Story: Lightest Shade of Darkness (chapter 5)

Authors: rock18903

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Chapter 5

[Author's notes: yeah, this has some hack, slash in it (violence)]

  Chapter 4

"Hay Riya?" a small girl about 6 years old in shorts and a baggy black tank top looked up to see her older step-sister looking at her.  She was dress the exact opposite, wearing a pink lacey dress that showed her body.

"What do you want, Mirna?" Riya asked uninterested.

"Why do you always wear boys' clothes?"  Mirna asked looking at her step-sister innocently.

"Why not?"

"Well, you know father doesn't like it.  And neither does mother."

"No one likes it, but I do."

"Mirna!?" another voice called out into the garden.  It was a maid.  "Mirna! Its time for sewing lessons!" the maid called out again.

"Yay!" Mirna cried with joy, "I love sewing!"

"Oh boy," said Riya disgusted and annoyed as Mirna dragged her step-sister along.

"Riya! What the gods are you wearing," the cried as she saw Riya.

" Mirna, are you outside again," said yet another harsh voice form inside.  It was Mirna's birth mother and Riya's step-mother, the one that hated her the most.

"Mirna, what have I told you about going outside?  It dangerous and you can break your neck." Then Queen Ovilia caught a glance at Riya and glared.

"And you, demon child, why are you wearing that hideous outfit again." She walked up to Riya and gave her a hard slap on the face.

"Guards! Take this barbarian outside and let it live like the peasant it is dressed as for a week in the forest!"

Guards came from all directions, grabbed Riya, and dragged her outside.

Auronaha was awakened again by a rumbling sound of yet another explosion.  She almost fell but caught the metal bars of the cell to catch her balance.  She could hear all the commotion going on above her.  Many gruff voices and grunts from familiars and leaders could be heard.

"What?! Another attack?  Twice in one night is ridiculous!!" came the shout of General Broyno.

"They're obviously coming back to get their princess." Said the voice of an unsurprised Rikku.

"In that case, she must have the real stone."  said General Broyno.  There was a short pause, then Auronaha could hear a pair footsteps coming her way.  Rikku appeared at the door of the cell and opened it.

"If I were you, I would get out of here and fast," she said with a little concern in her vice.

"Are you letting me free, or are you going to kill me?" Auronaha asked coldly.

"Its your choose to die if you stay here," Rikku countered, "But I give you my word that I will not kill you."

"The word of a demon. Not very reliable," said Auronaha gaining more confidence.

Then there was another boom of an explosion, this time much closer.  The ceiling started to crumble over Auronaha's head.  When she looked up a large portion of the ceiling started to crack and fall.  Rikku ran at her and pushed her out of the way.  Auronaha was shoved into a wall and she let her wings cover her face.  When the rumbling sound of the fallen ceiling stopped, she looked to see a huge pile of stones in the place where she had just stood and the place where she was pushed out of the way by Rikku. 

Auronaha stared at the pile of rubble, nit knowing whether to help this demon or run for her life.  At that moment the rubble started to move as a hand burst out of the heavy pile of rocks.  Rikku then burst out and Auronaha, made up her mind, and rushed to help Rikku.

"Are you alright?" Auronaha asked helping Rikku to her feet.

"Yeah," said Rikku with a little grimace, "Just a little scratch, that's all," she finished and quickly got up.

Before Auronaha could say anything, Rikku said, "I suggest we leave, now." Then Rikku headed out the open door of the cell.

"Wait up!" shouted Auronaha as she ran to follow Rikku.

When they got to the surface from the undergrounf fort, Auronaha saw that most of the bunkers where burning and there were bodies of Trinity solider and Hordge familiars where scattered everywhere.

"Pointless meaning of war," muttered Rikku under her breath.

"But the Hordge started the war," said Auronaha confused.

"So that's what they're teaching in those fancy Trinity schools now," suggested Rikku amused.

"There she is!!" shouted a man's voice.  Suddenly, there was a troop of Trinity soliders grouped around Rikku and Auronaha.

"Thank heavens.  I'm saved!" cried Auronaha as she saw the troops.

