Story: Fate/Stay Night Zero (chapter 5)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 5

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Fate/Stay Night Zero


By Demon Eyes


Disclaimer: Once upon a time, a group of great geniuses known as Type-Moon, came up with the greatest characters ever and from out of the blue came this leecher,me, and borrowed their creations. There, I admitted it.


Part V




*Sigh* I just love a nice morning. Soft music playing on the radio courtesy of the morning crew. A nicely brewed cup of tea. Toast, eggs, bacon, and some butter to go with that on the side. A beautiful knight sitting right in front of you on the same dining table sharing with you this lovely morning. What else would one wish for? Heaven. This is what I imagine it. Heaven. At least my image of how it would be.




Forget all those mushy stuff I just thought. This is by no means a very nice breakfast. At least for me that is. Music? What music?! Maybe you mean the awful sounds of the hands of the many clocks in the vicinity are making. The tea is as usual which is always very good, but for some reason, I just can't find the usual aroma of it. That smooth taste that makes me think I might be addicted to the stuff and wouldn't want to quit. There is a knight sitting in front of me and she is beautiful too but I don't know how she looks now, since I haven't looked her in the eye since that incident. Same dining table. It might as well have been 50 meters long. Saber talks to me and it sounds like we are using one of those middle age telephones. You know, the cups with a wire and all that. It takes her three times to get my attention.


"" She talks to me once again. "Oh. Yes Saber. What is it this time?" See what I mean? I mean, maybe I am overacting a bit (or luck there of) about what happened but I am a perfectly normal 16 year old girl and as every other girl, I have to be worried if I woke up with another person in my bed with their limbs on places that define us and your body reacts to it. I have to try and suppress these emotions though. I am Tohsaka Rin and by God, I will be damned if I ever give into something like this. "Are you okay? You haven't said much since this morning. Are you not feeling well?" I look up from my cup of nicely brewed Lady Grey and my vocabulary seems to have been deleted. Yours would be too if you saw A Saber forget her food and look at you with eyes that gave nothing away yet you knew there was concern in them. Concern for you.


"..." Okay. This is getting weird. Say something damn it. Was all your internal speech bull? "I...I am alright Saber. Thanks for asking. I was just thinking of something else." Half truth. Good. Some time passes and Saber hasn't said anything. I look up again and see that she is looking at me as though I were full of holes and she could see right through me. *Gulp*. "Okay master, that's good to know." Whew, safe. "So, what are you going to do about that seal at your school master? Time is almost up I can feel it. We have until tomorrow morning at most and that is if the caster waits for it to finish." Oh God, I had almost forgotten about that. Now that the seal is almost at its peak, the master or the servant that put it in place will be around to guard it. Since I am almost sure that the master can't be from the school, then I am certain that a servant will be on guard instead. Hmmmm, maybe I should leave Saber behind to keep the servant calm. If they sense another servant around, they might make haste and activate the seal sooner and I need time.


Since Shirou is training with Archer in the mountains, I don't need to tell him not to take his servant at school. Okay, now to persuade Saber to stay behind. If I know her, she will push to come with me at all cost. "Saber, I need to go to school alone today. You have to stay here." I try to sound as serious as possible, but "Stop right there master." Damn. When Saber goes all 'master' on you, you just know it is the end...Of discussion that is. But I am Rin. "Saber, there are...", but I stop. I can't say that now. That would show my weakness and I don't like Saber to think, or rather, know that I care. "Look Saber, I am asking you to please stay here for today. If I really need you, then I will summon you. I don't think that even they can start something up when there are all those people at school." Yeah right. Isn't the reason they put that seal over the school because there are a lot of people?


I can see that she sees right through me. Okay, change of tactics. "Saber, close your eyes for a bit." She looks at me without blinking. "Come on, close them." Na da. "Trust me." A little sugar, and that's all it takes. The fork pauses and she closes her eyes. Did I forget to mention that she has been eating through all this? Well, I don't think that surprises anyone by now. "I close my eyes too and imagine my inner self. I’ve trained since I was young to give my mana form in my mind. This makes it better for me to fully control my mana. I can proudly say that no one is better than me at mana control. At least nobody I've ever met. I let a smile grace my lips and shake it off. Time for business. I have to make Saber stay and command spells are out of the question. I breathe in and out to put my body and mind in sync. I go into my subconscious and find my mana.


