Story: Melty Blood heARTs (chapter 1)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 1

Title: Act I

[Author's notes:

It's gonna be the best kick ass fic I've ever seen on the net.

These vampires are sureal .

The twins. The twins.




:::::::::::::::::Melty Blood heARTS:::::::::::::::::

By: Demon Eyes

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Type-Moon, not me.

Important notes: VSion = Atlasia, White Ren = Len, AkaAkiha = Akiho and Boss Ciel = Cial. And also, Ciel didn't return back into a human. Roa apparently had lied(?) Why the hell not. He is evil. 'RIN' is this adult magazine in Japan. I see torrents of it started at tokyotosho. And I am a fan too. *Ke ke ke*

Act I

Somewhere in the city of Misaki, in the many apartment complexes that inhabit it, there is just one that since a few days ago, its location having been discovered by a certain, dangerous(?) individual, the other occupants had started departing and it was now almost completely evacuated. The only reason that the others that were still inside were suffering the pain, was that they had trouble with their solicitors and thus they had to endure the harshness of the godly sounds coming from room number 707. This apartment belonged to a certain 17 year old student known only as Ciel. It had been so quiet before, that the neighbors almost thought it abandoned. But ever since a young foreigner- with short honey blonde hair, cheerful, white girls' shirt accompanied with a purple skirt and grey body stockings - was seen going to room 707, chaos started and this had been going on for the last three weeks. Said lady would come almost every three days and sounds like knives and things tearing and breaking started to boom all over the building. It was like an earthquake that was situated just and only under this building. Surprisingly, the building was never damaged. But those who valued their sleep were not for this building anymore so they decided to leave.

Ciel had just returned from school. It was 6:45pm by now. School was already out but being the captain of the one-member Tea Club, she had to stay behind. And besides, Tohno-kun had kept her company. It wasn't like she liked him or anything. He seemed to be in lack of a person you would go to for advice on something "and I'm a perfect candidate if I do say so myself", she tells herself. Shiki did have a lot of friends but they all seemed to want something more from him than friendship or *giggle* more than even brotherhood. Of course she couldn't blame them. When she fought him the first time, she sent information about him back to the church for research and Oh! There were results alright. But the one that is needed now is that he has a unique ability of attracting girls, even boys. But the boys seem to have ignored it. Lest they be made fun of. The girls on the other hand, had no Y chromosome and so they fell, hard. Well she too was a girl but she had had a great battle with her mind a long time ago and she can command her body to do anything now through the strengthened force of will. She hadn't mentioned that to anyone yet and it seems that Tohno-kun himself didn't know it. But it seemed that that Last Ancestor is starting to figure out something. Seeing as she spends even more less time with Tohno-kun than usual. eAt first she was so clingy that it even started to make me a little mad. But what's surprising is that when she isn't bothering him, she is always here ruining my days.f

eBut to say spoiling would be a lie. Life has been really boring ever since Roa was defeated and the Evil Organization(If it exists) seemed to have gone underground(So to speak). Arcueid, that's the name of that beast, has been coming over here - I have to have a serious talk with Tohno-kun about giving away my address - for almost two weeks. She knows that me and her together alone means war but she has been coming over even regularly now. Since I am more alive when I fight and I don't have to think a lot, I am a little looking forward to these meeting of ours now. Thought little they are not.f "Nanako, are you here?" Nanako is Ciel's 7th scripture weapon given name by a classmate and best friend of Tohno-kun's, Arihiko. At first she was against the name but seeing that it meant a lot to the weapon, she agreed and now she was known as Nanako. "Here master. Welcome back." it looked like she had been sleeping. eWell, not like she had anything to do.f "How was your day master?" Ciel takes off her shoes and goes into the living room. She puts her school bag down and flops in one of the sofas gracelessly. Nanako comes over and nuzzles her master's leg. Ciel pats her head and caresses her cheek and behind the ear. She closes her eyes feeling so bored that she almost falls to sleep right there until...

