Story: Later (chapter 5)

Authors: jsyxx

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Chapter 5

Title: A Cold Day in Hell

[Author's notes:

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Chapter 5 – A Cold Day in Hell

Sam and Alex were strolling through Beverly Hill High School on their way to the cafeteria. They had traveled this path hundreds of times before, but today their journey was cut short when their course was interrupted by an endlessly long line of teenaged females, all waiting anxiously for something.

“Did they move the lunch line?” Alex asked her red-headed friend.

“No, this is way too long to be the lunch line. Let’s find out what it’s for.” Sam and Alex went to the end of the line. “Excuse me, but what are we waiting for?” she asked the next girl in line.

“To get a date with the cutest, hottest, hunkiest boy on the planet!” the very portly girl squealed.

“Wow, sounds good to me!” Alex said.

“I guess if the line is this long, he must be a real hottie. Let’s stay in line!” Sam agreed, sharing Alex’s enthusiasm.

Unbeknownst to the two spies, far at the head of the line was a table where sat a young teenaged boy they both knew. Currently, he was preoccupied with flirting with the girl who was first in line and the one who he had just penciled into his schedule on the table for a 10:45 PM appointment on the upcoming Wednesday. The girl was the very blonde, beautiful, and nubile Chastity Snow. She was a popular cheer-leader who most of the boys in school lusted after but could not obtain because she rarely dated. For this reason, some boys had given her the nick name “ice queen” or even “prude.” Despite all this, the boy at the table had her in the palm of his hand with little effort at all.

“You’re not only the captain of the football team, the soccer team, and the swim team, but you know kung fu too?” Chastity asked him, mesmerized.

“Yeah, I mastered Kung Fu and seven other martial arts the day I was born,” he said as if it was nothing remarkable.

Wooooow, how is that even possible?”

“God-given, natural talent of course.”

“You’re just so amazing Dean."

“I know I’m amazing. Come over to my place and I’ll show you my baby pictures. I have hundreds of me kicking and chopping other babies in the head.”

“Oh, that sounds sooooo cute!”

“They are cute, and after we’re done looking at my baby pictures, I can show you just how amazing the grown-up Dean really is. If you know what I mean,” he said with a sly, toothy grin followed by an excessively cheesy wink.

Chastity then emitted a high-pitched shriek of pure ecstasy and then let out a slow moan as she slumped into a heap on the floor. She continued to lay motionless there, lost in a state of uncontrollable euphoria.


The pretty girl with the unruly maroon hair named Tara stepped over the girl on the floor and then stood in front of the table.

“Hey, cupcake. I definitely think you’re cute enough to be investigated. Are you free next Tuesday at 4:15 or maybe Thursday at 3 in the morning, or perhaps the...”

“You’re not Clover…” she said sharply.

“No, baby, I’m Dean, the man of your dream…”

Tara cut him off again, “I thought maybe Clover was hiring another assistant.” She then wiped her brow. “Phewww… Well at least I don’t have to hurt anyone now.”

“Why don’t you stop worrying about Clover, and start worrying about me, cupcake. Tell me when you’re available so I can pencil you in. Also maybe tell me which do you like more my ultra white smile,” he said, grinning with his blindingly bright teeth, “my beautiful, perfectly conditioned hair,” he said as he slid his fingers back over his flawless, brown locks, “or maybe my rock hard abs,” he said, lifting up his blue, silk shirt to reveal a shredded six-pack. Not that he had to. His abs were so chiseled they stuck straight out of his tight shirt.

Finally, Dean stopped staring at his abs and looked up at Tara. He was surprised to see that she was staring off in a completely different direction apparently looking for someone else. “You haven’t seen Clover have you?” she asked, still not looking directly at him.

“No, but if you see her, tell her to come over here and schedule a date. After the fun we had after her Debutant Ball last year, I definitely want another shot with that.”

After hearing that, Tara’s head slowly creaked around her shoulders to an unnatural angle of nearly 180 degrees. She then made eye-contact with Dean and bore into him with a darkly sinister scowl that would’ve made the devil soil him self. Her eye then twitched before she turned and stomped away, emitting loud growling sounds.

“She’s so into me,” he said smugly. “Next!”

A cute, blushing brunette with sparkling blue eyes then approached from the front of the line. “Hi Deaaaaahhhh,” she screamed as she was pushed face first into the adjacent locker and then collapsed to the ground to lie next to the other girl on the floor.