What I want to do is manipulate my mana, Saber's and my nervous system, so that in case my emotions were to change in a wrong way, say fear(I hate everything about that word) or great pain, then Saber will feel it and that will be the sure way to get her to me in time were my summon to fail. I do all that needs to be done and when I open my eyes and look to Saber for a conclusion, "Alright Rin. I will stay. But please be careful." Is what she says and I get my confirmation that she got what I tried to do or what I did. "I will Saber. I will." I get up and clear the table. Wash the dishes and put on my shoes to go to school.


As I walk outside, I begin to go through my plan for the day as if it were a play. I will stop by the archery range in the guise of seeing if Ayaka has been found yet. Sakura won't suspect a thing. That is, if she is there. 'I really hope that she hasn't followed Ayaka too.' I pray to my self and a flash of anger so great goes through me when I think of the possibilities of her being taken by some other master for their benefit. I almost strike out at a lamp post by me but as my fist is flying, I hear a creepy child-like laugh. I know it is coming from in front of me so I don't waste time flying my head everywhere like some actress in a scare flick. I look but I don't see anything. Nothing. No people. There were a few people walking around right here; students, kids and women and men, but now, there is nothing except that horrible laugh. Despite the cheesiness of it, I gulp feeling it getting to me. Show yourself already damn it.


Then, there in front of me, a figure starts making itself visible. First, a head, a child's head. Silver hair, at least it looks silver right now to me, with a red top on it. She walks towards me and the mist that seemed to have been hiding her presence starts to give way for this strange girl that has a big smile on her face. There is no way that smile is aimed to please me because if it is, then it is failing miserably. Calm down Rin. You don't want to bring Saber out on a kid. I snap back to attention as the girl now who is beside me I can see her features well(she is wearing red fluffy coat that comes down to her bare knees which meet high boots that hide half of her calves). "That is so bold of you Onee-chan; walking around without your servant’ I mean."


Her eyes open just a little and I am treated to the most enchanting rosy eyes I've ever seen. I seem to be pulled into them but before I hit bottom, her smile changes into something I wish not to discuss and I am brought back to my senses. I look but she is gone. Her voice is still around though as I can still hear her parting words and I get the feeling that this day isn't going to too pleasant. "You had better go get your servant or you will regret it, Onee-chan." And that seems to be all that I am permitted to hear. I give it no concern and after reasoning over meeting a mysterious young girl on the street who tries to intimidate you, you have to think that you were seeing things of course...right? Oh well, I will get rid of that obstacle when I come to it.




I walk to the Archery range and as I reach the entry way, you’d never guess who I see there all smug. Well, if I told you the sight of this person made me want to kill them, and then you of course guessed it right. Yeah, it's that ass Shinji there flirting with the poor archers who I have no idea what they see in this kind of guy. I mean come on, the guy shows his manners or there lack of openly. So selfish. The bastard. I would like someone to teach him a lesson that he’d never forget. What can I do but hope after all my techniques failed to work on him? I steel my nerve, place a smile on. I have an image to protect and all that, you know.


"Good morning Matou-kun, how are you this lovely morning?" Yes, keep the smile. Your admires, are watching you. All thanks to this big mouth spreading rumors that I was hot for his *BEEP*. "Aaa, if it isn't my ever lovely Tohsaka. What brings you here? No doubt to watch me do the magic that is bow and arrow." I almost let a snarl escape but seeing all the attention I am given, I can't do anything but think of a very acceptable reply. What to say? "Well, yes. But since the archery has been closed for a while, I came to see if Ayaka was found." I wait to see how he plans to get out of this one with something that has to do with me. But of course the devil has already a come back. Does he plan each and every of our confrontations?


