Story: Fate/Stay Night Zero (chapter 4)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 4

:::::::::::Fate Stay Night Zero:::::::::::

By: Demon Eyes

Disclaimer: All characters in here belong to non other than Type-Moon.

Part IV


A flash of blue and silver flashes in front of me to block the attack. "Saber." There in all her glory stands Saber with her back to me and all her attention to our assailant, Lancer. He seems a little suprised by something and so he jumps three meters back in one leap. We are still on the rooftop and space here is limited to fight against a long range weapon holder. It should be disadvantageous to Lancer with that long of a weapon, but he handles it like an extension of his body. I look behind me to see how long the fence is and measure how much I should lower my density in order to jump over it and down. We have to get to a wider area or else this will be troublesome. I don't know how good Saber is with a sword but if both of them have 'distance' weapons then we need more space. I close my eyes and start a little chant after getting the measurements I needed. I feel a sense of weirdness like how you feel when you sleep stomach up on a high bed or when you are floating on water. I jump over the fence, which was near me from Lancer's scare before. Damn him, I will show him what happens when you mess with me. 'Hmm, it looks like gravity wins again.' I think to my self as I feel the speed picking up from my descent down five floors. Just as I pass the first floor, I feel Saber getting a gentle yet firm hold on me and we land safely as if we had been flying. We landed within the front yard of the school where the gate is and as I look around to feel and make sure no innocents were still around, I see Archer standing there in front of the main gate, his hands crossed and the lancer still in one of his hands.

"I hope you didn't think you could get away from me. You are fast, but you are still only human too." He gives a smirk and before I retort, he turns his cool gaze at Saber. "What did you do back there? I launched a fence attack and it bounced off." He narrowed his eyes. I look on not understanding what the hell he is talking about. Saber keeps quiet too so I'm left in the dark. "Well, no matter. I will just make you talk or show me then." He takes the stance again. His eyes mean business. I am a little worried about Saber and as I think about her, I turn to look at her and I find her taking a stance of her own. There is no fear in her but instead what I can make out is something that looks like amusement and anticipation. Her body language screams sword-wielding knight. One foot in front of the other. Hands touching with one at the back of the other like how a person would look like were holding a sword and readying for battle, except, there was no sword! I leave that for later when we are finished here and look at lancer. After seeing Saber react to his challenge, he vanishes right in front of my eyes. My mind freezes for a second as I think that he has gone for the easy victory and attack the master, me, but what comes next is ear deafening sounds that accompany lightening-like flashes of light a moment after. They are fighting. This is the real deal. The fight between servants. My eyes begin to adjust after a simple spell and I am left in awe at what I see. Archer is indeed striking Saber yet the attack seems to not reach her. It bounces off something which now I'm sure is a sword. She must be using some kind of force to keep it invisible. I think I forget that this is real life for a moment and instead think of it as a movie. Saber and Lancer's fight is out of this world, so to speak, and even though I had anticipated this some how, I’m still struck by this godly fight.

"Oh? You are good. But have you no pride as to hide your weapon like that?" They have stopped for a while. A god distance between the two. I am amazed how Lancer is facing off an invisible weapon, which he even doesn't know what type it is yet, and he has not a scratch on him. Let's not mention the fact that he is facing the most powerful a class of servants, Saber. But as I look at her, she hasn't broken a sweat either. Just how powerful are these servants? "You are not to take easily too Lancer. Facing off an unseen weapon and escaping unscathed. Impressive." Saber seems to be pleased by her enemy's skill. She takes on a different posture however. Her look changes too. She is serious now. Not that she wasn't before, but it looked like she had judged Lancer by the 'cover' before. Lancer seems to have seen it too and takes on a different stance himself than before. "I have fought in many wars to be able to read body language. I could judge what kind weapon and how long it was by looking at you the second time we have fought. And seeing how you have deflected some of my attacks and how your body was moving as you attacked, told me that you were wielding a sword of some sort. I knew you were a Saber class but it isn’t wise to judge the weapon by class only. Now, I will show you what it really means to have experience. I would like to stay a little longer and enjoy your defeat but I have to return now. Prepare yourself." He brings one foot a ways back and handles his spear with both hands. The tip is pointed as if to strike it in the ground in front of him and then a strong wind filled with a strange kind of over whelming power starts blowing towards him as if he was sucking in the energy all around him. I shield my self a little from the force of it but never take my eyes off of him. 'Saber, be on guard. He must be releasing his ultimate attack.' I warn Saber. Wouldn't want to get done in when I just started this war. I have plans for it which will be ruined were I to lose here.

'Yes master. It seems he is reading to activate his Nobel Phantasm.' Nobel Phantasm, is the most powerful attack that can be used as a means to an end. It is the win all, lose all attack. It mainly requires a great deal of mana which would explain what is happening around Lancer. But what surprises me the most is that he is using it in absence of his master. It is usually an agreement between the master and servant of its use as it is risky. For him to use it so jarringly, would mean he is confident he will finish it with this last attack. I am starting to get worried now. What kind is it? I look at my servant to see if there is a way I can get us out of it. Maybe I should tell her to counter attack with her Phantasm...No. No. There is no need to get to that kind of measure. That's the last resort. I fail to get to reveal our full hand at the very start! I set my mana gates to fully open. All I can do is supply Saber with all the mana she will need to help her execute the needed manoeuvre. 'Be calm and watch his movements and attack very carefully Saber. Do whatever is necessary to not get defeated right here.' I don't get a reply but I know she heard me and agrees. Just before I turn back to our assailant, I hear him speak something that gets to my ears so clearly as to make me aware of something great. My servant's death perhaps. Again I am having a vision of losing here just a few hours in the war and once again failing to claim the Holy Grail for House Tohsaka. My father throwing away family values for duty of obtaining that which many great magi have been after for many millennia. Only to die in the war and not coming back to his family. Just as the one before him had been as much successful. I refuse to fail too. I will not. I shall succeed. I feed more mana to Saber and wait for what is to come whatever it is I'm ready. At least I think.


