Story: Totally Spies Confidental Adventure Files (chapter 1)

Authors: Curb

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Chapter 1

The girls were leaving school, Clover was still steaming over the jerk who had dumped her after one date.

"That jerk..."

"I think we'll leave that at that and not pollute the air any more." Sam said softly as she guided Clover to a bench.

"How dare he...OOOOOO....jerk!!!"

"Calm down okay, it's not worth it."

Clover was fuming until she heard that voice, the voice that somehow sent shivers up and down her spine for no known reason.

"Hi girls, sorry I'm late."

"Hey Alex, Clover's in a bad mood."

"What happened?"

"She got dumped...again..."

"You poor thing!"

Alex bent down to hug Clover, the innocent contact of skin on skin sent an odd tingle through Clover's body...what was this??? She hugged Alex back.


Sam would have said something, but the bush behind them opened up and sucked them in, landing them on the pad at WHOOP.

"Sorry for the rough arrival girl, but we have an odd situation on our hands, contestants in a series of beach beauty contests have been disappearing. I'm sending you three to investigate the next contest in Hawaii."

"HAWAII!!" was the shouted response followed by quick giggly conversations till Jerry cleared his throat.

"This is serious, you will try to enter the competition or try to get close to the stage if you can't."
The girls sobered up as Jerry gave them an assortment of gear then sent them on their way. Upon arrival, they ran into a problem.

"What do you mean I can‘t enter?!" Clover demanded of the girl at the sign up table.

"For this contest, only naturally tan skinned girls were allowed to enter."


"Those are the rules."

"Calm down Clover, Alex, you‘ll have to enter instead."

"Okay, but I‘m not sure about this." Alex said as Sam followed her into the preparation area to help Alex pick out a suit. Clover cased the grounds, not to happy about not being on stage. She checked out the guys but found her thoughts returning to Alex occasionally. It was weird, she had caught herself sneaking peeks at her on the plane and was looking forward to seeing her suit with odd enthusiasm. She tried to shake it off as just being tired and still upset. She headed back to where the girls were at and almost fainted as she saw Alex in a skimpy yellow bikini!! There was little left to the imagination as most of Alex's firm dark skinned body was there for the view. Clover regained control of her self soon enough to realize that Alex seemed upset.

"What's wrong?" Clover asked as she approached Alex.

"This suit, it's soo skimpy..." Alex said as she posed a bit, clover's heart skipped a beat again...

"It's what you have to wear, besides, you look great."

"I do...?"

"Sure, though I think another color would be better but hey, it's contest issue."

"You really think it's okay, I mean, I feel practically naked."
Clover's mind did a funny flip, trying for a second to imagine a fully naked Alex, why was her mind doing this??

"It's okay, tell you what, after this mission, I'll wear something similar so you won't be the only one who had to wear a little bikini."

"Really, you'd do that?"

"Hey, what are friends for?"

Alex hugged clover, the warmth of her skin and the massive amount of skin on skin contact, Clover was wearing a small but not skimpy red bikini, made Clover feel was warm and squishy and melty for a second. Why was she feeling this way, why did Alex make her feel soo strange, but good strange. The hug was broken when a call for all contestants was announced over the loud speakers.

"Wish me luck." Alex chimed as she hurried off. Sam, who was already in the crowd, had no idea what had just happened or why Clover seemed a bit moony as she joined her. Clover tried to clear her mind, looking at all the beach guys surrounding her, but her gaze always returned to the stage to where Alex stood. She tried to tell herself it was just because of the mission but she had trouble tearing her eyes off Alex. As the contest began, Clover began to notice things around the area. For one, the crowd seemed to be broken up for each girl, obviously family and friends for each. She moved about, noticing that the contest was very popular and tried to figure out why there were any people who would have any reason to attack it. She found herself moving forward, toward the stage, she found herself once again gazing at Alex as she shyly waved and posed for pictures as the judges went about their business. It was then that she saw it, something moving to the upper right of Alex, just above the trees. She paused then raced up the stairs.