“Forget about these other girls, Dean,” Mandy said, leaning over the table with her violet and very low-cut dress which revealed most of the contours of her curvy bosom, “you want the most beautiful, the smartest, most elegant, most fashionable, and most popular girl in all of Bev High. The one you want is me, Mandy,” she said dramatically before she stood up and whipped back her shiny, dark hair which flew over her shoulders in a spectacular, mesmerizing display. She then stood there and gave him a seductive stare with her alluring purple eyes and a small, devilish smile completely confident that she had won this contest.

Dean looked her over from top the bottom. “Hmmm, I think you’re right.” Mandy smirked victoriously. Dean then looked down at his date schedule. “Say I have a free 15 minutes next Wednesday at 4:45 PM, is that a good time for you?”

What?” She yanked the schedule out of his hands and looked over the paper to find a blank square for 4:45-5:00 PM. It was wedged between the names and phone numbers of two other girls, Lindsay Luce and Cynthia Hoar.

You want me to go between two other girls?” Mandy asked, grinding her teeth.

“Well, most of the other spots are already taken, I’m sorry.”

HOW DARE YOU!” There was a large crack as Mandy’s palm slapped Dean’s face with the veracity of a lightning strike.

Dean then stared at her for half a second, half of his face now covered in a beating red palm print. “Wow, I liked that!” Dean said, smiling broadly. “So is 4:45 good for you?”

Grrrrahhhhh!” Mandy shrieked. She then stomped back down the hall past the huge line of teenaged females. “I’ll ruin him,” she mumbled. “He’s as good as dead.”

What’s Mandy so mad about? Sam asked herself as she passed by.

Alex and Sam then felt two hands on their shoulders and turned around to see their cheerful, blonde friend. “Hey guys.”

“Hi, Clover,” they both said.

“Hey, no cutting!” the girl behind Sam and Alex bitterly protested.

“Chill out, missy. They were saving me a spot.” The girl fumed and considered whether or not a physical assault on Clover Ewing would be worth it.

“So where you been?” Sam asked. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“I wanted to take care of something,” Clover said.

“Take care of what?” Alex asked.

“I wanted to tell Arnold that I just want to be friends and there wouldn’t be a second date, thank god.”

“Well, I’m proud you did it in person this time. You usually only do that over the phone,” Sam said, smiling at her.

“Thanks, Sammy.” Clover smiled back. “So what’s this line for?”

“We’re about to find out,” Alex said as the very fat girl in front of them walked away, looking like she had just won the lottery.

With the large girl no longer obstructing their view, they were all very surprised by who they saw. “DEAN!” all three girls shouted.

“Well, hi ladies. What a pleasant surprise,” he said in his always smooth, charming voice.

Hi, Dean,” all three said as they swooned with starry eyes and blushing cheeks. “It’s good to see you,” they all said in dreamy unison again.

“I’m very happy to see you three here too, Sam, Clover, and Alex. Very happy.” He then pointed down at his schedule. “So which 3 spots would be good for you girls... or maybe you would like to share one spot? I’m definitely not opposed to that,” he said, getting excited at the prospect.

“What do you mean by which 3 spots?” Sam asked as she picked up the piece of paper and examined it. “What is all this?”

“It’s my date schedule,” he said coolly.

“Date schedule?” Sam asked. “The name of almost every girl in Bev High is on here.”

“Exactly. My plan is to date every girl in the school with in one week’s time.”

Sam’s expression, although previously being on one of elation just from seeing Dean, was now beginning to show obvious signs of agitation. She then put her lips near Dean’s ear and whispered, “But you’re here to investigate David’s disappearance, not date every girl in school.”

“I am going to investigate. Investigate every girl in school,” he said, not lowering the volume of his voice at all. “I disagree with, Jerry. I think the culprit could be someone other than his 4 suspects. So this way I can thoroughly search every girl for clues and eliminate them as suspects one by one."

“But what about investigating the boys?” Alex asked, looking a bit freaked out.

“I’m saving that for next week,” Dean said.

Sam looked really pissed off now as she started whispering again, this time in an angrier tone, “Dean you’re a spy. You’re supposed to be undercover. Don’t you think this is drawing too much attention to yourself?”

“No, of course not. I know exactly what I’m doing. Remember WOOHP assigned me to be your trainer. I think I should be telling you what to do, not the other way around.”

