Story: Lightest Shade of Darkness (chapter 8)

Authors: rock18903

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Chapter 8

Title: Chapter 7

[Author's notes: im back! sorry this chapter is really short.]

  Chapter 7

Rikku stood up from the table and said, "I'll be right back," and went to pay for the meal.  Many people stared at her as she walked up to the cashier.  It was a young man that was shaking as she approached him.  He stared at her horns and her arm.

"How much," she demanded, annoyed from all the eyes on her.

"Th.. that's f.. five  silver pieces." He stuttered as he tried to meet her discolored eyes.  Reluctantly, Rikku tossed him the coins.  She walked back to the table to find Auronaha missing. ‘She must have gone to the bathroom,.' thought  Rikku, but for some reason she felt she was wrong.  She looked around and saw the chair Auronaha was sat in tipped over; as if Auronaha quickly stepped back. ‘Somethings not right,' thought Rikku annoyed.  Then she felt like there was a strong pull towards the kitchen.  When she looked she saw a bright flash and knew it was from the stone.  Wherever the stone was Auronaha had to be close by.

Rikku ran past the startled people and burst through the doors of the kitchen.  One man was on the ground and the other man was charging at Auronaha.  Without thinking, Rikku jumped in front of her.

Auronaha heard a loud clash, but didn't feel anything.  She opened her eyes and was startled to see Rikku in front of her.  She was holding the sword about a hand's length away from her stomach with her left hand clutching the sword.  The man was so startled he almost dropped his sword, but instead, pulled out a curved dagger.  Rikuu, thinking quickly, pulled the man forward by his sword, causing him to stubble straight into Rikku's back fist in his face. The other man still on the ground looked up at Rikku visibly shaking.  Still clutching his face, he quickly tried to get up and scrambled out the back way, leaving the other man unconscious.

"Are you OK?" asked Rikku turning around.  Auronaha was still in shock, but when she heard Rikku's voice she felt relieved.  She slowly slid down the wall and tried to catch her breath.

"Hey, can you hear me?" asked Rikku again a little more worried, crouching down to look at
Auronaha's face.  Then Auronaha threw herself into Rikku's arms and closed her eyes as tears trickled down her face.

"Thank you," she whispered over her silent tears.  Rikku was a little shocked by the somewhat glomp and the emotions Auronaha showed.  Rikuu never liked get too close to someone physically or emotionally.  But this girl was different, and felt protective of Auronaha and liked how the girl didn't push her away at first sight because of how she looked.  Nervous, but trying to be comforting, Rikku lightly wrapped her arms around the crying girl, stroking her long gold-yellow hair with her right hand.

After Auronaha calmed down, Rikku said, "We need to find a place to stay for the night."  She helped Auronaha to her feet and they went through the back door.

It was night now and the cool air bit Auronaha's face through her wet tears, making her shiver.  They both walked for a while and soon found an inn that seemed safe.  Rikku quickly ordered a room on the upper floor, and they walked up the stairs to their room.  The room had two small beds with a small bathroom and a table.  It wasn't anything like the palace, but Auronaha was greatful for it and thought it was better than sleep on the hard ground.  She sat on the bed and, to her surprise, it was softer than she expected.

"I don't think I've ever been so happy for a bed," sighed Auronaha as she lay down on top of the covers.  She closed her eyes and let her back rest along with the rest of her body and felt a little more relaxed.  She heard Rikku walking around the room, then the squeak of the bed as she ssat on it.  Auronaha opened her eyes again to see Rikku with her back to her touching the bed with her left claw.  Rikku ran it through the sheets and looked at her claw.  Auronaha couldn't see her face, but could tell that Rikku was depressed.

"Um, Rikku?" whispered Auronaha wanting to break the silence.

Rikku stared at her claw for a second in a daze, then noticed Auronaha had called her.

"Oh, what?" asked Rikku sounding a little down.

"Um.." started Auronaha, not really knowing what to say.  "Thanks at the restrant."

"No problem.  They were a piece of cake," said Rikku brushing off the complement.  "Besides, you where shocked ."

"Yeah.  I guess you're right," whispered Auronaha.  "You're a really good fighter, even without weapons," she said.

"Ha, I always have a weapon," laughed Rikku bitterly.  "I'm always dangerous," she added

Auronaha hesitated before she asked her next question.  "So what happened?" she asked boldly, looking at Rikku's arm

Rikku didn't answer.  With her back still facing Auronaha she just stared at her claw.  Now Auronaha knew for sure that there were many painful memories attached to her arm.

"Did it hurt?" Auronaha asked with concern.

"All the time," was all Rikku said before unclipping her armor and covering herself with her blanket.          



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