Story: Melty Blood heARTs (chapter 3)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 3

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Melty Blood heARTs::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

By Demon Eyes

Disclaimer: Sadly, Kohaku and the others don't belong to me but Type-Moon


(The Tohno Mansion)

Akiha Tohno, the mistress of the mansion in which everyone around was now in, was quietly sipping at her tea. An air of calm all around her but that would be far from the truth. Inside she was seething. Just as she had thought her dear brother's 'women list' was at the end, after all these days succeeding the 'night of Wallachia,' that there possibly couldn't be any more names to the list. Girl was she wrong! Here in front of her, was a younger woman. She looked to be in her mid twenties with fiery red hair and emitting off vibes that screamed 'knowledge' and 'experience'. But for some reason, this time Akiha was not apprehensive about the woman sitting across from her but to what exactly her brother is up to when she is not with him to end up with all these abnormal women. Why oh why, can't she just once be met with guy friends of his? Well, that Arikiho guy wasn't so bad. He knew respect, which Akiha loved in a few people that had that. She put the cut elegantly down at the table and decided to get this over with. "So, you say you know my brother, how exactly? Because he hasn't mentioned you yet if you are as important as I think you think you are to him." 'Down girl,' she scolded herself.

The said woman, who introduced herself earlier at the gates as Aoko Aozaki, released her lips from the rim of the cup and after making a show of breathing in the herbal tea(Earl Grey) she had specifically asked for, "This is really good...err...ohaku-san, was it?" Kohaku bowed with a smile on her face after seeing a frown on Akiha's face. Perhaps Aoko saw it too as she decided to face Akiha and answer her question. "Now as to your question," she paused here as she reached forward to place the cup on a westernized table in front of her, "I was the one who gave your brother Tohno Shiki, his glasses." She picked up her tea and was amused by the composed girl's widening eyes. She took another sip of her tea to give her host a little time to digest that. It would've surmised everything but she decided to go into a little detail to avoid questions. She was not fond of questions. "I think it was about 10 years ago. I was going through this town at the time and as I went to my favourite place that over looked the whole of this town, I saw him there. He really looked the definition of lost." Another pause, Akiha thought this woman would make a great teacher. That is, if she wasn't already one.

"I knew how hard it was for him as soon as I found out what he was capable of. Having had a...acquaintance with a similar gift as him, I was prepared and so I gave him the glasses that if he had listened to the 'talk' I offered him, he should still be wearing now." A smile as she looked all around the room. From Akiha, to Kohaku, to then Hisui-chan who was standing with both her hands folded respectfully in front of her at Aoko's side and said, "but seeing as you are all still alive after staying with him as long as I suspect, then he hid my words, am sure." As she was bending forward to pick up the cup, she saw Akiha straightening to ask a question and she wished she hadn't added that unnecessary comment. 'Curses, one of these days...

Akiha narrowed her eyes t her. She didn't know if this woman was friend or foe right now. "And what exactly do you mean by that?" 'Calm down Akiha. You don't want to go back there. Not again.' She took a deep breath and leaned back in her seat with her cup of tea and awaited the answer. "Nothing. Forget about it." Answered Aoko. She became aware that she hasn't yet been told where Shiki is. "Where is Shiki anyway?" She set the cup down and leant back in the chair. Her body was tired from the journey she had to take when she heard the news. This gave her a bad feeling. If she was told that he was out and they didn't know where, then she was going to go out looking for him. If those guys got a hold of him, there was no assurance that they would ever see him again.

"He is with that vampire woman talking about whatever God knows what." Akiha answered. She didn't like the idea of leaving those two alone even a little bit. Aoko didn't really have to make three guesses to know which vampire exactly Akiha was talking about. Of all those she knew resided in this city right now, only one would get under this girl's skin so much. The remaining true vampire princess, Arcueid Brunestud. If Shiki really was of the Nanaya blood, then she was really surprised those two lived until now if they have been together this long. And if Akiha left her brother alone with a vampire, then she really meant a lot to Shiki. A grin appeared on her lips as she thought of the possibilities of an assassin falling for a vampire. It was like a cure falling in love with a disease it is meant to destroy. Well, that is the best she could come out with so sew her.

