Story: Fate/Stay Night Zero (chapter 6)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 6

[Author's notes: Again...So sorry.

Fate/Stay Night Zero

By Demon Eyes

Disclaimer: Everything in here relating to the game or anime belongs to Type-Moon.

Part VI


(Ryudo Temple)


“So Caster, what do you think of these servants from their battle? Should we be worried?” It was a guy with glasses. He was Kuzuki Souichirou, Shirou’s homeroom teacher and master to the servant Caster. The one that was being addressed by this hard faced man was non other than the hooded figure that had been watching Rin and Saber departing. She let a smile grace her crimson lipstick covered lips as she turned from the ball to her master. “Well, Saber maybe a problem but I will think of something so we better not confront her until later on when I get the most effective way to win against her. As for Rider”, here she let her smile fall a little, “I have been into contact with her quite a lot and know her well. Know her very well indeed. She won’t be a problem.”


“In fact, we might not even have to face her. She will want to finish her fight with Saber and I guarantee you that her chances of winning against Saber with a master like that are very small indeed.” Kuzuki turned from Caster and continued to watch the two figures walking on oblivious to their watchers and agreed with a ‘Hmm’. There was a simple silence and then a very strong voice was heard coming from nearby. “I would like to go up against Saber to see whose sword is superior.” Silence followed. It was not mistaken to who this man was talking to. He was dressed up as long ago samurai. More distinguishable was his two meters long sword which he was supporting by his shoulder..


Caster was thinking about this. It would be too early to face Saber but if she didn’t want Saber to meet her, then she wouldn’t. A simple spell would take care of that. She might take this time too, to get reacquainted with an old rival. A smile came to her lips and she spoke to the man who had voiced his thoughts before. “Well Assassin, you may have your chance soon. I want to meet someone else too. I will lower the barrier on this place for a while tomorrow evening to let them know of our location and you can wait for Saber on the stair ways. I know she will come, definitely.” The man known as Assassin didn’t respond at all but Caster knew that he heard he



(Tohsaka Mansion)


*Knock knock.* Saber, come on out. Now or we will be late.” I gave her the whole fashion magazine and asked her to make her own choice based on what I mm wearing. She didn’t understand at first so I clarified with clothes that queens in her time would wear to go to gatherings and she understood me at last but she is really taking her time. It’s not like she had to put it on and take it off. Just thinking and she is already changed but 45 minutes is really ridiculous. She is acting like some of those girls in love stories that spend time deciding what to wear on dates. This isn’t a date. Is it? And does even Saber know what a date is? How much did my father teach her really? I wonder!


My thoughts are cut short when I hear the door open but unexpectedly, I catch only Saber’s head. She is quite red in the cheeks. ‘So cute’ I want to squeak but I only do that in my head. Outwardly, I role my eyes and ask her to step out or she will miss the great steak. At that, she sends the door ajar so forcefully that it comes back and hit her in the back of her head. I think it would’ve been better for it to break off as I go and caress her hind head. “You okay there Saber?” She hadn’t reacted to the door hitting her except move due to the force exerted on her and she didn’t show any signs of pain when she should. As I rub her head, I find that this is the first time I’ve touched her. Really touch her. Her hair is so silky and alluring as if screaming for me to caress it all day long. ‘Now who is taking time here?’


I pull my hand back with a jerk and I find that I can’t will the blood from my face when I catch her watching me, curiously. She has let down her beautiful hair which is now even more glamorous than ever and she is wearing a sleeveless blouse (this is the first time I’ve seen her show this much skin) that hangs from her chest. Sadly, that is the only skin that I have the honour of seeing as she had on a really long skirt that goes all the way to her shoes. I love what I’m seeing. I really love it and I have to fight hard to make sentences to compliment her. I have taken a really good look at her and beautiful does not even cut it.


