Story: Fate/Stay Night Zero (chapter 8)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 8

Fate/Stay Night Zero

By Demon Eyes

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Type-Moon not me.




“Are you alright Saber?” I whisper to her my arms still around her in a hug. I don’t know what kind of deity it was out there that helped to lead her back to me safely, but I will be damned if I ever lose her again. I have to remember myself and why I chose to enter this war. From now on there will be no more fooling around. Gilgamesh or whoever, if you want a fight, bring it on. I will take all of you on and I have no plans of losing. She says she’s fine but I’m not so sure. “Really? They didn’t do anything to you? I don’t know much about Kirei but from what I do know would not be put on the ‘gentlemen’ list.” Saber assures me that she is positively fine. I am a little concerned but I let it go. I lessen my hold on her and put my hands on her shoulders instead to look at her – really look at her. She was almost taken from me and I hadn’t even taken the time to study her features yet.


“Ahem. There are other people around you know, namely us who just saved your life too.” Curses, I had almost forgotten about them. Why are they still here anyway? Oh right, I haven’t thanked them yet for protecting me and agreeing to help me save Saber. Though it turns out she didn’t need saving. My brave Saber, there is no one like you. “Erm...hello...girl, are you even listening? Geez, how rude can you get! See Shirou, this is what we get for risking our necks to save this troublesome girl. Honestly, I don’t see what you see in her.” I am getting even more angered by the more this guy talks. Unfortunately for him what he just said grabbed my attention. He couldn’t possibly mean that Emiya-kun has feelings for me, surely. “A Archer, you’ve said too much. Shut up. Please.” He might be right otherwise Emiya-kun wouldn’t react like that. He is completely red. Interesting.


“Emiya-kun, thank you for coming out of your way to help me rescue Saber. Even though she apparently didn’t need saving, you have saved my life already. I owe you one.” He gets all flustered and starts to stutter so I decide to save him from himself. “But now that that’s been taken care of, I wanted to talk to you about what has been going on at school.” He comes to attention and I see from his expression that already he knows about that. He tells me how he felt something out of order and he was thinking of checking on it more when he goes to school tomorrow. “Don’t worry about that anymore. I already took care of it, though the culprits got away.” I give him a grin and he laughs a little out of embarrassment. He has been in the mountains again training. I have to look out for those two. They are really strong and they will get even stronger. Maybe I should take care of them while I have the chance?


“Anyway, thank you for your help, but you know Emiya-kun, next time we come face to face with our servants it will be not as friends but enemies. So relax while you still have the chance. I will be coming for you soon. Now if you will excuse us, we have things to do and battles to plan. See you at school tomorrow Emiya-kun.” I turn to Saber and find that she has been having a staring contest with Archer that I hadn’t noticed until now. “Let’s go home Saber, before we are ambushed by even more masters in the same day.” She nods to me and follows as we leave the guys to their own.


A short time after we leave the bridge and are out of sight of the guys, I turn to Saber. I see that she is troubled by something but I don’t ask her anymore. If she wanted me to know, she would’ve said what’s bothering her before. Oh well, she will tell me when she is ready. “We have to be more careful and focused from now on Saber.” I mean it and she agrees almost instantly. That makes me smile and I can’t resist stroking the back of her head where her hair is tied up by her blue ribbon. She looks surprised but I ignore the look and tell her to dematerialize. No need to attract more attention to us tonight.


Once she is invisible to anyone else but me and other servants, I ask her if she learned anything useful in her short capture of use to us but she says no. Oh great, we have nothing on that guy. I guess we will have to go and fight with all we’ve got but I have a feeling he is as scary as Saber thinks him to be. Even though he may seem strong, he too has a weakness and that is Saber. While I’m pondering on how I may use this to our advantage, Saber says this, “Actually Rin, we have some information about Gilgamesh and his master. Remember that I fought him in the last war.” Oh right, I had almost forgot. “I may have not seen all of his skills but I saw a lot of them when we fought before. He is capable of acting on his own where other servants would need their masters’ approval. And there is something more. He seems to be really attached to me.” No duh. “During our fight, he asked me to marry him.” What what?! Back up a little. I stutter as I ask what she told him. “I turned him down of course.” Whew, safe.