(Somewhere near the park)

Shiki and Arcueid were walking along the edges of the park about half a meter from each other. No one had said a single word since they were left alone. They both knew the topic that needed to be discussed but no one wanted to bring it up just yet. Shiki being the man, decided to go first. "Arcueid, I have noticed that you have been avoiding me lately. When I come to your apartment you are never there anymore. Is there something wrong? Did I do something wrong?" Arcueid hearing the tone in his voice cringed a little now rethinking about her thoughts. He sounded really hurt. Arcueid began to have doubts about her decision but then she thought of Ciel's advice not so long ago. Asking for time out wasn't quitting or breaking up. They would just be taking a break from the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. She made her decision.

"Shiki, I'm sorry for avoiding you. I don't know why but I was afraid. My feelings for you have changed a little from when we first met and I felt guilty like I was leading you on if I no longer felt for you. I mean, I was the one who practically mentioned the date. I made you stay near me to take responsibility for something that wasn't in your control." She frowned and stopped, looked into Shiki's face that looked like he wanted to protest but Arc cut him off. "Do you even know when we became officially a couple? I...I am really sorry for forcing you into this. No matter how you look at it, if it wasn't for me, we wouldn't even be together now. You can go out with someone else in the mean time if you like too during our time out. I know there are a lot of girls that like you." Though it may have looked to the spectator that Arcueid was handling this well, this was most definitely not the case.

She was hurting inside. Really hurting. This would mean spending less and less time with Shiki which she didn?ft like at all. She had been really lonely before meeting him. He was her first everything. First friend, lover and companion. Who would she laugh with now? Who would help her get rid her boredom. She was either making a very big mistake, or not but either way, this was going to change the life they had together so far. Shiki too wasn't looking fair off. His face showed a mixture of so many emotions at once and seeing one of anger and betrayal, Arcueid got a feeling of fear for a second. Shiki then seeming to have aligned his wavelength to that of Arcueid calmed down and agreed that it was probably for the best. Arcueid was relived and released a breath she hard been holding. She smiled and with a heartfelt 'thank you', kissed Shiki on the cheek and stepped away.

She beamed her innocent smile making her all the more like a kid in a young woman's body. She waved to Shiki as she walked away, well, more like hopping backwards and said goodbye to him and hoping of seeing him tomorrow at their rendezvous point for a full city scout. She walked around for a bit not noting her destination but just walking. Now that she had said that to Shiki, she felt a little free for some reason. Now that she thought about it, they could still be together and play as usual though now if Shiki was to get another girlfriend, then their time would be limited. Oh well, she could always go tease Ciel a little. Speaking of whom, she has to thank her for her advice on this. If she hadn't given her that input, then she would still be feeling guilty and dampening her spirits even more. If she knew Ciel, she would be in bed by now. Arcueid decided to attack her tomorrow morning on her way to school. But for now, she had to catch up on that much needed sleep she was missing these past few days. Yes. Sleep.

(Somewhere underground)

A silhouette is seen in front of a large glass container working its fingers furiously on a panel in front of him. At close observation he had on a white lab coat all the while looking like a very renowned sophisticated scientist. His face showed concentration and not wanting to disturb his work, we look to the container to see that inside, surrounded by green fluid, was a person. From the looks of it was a young man about 16 or 17 years old. He was in a foetal position and bubbles could be seen flowing from his nasals where a tube connected to it. Going back to our doctor who was now finished with whatever he was doing, got a proper look to his features. He is, unless he is a twin, one known Kouma Kishima. But what was disturbing was the fact that he had his two eyes. The real Kouma had lost one eye in his childhood and had been thought lost years ago after the Tohnos wiped out the Nanayas.

Kouma now shed his glasses and pressed a button on the panel and stepped back away from the container. The glass shattered and the liquid amazingly seemed to evaporate as soon as it was released as if just getting into contact with the air was enough for it to reach its evaporation temperature. The boy who was in the tank started to open his eyes and stood up. Kouma walked up to him and draped his lab coat on his shoulders. He looked him over and did some testing while he asked a few questions. "I'm Roa. How do you feel?" He asked the boy as he moved his finger from left to right in front of the boy?fs face to see if he was responsive. He didn't answer him, but Roa knew he was okay. The boy's eyes moved with his hand and Roa knew that the vision was okay. The boy being examined by Roa right now had a keen resemblance of Shiki but where Shiki had gentle cool features, this boy had strong calm ones. If you have ever thought about a person you just looked at and thought of everything else but life, then he was it.