"Look Out!!" She shouted, making the girls scatter as a helicopter flew in low and fired off a net that missed it's target and fell at the feet of a group of rather large Hawaiian and Samoan gentleman who grabbed hold and pulled, hard. The helo jerked, enough for the pilot to lose control and clip a tree as Clover pulled Alex off stage, her only thought her safety as Sam moved in as the chopper skidded to a stop and buried the tip of it's rotors in the sand. The pilot staggered out only to get hit with a sticky bomb, sticking him against the side of the chopper as police and a WOOHP chopper arrived, always fast and ready they were. Clover helped Alex to the shade of a palm tree.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, thanks, I didn't see that coming."

"I wouldn't have either if...."

"If what?"

"If I hadn't been watching you..."

"Well, it's a good thing then."

Clover began to realize that there was something there, but what she wasn't sure of. She smiled and helped Alex up.

"Let's go."

They joined Sam and Jerry.

"Good work girls...this one will be locked up."

"Just doing our job Jer." Clover smiled.

"Since it is the weekend, you have the rest of it off here.


"Yes, now go relax and enjoy yourselves."

"I'm gonna stay here, see you girls later." Sam said as she stayed on with Jerry to oversee the lock up and transfer of the criminal.

Clover helped Alex back to the hotel. When they got to their room, Alex professed a need for a shower as Clover checked the time. As Alex showered, Clover sat on the edge of the bed, trying to get her mind around her new feelings. Could it be...could it be that she felt for Alex what she thought she felt for all the boys she chased?? Could it be that all that boy chasing was a waste, because the real target of her affection was Alex? Clover's mind warred over the very concept, was she in love with Alex, was that even possible? It had to one else made her feel the way Alex did, Alex always made Clover feel special, maybe, all that time, Clover had loved her but hadn't been able to express it...Could she express it now? She heard the shower stop and took a deep breath, she couldn't keep this from Alex, she had to tell her...but how...

Clover sat on the edge of the bed as Alex emerged from the bathroom wearing her cute pink shower robe, a towel around her neck. She smiled at Clover as she walked across the room, Clover couldn't help but notice how graceful Alex was even when she wasn't trying to be. She managed a smiled and patted the spot on the bed next to her.

"Alex...could we talk?"

"Okay, about what?" Alex asked as she sat down next to her best friend.

"Alex...I...I need to tell you something...something that's not easy for me to say."

"You can tell me anything, you know that."

"I know. but it's hard for admit something..."


"Alex...I...have strong feelings for you."

"So do I, we're BFFs after all."

"No...not like that...Alex...I...I think....I know I'm in love with you."

Alex sat there, her mouth dropped open, this was the most shocking thing she had ever heard, her dearest friend was in love with her!! Could this be??

"But...all the boys you are always chasing..."

"They never really meant anything to me...for some reason, I now know that the whole time, the reasons I failed with them was that my heart was always elsewhere, with you."

"But...we, you and me...both girls..."

"I know...I know, but I can't deny my feelings and keep lying to myself."


"I needed to tell you, you deserved to know how I feel. And if we can still be friends, that will be enough for me."

Alex was stunned, shocked and not upset?! She wasn't mad or angry with Clover, could this be something like what Clover felt, could she care for clover like Clover did for her?? She put her hand on Clover's.

"This is a lot to tell a girl after a brush with capture, but it beats being chained up for some silly reason or another."

"You...are okay with this?"

"I...don't know...I'm not upset or anything, but it's a lot to process."

Clover nodded then blushed as Alex laid down on the bed and pulled Clover to lay with her.

"It's late, let's get some rest then we'll see what happens okay?"


Clover was slightly trembling as she turned out the light, feeling Alex snuggle against her in the same bed. She put her arms around Alex as they slept in the same bed...this was soo wonderful, even if there was clothes between them...she was just so happy Alex wasn't pushing her away.

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