the imagination body suit she had to wear, then the fact that the simulator room was very cold...making the suit all that much more embarrassing!!

“They have to be kidding, this thing is worse than being in a wet t-shirt contest…“ Suddenly, clover regretted saying that as she imagined her darling Alex in a wet t-shirt. She had to shake that from her mind as she moved to the basic training unit, a rather ungraceful looking machine. The hatch popped open at a touch and she had to basically scramble up into it, damn bodysuit was making this almost as bad as if she was mounting up naked!! She sighed once inside and locked in. She got used to the lack of a seat and went over the controls three times before starting her test. The suit was like riding a drunken motorcycle, she almost got sick twice till she got the rhythm of it. She took a few hours in each of the other simulators before she was sure she had them down then she ran a test on herself for each one to make sure she could pass them and teach them to the new spies. She finished and headed for the small apartment on site that she had been told was hers to use.

Clover was still in her bodysuit as she headed down the hall. She hoped no one would see her as she rounded the corner and keyed the lock. She stepped inside and blushed as the door closed behind her, for there was a half naked Alex in her room!



Alex asked, wearing only her panties, holding her t-shirt against her chest, her body coated with sweat from her training class.

"Sorry, thought this was my room."

"Um...let me see your key." Alex asked, Clover handed it over and Alex blushed a bit more and smiled.

"Guess....we're roomies."

Inwardly Clover was doing a very elaborate celebratory dance, outwardly, Alex could tell she was excited to say the least, since her bodysuit gave that away.

"Clover...would to join me in the shower?"


Alex dropped her top and smiled, Clover's heart all but beating out of her chest at the sight of Alex's perfect breasts. She didn't realize that she hadn't moved when she felt Alex's fingers on the back of her bodysuit.

"I'll help you get out of this..."

Clover half moved away but stayed put, letting Alex unseal and assist her in getting the damn tight thing off. Alex's heart was racing as she slowly pushed the suit open, helping Clover get her arms out and push it down past her tush. Alex was soo excited...seeing Clover naked, she couldn't believe it, her secret dream was coming true too. She slipped off her panties and took Clover's hand, blushing cutely.

"Let's shower, there is...stuff we need to discuss later."


Clover let Alex lead her to the shower, wondering just what would happen. Clover stood nervously as Alex got the shower running, making sure the water was warm before leading Clover in. The shower stall had enough room for the two of them and a bit of extra space. The pair blushed as breasts brushed breasts, backs, hips bumped as they showered together. Clover's mind was on fire with images of Alex moaning and in the throws of passion while Alex's mind was awash with images of Clover in her arms, both weak and sweaty. Their gentle contacts and racing minds finally took their toll. Clover pulled Alex to her, kissing her deeply as Alex slipped her arms around Clover's neck. Their firm bodies trembling as they clung to each other, not quite sure where to go from there. Clover broke the kiss...

"Alex...I want you soo much...but I'm not sure how?"

"I...think we can find out...if we just take it slowly and somewhere where we won't fall on slippery tiles."

Clover giggled a bit and smiled, releasing Alex as she reached to turn off the shower. She paused, watching the water cascade down Alex's body, leaving silvery rivers along her dark skin, beads of water forming on her perfect breasts, her dark nipples hard like Clovers pink ones. Alex was watching Clover, it looked as if her smooth hard body was covered in little sparkling gems, the rise and fall of her breasts, her long legs and her...what should she call it...pussy? Sounded too vulgar...flower maybe...sounded more romantic. They tore their eyes off each other long enough to dry off and move into the bedroom where they slipped into bed and back into each other's arms.

"This is where I'm not sure what to do..." Clover admitted

"Neither am I, but...we can let nature take it's course."

"What did you want to talk about..."

"This actually..."


Clover pulled Alex to her...letting nature take it's course. Alex gazed into Clover's eyes as she slipped her arms around Clover's waist, their bodies almost touching. Clover was blushing brightly as Alex suddenly moved closer, pressing their bodies together. both girls gasping as their firm youthful breasts were slightly squashed, hard nipples brushing and rubbing against each other, sending tiny waves of joy and pleasure through them. Neither spoke, only soft moans as mouths hungrily sought out each other, desires not spoken of rising to the moment as Clover's hands slid down Alex's back to massage her firm athletic bum, Alex's hands caressing Clover's back. The pair moved slowly against each other, each movement eliciting a moan or gasp as they bodies made intimate contact. Clover shifted slightly, pressing her thigh between Alex's legs, making gentle contact with Alex's sex as her own made contact with Alex’s silky thigh. Both girls stiffened slightly, pausing for a moment as they blushed fiercely, both embarrassed and excited by the gentle contact. Clover gazed into Alex's eyes as she slowly moved her hips a bit, moaning as she gently rubbed against Alex's thigh, Alex moaned as the movement guided her hips at the same time and soon, they were both lost in a sea of pleasure, grinding against each other's thigh, panting and moaning louder and louder. Hands caressed and groped wherever they could, lithe bodies rocking together in perfect rhythm as young minds swirled in clouds of pleasure and new passion. Clover felt her body began to peak, like it did on the few times she was alone and felt a need to pleasure herself, Alex was teetering on the same edge until she cried out!


She cried out at the top of her lungs, shuddering as she arched her back, her release, her love, coating her love's silky thigh as Clover's voice joined hers.


The pair stiffened and shuddered, firm breasts jiggling as they shared their first orgasm together. They collapsed into each other's arms, panting softly, trembling as they kissed each other with soft, slightly weak kisses,

"Oh Alex....I could never imagine it would feel like this..."

" was amazing..."

The pair rested in each other's arms, content to stay there till hell froze over if need be to share the warmth of their love. They now understood soo much more about what they could share...they had soo much more to explore, but it would have to wait, both were tired after training and after their orgasms. They soon drifted into a blissful sleep, Alex snuggled against Clover, a peaceful and adorable image.

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