Story: Knife-wielding Penpals: Nahal and Chloe (chapter 4)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 4

Title: Letter #4 - 5 June 1988

5 June 1988

Dear Village Girl,

Amazing how much six months can make us into the most efficient assassins! Our time training in the Manor was comparatively rigorous, as we had many beautiful Roman ruins, a nearby coliseum, an underground dungeon, and a forest at our disposal. We used many weapons, but since we're so far from the cities as well as the fact that the Manor is somewhat of a secret location, we had to use them sparingly and carefully. We could not put too much damage on our swords, spears, shields, and axes, even though we have a wet stone to sharpen bladed items and blacksmith equipment to make new equipment. There were a limited amount of bullets we could use in our targeting practice, and thus we were forced to hit our targets generally with one or two bullets.

There were other matrons overseeing our training beside the one I refer to as 'mother', but since I am undergoing training, and in the process of growing up as well, I was asked by the matrons to address her simply as Mistress. They came from many parts of the world to see us. They were all kind to my bosom friend and me, but as always I prefer the comforting arms of my Mistress. I think my friend likes her as much as I do.

I received your letter one week after the sent date (or was it the written date?). I wanted to write to you as soon as possible, but I was in the last stages in my training. Then suddenly, Mistress gave a sudden announcement that my bosom friend was going to Japan in order to "sow the seeds in a unique environment and raise the saplings thus." I expected this would happen at our short six-month stay, so I held back my emotional protests. Truthfully, I didn't want my friend to leave, and in my mind I planned out ways to run away with her, even if I have to kill Mistress and the other matrons. But I couldn't. I loved Mistress, and I loved my dear friend as well.

I bade her a stoic farewell just one day after the announcement. The matrons left afterwards, and I was left alone with Mistress. As I went to bed on that same day, Mistress came to me to read me a bedtime story. Afterwards, I finally burst out crying, and Mistress held me to her bosom, petting my hair tenderly. She understood my feelings completely, she had said, but she also told me that the departure of my friend was necessary.

"You will see her again," she said to me. "She will be different from when we last saw her, but it will be for the best. I am sure you like the new her."

I nodded. Mistress kissed me goodnight, and I went to bed thinking how long will it be when I will see her again. Will it be one week? One month? One year? Ten years? I remained in this forlorn state for a few more weeks before I realized that I had you to write to. I cannot be thankful enough for your company, even though this is but a rudimentary conversation, and that you live in a distant country many miles away.

That is the reason why I am late writing to you. I enjoy being with Mistress, but I would like to talk to someone of a similar age, and for some reason I strongly feel that you are the one. I would like to keep up this letter correspondence from hereon, for I may never know when my dear friend will come back.

I'd like to get more personal with you, but I have reservations on whether I should provide details of my identity. Though I am now officially called the True Noir, I feel that we should be more intimate with each other. I have a name, but it was given by Mistress on the day she took me in. It is a common one, so it should be safe for me to reveal it to you. I really want to hear from you again.



P.S. - Regarding your problem with weapons, I'll let you know that I've settled with knives. I have one large one for close quarters killing and many throwing ones underneath my gauntlet as well as my cloak. Just like you, I find maintenance of a handgun to be distracting and problematic, and I think it is just too inelegant in my opinion.

I can't recommend you a knife for your criteria, but I can point you to a well-reputable knife maker who makes knives Mistress has ordered for me. This knife maker is really nice, albeit a little eccentric, but she has offered us a payment plan even though we can afford her fees up front.

The name you should look for is Leapcut Montana. I'm sure your Mystic will be able to find her very easily.

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