Story: Lovers in the Heat of Battle (all chapters)

Authors: Lover_of_Ayane

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Chapter 1

Title: Before the Big Tournament

[Author's notes: This first chapter takes place in the hotel as the ladies get ready for the fighting tournament.sparks fly between some of the fighters but who and when read and find out.]

*The limo pulls up to the Las Vegas hotel and out steps 6 beautiful ladies Ayane,Kasumi,Tina,Christie,Hitomi and Helena*

 The ladies check in to the hotel to rest up before the big Dead or Alive Tournament being held at the hotel.

The rep from DOATEC meets the ladies in the hall way and tells them to get plenty of rest as tomorrow will be filled with action.He also tells the ladies that the winner of the Tournament can ask for any thing as a prize.

*all of the girls squeel thinking of what they would ask for if they won. Each girl was dressed in a real pretty dresses.Then Kasumi looked over at Ayane and smiled gently trying to be nice and Ayane sticks her tounge out at Kasumi.

Then when the rep was done telling the ladies about the rules of the Tournament he showed them to there room.Then while Ayane was lying on her bed she tought to her slef "This tournament is a big deal and i have to win but Kasumi was looking really cute in her dress." Then Ayane sat up as she keept thinking about Kasumi and how her dress was a little tight and not to mention short too.

Ayane was now thinking about how hot Kasumi was and not about the Tournament.She finally got up the nerve to walk to Kasumi's room.


Kasumi replys "Who is it?"

Ayane replies "It's me Anyane sorry about sticking my tounge out at u."

*Kasumi opens the door and invites Ayane inside*

Kasumi-"It's ok Ayane you look really pretty in your dress."

Ayane-"Thanks i really like your too."

*Kasumi then sits on the bed and pats the spot right next to her motioning Ayane to sit down next to her Ayane sits as they talk some more*

Kasumi-"Are you nervous about the tournament too Ayane?"

Ayane"You could say that but to tell the truth i was thinkin more about u then the tournament" Ayane blushes a little as she told Kasumi.

Ayane places her hand on Kasumi's leg then Kasumi blushes placing her hand on Ayanes as she moves it further up her thigh

Kasumi-"i've been thinking about you too Ayane thats why i smiled at u i think your really pretty i couldn't take my eyes off you."

Kasumi-"But i was affraid that you wouldn't like me so i just smiled i was thinking of coming to see u actually but i'm really gald you came over here."

Both girls smile as they move closer together

Ayane-"your very hot Kasumi and i liked you snice i first saw you"

Ayane blushed agian as her face moves closer to Kasumi's

Kasumi-"Oh Ayane i liked you too the whole time."

Kasumi leans in and they both kiss each other Kasumi slides her hand under Ayane's dress as Ayane's hand slides closer to the inner thigh.

As they kiss Ayane slides the her tounge in Kasumi's mouth.

then Ayane pulls away saying my tounge belongs in your mouth as she smiled warmly at Kasumi.

Then both Ayane and Kasumi where thinking the same thing as both ladies slide their hands down each others pussies.

Both ladies moaned with exictment making each other wetter as their fingers go in and out of there pussy's.

they where moaning a little loud and Tina herd the noise and walked down the hall.

As Tina got closer and closer Ayane and Kasumi got louder.

Then Ayane and Kasumi herd Tina say from out side the room.

Tina-"Kasumi you ok in there sounds like your watching porn."

Then both ladies got scared that Tina was gonna walk in on them so Kasumi replied.

Kasumi-"One second."

But before she could tell Tina to wait she slowly opened the door to Kasumi's room to find.........

To Be Continued

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