“Well, that was a really wise decision to make. Only a stupid girl would fall for him and agree to marriage when he refers to them as object. Which reminds me – I have to give him a piece of my mind next time we meet for calling you his property. How dare he refer to a King like that?!! Who made him king I wonder with that kind of personality anyways?!!” ‘You don’t need to do that for me Rin. He wasn’t like that before actually. It was him drinking from the Holy Grail that turned him like that.’ Saber talks straight into my mind. What does his drinking from the grail have to do with his arrogance? “I thought the Grail was the most pure thing in existence. How did it turn him into that?” ‘It is true that it was once pure but during one of the previous wars, it got touched by an unworthy person and contaminated it. When Gilgamesh drank from it to stay in this plane and get a body of flesh, his mind was tainted by the darkness that now resides in the Grail.’


“I see what you mean but I don’t get something – If you knew that the grail was tainted, then you also knew that you wouldn’t be able to have use of it. Then why did you decide to come back and fight for it again?” Wait, this also means that I don’t have need of it now. I am not planning on using it but I can’t very well have something tainted by evil in it in my house. Maybe I can win it and keep it for security from others using its dark power! ‘That is exactly why I wished to come back again. I know of a way to purify it and even if I didn’t, I would’ve come back to destroy it. Tohsaka-san told me of a way to make that happen. After I purify it, I will then use it to grant my wish and then you can use it of course Rin.’ How exactly could Saber purify the Grail?!! If its power is as great as it’s known to be, then were it to be tainted, it’s made up of mana. How does she hope to do that?


“Saber, I probably didn’t tell you my reasons for fighting in this war yet, but using the Holy Grail to grant my wishes is not one of them.” I hear her gasp. ‘But master, then why would you risk your life to fight if you do not need the Holy Grail and its power? I have never seen anyone fight for something else other than their own wishes to be granted.’ “Well, I have everything I wanted (want), well, not everything but I have nothing I want that needs a wish for it to be granted. I entered this war in order to fulfil my father’s wishes of bringing the Grail back in the safety of the Tohsaka house. This was the reason why I was training for all these years. Well, that has been the case until now. I think I may need use of it.” That’s all I tell her. I don’t want her to know what it is, but if she asks, I have to tell her as it would be unfair for me to know her wish while she knows not of mine. Please don’t ask, but knowing you and your curiosity, you are going to ask me.


‘Master, if you don’t mind my asking,’ I so do mind your asking, “what is it that you will wish then, or think you will have to wish for?’ I swallow. She went and asked it. Should I tell her the truth? Well, considering how she has been acting so far, she might not take it as I mean it so here goes, “I would wish for you to stay with me, here, in this world.” She is startled, I just know it. In fact, I can feel it. Could she know why I want her to stay? I have to evade this right now, “Well, I am not that selfish so do not pay any mind it. I know that you have important things you wish to see accomplished so don’t worry about it.” Nooo, lies, all lies. I want her to stay, but I can’t get in the way of her dreams and besides, there is still a lot of time. I will have to find ways of her to stay by her own will. Speaking of which, “Hey Saber, putting aside Gilgamesh, how did you like our outing?” ‘Oh. I’m very sorry master. I have not showed my appreciation of the food you bought for us. I am indeed sorry.’ No Saber, it’s not about the food alone, but I know that’s your way of thing.


‘It was very good master. I enjoyed my time with you more than I’ve ever enjoyed anything before. I am most grateful Rin.’ *Thu Thump* You might see this as a common thing to say and thinking of it as such gave no reason for my heart to be racing as it is right now, but you aren’t in my position. The way she said the last line was so...I can’t express it in words. Let’s just say that if you were a girl and the boy of your dreams says a cool line to you that is how it feels. She said it so softly and meaningfully that I can’t help but want to kiss her right now. This won’t do however. Good thing that she is in spirit form or else I don’t think I would’ve been able to resist her, were I to look into her eyes as she said that. “I am glad that you enjoyed yourself Saber. We can go again anytime you like. I don’t mind it.” ‘Really Rin, thank you very much but I think that we should not wander during the nights a lot. There will be a lot of servants about. If we are to go out, I suggest that we be prepared.’


