Story: Knife-wielding Penpals: Nahal and Chloe (chapter 2)

Authors: StarCross

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Chapter 2

Title: Letter #2 - 15 December 1987

15 December 1987

Dear Village Girl,

I am very sorry that I replied to you so late. You see, I have just recently witnessed a most spectacular sight!

I was in Corsica minding my own business in the mansion of the head of a prominent crime group known as the Bouquets. I had heard that they were going to be killed, and even though I was not the target (though I could be since I were a witness), I could not resist to see what is about to transpire.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Those were the shots I heard from what my mother said was a Beretta M1934, a classic handgun. Following the sounds, I made my way to the dining parlor, opened the doors, and beheld a beauty I have never seen before.

She stood there with those serious eyes with the gun held fast to two tiny hands. She was dressed in a white shirt, slip-on shoes, and suspender pants with one strap unbuttoned. Her hair was black and messy. She had a face like that of a beautiful geisha, though I was not sure if she was really Japanese or East Asian.

I was so impressed with her! There stood a girl who killed a family without an ounce of hesitation. It was at the moment I decided to be like her. No, I wanted to be close with her. To my delight, mother said that she would be staying with me as my training partner at the place forgotten by time, or as we'd like to call it, the Manor.

I'd rather not delve into the details of my past, even though I have very little memories of it. I never knew my real father and my real mother. All I knew was that I lived with the one they call Matron, and I looked up to her as my real mother. She is a really kind woman who would bathe us with her and read us bedtime stories. We enjoyed picking grapes and making wine to sell to the village. The people in there respected mother with great admiration.

My friend isn't much of a talker, and she wasn't too keen to respond to you, suggesting that it would reveal the secrets of our purpose of being together. Despite all this, mother have allowed us to accept this letter and reply in the manner we so desire. She allowed it because we do not get a lot of contact here in the Manor. We have no telephones, not even electricity. Still we get along fine without them.

I wish I could get my friend to open up, but that is what I like about her. I have decided to take up the responsibility of writing to you and reporting about my friend's behavior, thoughts, and desires.

Alas, my peaceful time with my bosom friend is to be cut short, for she and I will succumb to the most harshest of all training in becoming the True Noir. We will become like loving sisters when we emerge. Thus, it will be six months to a year I'll reply back to your next letter.

I thank you for writing to me. It seems we each have our trials to go through in order to fulfill our duty of protecting someone. I hope to hear from you soon. Oh, and tell me more about your village as well!


The True Noir

P.S. - Even though I write with such mature tone, mother helped me put my thoughts down on paper. In some ways, you may hear mother's voice speaking through my letter. She is a really good teacher and knows many languages.

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