Story: Later (chapter 8)

Authors: jsyxx

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Chapter 8

Title: Date Night

[Author's notes:

I will continue this story the best I can until it’s finished. I apologize to any of my readers for long delays. If you enjoy, please review, it helps motivate me. I also went back and fixed a lot of typos and grammar errors in previous chapters.  Also, like I mentioned earlier, this fic doesn’t use Season 5 as canon.

Disclaimer: I do not own nor am I affiliated with Totally Spies.



Chapter 8 – Date Night

It was another week-end and yet another date-night for Sam, Clover, and Alex. Well, for Sam and Clover, at least. Alex’s only current date was with the four, soulless, white walls of her cramped cell in the WOOHP Prisoner Holding Facility. Her current favorite pass-time seemed to be staring into one of those walls endlessly. Jerry, who still felt very guilty about imprisoning her, was very disturbed to see that Alex was still in this same position several hours after he had last checked up on her with the camera hidden in her cell. Her expression was complete blank, like she was in a state of hypnosis. She looked more like a mannequin than a human being now. Jerry, not being able stomach seeing any more of one of his former favorite spies like this, switched the surveillance off on his monitor in his dark WOOHP office.

Back at Beverly Hills High School, the cover used for Alex being absent from school was that of a nasty strain of the flu. Earlier that day, a boy named Shawn Hart, who had been dating Alex for a few weeks, had shown up at the spies’ villa. He knew their plans for the weekend had been canceled, but he had only wanted to check up on her, being worried about her health. Clover and Sam had shooed him away from the house rather quickly, using the excuse of her sickness being extremely contagious.

While Alex obviously wouldn’t be going out tonight, Sam and Clover still planned on doing so. Clover was going on a date with, Jason “Big” Cox, a beefy lineman on the Beverly Hills High School foot-ball team. He was the only member of the team she had not yet dated. Sam had agreed to meet Danny Juric, a known play boy and guitarist that many of the school girls lusted after, at one his rock band’s gigs. Sam had shown little to no interest in Danny though. He had simply been the one Sam was set up with by Clover and Alex to help treat her supposed depression brought on by David’s disappearance.

Britney’s plans for the night were more of a mystery. Sam and Clover has asked her about them a few times. Her only answer had been that she was going to hang out with someone from school and that she would be doing a little spy investigating as well. Sam found Britney’s evasiveness a bit puzzling. The explanation added up even less after Sam and Clover came down stairs and found Britney sitting patiently on their couch.

Britney was wearing a stunning, strapless, blue dress, which would have probably qualified for a gown if it wasn’t so short. She also clutched a matching, jewel-encrusted, blue hand-bag and wore four-inch, designer, blue heels, all of which accented her long, blue hair beautifully. The dress, the bag, and the shoes had all been gifts from Mandy and were all very fresh off the streets of Paris. Clover and Sam were taken a back by the beautiful girl and her beautiful, expensive clothes.

Clover gave her an exaggerated whistle, one she knew well from hearing it almost daily from boys. “Looks like someone has a hot date!”

Uhhhh, it’s not a date. I’m just going to hang out with a friend, that’s all,” she explained again before laughing a bit nervously.

“You sure look like you’re dressed for a date,” Sam remarked.

“A friend you say, hmmmm.” Clover suddenly got a devilish expression and crept a hand onto Britney’s bare shoulder. “Yeah, you don’t have play coy with us Britney. So what hottie did you scoop from Bev High? Come on, tell us, and don’t you dare spare any of the juicy details,” she said, licking her chops.

Britney grinned nervously, trying to think hard for a good explanation. However, all three girls’ suspense for an answer was suddenly interrupted by the door-bell ringing.

“Oh that must be… my… friend,” she laughed awkwardly again. Britney got up to go answer the door.

“Oh I wonder who the cute guy is!” Clover said giddily. Sam, although not as enthused, was curious as well. Britney turned the door knob and opened the door. Instead of a cute guy, there stood the cute, elegant, and infamous Mandy wearing a small, sexy, violet, silk dress and smiling like a mischievous toddler who had just stolen the candy out of the hands of some unsuspecting baby.

“Mandy!” Both Clover and Sam exclaimed, shocked.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Clover growled.

“I’m taking Britney Dear to dinner and a movie.”

Britney nodded that it was true, but Clover ignored her, scoffing at the mere thought. “There’s no way Britney would waste a good date night seeing a movie with you!”

“Yeah, she is! We’re seeing An Order of Love for Two II.” Britney blushed brightly and grinned even more nervously upon hearing that movie title. “And it’s just going to be me and her, alone. You losers aren’t invited!”

