Story: Melty Blood heARTs (chapter 6)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 6

Melty Blood heARTs

By Demon Eyes

Disclaimer: Type-Moon owns the awesome characters not me.


Act VI



“I don’t know who you are but welcome to castle none the less. I was about to go out for dinner but you saved me the trip. So, who is first then?” Wallachia’s face turned into a very scary face that Shiki had only seen in those movies he always watched with his friend in the cinemas. His eyes were like holes into a world of nothing but wells of red mass. His teeth were so sharp and very much similar to an animal’s. “I can’t see them.” Shiki said to himself more than anybody else. Everything that was around him had death lines in them yet the man that was standing in front of them didn’t have a single line on him.


“What was that Tohno-kun?” Ciel had heard him whispering to himself. “That guy does not have the lines on him. Not a single line.” Ciel was taken aback a little by this revelation. How was that possible? What is this guy made of? ‘At any rate, now Tohno-kun is of no use now. If he goes in without doing any damage, he will be killed quickly.’ Ciel thought to herself. This had officially gotten from bad to worse. How were they supposed to defeat a guy that they couldn’t kill? Ciel had been counting on Tohno-kun’s ability to down the guy but what now? Maybe Arcueid knew of a way but she was still down stairs dealing with her impostor.


“Tohno-kun, wait for Arcueid to get here. She might have a few ideas of how to take down this guy but for the moment what I can think of is buying time.” Ciel started to walk on forward but she stopped and turned when she felt a hand on her shoulder. “Wait sempai, I know should go first. I may not be able to see the lines but I can still cut him up pretty good.” Ciel’s features turned hard and she pulled away from Shiki. “Tohno-kun, this guy is no ordinary vampire. His abilities are far greater and the ‘cuts’ that you may be able to put on him will not do more than what they would do on water. On the other hand, I have battle experience and thus have more chances to survive than you do. Besides, I don’t plan on losing to this guy. I swore that the only opponent I will ever lose to was that vampire.” She smiled and hoped that that will put Shiki to bay.


“I am going to hold him down until Arcueid gets here. I may injure him pretty good but I can’t kill him.” She turned and faced their enemy who had turned back to a normal person. “If you are quite done deciding whose life I crush first, let’s get it on.” Then he was back to his ugly self with that disturbing smile of his. Ciel dashed forward and in a blink of an eye, she was on Wallachia delivering powerful punches and kicks. Wallachia was laughing all the while and defending himself at the same time. He was so fast and Ciel had to give him credit. She was just warming up though as she increased the speed at which she threw her hits.


She brought a left hook first which was blocked and followed up with a right but that was also blocked. The next real left hook though went in and connected with Wallachia’s smug which made a few whiteys go flying. This was successful though probably due to the fact that all these three punches happened in less than a second and Wallachia wasn’t fast enough. Ciel was proud of her speed that was for sure. Even Arcueid wasn’t fast enough for her. Wallachia went flying backwards and crashed into his piano which went a few feet back as well and smashed into the rear wall. There was dust that skewed Ciel and Shiki’s view. Shiki was again amazed by his sempai’s skills. His eyes couldn’t catch up with those hits.


There was cry and the two pieces of the piano went flying threw the air towards Ciel. She kicked them to the side seeing as were she to avoid them, they would be heading for Tohno-kun. A shadow came forward at high speeds from where Wallachia had crashed and Ciel had to act on instinct and jump through the air to dodge what looked like a shadow of Tohno-kun but going to the air was a bad mistake. Wallachia came airborne rolling in the air and catching Ciel completely off guard. He cut her up pretty good with his moving long nails. The pain was great and the blow she received last had enough force to send her crashing into the ground. Wallachia wasn’t done with her yet though.