“Good thinking Saber. Actually, while we are on the subject, I think we should face Rider again tomorrow. After school, I am going to confront her master and we will put a stop to her before she puts up something as dangerous around again. After that, I am sure that some other master is bound to make their move and we will be there to meet them. I want this thing to be over soon. What do you think Saber?” This is about the two of us now. My world is no longer my own(,) but both Saber’s and mine, I hope. I have to get her opinion of things concerning the war. We are sister in arms. ‘That is a great idea master. It is good to wait for our enemies to make their first move but it could be a deadly one.’ I find myself liking Saber more and more. I don’t know why but we seem to always be on the same line of thinking. I hope this continues because I don’t want to think of the effects caused by the differences in our opinions.


“Mitsuzuri seems to have been discharged from the hospital and she will be at school tomorrow. I really glad. I have actually missed her while she was away. Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. I am counting on you Saber, but before that, it’s late and we need sleep.” ‘My sword is yours master. I promise you victory and nothing less with my swords.’ What more could anyone ask for from a servant, really? I can’t help but get more and more thankful of being this great King’s partner. During all our talking, we have made it back to our safe home. I unseal it and go inside to the bathroom to prepare for the night. After that, I make Saber some tea and a quick snack to get her through the night. It takes her no time at all to consume it and we go up to the bedrooms. I decide to see Saber off first to her room even if it is only across from mine not by two meters.


She turns to say good night to me, but that is a big mistake I find. When I look into her eyes and from the distance I was from her, I can’t help but feel a great deal of need to see what her perfect and beautiful lips would taste like. If I could just lean in just a little more I know I could find my answer. “Rin, is there something on my face?” She is materialised now so I see her running her slender fingers over her mouth and lips to check for some food crumbs stuck there perhaps. This however, helps me get a hold of myself. This is still too raw, so to speak. Saber is not aware yet and were I to go through with it, I feel like I could be stealing something from her. I will have to wait some more. “No. No, there is nothing. I was just thinking that’s all. Good night Saber.” I turn to go to my own room. Why does she make me feel this way? I have to think about this thoroughly. It might be just a passing thing. A crush perhaps. There is no need to jump to conclusions yet. If these feelings increase of don’t change, then I will be sure and I will tell her what I feel but until then, I have to restrain myself.


As I turn around to close the door to my room, Saber is standing there just in front of me. She looks at me with a worried face. “I am sorry master, but I can’t rest that far away from you after all. After what happened today, I don’t want us to be separated again. I’m sorry Rin but we have to be together all times.” Nah! Before I say anything or come from the startle, she is already inside and her clothes change from those she had been wearing to pyjamas. I watch as she makes her way into the bed, my bed and settles in. Now what I’m I supposed to do? Here I was giving my self a speech of personal control and she comes and does this! “Rin, if you don’t sleep very soon you will not be able to wake up tomorrow morning.” Damn it, she is right. It’s really late but the bed! Oh to hell with it. If anything happens, I will deal with it. I change into my nighties. in the bathroom of course(,) since I don’t think I could handle Saber seeing me that bare. I get into the covers with so much caution I would make heart surgeons jealous.


Defeating that damned sandman has never proven so difficult a task as it does now. I try all things I’ve heard about to try to go to sleep and sadly, the counting of sheep was almost working until I moved sleepily and my arm touched Saber. Now this wouldn’t be cause for alarm, but let me make you aware that Saber sleeps regally so unlike me. She faces the ceiling with her arms at her side and with my shifting to the other side; my arm landed on her chest. Most specifically, her right lactic mammary gland: In simple terms, her breast. I felt it right away what I had just touched and I don’t know if it was just me, but a very high body voltage was emitted and I stopped dead. I think my heart stopped beating for those fast seconds. What made it worse was that I couldn’t hear even a breath from Saber. The palm of said hand made no movements and when I came to myself; my commands seemed to not reach it. It seems that Saber was not as affected as me or at least I think so since I hadn’t listened to her heart to see if it beat as madly as it did now.