He was like a 1 mm wide ice covering a bottomless freezing ocean. It looked calm inviting but step over and you will never see light again. He was, "Shiki Nanaya. You are Shiki Nanaya from now on. Come on then. Let us get you some decent clothes to wear and you will meet the gang." Roa said to him as he led him out of the room which was screaming 'laboratory' from all the things inside it. The door swished, okay more like banged, as it was closed behind them.

In the room, though everyone around knew this wasn't the real thing, they all felt anger rise as they were introduced to a person very familiar to that who brought about their defeats. Wallakia was the first to put forward his opinions. "What are you trying to pull here Roa? You know very well what that guy did to us." He pointed his finger to Nanaya his burning gaze following his finger and glared a challenge to Nanaya. Wallakia's reply from Nanaya was a raised eyebrow and from Roa, "What are you talking about Wallakia? Shiki here has very little connection to the Shiki that defeated you. I cultivated his base genes from those of Kiri Nanaya." After confused glances, Roa decided to elaborate. "Kiri Nanaya is the genetic father of the Shiki that killed you. The Shiki you know and alive out there." He finished with a wave of his hand indicating the city above them.

A few gasps and Roa knew he had their attention. "Kiri was the best assassin in the Nanaya line and as you know, the Nanayas are the best there is. Too bad he had to die to the hands of the owner of the body I inhabit now. I would've had a few good uses for him." He finishes with a dramatic sigh. Some of those in the audience knew of the legendary assassin and gasped knowing that their leader now had the abilities of a guy who took out the best assassin to ever live. "Shiki here however, has no flows. I cultivated his DNA from scratch and made a few modifications. He isn't Mister Sweet at all. So if you value your lives, I suggest you never cross him. Get along, and he will get along. Be nasty, get the picture." Roa stood up and being tired from all the work he had to do in all these hours, he needed rest quickly before they made their move. But first, he needed to see how well he polished Nanaya's fighting skills. But being around won't accomplish anything.

"Well, please get along and tomorrow, we will make our first move. Now, I got to sleep. Bye." He slipped away and into the door but he hid his presence and stayed there. He knew someone would pick a fight and what better way to judge his work's power than this? Besides, he hadn't seen his last creation's power yet having been looking forward to creating their ultimate assassin. If he was right, then it would gratefully be 'her' that picked a fight. As if on cue, one of the ones left in the room came forward towards Nanaya and let a smile come to her face. "So, you are to be the alpha dog eh? Frankly you don't seem that great to me. You can't just earn that position. You will have to prove yourself worthy." She finished and waited for a response but when none came, she took it as an agreement and disappeared...literally.

The spectators all watched on with grins on their faces except one. She looked like a 10 year old, had white long hair tied in a white bow and also wearing a white dress. Her eyes were blood red and her expression was like that of Nanaya. Well, expressionless. But if you looked deeper. “..A ha ha ha”, a laugh was heard as the woman who disappeared was now holding Nanaya by the collar before throwing him in the air and following him up. She slashed at him with her claw like strong fingers and it looked like she was skewering something for a barbeque all the while laughing her release of frustration. She put an extra force into the last three slashes before sending him to the other end of the room. Nanaya crashed in the floor and the force made him dent it.

"Che, that's it? Is this supposed to be our leader?? What a joke." Nero who had been quiet all this time made his thoughts known. He had had high hopes for all Roa said about this Nanaya but if this was it, then Warcueid might as well do him in. He closed his eyes again relaxing and praying for his soul to rest in peace...not. To his surprise, the girl he has never heard talk to anyone before, talked but what she said threw him off. "Warcueid, be careful." Is what she said. Warcueid, the woman who was doing Nanaya in, turned towards the girl who spoke and then back to Nanaya who was now standing back to his feet all the while looking nothing like someone should look after they went through what he did.

Nanaya dusted himself and couldn't help it but smile. This was really getting interesting a little. He hadn't thought that he would get to fight this early. He looked at Warcueid and he moved. He wanted to enjoy this as much as possible so he didn't want to go for the kill. He went to Warcueid and even though she saw him come, it was like she was paralysed. She couldn't move. Nanaya brought out a pocket knife from his back and sliced Warcueid from bottom to top and the force lifted her from the ground. He met her there and slashed at her so many times that if Warcueid was a normal human, they would be a pile of dismembered body parts by now. As it turned out, Warcueid's speed of healing was for the records and Nanaya loved it even more. As Warcueid came back down to the ground, her face twisted in pain, Nanaya was already there waiting for her.