That piano was precious to him. It took him through the years. He teleported near Ciel and used his coat and a weapon to force her from the ground and into the air with a blow. Once off the ground, he created shadow claws and slashed at her which sent her towards Shiki. She was covered in blood and coughed to clear her throat which rarely missed being cut through. “Ciel-sempai, Are you alright?” Shiki shouted to his upperclassman. She forced herself on her knees but when she looked up, she saw that Wallachia was coming towards them. She pushed Shiki aside and the blow that seemed to be coming from Chaos’ shadow got her alone instead. There were slashes on her face now and her uniform got torn.


Shiki made to go attack Wallachia but Ciel held her open blood stained palm to stop him. She stood up determined not to let such wounds stop her. She called for Nanako in her mind. Her torn uniform was restored and her Seventh Scripture materialised in her hands. Her body started to get illuminated from her tattoos glowing and she moved forward at so much speed that it looked like she had teleported to Shiki. Wallachia made to jump thing it the easiest way to dodge but he found his threads being held back a gloved hand. He came crashing down back to earth only to meet what was awaiting his return – The sharpened end of a holy stick.


Ciel didn’t have the luxury of crying out her attack so she went right to business. She pounded a few steaks into Wallachia while still holding him on the ground level. That wasn’t enough for her though. He still had to pay a great deal back for the pain he had given her. She lifted the gun with him still on it in and pointed in the heavens. Some more sticks into him and a big one for good measure saw him flying into the air and came back down with only the power of gravity. Ciel still wasn’t finished with him yet though and Shiki felt some petty for him as he saw his sempai jump to meet Wallachia on his journey down to earth. She buried quite a couple of black keys into him and by the time he landed, he looked like a pig on so many sticks for barbeque.


Ciel landed near Shiki and pulled out of no where another black key. She threw it spinning through the air towards Wallachia’s exposed throat only to cut through it completely. His head went rolling in the floor and that was when Ciel gave into exhaustion and went on one knee. That should put Wallachia out for a few seconds but it was all she needed it seems seeing as Arcueid came up to join them right at that second. “Wow, I heard a party going on here even more live that I was having down there. I had to finish my fun too soon not wanting to miss on this one. I hope there is sill some left for me.”


When she heard no reaction, she opened her eyes and saw a worried Shiki helping an exhausted Ciel to her feet. “I see Ciel was the M.C here. Are you going to live?” Shiki just shook his head while Ciel grumbled. She got free of Shiki’s hold when she got to her feet thinking that it would look weird were she to enjoy his closeness in the presence of his girlfriend. “It looks like my suspicions were correct. I am not mortal yet. My wounds are still healing so yeah, I will live sorry to disappoint you.” She made a motion of dusting herself off. Shiki ignored their bickering and brought them back to serious matters. “If you are quite done, our friend seems to have put himself back together. Where is that strategy Ciel-sempai?”


Ciel looked to where she had crucified Wallachia and in fact the guy was stretching his neck as if to test it. He didn’t look at all pleased though and the glare he sent Ciel’s way made her shudder on reflex and even take a step back. “Arcueid, Tohno-kun can’t see those lines on this guy and as you see even my all didn’t faze him. Do you have any suggestions?” Arcueid thought about that. Shiki couldn’t see the lines because Wallachia was just an entity. He had gone from just a mere high scale vampire to something worse. She thought of what it was that changed him but it danced at her memory. “That’s it, now I remember. He changed into what he is now using the rays from the red moon.”


Ciel and Shiki just stared at her not wanting to know about the stupid moon but how to stop the guy who was now making his way to them with an intent to kill. Arcueid saw their faces and pouted. They just couldn’t take some fun could they? “If we summon that which changed him into what he is now, he might turn back into a normal high level vampire that he was. Then Shiki would be able to see the death lines and kill him.” She grinned to them as if expecting a sweet to be thrown into her hands as appreciation. Ciel decided to go up for another round with the guy to buy time. Shiki continued with the questions. “How are we supposed to get this red moon? I have never seen it before.”