“Beautiful.” I didn’t hear it but I sure said it since she gets quite embarrassed. ‘So what? Repeat it already.’ “You are really beautiful Saber.” I will settle for that now. I’m not really sure I am in my right mind thinking her more beautiful. Is there a word for that? Need research. Internet tonight it is. “Wow.” Add it in for special effect and that does it. Saber is not the warrior that she is right now. Right now she is Arturia, the inner feminine gem. So pure to the core that I can even see it and I’m afraid to lose it lest my life lose its worth of living.


I give her a quick hug and I can’t let go. She starts but soon returns it. “What is it Rin? Is something bothering you?” Yes, please don’t ever leave me. “No Saber, everything is alright.” I pull away. But then my eyes lock with hers. And start to wonder what we really weigh for us to have our own gravitational force that seems to have come out of no where. It is pulling us together or pulling me towards Saber or vice versa because we are definitely getting closer to each other. Unless I suddenly acquired telescopic vision, we are drawing closer which meant, yes I am not so naïve that we were looking forward to a touching of lips. I don’t think I’ve ever believed in God until now but I was asking for their help right now to save me from this temptation, duh?


*GROWL* I love you Saber’s stomach, I love you so much. “We, we better go now before our reservation is cancelled.” I take her hand and lead her towards the door. I was totally saved by Saber’s stomach. I don’t know why but I think that I was about to kiss her and that doesn’t appeal to me at all. Do not get me wrong, I would love to kiss her but it just doesn’t seem like the right time. Not to mention that Saber might not approve. If that were to happen I might lose her trust and we would start disagreeing with each other. That would make our future bleak and I want to win this war first and fore most. My personal issues can wait. I have to find ways to make Saber trust me and feeding her stomach comes first on the list.



(Sie Yu Dong Restaurant)


“Mistress Tohsaka Rin, welcome. Please if you will follow me.” We have just arrived at the best place I know to eat out in town. The guys here know me quite well and I had called yesterday to make a reservation that will wow Saber. “Did you take care of that specific thing I asked for?” I had requested for that single VIP room and it costs quite a lot but that is nothing to me. It was quite a big room if I remember and so I asked for them to set up a buffet display for my Saber. I can’t wait to see her reaction. “Yes Mistress Tohsaka, everything is in order. But may I ask why you requested just table for two?” I turn to him and put a finger to my lips. “Secret.”


We enter the room and I’m glad that everything is as I requested. The buffet is covered and hidden from Saber’s view but I bet she can smell it. This being a restaurant though, it might as well be coming from the other side of the place where we came in and people were having their dinners. When I am satisfied, I send Mr. Sam Jie away to leave us alone. He is the manager of this place and took liberty of managing my order himself. Times like these I am glad to be a Tohsaka. I turn to look at my guest and find her at alert. The smell of food is killing her I can see. I smile a little and move over to one of the chairs on the table and pull it back for her to sit.


I better let her eat sometime soon before she goes sniffing around. “Come Saber, have a seat.” She smiles in return and sits. She smells au natural and I like it. No fancy body dios or perfumes. She smells of fresh water. I love it. “Thank you Rin.” I turn up the volume on TV for hire and luckily, it seems that Japan is playing today. It is almost half round and Japan has already scored a goal while Brazil is on zero. A bad sign. Japan has never lost when the opponent scores first. Saber seems to be taken in with this almost forgetting the food. I shake my head but I’m happy to discover another of Saber’s wants. I open a bottle of champagne and pour in her glass then in mine. I raise it and get her attention. “Come on. Lift your glass.” She does and I toast to her.” Thank you for your help yesterday Saber. You really saved me but mostly, thank you for going along with my decisions so far and I hope we continue to work together.”