"Oh my sweetness, no need to be so modest, but if that is what you say, then I will have to believe you. But on the matter of Ayaka-san…" Damn this guy. Even I don't call her that and we are best friends but he gets to be on first name basis?!! WTF?! Don't tell me Ayaka has already fallen to this villain's clutches too. "Sempai, you don't know yet?" One of the freebies asked me. They seem to know something that I didn't. I think about that and I have a very disturbing thought. No. Ayaka can't be dead can she? "Tohsaka-sempai, Mitsuzuri-sempai was found by Matou-sempai and she is now in the hospital." She clasps her hands together and the other four, or so, girls copy her. As if in a choir, the recite, "Matou-sempai is so brave." hearts in the eyes and all that. You know the drill. *Sigh*


"Oh, I am sure he is." I agree completely...not. I bet he was the first one to get the news of her safety in the hospital seeing as the Matous hold all the hospitals of Japan in their grasp. But thinking about it, no doctor in their right minds would waste their time to tell an idiot like him important stuff. On the other hand, seeing as Ayaka goes to the same school as us, were Shinji to have a friend over at the Fuyuki General hospital, then it is possible, but something tells me that this is not it. I think of Shinji being the cause of Ayaka's disappearance but I squash down the feeling right away. Just because I loath the guy, doesn't give me the right to judge his morals too hastily. Besides, The Matou family ran out of the ability to use magi craft generations before. There is no way Shinji could summon a servant at his magi level.


"Well anyway, thank you Matou-sempai for saving her. I am sure you will be well rewarded for your bravery." I turn to go inside the building, but that ass seems to not have had enough. "Well, Tohsaka, as you heard Mitsuzuri is in the hospital so was there anything else you wanted?" Damn you. One of these days, I will be rid of you. "Well, the last time I was here, I left some stuff with Mitsuzuri that I need to collect it." I saw him open his trap and I was in no mood to listen to his ramblings again. "Sakura knows where they are so she will help me." He shuts it like a fly trap it is. I move on to my first task of the day. 'Talk to Sakura'.


Inside, I leave my red coat on not having any way I would keep a conversation long enough with Sakura to drink tea. I find her in the meeting room sitting at the low table doing her this time?! "Good morning Sakura." I greet her and she looks really startled that I was there. This is no surprise to me since I too am always shocked now that she talks to me at all. I can't decide if she is 100% a saint or she was so mad that her mind closed over. For my own safety and sanity, I will settle for the former. She closes her books to give me all her attention, she need not know that just her being my sight is all I will ever hope to need.


"It's alright Sakura. If you are finishing up your homework, you can continue. There is little time left anyway before the first bell rings." I make a gesture of looking at my watch but I really don't see the time. She starts to stutter and I try to ease her nervousness. At least that is what I think it is. "I will help you with anything you are having difficulty with." I already know she is gonna flat out refuse but even though I am prepared for it, I know it will hurt me a little. It's like choosing a career as a fire man yet retiring having never saved anyone. Think of the effects. "I...I...Alright sempai. There was this math problem that I have been working on since last night and I can't seem to figure it out." What, but I remember Sakura was good at mathematics. What am I saying? That was a long time ago. Why doesn't that Shinji help her out?!


Like that’s a no-brainer. That guy is busy shopping with girls that I doubt he has time to do his own assignments. "Show me." I scoot as close to the table as possible since I am sitting opposite her and need to be able to see the same thing that she is seeing too. I take off my coat in the process, now that I see an excuse to drink tea and stay a little longer. The exercise is to find the Area of a weird looking triangle. "Let me do it first in definitive steps. Could you lend me a piece of paper and a pen?" She does and I do it like recalling a scene in a favorite movie. I check over it and I get the same thing. I used to eat sines, cos, cosines and all tangents for lunch. "Give me the ones you did then. I will check and see what steps you did and we will work on them." She hands me her book and I see that she had done the thing about a dozen times and gets different answers. None of them like mine.


"I see where you went wrong. The formula you used was flawed. See here...” I show her that she had been using the wrong formula to find the area using the given variables. After a few more demonstrations of different types, she is almost as good as me. "Thank you sempai." She smiles at me and even though it isn't 'that' smile, I could swear I saw life in those dead looking eyes. "D...Don't worry about it. I was glad to help." O~kay, So I didn't think this through very well. What to talk about, what to talk about. "What brings you here anyway sempai? Was there anything I could do for you?" YES. Just start a descent conversation. Save us. "Err...How are you at home?" Smooth, very smooth Rin. Do you think you are picking up a girl for a date or something? Say something important damn you.