"I don't think their here to save you," declared Rikku as she crouched, ready to fight, but didn't hold Auronaha back.  Just as Auronaha was about to walk to the troops, they stood ready to strike.

"What's going on?" asked Auronaha with fear and confusion in her voice.

"They don't need you alive anymore," raged Rikku as she watched the soliders carefully, "They only what your stone."

Just then a solider tried to lounge at Rikku, but he was easily slashed away by Rikku's claw.

"Stay behind me," said Rikku protectively putting an arm in front of Auronaha.

"Step aside, demon," ordered a voice that wasn't demon.  It was the Trinity general on his horse in full armor with his sword, surprisingly, sheathed.

"This is the business of the Trinity," he stated glaring down at Rikku like she was trash on a clean street.

"Anything that has to do this that damned stone is all my business," then Rikku gave an unruly smirk then added, "General."

The general narrowed his eyes and looked more closely at the demon in fron tog him.  When he understood, his eyes grew wide in shock.

"!" he stuttered, "You're suppose to be dead!"

"Are you kidding me; I died along time ago!" then Rikku lunged at the general, but he drew his sword and the soliders sprung into action.  The general paired Rikku attack and pushed her to the ground.  When she tried to charge at him again, the soliders formed a circle around her.  They started to duplicate themselves, all chanting the same thing.  The soliders, now three times as many, changed to a different chant.  Rikku started to feel a twinge of pain in her head and tried to ignore it, but then it got worse.

"What's wrong!?" cried Auronaha when Rikku fell to her knees, clutching her head.

"Why are you not effected?!" then general exclaimed when he saw Auronaha trying helping Rikku.  "What are you doing, you idiots!  We don't need her alive," he shouted yelling at the soliders.

"We're sorry sir, its just not effecting her," one of the soliders panted.  Seeing her chance to attack, Rikku shot up and attacked the soilder making the others break the chant.  As the soilders tried to dodge the furious attacks, they sent spells at the charging Rikku.

"That's it!!" roared the general as he drew his sword.  As he drew it, it became longer.  "I'm going to end you once and for all!  Hold that demon still!" he commanded to his soliders.

The soliders and their clones increased their spells and Rikku started to slow down as more clones and spells hit her.

"Watch out!!" cried Auronaha at Rikku.  But it was too late.  As Rikku turned to face the general, he plunged his sword into Rikku's stomach.  Blood oozed out of the wound and Rikku coughed blood.

"Rikku!!!" screamed Auronaha and ran towards her fallen protector, but the soliders grabbed her by the arms and held her back.

"Your time is finished, bitch." Smirked the General as he pushed his sword deeper.  Rikku was suddenly still.  But all of a sudden, her claw grabbed at the sword and started to crush it.  Rikku started to laugh evilly as she pulled the sword out of her body.

"Like I said before," said Rikku finally looking up at the general with two glowing red eyes, "I died a long time ago."  She dropped the deformed sword on the ground.  Then she suddenly turned around at the solider behind her holding Auronaha.  She crushed his head with her left claw.  The soliders quickly let go of Auronaha and stepped back.  Auronaha stumbled back and saw rikku with glowing red eyes towering over her.  Rikku extended her claw and slashed at the soliders who all were too slow to move out of the way of the quick attack.  They stuttered back and were totally still, and then their bodies began to fall to the ground in pieces.

"What the hell..." yelled the general.  Then he wildly smirked uncontrollably twitching his eye.  "You think you're all that, don't you." He shouted hysterically.  Then he shouted, "Beast I summon thee!" A huge snake appeared out of the general's summoning circle.  Rikku took one step towards the snake, but then her eyes turned back to normal and she fell to the ground unconscious.

"Rikku!" Auronaha shouted as she ran to help.

"Now, you damn brats, you can't escape my snake!" the general shouted as his snake coiled in front of its master.

If this stone had any power, now would be a good time! thought Auronaha desperately at the stone.  Then the stone began to glow as a circle of light engulfed Auronaha and Rikku.

"You won't get a way that easily!" shouted the general.  He sent his snake towards them, but the light dissolved and the two where gone.      

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