She blushes a little and thanks me. I stand up and walk over to the buffet. “Here is your real present Saber. I hope you like it.” I remove the cover all the while watching her face for the reaction. I am most definitely not disappointed. I got the most surprised face that Saber can make. “Now come on Saber, help your self. Don’t hold back.” She stands up robot like and comes forward but instead of going for a plate, she comes towards me and gives me an embrace. I think my night has just hit the climax. I stand there basking in her warmth and forget everything at the moment. I think I am falling for this girl and falling hard. This is proving troublesome. Ever since Saber came to me, I have thought of everything else less and less and more about her.


“Thank you Rin. I promise you that I won’t let you down and I will do everything in my power to help you. I believe that I said it already but my sword is yours and yours alone.” She pulls back and after looking at me for a while with an expression that I can’t place, she grabs a few plates and gets on with it. “Now let us eat Rin. Hunger is our most formidable enemy.” *Sigh* Saber, if I didn’t know any better I would thing that you preferred food over me. I laugh a little at that and go join her in the fighting of our most feared enemy, Hunger. “Right Saber. Let’s eat.” I have never seen someone balance three plates full of food in one hand but she can. “You knoe Saber, this is all ours. You can take a plate at a time and come back for more.”


She looks at me as if I am crazy and goes to sit down. I continue to put food on my plate but by the time I sit down, one plate of hers is already gone. “Right, I see what you meant.” I mutter but doesn’t acknowledge though I’m sure she heard me. We eat on all the while watching the match and how Brazil is making the predictions true buy scoring their second goal. We talk about the war too and try to come up with a strategy. Since we don’t have a clue where the other masters and their servants are at the moment except Emiya-kun, we decide to lure them out from their hiding places. I don’t want to face Shirou right now and Saber feels it so she doesn’t mention it. I am glad of that that she understands me.


After dinner with Japan losing to Brazil and a satisfied Saber, we go to the nearest screening place and I gamble to search for a movie that Saber might enjoy. What comes to mind is that she might like the sword fighting kind of movie but what if deep down she is a romantic and would prefer girlie movies? Decisions decisions. I settle for the Jet Li movie called Fearless. Maybe Saber will get a few tips on how to fight with the sword and use other skills at the same time. We sit in middle seeing as a lot of people were already present and had taken the best seats. Who would’ve thought that a martial arts movie could have such romance in it? The drama.


In a scene where the main hero leaves a girl called Moon whom he had stayed with on his journey of self discovery after losing himself and his whole family in the process, I took Saber’s hand in mine unconsciously and held onto it. I only knew it later during the last fight scene when I consciously (this time) wanted to hold it but finding my hand had already got hers in mine holding on for God know what. I got really embarrassed but the dim lighting in the cinema saved me from Saber seeing my face. I try pulling my hand back but when I placed it on my arm rest, Saber covers it with hers instead. I look at her face puzzled but find her looking forward with a serene smile on her beautiful face. I am falling and falling hard.


We walk out of the cinema in silence and I struggle for something to say, anything. “It was a really good movie, don’t you think Saber?” She turns to me and “It was very good Rin. Are all these pictures as good as this one?” I think of all the movies I have seen so far even if they can be counted on fingers but even Titanic with all its angst wasn’t as good as this one. I may have not seen a lot but I doubt there are many movies that can move me like this has. “Just a few Saber, just a few. But that ending was really sad, don’t you think?” She looks thoughtful, I know it was needed to raise the emotion in the movie or as a way to make the hero atone for what he had done but those were my thoughts alone. “It may be but I think it was necessary. Even if the hero may have discovered the error of his ways before, he still committed the unforgivable sin. He killed a person in clod blood. Losing his own family was not enough seeing as the one responsible took his own life. The only way that was left was for him too, to pay for taking a life by losing a life.”


Damn Saber, do you have a degree in literature or something? “Killing him in the end was best to set the watchers in belief of facts if killing a person. I liked it but unlike him, I think I would have to die a thousand times over to pay for the lives I took.” She is thinking of the days of her reign as king to her country. “No Saber, don’t go that way. You killed in war. Those that were fighting went to war knowing the consequences of war. They were ready to die for what they believed in. You fought for what you believed in. I think the two are completely different.” I don’t want her to blame herself for that. Even if I don’t know how Kings make their choices I know that they do them to keep their people safe. If she didn’t fight in war, then her people would all be killed.