My brain is blank. I can’t think of anything to say. Saber, who I know is awake, says nothing either. It seems Saber goes back to sleep some time in the morning but I couldn’t have the luxury of that. When it struck half six, I got up and started preparing for school. Saber came down from the upper rooms already prepared as I was having my tea and after having more than thirty minutes to myself, I have thought of how to deal with what happened during the night – Ignore it completely. “Good morning Saber. Today is going to be busy so come one and eat all you want.” When she sits down at the dining table and starts on the big menu I prepared, I decide to share my views so far on the war with her. “So now we have come across five servants so far. That leaves two more unaccounted for. Are there any others that you met during the last war that we have not seen now yet?”


“I remember two more, but I didn’t have the chance to meet the man. There names were ‘Assassin’ and ‘Caster’. I met Caster. She was a magic user. The man is rumoured to be a swordsman. This of course can not guarantee that they are still alive. They might have been defeated already.” “True, but I want us to be prepared were they to still be alive and come after us.” So, we have a magician and a swordsman! Well, I know Saber is highly resistant to magic so Caster does not pose a huge threat – not to mention that that class is not well feared. Assassin may have been a problem but considering his class status, we are safe. My problem now is Gilgamesh and Archer. I am not too sure of their abilities, but what I’ve seen so far does not prove to be good. Lancer is fine too having witnessed his Nobel Phantasm. Today, we will take Rider out of the picture and if all goes well in that battle, I will have to lay low and hope to have a glimpse of Archer’s Phantasm.


“Well, now we know of the rankings of other servants. Let’s take care of Rider today and hope that the other two show themselves before we have to deal with the rest.” I clear the table and do a quick wash up. When that is done, I cut off the mana transfer to Saber and we leave for school. On the way, I find that the silence is getting to me so I decide to ask the inevitable. “Saber, you never told me what you are going to wish of the Holy Grail. If you don’t mind, could you tell me? Or you can tell me about your life before you became a heroic spirit.” ‘No Rin, I don’t mind. Besides, it’s only right that I tell you my wishes after you told me yours.’ I know she minds because she hesitated before answering but it seems she thinks it’s high time she told me. ‘Before I became King for my people, I knew only of one quality a king needed. I don’t know exactly where or when, but I forgot that simple fact as it seems that my people lost their trust in me.


I had a brother, twin brother and he fought with me for the throne(,) but I defeated him and I was King. He said some things to me that I had not paid attention to then(,) but after what happened that time, I started wondering if he was the righteous person to lead our people. I want to get a wish to go back to that time and set things right by allowing him to lead the people.’ Bullshit. I have not known Saber very long but I know it that she is a very fit person to be King. What kind of incident would start leading people under such a king to start doubting her?!! “Now that you mention it, I saw a dream of you as King just before I summoned you. I saw how you became to be King and when they...they killed you. What would have lead them to such extremes to burn a King?” I thought that was done to witches or something!


‘Well, during one of the wars, our enemies had already reached one of the countries and we had to fight them there. A lot of people in that country died during that war and it seemed to others that I had sacrificed them in order to save my home. I could not think of a way to explain it to them without them coming to the same conclusion, so I said nothing. From there on, the rumours spread to most of my people and even a civil war broke out. Through all this, my brother tried his best to bring peace to the people. Having never witnessed a war between the same people, I did not know what to do so I had done nothing. You now see why I think my brother deserved to be King, don’t you?’ Sorry Saber, but I still can’t believe you were unfit to be king. “I don’t. Knowing you, you never thought that your own people would fight amongst themselves despite having had to deal with foreign enemies as well. I do not blame you for not knowing what to do.” I smiled to myself then, “Me, I can’t think of any one better fit to be lead by. You are wonderful person Saber. It was them who were at fault for lost faith in you.” ‘Thank you Rin.’