“Fine.” Sam grimaced. “But can’t you do it some other way than dating every girl on the planet?”

“You know what they say, mix business with pleasure,” he said.

“Um, I think that’s business before pleasure, Dean,” Alex corrected him.

“What ever. So when can I pencil you in?”

“No where. I thought you were different, Dean,” Sam said, sounding hurt as she walked away from him. Alex followed closely behind.

Clover, on the other hand, put her two palms on the table and used her upper body strength to thrust her legs and pelvis up off the ground. She then flipped her self up over the table to land straight into Dean’s lap where he caught her in his arms. “So you think you could find some time for little, old me?” she asked as she started rubbing her index finger in small circles on his chest.

“Oh, yeah,” he said in a deep, celebratory tone.

“Can you believe him?” Sam asked as she walked away with Alex towards the lunch room. “The nerve!”

“Yeah, I had no idea that Dean was such a creep. Well… a hot creep, but still a creep.”

Sam gave Alex an annoyed look.

“What? It’s not my fault he’s a totally sexy creep,” Alex tried to explain which caused a large sweat drop to form on the side of Sam’s head.

“Where’s Clover?” Sam asked before she looked over her shoulder to see the blonde giggling from the lecherous male spy’s lap. “Ugh, never mind,” she said, putting her hand on her forehead. “Let’s just get some lunch.”

“Well ok, I am seriously starved. Plus it’s soy-cheese pizza day!” Alex exclaimed giddily as she jumped up and down a little bit.

Sam looked at her friend who was lost in her cute and seemingly completely innocent youthful exuberance brought on by, of all things, the school’s disgusting imitation of Italian cuisine. She could think of no possible scenario in which Alex would purposely hurt a living thing, let alone David. She was just too sweet and gentle of a soul for that. WOOHP must have been really wrong when they named her a suspect. There was just no other acceptable possibility in Sam’s mind.

It was the last hour of the school day, and Samantha sat in her chair in French class, listening to her teacher, Ms. Smith, blab away about the endless, possible conjugations for French verbs, most of which she knew pretty well already.

French was the one class she didn’t share with either Alex or Clover. They had all three been in it together last year. Clover and Alex had been excited as she was to learn “the language of love” and gain the ability to properly flirt with the cute French boys they had encountered on spy missions and elsewhere. Of course, both of her friends initial enthusiasm evaporated once they were faced with the difficulties and hard-work associated with learning a Romance language as complicated as French. While Sam both loved and excelled in the course, both of her friends decided not to take the second, more advanced class next year.

Sam let out an audible sigh as she sat with her chin cupped in both hands as she leaned forward on her desk, a very uncharacteristic pose for her. For some reason she felt incredibly lonely in French class today. She wondered why, and the reason became very obvious to her. She thought to herself that it just wasn’t the same without Clover, Alex or Mandy in class. Mandy? she asked herself as her train of thought came to a screeching halt. She was shocked she would even think that. Why would I ever miss that bratty, spoiled, mean, self-centered, egotistical bitch? she spat off in her mind to contradict the previous, momentary feeling. This wasn’t the first time this had occurred. She had been bitterly fighting off thoughts of the dark-haired girl all day.

Sam looked around the class to get her mind off the subject. She then saw that her loneliness seemed to be represented by physical isolation as well. Her desk in the class seemed to be an island all to itself surrounded by a sea of empty seats. Well, except for Arnold’s. He was busy intently staring into the shiny, green jewel on the ring on his middle finger, not paying any attention to her or the teacher. She then looked back behind herself to see that all the girls in class had moved to the back of the room. They were all orbiting around one particular new student and contently swatting their eye lashes at him.

With in a matter of hours he had stolen the hearts of nearly every girl in school while simultaneously earning the boys’ respect for being an iconic playboy on such a mythical level that they could not even dream of achieving. Today it had seemed like David’s previous status as the most popular boy in school was all but a forgotten memory trampled over by the glorious arrival of Beverly Hills’ own Adonis, Dean.

Dean then saw that Sam was staring at him. She was simply taken a back by the ridiculous spectacle of it all, but his arrogant mind interpreted her attention differently. He responded to her by stretching his thumb and index-finger into an imaginary pistol aimed for her heart and giving her possibly the biggest, cheesiest wink Sam had ever seen in her life. She responded to the gesture by clenching her teeth like a vice and narrowing her eyes to give him the nastiest look she could muster.