"Hmm...You are wearing white with black stripes today I see." Suddenly a voice is heard just there as if it was right in the same but opposite position to what Nanako was in. Ciel recognized that voice anywhere. It was Arcueid. The beast, how did she manage to get in her apartment? Then 'White with black stripes? Oh NO...' She jumps from the couch so fast to stand in it instead, her hands protectively over her short blue school skirt that poor Nanako is knocked in the chin and sent flying over the living room to crash in the cupboard. "When...What...How did you get in here?" Ciel really embarrassed that she was caught with her under wear showing was all red and a little raced due to the fact that she was snuck upon when her defenses were down. Indeed Arcueid was there squatting right in front of the couch where Ciel had been almost defeated by the sand man. She had a wide grin on her face and her hands supporting her head. Blood red eyes closed to make the smile wider and a cheery "Ya~ho Ciel" came forward as a greeting. Ciel grabbed at her racing heart to calm it down and got down from the couch to stand a little ways away from this creature. Though Arcueid kept insisting that she won't drink blood, it was in her nature and it would come over her so hard, she won't have a say in the matter. Better safe than sorry, she told herself.

Arcueid saw this and frowned a little. Despite how many times she had said it or avoided it when she was overcome, Ciel always was ready for her to drink human blood. She had lived for centuries for crying out loud. If she resisted that long, how could she start now? This actually made her a little angry to the Burial Agent before her. She even saved her once. Not only didn't she receive thanks, but now she couldn't even help her with her most feared nightmare of drinking human blood, because if she were to do that, there would be no more True Ancestors. They would all be fallen. 'She really is insensitive', thought Arcueid. "I came in through the window. It seems you were too air-headed to close it this time. Not my fault really." She smiled now having succeeded in making Ciel a little edgey. She looked ready to draw the Black Keys. Arcueid smiled. 'It wouldn't be long now before she charges.' She put her senses to the MAX in case Ciel decided to go now. But she was sure she had to save her pride first. And so, she watched as the fiery Navy-haired girl turn towards the winded Weapon.

"I am not air headed." Ciel shouted back. "NANAKO. I warned you not to open windows when I'm not here." She was answered by a sobbing Nanako and many apologies. She groaned. How dare this monster come into her home and start making fun of her? Ciel drew her Black Keys. Four blades between her left hand and three in her right. She is so furious right now at Arcueid for some reason. Arcueid in turn was a little angry at Ciel for always going on how she will eventually feed on humans. That was Arcueid's nightmare and for Ciel to speak of it so casually made her angry. Ciel threw the blades to Arcueid who dodged four and thrashed at the three to cut them in pieces with her shadow claws which went straight for Ciel. Having anticipated this, Ciel had jumped to the upper wall behind her and launched another set of blades at Arcueid, leaving three diagonal slash-like holes in the lower wall on which she had clung. She uses her legs to gain the force to hurl her self to Arcueid, a fist raised. They collided together. Ciel's fist connecting with Arcueid's face and receiving a blow to the abdomen that was waiting for her with regards from Arcueid. Many blows are exchanged by the time they hit the ground from the force exerted by Ciel's zooming from the walls.

The only remaining neighbors having prayed for the thousandth time, only to be denied their wish of quietness, thought it high time they too, made their exit in tears as had the previously departed. Said earthquake had begun again in this area. Back to the room, the two female warriors are still at it and this time, Ciel was no longer in yellow and blue but in complete blue and a little white. She was no longer in a skirt too but a dress with a cross at the middle of the collar bone. It was almost in threads though. As was Arcueid's clothing. They were in a stalemate position waiting for the next round. Though it seemed they had been going at it for quite some time, they looked no where near shedding a bead of sweat or panting. It was as if they had just started. Were it a normal fight, they would be just that but the speed at which they were fighting, for a normal person to fight that hard would have to spend a day fighting. This time it was Arcueid who went first. She seemed to varnish and re-appear right next to Ciel. By the time the eye keeps up with the super fast girl, a knee has already connected with Ciel's chin and she is lifted back in the air. Arcueid doesn't seem to be done though, as she follows with a back-handed, upper-cut shadow claw. Three times. Ciel is a little dazed after that but she will be damned if she fell down that easily.