Arcueid just laughed at him and before he could shoot back about that Arcueid decided to explain. “I can use my Reality Marble and summon the red moon. I am the only one who can summon it and I believe he used it the last time I summoned it a few centuries back when I fell.” Her smile faded but after sometime she was back to normal. “It takes a little time to complete and after I will be very weak so I have to have a lot of concentration. You will have to guard me.” While all this was going on, Ciel was fighting desperately to hold her own against Wallachia but the guy had gotten way stronger now. They were busy exchanging blows but Arcueid’s hyper voice could be heard clearly by them.


What they heard made one glad but the other however got really angry. Wallachia would not let the vampire to summon the red moon once again. He created shadow clones of Shiki, Arcueid, Akiha, Sion, and left them to attend to Ciel while he dashed off to stop Arcueid who had closed her eyes and started the ritual. Her right arm was aimed into the sky and Shiki was standing on guard in front of her. Ciel didn’t want Shiki to face Wallachia yet so she jumped to the nearest wall and pushed with all her might to land near Shiki before Wallachia got to him. “Tohno-kun, go and take care of those guys that can be killed. I will hold Wallachia off for the needed time.” She said that while guarding Wallachia’s axe that he had formed to cut through Shiki with.


Ciel pushed forward and continued to use her most powerful attacks to hold Wallachia off. After some really tiring minutes, the sky outside started turning pure back and nothing could be seen at that second. Everyone on the room paused and then it happened. As if Ciel was wearing crimson glasses, the world started to get a little light but it was a crimson light. Ciel felt weird too and even more as the big red orb lifted into the sky that was at least two times bigger that the biggest normal moon Shiki had ever seen. Ciel knew now that she was getting weaker and the wounds she had just received lost that feeling of healing and the pain increased. ‘What is happening to me?” She wondered to herself in panic.


The shadows that were fighting Shiki varnished and Arcueid opened her eyes after the ritual was successful. Shiki took that as a sign and attacked Wallachia. The man in red was just fazed a little by the drop in his power but he was still mean enough and gave Shiki a hard time. Arcueid wasn’t affected as much as she had thought. She looked around and saw Shiki and Wallachia going at it. She searched for Ciel and found the girl lying on the floor struggling in pain. She ran over to her on instinct and helped her sit up. “What’s wrong Ciel? I thought you said you were still immortal!” Ciel opened her eyes and looked to her stomach. The Princess followed her gaze and saw a very bad site when Ciel removed her bloodied hand.


The big gush was not healing and blood was coming out of it fast. Arcueid was a little puzzled but then something clicked in her mind. Could the red moon be affecting everything that wasn’t immortal in the beginning? Was Ciel now at this moment a normal human? “What is going on with me Arcueid? I feel weak and very tired. I still remember this feeling very vaguely on that night that I last was a normal human being.” Arcueid opened her mouth to spill her findings but Ciel seemed to have found it on her own. “I am normal again?” Arcueid nodded to show that she thought the same. Ciel then started feeling sleepy all of a sudden. She was losing blood so fast and her brain was going into safe mode.


Arcueid though thought that she might be dying so she shook her with a little force to keep her awake. “Don’t close your eyes Ciel. I will heal you for the moment so please, don’t let go.” She didn’t know why but Arcueid didn’t want the girl in her arms to die. She quickly did what needed to be done and Ciel’s wound closed up but she was still weak. She needed to get rid of the red moon fast for Ciel to go back to her usual self. Wallachia had to be taken care of right now. She looked up at the mentioned man and saw the guys still going at it. Shiki was having a hard time with Wallachia despite now being a normal vampire. Well, he was one of the strongest kind even before.