“Mademoiselle Samantha, do you have an answer?” the teacher asked her.

Cochon,” Sam answered, still scowling at him.

“Pas juste. The answer is definitely not pig. Sam this is not like you. Fait attention à classe s'il vous plait.”

“Je suis désolée madame,” Sam apologized, blushing a bit, embarrassed. She rarely if ever was caught off guard in class like that.

“Monsieur Dean?”

Dean then proceeded to start speaking in fluent, perfectly accented, soft, and beautiful sounding French for several minutes, emitting an incredibly intricate answer in vivid detail to the teacher’s simple question of what the longest river in France was.

“Magnifique!” the teacher proclaimed orgasmically before she and all the girls in the back of the room began a thunderous applause for him. “Dean you’re knowledge of the Loire River and your use of a regional accent is absolutely immaculate. Are you sure you have never lived in Orléans?”

“Jamais,” he said, denying he had lived there.

“Magnifique!” the teacher shouted again.

Oui, oui,” he said as he winked at her just like he had at Sam minutes before. The teacher’s face grew bright red, and she placed her palm on her cheek as she murmured in delight.

“I think I’m going to be sick,” Sam said, sounding truly disgusted.

“I agree,” Arnold said spitefully from the next seat over. He then resumed staring into his ring obsessively. Arnold then reached inside his pants pocket for something, and that was the moment when all the lights went out, returning the school to a shroud of darkness.

Sam quickly retrieved her Heat-Sensor 6000 Infrared Sunglasses from with in her purse and put them on. Instantly, the darkness was replaced with shapes drenched in bending, psychedelic colors in shades of blue, green, yellow, and red thanks to the heat-vision of the glasses. Sam looked at the back of the room and could see the warm-colored shape of Dean with about 18 separate female hands all over him supplemented by audible cries of, “I’m afraid of the dark,” and “Protect me Dean!” Amazingly, she could even see his very curved smile through the heat-vision.

“Dean!” Sam shouted at him, trying to make him remember they were on a mission.

“All right, all right, I’m coming,” he said. He then pulled a pair of swimming goggles from out of his backpack. He was planning on using them later that day at practice for the swim team which he had already been chosen captain of, based on his physique alone, just as he had for football and soccer. He stretched the elastic around his head and put the goggles over his eyes. He then pressed a small button on the side of one goggle which caused both goggles to extend out four inches to reveal their second, hidden function as a pair of WOOHP issue night-vision goggles. Now with the darkness in his vision replaced by different levels of neon green, he got up to leave the feminine grip of his devoted harem. “Sorry girls, but I want to go see if I can get the power back on.”

“You’re so brave, Dean!” several of the girls cried out behind him. Both of the spies then left the class-room.

“Dean?” Arnold asked after he heard the sound of someone walking through the door-way along with the sound of girls in the back chatting about how muscular his body had felt now that he was gone. Arnold looked back down at his ring and could see that its gem was now emitting a strange, glowing, green light that could be seen through the darkness. For some reason only known to him, he felt a strong urge to pursue Dean into the darkened halls of the school.

Sam and Dean kept walking through the blackness until they approached a fork in their path that parted into two separate hall-ways. “Sam, I want you to search the south wing of the school, while I search the north.”

“Actually, Dean, I think we should stick together for safety. Whoever abducted David could be very dangerous,” she warned.

“Like I said earlier, Sam, I’m your superior. I know what I’m doing. When I give suggestions, you should listen to them.”

“All right, you’re the boss,” Sam huffed. “Just be careful, ok?” she asked with legitimate concern.

“I didn’t get my high position at WOOHP without being careful, Sam, just make sure you do the same,” Dean said before he strutted off on his way.

He kept traveling through the darkness until he heard the faint sound of foot-steps. Dean put his back up against the wall and waited as the sound became louder. Eventually, he could see a green shape moving through the perimeter of his night vision. He pressed another button on the side of his goggles, and the lenses zoomed in on the individual. He recognized the person immediately. He walked up from behind and put his hands on the shoulders of the person who let out a high-pitched, girlish scream, startled to near death.

“Calm down. It’s me, Dean,” he said reassuringly as he massaged the tense shoulders.

The person turned around and then felt the hard muscles of his arms to verify that it was really him. “Oh, Dean, you scared me!”