During all that talk, we reached the school gates, but where I thought Ayaka would be waiting here as always, she is no where to be seen. I decide to go to the Archery range and wait for her there. When I get to the building, I find the door already open so I surmise that either Sakura is already here, seeing as she had taken over her captain’s role in her absence. She was not the vice captain, but that lazy ass Shinji couldn’t do any work if his life depended on it. I will have to teach him a lesson later on. Ho ho ho, I am so looking forward to that! “Hello, is anyone here?” I shout as I make my way deeper inside. I am a little startled when Ayaka pops her head out of the storage room. “Is that you Tohsaka?” I stand there speechless. I didn’t think she would be the one here. Though it was small, she I caught sight of it and her smile came forward. “I didn’t think you cared so much about me. See you are shocked upon my return.”


“What?! I didn’t mind at all if you came back or not. In fact, I wasn’t worried at all.” She was right though. I am really glad that she is okay. After I found out the effects of that seal of Rider’s, I got really worried for her life. “Then what was with the shocked face, eh?” Damn it, you won’t let that pass will you? “Well, I wasn’t expecting you here. The days you have been absent, Sakura has been the one here this early.” She doesn’t look surprised it seems. She too suspected that Sakura was the one who kept the place tidy in her absence or else it might have been a dumpster. “Well, I am finished here, so why don’t we go for some tea and I will let you keep me up to date with what I have missed?” I go and wait for her in the tea room and afterwards we talk till it was time for classes. Strangely, Sakura hasn’t shown up for school today. This gets me worried so during the lunch break, I decide to confront Shinji about it and challenge him for tonight.


When I ask the idiot though about why Sakura hasn’t showed up to school today, he says, “That is none of your business now is it?” I seethe loudly but he seems to still have more to say. “You disowned her from your family so she has nothing to do with you now. I accept your challenge too. You were lucky to get away last time but today, you won’t be so lucky.” What did he mean? You were the one who ran away with your tail between your legs, you coward. I am so angry that O (I) don’t want to open my mouth as I fear very un-lady like words will spring forth and this is school we are at. “I will see you in town tonight Tohsaka. Prepare to meet your maker and to spare Sakura’s pain by your death – the person who hurts her most.” That last line however makes my anger leave me like the warmth would were I to drop into a pool full of freezing water. During our talk, Ayaka said something about seeing Sakura at the hospital she was staying at.


I am very worried now. Why was Sakura at the hospital? Yesterday she looked fine to me. I have to go to the Matous’ and see how she is doing even though my presence may be unwelcome. Saber I guess senses my uneasiness and asks me what’s wrong. “I am worried about Sakura. She may be sick or something worse. Ayaka said she saw her at the hospital, remember?” I forgot that Saber doesn’t know of Sakura a lot, but I am reminded when she asks me what Sakura is to me. She has seen her before but she doesn’t know of our real relationship. “Sakura Matou is Shinji Matou’s adopted sister but the truth is, and maybe you have sensed it but she is my real sister.” I can feel Saber’s surprise. Not that I blame her considering how platonic our relationship is on the outside.


‘But I don’t remember seeing anyone else in your house ten years ago.’ “Well, that’s because she had already been taken away. When I started my magi craft training, Sakura was no longer a Tohsaka but a Matou. There was only one of us who could walk the way of a magus, I was chosen to do it being the oldest and Sakura had to be adopted and brought up in ignorance of the magi ways. She might not be aware of it, but her blood is that of a magus. Her mana is low though because she has not been nurturing it.” ‘Hmm, that explains the changes in your emotions whenever that girl is mentioned. So you are thinking of visiting her home afterwards then Rin?’ “Yes. After we fight Rider, I want to go there with Shinji.” Just then, the bell to signal the end of lunch rings and I return to class.




“Saber” I shout as I see something flashy come towards me. My servant materialises and jumps in the air at the same time changing into her battle armour and knocks the said object out of the way then lands in front of me. We have been waiting here at the fountain in front of the trade centre building for almost an hour that making it half nine at night. There has been very little or no people walking around at night after all the murders being reported on the news. Judging by the way the people died, it was not Rider’s doing which means some else is to thank for that. I had asked Emiya-kun to take care of that side of things for the moment while I handle Rider. Probably seeing it as a chance to lessen the number of rivals, he agreed or it must have been his good heart which of course I think was the reason.