Ciel flips in mid-air and grabs Arcueid who had spent her free air momentum and hurled her towards the ground, hard. Having used Arcueid's body, to gain more force, she came down after her opponent blades at the ready and skewered her, landing on the floor coolly thereafter. But that's all the time the True Vampire needed to heal and Ciel found herself being cut through by chains that seemed to appear out of nowhere. She wasn't hurt too badly as Arcueid never seemed to be out for the kill. And using her immortality to good advantage, she healed a little too. But her gloves were off now. She summons Nanako and shades her dress to change yet again into another one. Much shorter and sleeveless this time. Glowing tattoos of crosses and feathers appear on her skin. Nanako in her hands, this time not in human-like form as before, but in a weapon. The 7th Scripture. No one has ever faced it and lived except Arcueid of course. This would explain why she was using it even now. Not that she aimed to use its true abilities. Her fights with Arcueid were all like training, as odd as that sounded. She ran towards Arcueid at unexpected speed and drove the spike like bullets into Arcueid's belly, finishing off with a final bigger bullet this time that went off with a loud BANG which would've given some sleeping people a heart attack. Thankfully, all other tenants were already evacuated.

Arcueid's body flew backwards to crash thought the glass doors and was saved from falling towards the below by the veranda railings. All was quiet for a moment until some kind of fizzling sound was heard coming from the hunched over body on the shade. Ciel looked up after returning into her longer blue dress, with sleeves and swallowed. It looked as if some kind of aura, deadly aura was emitting from Arcueid's body. When she looked up, Ciel felt something akin to fear and thought maybe she had overdone it this time? Arcueid's normally red eyes had turned an eerily gold. Glowing gold. She took a step back. "Arcueid? Something wrong?" She asked nervously. Upon hearing her name called perhaps, Arcueid blinked. And the aura and golden eyes disappeared. Ciel took a sigh of relief. 'Safe'. " I am sorry if I went a little too far." Then she registered what she had just said. "What am I saying? It's my job to take you down. Especially since you evaded my home like this." Why was she on the defensive? To justify what she had done? Was she getting soft?

Arcueid was getting really tired of this. She had been ready to get really serious for a while there. If Ciel had kept on going...She didn't even want to think about it. She had used quiet an amount of will power to revert back to normal. Yet here she was, this puppet for the Burial Agency acting all arrogant. "Listen to me Ciel, we both know that it's your jurisdiction to take me down, but only when I fall. And as it seems, I haven't yet but you insist on eradicating me. If you had the power, I don't think I should even still be alive. You would've killed me way back." She smiles a confusing smile that Ciel can't quite place. "And you also know that I have the power, more than have in fact, to kill you. Yet, all these times you decide it's time for me to leave this world and we fight, you always live." Ciel was about to put in that Arcueid can't kill her since she is immortal and that she can't be killed but was stopped by the wave of a hand. "Yeah, yeah. Your immortality from hence you were the bearer of Roa. I know. I can't tell you my secret, only Shiki knows, but I will tell you one thing. It's what I used to help Shiki defeat Warakia." She sees a familiar expression rise in Ciel's blue orbs and smiles. "So you see, I can kill you anytime I want, but I don't." She turns to leave for now since her 'torment the church-puppet time' is over. At least for today.

"Why?" Ciel hadn't thought of that at all. She knows the extent of a True Ancestor's power. She had read all about them just before she was sent out into 'the hunt'. She also knows how she was saved once upon a time. The way she was saved..."Why don't you ever get serious in a fight? I know you use minimum power in your Marble Phantasm. Even just now. Why? Do you mock me?!" Ciel who had started out in a low voice of discovery, was now on the verge of heated anger. Arcueid who had started to walk towards the broken glass door to fix it using her Phantasm that she uses to manipulate space, stopped in her stride. Breaths held for the moment of truth. Arcueid then continued on but Ciel as though sure that an answer was to come, stood patiently until Arcueid fixed the glass, then the room and turned towards the veranda. Sliding the glass door open to go in the now pitch black night, she paused to let her reasons known. A strong wind blew to prevent anyone else except Ciel to hear what was said. She couldn't see Arcueid's face, but she knew the answer to be true. She was still standing there 2 mins later after Arcueid was long gone. When she got her thoughts back to the land of the living, she hadn't even noticed that her heart was running at a never before recorded rate. Nanako off to the side was all confused as to what was said to make her master act like she was.