“What are you doing in the hall-way, wandering around when the power’s out? It could be dangerous.”

“Actually, I was hoping to find you. This seemed like the perfect opportunity,” the person placed a slender, feminine hand on his chest, “you know for us to get back to what we were doing earlier.”

“I like the way you think,” Dean said, getting excited.

The shadowy figure giggled. “But when can I get to see more of you? Why can’t we meet after school,” the person asked, sounding very hurt.

“I’m just really busy this week, but next week I promise we will.”

“Busy with what?”


There was a deafening, dead silence in response to that answer.

“So you want some sugar, baby?” Dean asked as he engulfed the person in the darkness with his massive, muscular arms into a tight, warm squeeze.

“Oh yeah!”

Dean laughed. “You know before you were acting like I wasn’t your type.”

“It’s just I wasn’t sure at first, but it didn’t take me long to figure out how I felt. I never met a guy as amazing as you Dean.”

“You know what I always say, there’s enough Dean to go around for everyone.” He then swooped in with his lips to meet the other’s lips for a long, sensual kiss in the dark.

Some time later, Sam was still running through the darkened school. This was the fourth time she had passed through this hall way. She was determined to find whoever had caused David’s disappearance and bring them to justice before any harm came to anyone else. She just hoped David was still ok.

Sam then decided to check the gym again. On her way there, she turned a sharp corner and her head rammed into some blunt object on the other side, causing her to fall backwards onto her ass. On the ground, she looked up at what she had bumped into and saw red, yellow, and orange heat signatures bending around the skinny yet still curvaceous frame of a girl with a head that seemed to be in the shape of the bottom of a broom. “Clover?”

“Sam, watch where you’re going! Jeez!” she yelled, rubbing her throbbing forehead above her Heat-Sensor 6000 Infrared Sunglasses.

Sam stood up. “Clover, have you seen the perpetrator?”

“Other than your huge, hard head, I haven’t bumped into anyone. I hope you don’t leave an unsightly bruise,” she whined.

Sam ignored the insult directed at her cranium and went on, “Well, do you know where Alex is at least?”

“No. She left class to go use the girls’ room right before the lights went out. I haven’t seen her since.”

Sam put her hand on her chin and momentarily considered the suspiciousness of Alex’s timely departure from class. She shortly shook off the thought though. The possibility of Alex being the culprit was still too ludicrous for her to swallow.

“Sam!” Clover shouted, pointing at the red heat-signature of a person that had just left a room far down the hall and was now running franticly in the other direction.

“The crook!” Both spies then sprinted down the dark corridor in pursuit of the red shape which sped up obviously aware that it was being followed. Whoever it was, was too far off in the distance for Clover or Sam to make any kind of identification. Whoever it was, was also a very well-conditioned athlete being able to sprint at this kind of blinding speed for this long of a period. “He’s getting away!” Sam yelled as she saw the small red, blob begin hurriedly climbing the stairs to the second story which would soon make their suspect out of sight.

“Too bad for him, I stopped by my locker earlier,” Clover said as she ran up behind Sam and grabbed around her rib-cage below her breasts. “Hang on, Sammy,” Clover said as she activated the Jet-Pack Backpack she was wearing. Fire spat out of the bottom of the backpack, and soon Clover with Sam below her in her arms was flying down the hall at breakneck speed. They whizzed all the way down to the stair case, and Clover expertly shifted her and Sam’s weight in the right direction to avoid hitting an upcoming wall, instead climbing the stairs from off the ground.

When she stopped to hover on the second floor, she spotted the suspect from out of the corner of her eye desperately climbing the steps of a second flight of stairs which Clover knew lead to a door that exited onto the roof.

The culprit knew that making it to the top of the steps before the jet-propelled spies was impossible. Instead, the mystery criminal yanked a wire whisk out of a trench-coat pocket. The kitchen utensil being wasn’t used to beat eggs. Instead, it was pointed at the spies and a button was pressed on the handle causing the wire loops of the whisk’s head to detach and shoot off. In the air, they flipped and stretched out to the width of a few feet creating a wire net. Clover only had enough time to react by dropping Sam out of harm’s way. The wires hit the jet-packed spy and pushed her all the way to the wall, pinning her against it in a steel cage. She struggled for a moment to escape, but it was useless. “Sam, get him!”