Ciel saw the hesitation in Arcueid’s eyes and was surprised to know that this young woman cared for her even by this much. “Go on and help Tohno-kun. He is still new to this.” Arcueid looked down at Ciel again and nodded. The question was in her eyes though and Ciel knew what it was. “Go on, I will be alright. I just need some rest.” Arcueid carried her in her arms bridal style and Ciel couldn’t help but give a little squeal. Arcueid just laughed and carried the younger girl on the far side of the big room. She braced Ciel on the wall and turned to leave but a hand stopped her. Arcueid looked at her arm where Ciel’s now gloveless hand was holding her and then followed the arm to her face.


Ciel felt a little unsettled by what she was about to say but she felt it right to be said. “Th…Thank you Arcueid.” She closed her eyes in part to loosen her embarrassment and in part because she was sleepy. If she had her eyes open, she would’ve seen the expression on Arcueid’s normally childish but now a very gentle beautiful face. Ciel brought out feelings in her that no one did. Sometimes during their fights and sometimes when they were just relaxing. She felt like herself, her real self when she was around the religious girl. She wanted to be friends with Ciel and tried but always came off with the opposite effect. Being showed gratitude by this always serious Ciel gave her yet a completely different emotion that she had never felt before. She wondered what it was!


“Arcueid, some help here please?” Shiki was getting his ass kicked by Wallachia. He had tried to get an opening but the guy couldn’t give him the free precious half seconds he needed. He breathed a sigh of relief when his opponent was kicked away from him by Arcueid. She was on him and it looked so easy when she did it that Shiki had to feel for himself. Why were all the girls around him insanely strong? He knew why though but that didn’t stop him from wanting to them to share what they were eating with him. Wallachia was not having a pleasant night so far with is reversal of fortune. Arcueid chained him up in her unbreakable chains and signalled for Shiki to finish him off.


I a minute Wallachia was no more having faced the wrath of the possessed 15cm knife of one Shiki Tohno. Arcueid got rid of the red moon far more easily that getting it up and they went over to the soundly sleeping Ciel. Shiki went to wake her up but was stopped by Arcueid. She got down and put Ciel’s limp arms around her shoulders and then pulled her towards herself to give an unconscious Ciel a piggy back ride. Needless to say Shiki was surprised by this show of caring from the vampire to his sempai. “Don’t tell her when she wakes up about this, do you hear?” Shiki though that Arcueid was probably just embarrassed. He put his hands up to show that he got it loud and clear.


When they got back outside, just at that moment, the castle disappeared as if it had never been there in the first place. Arcueid was thanked by Shiki for her help and they split up with Arcueid heading for Ciel’s place and Shiki going back to his sister and the others. The fog in the forest had cleared and the starts were full in the heavens. The moon stood proudly as if happy to be seen by those it was obscured from. Shiki would not forget however what sides he had seen of the two most mysterious girls in his life.



(The Present)


“Oi Arcueid, wake up, we are almost there.” Arcueid had fallen asleep on the plane a while back but Ciel was wide awake. She had caught a good show on the network and she was watching that. The captain had just announced that they will soon be setting for landing in Rome in quarter of an hour. “Arcueid however wasn’t in the mood to be disturbed so she just turned away from Ciel. A vein grew on Ciel’s head and wanted to ignore her but something kept her from stopping. She shook Arcueid some more with a little more force this time. Arcueid ignored her for a while but the shaking got to her. She mumbled something that Ciel didn’t catch so she asked what she said.


“How rude, I am a princess you know...A sleeping princess. Don’t you ever read fairy tales?” She turned towards Ciel but she didn’t open her eyes. Ciel stopped and wondered what the blonde girl was talking about at this time. “If you want a princess to wake up, only a kiss can do it. *Sigh* how sad that you don’t even know such a common story?” What Arcueid had said dank into Ciel’s skull and she nearly face faulted. She murmured a few unintelligible words with her face going completely red. She didn’t think that Arcueid was joking though and the puckered mouth she was displaying as if waiting for that kiss didn’t help matters any. Arcueid was forced up from her seat however by a very stingy cheek that had suffered the wrath of Ciel’s palm.