(Same time at The Tohno Mansion)

Tohno Shiki was lying in his bed, reading the recent issue of 'RIN'. His mind wasn't in it as it was occupied by other thoughts. He rarely slept with Arcueid these days. His inner self was trying even more than usual to slice Arcueid into tiny bits. It was good that Arcueid was more than ready for him these days and so, he always came back with a few 'black eyes' much to the horrors of his sister Akiha. And these past days, Arcueid was more than away from her apartment. He wondered where she went off to since he searched her normal hide outs and she was no where to be found. Then again, Ciel-sempai no longer stopped by their house if Arcueid wasn't there. Perhaps they were fighting again. Ren too seemed to spend more time in Kohaku's company these days, and they always returned with a grinning Kohaku and a smiling Ren. He groaned. He wasn't jealous or anything. Or so he tried to tell himself. Before, Ren would spend the days with him. Keeping him company whenever he was away from Arcueid, but now even Hisui wasn't around much. It seemed that they were getting way closer to him than he wanted but now, it was as if they were avoiding him. Well, Kohaku wasn't avoiding him. More like too obsessed with her freaky experiments, but still.

He closed the mag, hid it under his mattress and decided to go look for Hisui-chan or Akiha. He decided to go look for Akiha in the living room meaning to catch her drinking her tea again. When he got there, he found Hisui instead. She was cleaning about a bit, though the place looked brand new. Hisui looked up and was started a little at Shiki's appearance there. She had changed since he had come back here. She seemed to be livelier now. "Shiki-san!" At least she had dropped the -sama. Though it took forever for that to happen, it finally happened. Kohaku actually thanked him one night when she came into his room. He really wasn't sure of what he had done, but if it was something that received that much gratitude from a person like Kohaku, then he wasn't going to argue. "Ah, Hisui. Are you busy right now? I am bored and lonely and was looking to do something with someone. Of course if you are, since it seems you're cleaning, I will go and see if Akiha is free right now." Hisui seemed to perk up at that. "No. No, I am finished here anyway. I had nothing to do either so I decided to do some cleaning while I wait for dinner." She fidgeted a little. "Was there anything in particular you wanted to do Shiki-san?"

He thought about it. What would they do that would both enjoy. He thought hard. or so it seemed. "Play a game." He decided. "Poker, then Scrabble perhaps? That will take us till dinner time." He was actually glad that Hisui was free right now. he didn't want to ever go back to Akiha's room uninvited since last time. The thought of it brought that scene he had scene back to the fore of his mind. 'Hmm, maybe another accident wouldn't be so bad.' He thought to himself. Too bad Kohaku was preparing dinner in the kitchen with Ren right now and not in there. Oh well, at least he was going to play with Hisui-chan. Hisui went over to the study/library room and brought out the scrabble board, its accompanying huge dictionary and a deck of cards back to the living room. She set the Scrabble Board down first as they had decided to play that first. The first set of chips were drawn. Dictionary set down and Hisui being as she made her master before, urged Shiki to go first. only Shiki was a gentleman and he wanted her to go first. After a few of indecisions going on, Hisui-chan finally gave in and went first. A couple of minutes later, Shiki was to wonder how a person who spent all her time at home, would have his hide in Scrabble. Later when they switched to poker, he only escaped defeat by 10-8 wins. He made a note to thank Arihiko tomorrow at school because, it was due to his constant talking him into going to the arcade that he got good at it. But since Hisui really looked like she was having fun, he decided to let his pride slide this once.

