Story: Lightest Shade of Darkness (chapter 3)

Authors: rock18903

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Chapter 3

Title: Chapter 2

[Author's notes:

ok, the character 'Rikku" is NOT from final fantasy, if it were, then the story wouldn't be original



Chapter 2

Auronaha looked on as her step-brother, Prince Royin and his troops lay their surprise attack on the Kyn Familiar fort.  It surprised her at first to not see any fort, but the prince told her that most of it was underground.

"Why is it an underground fort?" she had asked.

"Ha," he snickered, "To hide and coward from me!" he boasted conceitedly, "those fools!"

Even though he was handsome in many of the women's eyes and firth to the throne, Auronaha thought he was self-centered and arrogant.

"Com on, men!!" Prince Royin shouted holding his sword up as he rode his horse, "The entrance to the fort must be near. Find it!" he continued and pointed his sword.  Auronaha watched as armored Elves searched.  She herself was not in armor.  Even as they rode out the kingdom gates, the soldiers left behind to protect the gates looked worried.  The only weapon she had was her staff which allowed her to harness more magic and cast and learn new spells.  She didn't even have a cloak on her wings, not that there would be any armor for her.  Being an Elven Angel, a elven race that was highly respected in the world, Auronaha had lived a sheltered life inside the Trinity Kingdom near the palace.  She had never seen war or anyone die before her mother married the king.  Her mother's death was the only death in her life before her father's right before she was born.  Her real father severed the King, now her step-father, as a sub-commander and died in battle; so Auronaha heard.

‘Here I am fighting in the war my father died in 17 years ago,'  Auronaha thought sadly.

"My lord," shouted a solider to the left, "I think we found something1"

Auronaha turned and followed her step-brother to the solider, but before they got there, the solider stumbled back.

"Wait, no! Ahhhhhhhhh!!" smoke had risen all of a sudden and the solider was flung back about 10 yards behind them.  When he hit the ground the was a loud crack as his spine broke in half.  Auronaha then saw his own sword sticking out of his chest, stained with his own blood.

"My god," Auronaha gasped in shock and stared to rear back.

"No!  Stay where you are, one solider doesn't matter!"

Then as the smoke cleared , a single figure could be seen.


Rikku could feel the presence of an elven solider comeing closer.  His shout was her signal.  As he took his first step down the stairs in to the bunker, she sinisterly started to walk towards him.  Before he could do anything, it was too late.

‘Killed by his own sword, how pathetic," thought Rikku as she took his startled arm with the swortd and plunged it into his chest. Dragging his body to the surface she sent it flying through the air with one small fireballs towards the two figures on the horses.


"Get the commander! He is most important!" shouted Prince Royin.

Rikku knew they were coming.  Auronaha knew that these soliders that were trying to protect her and her step-brother were going to meet their death.

As each of the soldiers held their swords in attack form, they all charged at the demon leader.  All the swords hit the same place at the same time.

Rikku knew all she had to do was block all the attacks with her arm.

"Your lame, old attacks won't work on me, since I know how to counter them!"  Rikku said as she extended her already long sharp talons.  As she swiped, her talons easily tore through the armor and the flesh of the soldiers.

"You underestimate me, Prince Idiot!" shouted the demon that just killed almost 10 men in just one swing of an arm.  But Auronaha felt something different about this demon.

"Come here you damn demon, I'll show you who the..." the prince stopped speaking as he got a better look at the demon.  Auronaha also look the chance to get a better look at the demon.  But as she sensed, this demon was very different.  The demon has horns but only one eye was red. The other was almost as blue as Auronaha's own eyes.

"!!" the prince stuttered and pointed, "You died two years ago!! I saw it!!"

The demon just smirked and glared at Royin.  Then the demon looked at Auronaha, and Auronaha realized the demon was a girl.  Then Rikku's smirk was replaced by wide eyes that stared at the stone attached to Auronaha's headdress.  Then rage took over the startled look in the demon's eyes.

"You murderers!!" Rikku raged, with fire building in her hands and in her eyes, "Enough people have been killed by that damned stone form hell! And yet your ‘king' gives it another so she can die meaninglessly too?!!"  Rikku threw one of her fireballs, madly, at Prince Royin's horse.  It reared back in fright and Royin fell off.

"You damned cowards! And you think the Horge is bad!?" she shouted ready to throw another fireball.  Now Auronaha's horse kicked back in fright.  She fell off with a thud and her horse fled in the direction of the kingdom. 

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