"I am very well sempai. Thanks for asking." Yeah right. Then why are you looking like you are ready to kill someone? "Oh. That’s good to hear." That's right, don't push. "Is there anything else that you need help in? Something other than studies I mean." Yeah right, like she will let you in after what you did. Dream on. "No. Nothing. But I will come to you the next time I need anything." This is the only girl that could make me admit defeat. But, "I will hold you onto that promise then." I get up and pick up my coat after I finish the cup of tea Sakura made me during our session. She is still the best there is at brewing tea. Oh well, let's call today a failure as usual. Maybe I will succeed next time.


"Well then, see you next time Sakura." No one that saw that exchange would be stupid enough not to suspect anything but alas, we are alone here. I put on my coat and head out. I really think that I screwed up big time all those years ago. Forgive me Sakura, but I will set things right. You just wait.


I go to class and as I reach my door, I bump into Issei. "Good morning student council president." I greet him and he answers me back. "Are you still out to get me to join the student council because if you are, I agree to join. But seeing as I was elected the president (even) though I turned it down, you will have to take a step down to vice. What do you say?" He shakes his head and says, "Really? Thanks Tohsaka. Good timing too. I was going to take some time off from the student council president role for a while. We have visitors at my place and they need company." he answers. I never knew a person could grin like that. Especially him.


Well, okay. I will stay here for the time being and watch over the activities and do all the other stuff that you always do." He thanks me and tells me how he thinks that Emiya-kun might have been right to think that I was a cool girl and he was off. Hmmm, Emiya-kun thinks that I’m cool? Cool. Looks like it isn't hard to grin like an idiot. I walk to the student council room and find a lot of papers on the table. A quick look tells me that it is just the students' views they put into the 'suggestion box. I read a few and almost laugh. I am most definitely not on the same planet like some of these kids. Not that I have a say in the matter. The suggestions would drive the faculty mad were they to read them. I decide to do the first editing and throw out those mentioned points. I leave the rest neatly in a folder and added to the many that decorated the inside of a huge locker in the room. The room itself is a mess and you gotta wonder how a guy like Issei could be so disorganized. Oh well, guy will be guys.


I didn’t notice all the students had left, until it was dark out. I decide to continue what I had started the other day and eliminate the roots of the seal I can find. A few in the grounds at the front gate, others in the fields and I think that I might not find the main seal after all. I had just been thinking of visiting Ayaka and a thought struck me. The archery range. Now it makes sense. Of course Ayaka was a victim of this seal but on a smaller scale. A one person seal. Her blood was only drained but her soul was intact. After this new discovery, I make haste to the said location. When I open the door, the seal big enough to fit on one side of the walls is greeting me. It is red and pulsing with life. A little different but similar to the one I used to summon Saber.




I go near the seal and role over my sleeves to control my mana from my hands a little better. I place them in front of me and onto the seal but before I start the ritual, a familiar voice startles me. “Well hello Tohsaka. And what do you think you are doing to my master piece? Or should I say my servant's master piece." I turn around and I am burdened by that horrible laugh and that face. My shock is a little too great though to react to the effects of that. Shinji is a master?! But how? He isn't a magus. His laugh stops and he walks a little closer, "'I know what you are thinking. My latest ancestors lost their ability to pass onto magicraft to their children so how come I can control a servant?’Well, I might as well tell you since you are going to die anyway." He brings the hand that he was holding behind his back out and in it, a book. Not just any ordinary book. A book that if held by someone with the potential of being a magus, can make them command their servants. Make them obey them. You can call it an artificial way of being a master.


“This book, makes me as able a master same as you Tohsaka. Now that you know of my identity, die." He flips the book and out comes these black like things as if something has very sharp claws that cut through the floor itself. They head towards me and I throw a jewel towards them. The two attacks cancel each other out and I jump back a few feet during the explosion. "Impressive Tohsaka, but I'm afraid a few shiny thingies won't stop me." A few more pages are flipped and I go on guard. He chants a few things and then another attack. This time, the attacker is visible. Dead. They are like an army of dead people. Just bones and armor and swords. They come at me with great speed and now I see that their weapons that keep scraping the wall were the ones making those cracks I saw.