At dinner, Shiki was trying really hard not to look in Akiha's face. When dinner was served, Hisui was still happy from her playing with Shiki that everyone around noticed it. Ren seemed to not be paying attention as she was so immersed in eating her favorite food. Akiha was giving him the all killing gaze he received often whenever he stayed late to fool around with Arcueid, as Akiha had put it. Kohaku's expression was way scarier that his sister's as she had on that disturbing grin on her face. And what was that shiny thing he saw gleaming under the table? *Gulp*. "So, Nii-san, what exactly were you and Hisui doing in our absence?" He swallowed again. "Your answer shall determine the future of your safety." She finished off with a smile of her own after an exchange of glances between her and Kohaku. 'Since when is Akiha into Kohaku's hobbies?' He asked himself and thanked the Almighty that he was eating food, or else he would surely run out of saliva to swallow. Luckily, he was saved by Hisui-chan whom he wanted to kiss right at that moment. "Shiki-san was bored and I had just finished my chores for the day so I decided to suggest a game to pass the time until dinner." She didn't say it was Shiki that suggested the game. 'Safe'. "Oh? How come I wasn't invited?" Asked Akiha. eWhy wouldn't she leave it at that? She had to go too deep into this as usual.f "Well Akiha, since last time, I never wanted to disturb you when you were busy. I thought that since you spend most of your time reading or drinking tea in the living room or the porch, then you would need privacy if you went to your room." eWhew, she seemed to take that.f

After dinner, Akiha went to the living room and Kohaku delivered the tea for her, Shiki and Ren. They had decided to play together after dinner but they had to wait for Hisui to finish up cleaning the utensils they had used for dinner. Kohaku having finished preparing and serving the tea, went to help her younger sister to finish up quickly. "Nee-san, you don't have to help out. You spent a lot of time preparing our meal that you have to be tired. Let me take care of this. I will manage." Never the less, Kohaku continued to the sink and took a towel to help dry the things Hisui was washing. "Don't say that Hisui-chan, you do all the cleaning around the house and that is by standard more work than preparing meals, and you know that I will be there to help you as long as you need help, though, my cleaning skills are at the level of a college dorm male student * Fu Fu Fu*." Hisui smiled a genuine smile a little touched. "Nee-san." A little silence and, "anyway, it was Shiki-san that suggested the game, wasn't it? Don't worry, I am actually happy. He has helped bring back your smiles that you lost since those days. It's as if when he left, your smile left with him, thus when he returned, so did your smile." All the washing was finished by teasing poor Hisui-chan, who was thinking of getting her revenge sometime soon. Yes, sweet revenge.

The inhabitants of the infamous Tohno mansion played until 23:00hrs which was two hours over their set curfew. It seems like it was so much fun that even Akiha-sama never noticed until Kohaku reminded them of school the next day. It was too bad no body got the chance to beat Ren. 'This devil', smiled Shiki as he carried Ren in her cat form to his bedroom. She seemed really tired now and she was going into slumber. 'She beat us even though she was this tired? How will we ever get a chance were she not?' He entered his room and set down Ren in her specially made bed. It seemed Akiha was really against him sleeping in the same bed with another creature in this house. He decided to put his masterful arts to good use and even spend some time on a project by making it himself. Of course he had to buy all the ready made equipment and all he did was set it up. He tucked Ren in and spent a few seconds gazing at the sleeping feral bundle of black far before he went to changing into his night clothes(which of course meant stripping to his boxers) and went to lie down. He left the window open for a couple of mins hopping that weirdly cheerful vampire would drop in. After waiting for a known time, he closed the window, replaced the curtains and went to sleep. The lights in the mansion all went off.


(Down town that same time)

Two girls walked in comfortable silence heading home that night. They had decided to go out to the movies and see the latest horror flick that had just screened. it was so well made that it left them speechless. That is until one of them, A High School Girl that looked to be still in Middle instead with brown(almost chocolate in the dark) hair tied up into two side-top pony tails, decided to break the silence. "Awesome." Was her complete summary on the movie they have just seen. Her name was Satsuki Yumizuka. Her counterpart smiled at the awestruck remark of her friend. She was a bit taller than Satsuki. Dressed in a purple short sleeved shirt meeting a short white skirt. She had on a hat that had the same color as her shirt. On the hat and shirt were engraved a yellow cross. She was Sion Eltram A. An alchemist from the Mages' Association situated in Egypt. She had something spectacular in common with Satsuki and thus, had become fast friends at their first (real) meeting. They had talked about lots of things about each other and were getting closer still. Satsuki was in lack of girl friends and it was something that she really needed now that she had a big secret that she couldn't even tell the person she admired the most her self.