“Come on, let us return home.” She does not shiver but I know she is cold from when I held her hand. Today is a cold night strangely which maybe was a warning of what is about to happen. I put my oat on her shoulders and hold her hand. She smiles appreciatively after I give her a look when she wants to object. “Thank you Rin. I enjoyed today very much. I haven’t been or felt this happy since…since long ago.” Her eyes take on a distant look and they get glazed over turning bleach green from her normal aquamarine. I put my arm around her shoulders instead and pull her closer. But Saber jerks and I think that I may have made a mistake when I noticed the real reason she was so tense.


“O ho. What do we have here? What do you think you are doing you wench?” A voice booms from ahead and I look up to find a guy almost Archer’s height but slimmer than him. He has blonde hair (it would look blonde in white light) and he had ear piercing of gold made on the shape of quadrilaterals. His eyes are red and seem to glow in the dark. He points his finger at Saber and declares, “That is mine and I came to collect.” What? What? You dare call Saber a thing? Who the hell are you to refer to a King as such? My hands shake and I ball my fingers into fists itching to punch this guy’s lights out. Why are there so many wierdos in this war? I look at Saber wondering why she was silent while a no body called her his possession but I’m shocked to see her shaking. She is afraid. Saber is actually afraid.


I learn later that she wasn’t afraid for herself but for me but by then it would be too late. I step in front of Saber defiantly. I have no clue as to who this is to scare Saber but I won’t stand for him calling my servant, the most powerful servant a thing of his. I point a finger to him but unlike him, I don’t plan on insulting only, “I don’t know who the hell you are but nobody calls Saber a thing and sorry to break it to you but she is going nowhere.” I cast a curse spell and send it rocketing to his face. I think that I got him good from the explosion but by the time it clears, I see that he has put up some kind of ancient shield and it’s there floating in front of him.


“ I have no time to play with you foolish wench. Die” he says it so coolly that I can’t help but get shaken a little.




I see now something happening behind him. As if a door to the heavens itself is opening up, there is an opening taking place and the height of it goes to skies where I can’t see its ends. It looks like the surface of calm water. Red water and I see things start coming out of it. Hilts of swords and many other things that I know are weapons. Is this some kind of sci-fi scene and he has opened a door to another dimension? A dimension where weapons live? He raised his hand and points his finger into the sky before bringing it down and those said weapons start coming at me full speed with their cutting edges in the front. I close my eyes and shield my face to protect whatever I can and await for the blow.


It never comes but sounds of stabbing sure do reach my ears. I open my eyes in horror now that Saber’s presence is no longer behind me but in front. She had protected me, again! Why can’t I be of use to her just once in battle field? “Saber” I scream her name and follow her down when she falls on her knees. I hear our attacker say something to him self but I ignore him and try to help my partner to her feet but the next second I find myself about 3m away from a sight of Saber being lifted in the arms of my worst enemy from now on, with pain that makes me almost cry out in my gut. He bastard kicked me.


“Now stay there and leave the Kings alone.” He says that as he starts to walk away with Saber and I try to say something but my breath is working overtime to replace the air forced out of my lungs. I lift my hand towards Saber and try to magically make them stop but all in vain. I see Saber with blood dripping from all her cuts still struggling to get free and I can’t describe how much I really hate this guy. He is taking Saber away from me. Another one important to me is being taken from me and when I want to help them stay, I can’t. Don’t take Saber away from me. Don’t take my existence away from me. I let tears fall from my eyes for the first time in ten years




To Be continued…..








A.N. – As you may have observed, I have started to write about the rest of the occasions taking place in the absence of Rin, the protagonist of this story. I may switch from Rin’s to Saber’s POV very soon too. Thanks for reading.

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