Story: Lightest Shade of Darkness (chapter 1)

Authors: rock18903

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Chapter 1

Title: prologe

[Author's notes: this story i've been thinking about for a while but i don't think i'm too good of a writer]



In a great war between the Trinity, which consisted of humans elves, and other forest and woodland creatures, and the Hordg, the side of demons and other monstrous creatures, there was a stone that was said to have great powers to turn the tides of the war.  My heroes from both sides have tried to unlock its power.  The stone itself wasn't the hardest thing to find, because it was said that the person who obtained the stone had to be an ancestor of the God of Sights.

The legends say that the God of Sights had two sons that were very competitive.  One had the power over many things that were of happiness and peace.  The other was a very powerful hunter and warrior.  Each one of them made up armies that, through the war, kept thing in balance.  Of course the Trinity was originated with the son of peace and the Hordg with the son of war.

After many centuries of searching, the stone was finally found, but its power was not released.  A step-daughter from the king of the Trinity found the stone and showed signs of its power.  The kingdom rejoiced, but the king was unhappy.  Since it wasn't one of his original children who found the stone, he though of a plan to give his eldest child, the honor of being the beholder of the stone.  He sent his step-daughter to the front of the line of the battle that was suppose to give the Trinity and major lead.  But instead of giving her the real stone, the king switched with a fake one.  The small army was slaughtered and the step-daughter's body was never found.  No one ever knew an=bout his plan.  Or so he thought...      

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