“What was that for? I was joking you know!” The princess rubbed her red cheek but she didn’t retaliate. She knew that she might have gone over with that. The sight of a red faced Ciel though was a price to pay. “What’s the big deal anyway? It’s just a kiss. It’s not like you’ve never kissed anyone before.” Ciel just wanted her seat to open up and swallow her at the moment because she couldn’t possibly get more embarrassed than right now. Arcueid saw Ciel’s face going even redder and almost laughed out loud at that. It couldn’t be that Ciel was still that raw, could it? “I don’t believe it. You’re still a...” She couldn’t finish the sentence but they both knew what she was referring to.


The version of Ciel she had seen those three centuries back was the complete example of a slut. Well, she was not herself but Roa must have done countless crazy things with her body in those years. If Ciel was no longer a virgin though, it was her body and she must have found out but if she is saying that...This was so very shocking and funny at the same time. The hostess announced for the seatbelts to be applied and that saved Ciel some clear time. After clicking in her belt though, Arcueid was back on teasing Ciel about that. This kept going on until the plane touched the concrete and they were on solid land of Rome. There was a driver waiting to take them to the Vatican. When they got there, it was almost morning so they were to sleep and the head would be seeing them the next day.


“We will use the same room this time.” Arcueid told the nun who was showing them to their resting quarters. She knew of them seeing as these two were legends here but them sharing a room was against all the stories they were told about them. The nun just agreed and showed them to the double rooms that were available. Ciel was of course trying to protest but Arcueid’s trick on her nerves in the neck rendered her speechless and nothing came out from her throat. This was the explanation of the loud voices in the room later when Arcueid released her from her skill. The nun came back and asked them to be quite. That settled Ciel down. She wondered after some time why she was against the idea that much anyway. It wasn’t like the blonde was going to bite her or anything...was she?


“You better keep your fangs to yourself vampire or you will win yourself a free ticket to Cremation City.” She was changing into her light clothes and Nanako was on one of the beds, (Ciel’s) reading a few books she brought with her. Ciel went to sleep in her covers and Nanako scooted over to allow her master to relax. Arcueid was already in her bed and turned to face her roommate. “You hurt my feelings Ciel. How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t like drinking blood? Even if I did, yours would be the last on ‘To Try’ list.” This of course started another war but a verbal one this time. Nanako was very right to ignore them as they were soon out of gas and comebacks.


After sometime when Nanako had started snoring, Arcueid was still awake and Ciel wasn’t very sleepy too. Though she felt perfectly well Ciel’s consciousness, Arcueid asked anyway if she was awake. “Yes I am, what is it?” There was a simple silence and a soft voice that Ciel had never heard Arcueid use before ghosted the dark room. “Can I sleep with you?” If it wasn’t for the way the request was put forward, Ciel might have given a fit but all she did was blush a little. Even if Arcueid didn’t mean it like that, she still felt it a little odd. It was probably about the recent events in Tohno-kun and Arcueid’s relationship so Ciel thought no problem of it. The room had two beds that were both big enough to hold two people hence why Nanako was sleeping in Ciel’s bed.


Though they were big, it would not do for three people so Ciel careful not to wake her partner, got from her bed and walked over to Arcueid’s. Arcueid had thought for a moment that Ciel might not approve and she had given up hope but then she heard the ruffling of covers and Ciel’s warmth and heart beat getting closer until they stood by her bed. She felt really glad having not slept well the past days alone. Recently Arcueid had been having a hard time sleeping and whenever she did, she was plagued with weird dreams that weren’t so much as nightmares or memories or visions. She pulled back the covers and Ciel must have got it as she made herself comfortable in the space provided. Arcueid pulled up the covers over them and silently thanked Ciel who just nodded but was not settle at all. Her heart started beating a little faster than normal when she felt another warm body with her. She hadn’t slept with any other person in the same bed for centuries but Nanako and that was a different case.


“To be continued…

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