Having waited for all that time, Rider showed up and started to attack with a throw or was it to get our attention maybe. We looked up and sure enough, there she was though she was parallel to ground level standing straight on the building about two stories up. She started running up the side of the building and I asked Saber to go after her. I decided to use the elevators and meet them up on the roof where I know they were heading. When I reached the front doors, I could not help but hear the clash or metal as Saber’s sword met whatever weapon Rider was using. The elevator however did not go all the way to the roof and I had to get off at the third last floor. As I pass the last twist of stairs, I feel a great presence on that floor, but it was dark and when I tried to make out anything, I could not. It was the wind just blew and stopped all at once. I shrug it off and continue on to the roof.


A battle very different from that of Lancer is what greets me when I open the door to the roof. My Saber is trying really hard to parry and dodge hits directed at her by Rider who is flying a winged horse. A white beautiful winged horse. I have never seen an animal so magnificent before like this creature before me. As I stare, Rider comes around for another attack. Saber dodges again and I feel the force of the wings of this beast. “Ah I see you have decided to come to your funeral Tohsaka. Well, I will not disappoint you then.” I turn around and find Shinji standing on top of the entry to the roof. He pulls out his book and begins reading spells from it. I roll up my sleeves and get into battle position, but what the idiot conjures up catches me completely unprepared. A black cloud comes forth from the book he holds and in front of me; it turns into a man that you would see only in movies - martial arts kind of movies.


“And the person that will bring your death is this – Bruce Hung Li. Do your worst, that is if you can. He was the best martial artists in all the known history.” He laughs manically but I don’t think his puppet can handle magic so I throw one of my destruction jewels at this Li person. I grin to myself triumphantly, but the grin on Shinji’s zombie face is bigger than mine. Instantly I know the problem and sure enough when I look at the disappearing smoke, the Li guy is standing there unharmed and puffs out air through his nose as if angry that I thought him that weak. Okay, plan B. I took a few lessons in karate and judo so I think I can take him on. Good thing the weather is cold that I put on pants tonight. Nice conditions for a fight.


I am not stupid enough either however to think that I could go up against someone with that kind of reputation so I charge myself up with magi craft. After the power up, I am confident that I can put a hole in a solid wall of concrete. I go into defence and do not have to wait for long as the guy attacks at an incredible speed. Had I not enhanced my senses with magic, I would be done for. I move my head to the left in time to evade his flying fist. Dodging alone was not what I had in mind though and as my head moves to the side; my own fist comes forward to connect with his stomach. He was forced to lose a few precious nano seconds with that and it was all I needed to give him a round kick on the head courtesy of yours truly. That sends him crashing into the door and down the stairs.


I take this chance to see how Saber is fairing against her opponent. “You have done a great job of running away so far Saber but let’s see you dodge this.” I see her producing ropes from no where, golden ropes to guide her horse that she has been running without before. She sails high up in the air and I knew at once she was going to use her Nobel Phantasm. I tell Saber to do anything she has to defeat Rider and after some hesitation, she nods her head and agrees. She starts to gather mana around her sword and I am satisfied that she is going to use it. I look up in the sky and here Rider shouting out the name of her Ultimate move.




Rider closes in on Saber at such an incredible speed that she looks like a shooting star. I turn to Saber, but I see confusion in her eyes as she looks at her mana covered sword. I am puzzled too as to why nothing is happening except the swirling of mana. “What is it Saber? Do something now before...” But I am cut off as my arm is grabbed from behind and I am swung around to end up back first in wall of the entrance to the roof. “Why don’t you worry about yourself first Tohsaka, this ends now. Li and Rider, finish it now.” I have been caught off guard with my shield down so slamming into a wall was no laughing matter. My back feels like I have just been whipped a thousand lashes. I try to look through the pain to see that Saber is just seconds away from being crashed into while she stands there doing nothing.


What happened to her while she was in Gilgamesh’s hands? Now I am sure they did something to her. Before I say something however, I feel my throat being closed by fingers and I am lifted into the air. My lower body being supported by my head, only this is not a very pleasant thing. Li forces the air out of me with a few strong punches, but what makes me lose my senses is the fist I feel piercing through my chest. “Saber.” I whisper her name and the sound of her shouting to me is all that I hear before everything fades into darkness.


To Be Continued...





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