Warcueid overcoming from the intensity of the cuts was getting ready to land on her feet her wounds having healed completely, and then she felt the cursed 10 cm blade connecting with her neck, arm leg and everywhere. Pain shot through all over her body. She wondered why that crazy bastard couldn't make her not feel pain when he created her but alas. Mean while, Nanaya was having so much fun that that he felt that play time was over. Knowing that his opponent wouldn't be moving anytime soon, he retreated a few steps back and prepared to finish this. Warcueid was a pool of bloody mess but the blood was being pulled back to her body like a murder scene played backwards on tape. She starting to get up weakly and sitting up first. Suddenly her instincts went off and she looked up and saw what Nanaya was preparing to do. Shit.

The watchers all around were looking on in amazement at what was going on. They had cornered Warcueid as soon as she had joined them to see what she got and she had taken them on all on, well, apart from Len, and she had given them a run for their money. Now to see her being made a joke of, they really did think that maybe Roa was right about this one. Len too was one of the watchers and she knew what was going to happen as did the others. Looking around her, she saw no sign of anyone stopping the fight. She didn't want Warcueid to be destroyed. She knew that Roa would probably make another clone but she didn't want another clone. She had to save her. Len closed her eyes and put her hands before her.


Nanaya was getting ready to do Warcueid in. He got on his mark and as he began to move, the world around him went blank for a second and when he came to his senses again, he found that he was frozen in time and when he got his footing back, looking to his target found nothing. He turned to his right to see the spectators some looking at him with fear, others acceptance. He saw the one he was getting ready to kill being supported by a girl in white. The woman, Warcueid was smiling appreciatively at the girl and struggled to get up. Nanaya for some reason was glad that he was stopped before he killed the woman. Another girl came forward from the ones standing around towards Nanaya and she offered her hand, "Hi. I'm Akiho. It's a pleasure." He looked her over while he took her hand in his and shook it but said nothing. She had red flaming hair. Literally flaming hair. She wore a white blouse and red skirt. She seemed familiar somehow.

(Back at the Tohno Mansion)

"I'm back." Shiki called as he entered into the front door. He wondered why Hisui-chan wasn't at the gate let alone the door way for him. Maybe she has finally come to heed his words. He was trying really hard to get her to stop treating him like some bachelor but in vain. He sighed and had as his sister called him to join them in the sitting room that they had a guest. Hisui-chan of course came out to at least meet him on the way. She greeted him and followed him in the living room. "I'm sorry I held you Akiha, I was still talking with Arc..." He stopped in mid sentence when he saw who else was in the room, apart from Kohaku-san of course. He never thought he could ever see her again. She had told him that they might meet and he was looking forward to seeing this great woman who personally taught him the value of life. The only person he respected in this world.

"Well, are you gonna just stand there trapping flies or are you going to say 'hello' anytime soon?" Aoko smiled at the shock and surprise and everything else on his face. She too felt a great joy of seeing him again. That little lost boy was no more and instead, he was standing mightily here in front of her. She decided to save the poor boy and go to him. She gave him a hug and pulled back enough to look in his still shocked face but not to let him go just yet. "How have you been Shiki? I hope you have been behaving." Her voice was soft and it snapped Shiki to his senses. He let a real smile that Akiha and everyone hadn't seen for a long time cross his face and almost cried when he answered Aoko's greeting. "It's so good to see you again Sensei. I never thought I would see you again." He gave the hug back. They stayed like that for a moment too long and only Akiha's cough got them to let go and come back to the rest of the living.

"The reunion is good and all but I've got to go to bed. I am wiped out from all today's fiasco." She yawned so elegantly that it was almost possible to believe someone would do that. Sadly, only this girl could pull off a yawn and make it look like something completely different. "Hisui, go and prepare room 6 for our guest." She got up and started for the door to the stairs but before she reached it, she turned to Kohaku, "Kohaku, prepare some tea for Nii-san and then come up to my room. Well, goodnight everyone. I will be waiting for the details tomorrow morning." And with that, the mistress of the house exited, much to Shiki's relief. He hasn't yet gotten to level base with Akiha. He turned back to his Sensei and smiled as he took a seat near where Aoko was sitting before. At least something really good came out of this really bad day. Something good indeed.

To Be Continued....

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