"You know, this is a very good opportunity. Can I tell you something really secret? Sakura has nightmares about you. She always wakes up in the nights and comes to sleep with me because she is dreaming of you leaving her to be taken away by the boogie man, she calls him." What!?? "That’s not true and you know it. You are lying." But even if he might be, I can't help but question why Sakura wouldn't be after that night. I myself have bad dreams about that night and it was I the one who abandoned her. "Oh but it is true Tohsaka. Besides, how would you know? I am the one who lives with her. Eats with her. Sleeps with her even sometimes. I know her better than you do now, or you ever did." Every word feels like a knife to my heart but(,) I can't show him how this affects me. Let him think whatever he likes.


"Yeah, and the real reason you want to kill me now is because I give her bad dreams or could it be that she wants to come back so much that she no longer pays attention to you and thus are jealous enough to get me out of the picture?" He looks startled. I think ‘hook line and sinker.’ His face is red from anger and embarrassment. I grin but I soon regret it when I feel my palms being pierced by something after he calls "RIDER" with a boom of his voice. The pain almost takes me so I quickly summon saber. If a servant has appeared, then let another servant take care of them.


It looks like my plan works like a charm as even before I summon her, Saber has already freed me from the clutches of Rider's things. Is this woman into S&M or something? Crap, my palms are bleeding. Better do something about it before I pass out. "Master, are you alright? Oh no, you are bleeding! Here, give me your hands" She tells me and I offer them without a second thought. Upon her gentle touch that is almost impossible to imagine with the gloves she is wearing, I feel my wounds patching up and healing. I breathe a sigh of relief and stand up, take a quick look over of Rider and I am sure now that that is Medusa standing before us. Though her eyes are hidden and most beautiful women are judged upon their eyes, this woman's is judged by her hair. Nothing I've ever seen is like it. It is as if it has a life of its own.


"What are you doing Rider? Attack and kill Tohsaka this instant. Forget the torture, just kill her." This guy seriously needs help. I can't imagine living in a house with this guy. And Sakura shared a bed with him?!! Okay that's it, after here, I am going to have a serious talk with that old man. But that is for later. Rider has struck. She moves like the wind itself. Rider indeed. The servant rumored to ride anything. Wouldn't be surprised if she could fly too. They exchanged blows too fast for my eyes to follow but, all I know is that Saber isn't having a hard time. Let's hope she doesn't use her Phantasm. I had forbidden Saber to use it again in fear of other servants being near to watch and I feel that there has been someone watching me since I left my house today.


I turn my attention to Shinji who looks busy looking for a certain page in the spell book. “Shinji, I will give you 30 seconds to turn off this seal or tell me how to unseal it. If you don't, you are going down. Hard." I pull out some of my jewels and he sees them. “Well, too late Tohsaka, this seal cannot be undone once it has been cast. The only way to break it is by killing the one who put it up and by the looks of things, Rider isn't losing anytime soon." I turn around and see that he is right. Despite us being in a wide area as big as a dojo, Rider is doing circles on Saber. She is just too fast. But saber seems to have found a weakness and holds onto Rider's chains. Rider is shocked a bit, but makes her weapon disappear and reappear again, without the Saber hand holding onto them.


"What are you doing Rider!!? Are you going to lose to such a servant after all the mana I've given you? Come on, kill them already." Rider seems a little annoyed which I don't stress over it as I see her readying for something. I’m not certain what it is, but I *am* certain it’s not good. "You know, this seal doesn’t cover just this school." She tells us and though I am a little afraid of what she implies, I ask anyway." What do you mean by that? I saw it stretch over the school grounds only like and half a sphere." She laughs a little. "That is what I wanted you to see, so that is what you saw. It is at least another km wider and in that distance, there are people right now. You may have delayed and maybe saved the students from this in school, but I still have enough people for the mana I need."