It was Sion that mentioned it to Shiki and that was after she had asked Satsuki if it was okay to tell him. She was afraid of what Tohno-kun would say, but all he did was ask if she was okay. She was so touched that she started crying in the cafeteria. All the students were looking their way but were saved when they were joined by Ciel-sempai who seemed to be able to change subjects as easily as she made tea(?). Since then, she had been telling all her secrets to Sion, who also did the same. Her whole life she never had a friend at all. Everyone was so envious of her gifts that turned into overzealous idiots. When she met Satsuki, it was like, 'it's clich?, but I can't think of anything to describe it' thought Sion, it was like a destined meeting. They started doing things together mostly during the nights or weekends when Satsuki didn't have school. They had had too much fun today too. At the moment, they were heading for Satsuki's house to drop her off then Sion would go to her apartment. "Thanks for coming with me today too Sion. Before, all I did was go straight home as the only friends I had were Tohno-kun and Inui-kun. But they enjoyed different thing from what I do, and you too." She was really glad to have met Sion. She hoped those words were enough to put forward her gratitude. Sion was already prepared to say that it was her pleasure too to have Satsuki's company, but then her senses tingled as they were being watched by someone.

In front of then was a junction but they couldn't see in the corners as they seemed to be guided by darkness itself. Sion got on alert and put herself in front of her friend. "Who is there?" She asked. "Show yourself." She pulled out her gun from its resting place at her back. A familiar laugh came forward, accompanied by the shadows that seemed to move. Upon the revelation of the owner of the 'Oh so familiar' laugh, Sion almost dropped her gun in disbelief. There before her, was the last person she thought she would ever see or wanted to never see, again. "Y...You! It's you! But...How?!!" Her mind was in shambles as there before her own eyes in all his glory, looking not at all like a spawn from the world beyond, was her ancestor, her worst nightmare and arch nemesis - Warakia. "Ho? You don't seem very pleased to see your 'maker' again Sion-chan. Maybe I shouldn't have made you one of us after all." He spoke so non-challantly. Very out of character from the way he was last time Sion saw him. It's like the Warakia here is one from long ago when he was still human. Before she was able to answer, she was shocked yet again, to see someone else who isn't supposed to be among those who walk the earth this day. "Warakia, we have to go. We got what was asked of us and orders were to not let 'them' see us before the time was right."

It was another of the Dead Apostles just like Warakia. And also just like his now partner, he too should be dead. 'WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??!!?' Sion seemed to be going mad. "Yeah yeah. Be a spoil spot why don't you." Warakia said to the being known as Chaos before turning to Sion. "Well Sion-chan, our reunion must end it seems, but rest assured, we will meet again. Very soon." And before Sion could finish a "Wait", they disappeared in the shadows. She was so confused and didn't know what to do but when she looked at Satsuki and saw that she too was in disbelief, she knew it was all happening. "Trouble. We are in deep trouble." She got out her cell phone and made a speedy to Shiki. After a few rings, a sleepy Shiki answered, "Tohno Shiki speaking. Hello?" "Shiki. It's Sion. We have trouble. Very big trouble."

(Somewhere at the edge of Misaki town)

A figure with very long gleaming red hair is seen standing on the high landscape overlooking the town of Misaki, slashing a white T-Shirt and blue jeans. In her hand is a large old century suite case. The other hand on her hip. "Whew. I hope I made it in time. Please be okay boyar."

To be Continued............

A/N: Fu fu fu. Am I evil or what? At least I think. I hope I didn't rush through this one much. At any rate, this is a Fan Fic for Melty Blood fans. I am unable to go into microscopic details because I am not a creator, but a FAN. Yes, JUST a fan.

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