Sam didn’t spend a second thinking about the suggestion. She just got up off her bruised knees and bolted up the steps and out the door the suspect had just passed through. She exited to the bright day-light shining down on the roof, and that’s where she saw both of them.

First her eyes spotted Dean. He was standing on the ledge of the building a fraction of an inch away from falling over the edge. Tied tightly around his legs, arms, and body was black rope. Over the rope was a second layer of gray, duct tape wrapped all around him, keeping him even more securely bound. A piece of duct tape also covered his mouth which prevented the desperate, muffled cries he was making from being intelligible. Above the duct-tape, Sam was deeply disturbed to see his once beautiful, flawless face was now marked by numerous, dark, purple bruises, two deeply blackened eyes, and a broken nose that was gushing crimson blood all over him.

Lastly, but perhaps most frightening, there was another shorter length of black rope that at one end was strung tightly around Dean’s neck in a noose and at the other end tied down to a stake that appeared to have been hammered into the roof top. Sam noted that there wasn’t enough slack in the rope to prevent a death by hanging if he were to fall over the edge.

Holding the mid-length of the rope was a black, leather-gloved hand belonging to the second person. It was the same mysterious suspect who Clover and Sam had chased up to the roof. The person wore black, army-style boots, a large, beige trench coat tied closed with the belt, and a mask made out of pitch-black cloth covering the entire head completely disguising the person’s identity.

Just as Sam motioned to step forward, the criminal put a small, metallic object to the masked character’s trachea. “Move an inch and the pretty-boy spy’s neck gets snapped like a twig,” a metallic, disguised, yet sinister sounding, voice threatened.

Sam knew this was a life and death situation, and she knew despite the warning she had to act quickly. She put her hands on her sides, open. She hoped to give the impression that she wasn’t going to do anything, but instead she smoothly reached with her thumb behind her right butt-cheek to the inside of her jeans’ back pocket. From her pocket, she extracted her Ice-Queen Perfume which she then moved over to her still open hand where she held it behind her extended fingers with her thumb. All of this should’ve been out of the sight of the villain.

However, despite her near un-noticeable slight of hand, the masked-stranger was knowledgeable of Sam’s abilities and had been trained to watch very closely for any minute movement of her hands. Sam’s actions had indeed been noticed.

“You didn’t listen. How sad,” the metallic voice said callously. The villain’s leather-gloved hand then shoved dean’s bound body forward, causing him to slip off the roof and to fall to certain death by hanging.

Sam charged forward to make a rescue attempt, while the would-be killer dashed in the opposite direction to make an escape. Sam was planning to dive over the roof, catch Dean, and shatter the rope by freezing it with the Ice Queen Perfume.

However, the moment she dived, she was blinded by a near explosive flash of bright, blue light that had erupted from over the edge. Unable to see, she was still able to find the rope in the air with her hand, grab onto it, and spray the perfume where she thought the rest of the rope was below, hoping that by freezing it, it would become brittle enough to break before it broke Dean’s neck.

She then felt a strong jerk when the rope ran out of slack and then strong pain as she slammed into the side of the building.

A second later, Sam opened her eyes. She could see again now that the blinding light was gone. She looked down from where she was hanging over the side of the building, still holding onto the rope. Dean’s bound body no where to be seen, not hanging, not on the ground, no where. She didn’t see the rest of the length of rope either. She looked to where her hand was gripping it and was confused to see that instead of it being frozen and shattered, the rope appeared to have been singed in two by some strong heat source. Obviously, something must have happened when she was blinded by that light, something she did not yet understand.

Not spending much time to contemplate this mystery, Sam quickly climbed back up over the ledge. On the roof-top, the masked figure appeared to have vanished. However, with closer inspection, she spotted the tail of the back of a trench-coat right before it disappeared on the other side of a very large, block-shaped air-conditioning unit some distance away. Apparently, the criminal thought that would be a good hiding spot.

She ran towards the unit as fast as she could, holding the Ice-Queen Perfume in front of her like it was a gun. She reached the unit and turned one corner of the large cube where she saw the black mask, trench coat, boots, and leather gloves discarded on the floor. When she turned the second corner, someone on the other side lunged for her, and she immediately pressed down on her Ice-Queen Perfume, spraying the attacker with a heavy dose of the freezing vapor.

When the cold, blue mist cleared, Sam was shocked at who she saw. Frozen in a block of ice was Alex.

To Be Continued

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