After saying that, all hell broke lose, literally. She got the spear like end of her chains and after saying a simple incantation to herself; she stabbed her neck in the sides. Blood gushed out of the left side of her neck and it splattered on the walls all around. It amazed me that she never even flinched from that loss of blood and wound. I was starting to wonder what killing herself would accomplish when I saw it. The blood on the walls and the one still coming from her neck came together in front of her and formed a seal like that that on the wall beside us. There was a change in the air for a few seconds and even though I didn't know what was going on at the moment, it seemed that she had activated the blood sucker (That's what I call it) (The true title for that Noble Phantasm is Blood Fort Andromeda) and it had sucked the people in it dry of their mana to the point of draining their souls too.


I came to this conclusion after I saw that the seal on the wall was transferring red liquid to the one that was in front of Rider. It was quite a lot that I stood in shock wondering how many people had been victimized in these few seconds. After the ordeal was over, which didn't take much time, the seal on the wall disappeared and the one in front of Rider started to glow a great deal. The light was too bright and I felt like a hell spawn coming into the sunlight. Thus I closed my eyes shut and that was the reason why I find myself asking what in God's name just happened when I open my eyes to find myself on the floor with Saber lying over me(,) protectively. What did I just miss? All I heard when I opened my eyes was the sound of wings flapping and a cry of a horse. Okay Rin, you are losing it. Stop right there.


"What just happened Saber? I was sure that Rider was getting ready to attack just then, so why are we still alive?" I pour out. This makes no sense at all. "Where are Rider and Shinji for that matter?" Looking around the dojo I see nothing but a path of destruction. Saber helped me up and I thank her then she sheds her battle outfit and started to explain. "When I saw that Rider was readying to attack with her Phantasm, I knew I would not be able to fight her without me using mine too so I decided to kill the master and stop her from finishing it. I went to kill the master but Rider used her Phantasm to get to him first and left. I am not really sure why they fled though after she got her master." Saber looks in thought and I find myself loving her serious face too.


"Well, I am sure we will see them again soon enough. I will have to have a serious talk with that master of Rider's tomorrow at school." I have to tell Emiya-kun about this too. He seems to be close to Shinji and I know they were best friends. I will never comprehend how a guy like Shinji could be great friends with a person like Emiya-kun, or is it the other way around? Oh well, it makes no difference either way they are not supposed to be acquaintances in either case. I start walking home and I can feel Saber following in closely. I haven't thanked her yet for saving me back there too. My hero. Okay, what was that? "Thank you Saber. Thank you for saving me back there." I turn to her and hoped to find her expression telling me 'What did you expect, you are my master. You won't be any use to me dead.'


But instead, she smiles. Saber smiles. A really honest smile. It's the first time I've seen it. I wish she smiled like that more often but I know that she would think that her enemies would think her weak. 'How about they think you cute Saber!' I can't help but snide to myself. "Why are you so happy Rin?" I laugh out loud at her facials she makes and I start to make my way towards the gates. “Nothing Saber. Nothing at all." At least the seal has been already activated and that means that the students are safe. I guess I gotta prepare for Rider as well. *Sigh* the road to victory is really long. “Okay Saber, how about we go to Sie Yu Dong's and I give you your present for your heroism, hmm?"


"Really Rin?! Thank you very much." She then did something that was so unSaber like that I find myself wondering if I know her at all. She hugs me. A little too tight for my liking but I don't care. Saber hugged me. For some reason, once her arms are around me, she freezes up. I too freeze but I have a very good reason that I mentioned before. Not to mention that I haven't hugged anyone in over 10 years but what is Saber's excuse for freezing up? “I...I am very sorry master." Master? Does she think that she has made a mistake? She looks down and I see another expression to remember there. An embarrassed Saber. So cute. “Saber, could you please not call me master again? Yes, I know you only call me that when the matter is serious but I don't mind really. Okay?" She nods and I take her hand in mine and we walk on.




Unknown to the two walking girls, someone was watching them in what looked like a psychic ball. The figure was hooded so it was impossible to tell which gender they played for. The figure said nothing but continued to keep a closer eye on our duo, especially the girl in a red top with a short dark skirt and thigh high stockings, Rin.

To Be Continued...





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