“That’s the movie I wanted to see,” Sam muttered darkly under her breath. In fact, that was the very romantic comedy she had wanted to see with David the week earlier, and the one she had been waiting to find the right, certain some one to see with weeks before that.

“Like I would want to see a movie with you, Mandy!” Clover barked. “I’d rather watch garbage burn at the dump!”

“Then you better take that hideous wardrobe of yours.” Clover scowled harshly with her mouth shut and frowned. She didn’t have an immediate come back at the moment. Mandy then slinked her arm over Britney’s shoulder like a seductive python and lead the silent and more than slightly embarrassed girl out the door. “Let’s go, Britneykins,” Mandy instructed her as Britney tried to wave good bye to her stunned friends.

“But that’s my name!” Sam spat angrily at the use of that pet-name as she watched them get into Mandy’s Ferrari and speed off.

“No, you’re name’s Sam,” Clover said, scratching her head.

Sam didn’t even acknowledge having said that out loud. “Can you tell me why Britney gets to go to the movies with Mandy?”

Clover arched her eye-brow quite high. “Shouldn’t that be why does Mandy get to go to the movies with Britney?”

“What ever,” Sam fumed.

“Yeah, I agree with you Sam. Someone as nice and sweet as Britney doesn’t need to be hanging around an evil, two-faced tramp like Mandy. But I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Clover’s allusion to the seriousness of their spy mission shot some reason back into Sam’s currently incensed head. Maybe Clover was right. This was probably only about the mission, and Britney’s motivations for getting close to Mandy like that were strictly business. However, the mere thought of it being more than that re-entered her mind, and the anger with in her re-exploded. She wasn’t used to letting her emotions over-ride her cold, almost flawless logic, but at this point she no longer cared. She had to know for sure.

Sam went and picked up her cell-phone from the living room table and quickly typed in some digits.

“Sorry, Danny, something came up and I can’t make it to your show tonight… Yes something more important than your show… No, this is not a joke… My loss? My loss? Sorry, I have news for you, pal, you never had a chance with me anyways. So why don’t you just go play your terrible noise and then get another one of your groupie whores!” She screamed through the phone before she slammed it shut in her hand.

Clover’s jaw dropped. She thought Sam must have really been losing it these past several days. She wondered how anyone could turn down an absolute stud like Danny. Also, seeing Sam get that mad and tell a guy off so hard was a rarity indeed.

Sam then opened her phone again and dialed another number. “Arnold, how would you like to go see An Order of Love for Two II with me tonight?”

“Would I?” The jubilation in Arnold’s voice over the phone was so loud that Clover could hear him from several feet away.

“Excellent,” Sam said in an almost sinister tone. “Just get over here as soon as possible, and I’ll take you to see that movie.” She then snapped the cell phone shut without a further word.

Clover’s mouth remained wide open at what had just transpired. “Why?” she just asked.

“Purely for the mission, Clover,” Sam lied to her with a straight face. She felt slight guilt from lying to her best-friend, but, as Clover had put it, desperate times call for desperate measures.

“You’re braver than I am, Sammy! Just the thought of going to another movie with Arnold after last week! Gag me with a spoon!” she said, contorting her face in agony. However, suddenly, Clover saw an opportunity. “You don’t mind if I take Danny off your hands do you?” she asked, getting excited at the prospect of adding another conquest in addition to the already scheduled date with “Big.”

“Go ahead, you can have him. But don’t you think with me investigating Arnold tonight, and Britney,” she stopped for a moment, just saying it was enough to turn her stomach, “investigating, Mandy, you should start pulling your weight with Tara?”

The thought of a night without receiving the manly attention she so craved right now made Clover frown. However, then she recalled that another big report was due Monday, one that she hadn’t even started on. Tara so loved doing her home-work. Plus she did have that certain, special skill that Clover had discovered during a very memorable studying session. Clover quickly changed her mind. “Ok, I guess hotties can wait for another night. This is after all to save two mega-hotties, David and Dean… even if Dean made out with Arnold. Yuck! And let’s not forget about poor, innocent Alex sitting all alone in that cramped cell. Sure, I’ll have Tara come over, and we’ll work on our home-work together. ”

“Thanks, Clover, and please try to do some of it yourself,” Sam said dryly.

“Of course I will,” she chirped. Her mood changed when she gave Sam a good look. She had looked like she was both angry and depressed today, but now she looked like she was contemplating something deeply in her mind, almost like she was scheming up a plot. What was wrong with Sam lately?

To Be Continued

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