The tip of the spear starts vibrating as if it had a mind of its own and I don't know if it is my vision, but the spear seems to lengthen and go in an imperceptible path towards Saber who now as I look to her, hasn't moved at all?! What the hell is she thinking?! "Saber. What are you doing? Watch out." I shout to her. She still has her eyes closed as if she is waiting for the inevitable. Damn it. My heart is drumming against my chest so hard I think it's going to blow up. I want to run up to her and push her away but the attack is too fast. Only my magic-enhanced eyes can keep up. My vision gets blurry. Damn it. Is it all going to end here? But even in through the tears, I see my servant varnish right there just as the spear reaches the left side of her chest. She is killed. Saber has been killed. At least my father survived until the last match. 'This is so pathetic.' I think as I sink to my knees. I am brought back from my depression by Lancer bewildered cry, "WHAT??!" He cries. I look to him and see him struggling as if he is trying to pull his spear to him but it's stuck in something. I follow the spear that now seems to have regained its normal shape not zigzag anymore, and it seems to be missing its head. To explain it, it looks like how it would look were it stuck in something...invisible. Saber re-appears much to my joy, relief and some other emotion I can't quite place. The tip of the spear is visible now too and before Lancer succeeds in bringing it back into the safety of his person, I see that it was about three centimetres away from her. What is going on here. "What’s this? What did you do? My Nobel Phantasm can't be dodged. Even if you were extremely lucky, you would get away with only your heart in one piece and not your whole body. How did you completely avoid it?" Thanks for voicing my thoughts Lancer. I turn back to Saber who doesn't look like is ready to give anything away.

"I know of your Nobel Phantasm now. It is a reversal of causality so to speak as its target is already reached even before the attack itself is launched. So it is useless to avoid and dodge it." Saber says coolly as she ready her stance again. By the looks of it, she is meaning to put an end to this, her way and it doesn't seem like there will be a survivor this time around judging by her expression. "I can't tell you anything much but I will just say this since I saw your Nobel Phantasm. Your Gae Bolg is indeed to be feared. But that affect only the 'real' world where cause and effect matter." What the hell is that? I have to get her give me answers when we get back home. I can't believe I didn't ask her about this before. Too careless. It seems that Lancer is losing his cool as he takes on an angry tone by asking, “What nonsense is that?" When no answer came, “fine. I don't know how you survived my attack but I can assure you, you aren't getting away from this one. If I can't swat you, I will squash you." He takes up his stance again, but both our attention is taken in by the even stronger energy gathering that is around Saber this time. Even Lancer seems to pause in his haste as we look on. The energy seems to be swirling around a sword-like shape in Saber's hands. The wing looks strong enough to impale whoever gets close to it other than Saber. I don't like her showing off her trump cards now. There might be other servants out to spy and we would be in trouble were they to see it thus discovering its weakness. I really want to stop her but my curiosity to find out just how powerful she is gets the better of me. I don't remember being this lucky, but it seems that we are safe as I detect someone over across the yard to the gate. "Who goes there?" Asks Lancer and his attention is turned to his back towards the gate. He takes off after the fleeing figure. I curse. That was a student here. I know because he was wearing a boy's uniform of my school.

"Saber, we are going after them." I tell her already on my way towards the main gate. I jump over it and a speed spell takes care of my acceleration. The route we are going is making me a little uneasy. I have walked it quite a ways to know where we are heading. Only one student I know lives in these parts of town. Oh no. Please be okay. 'Saber, go ahead of me. Prevent Lancer from killing that boy by all means.' I tell her. 'But master, why? We are supposed to eliminate any outsiders who are witness to the war.' Saber send back confused. 'I know. I know. But this was my mistake. I forgot to put up a barrier before the fight and some innocent passer-by is going to die my mistake. I won't let that happen. I can't let it happen. Now go on Saber. I will catch up to you in no time.' Saber agrees and goes on ahead. She seems to do anything as long as you give her an explanation. That's good. But I was sure I put up a barrier just as I came down from the roof top. Did I not complete it? If someone becomes aware of the war of the Holy Grail, someone who isn't a magus, then they must be 'silenced.' But I can't let any innocents be killed by the knowledge they never wished to hold. Especially him. After a moment, I find that I have stopped and shake myself back to reality. I am not yet even sure it's him we are chasing. I won't take any chances so I pick up the pace following Saber's mana. When I find her, it's not in the situation I thought it might be. Instead of fending off Lancer, he is no where to be seen and instead there instead of him is a guy that looks every bit better than Lancer. Everything. He has silver hair, short, brushed upwards. He has on a men's battle suite and unlike Lancer's, it's black with white stripes and over it , a brief read jacket. Medium battle boots too and in his hands, he wields two short swords that look like twins to each other. One black with silver spots and the other silver with black spots.

He seems to fight even better than Lancer as it looks to me like Saber is being pushed back. With a wild cry, he brings both his swords with all his might down on Saber. She blocks but the force of the attack forces her to her knees. This is really bad. "Saber!" I cry as I see him already in mid slash at her mid section. Saber jumps back and disappears. I have cut off the mana flow and dematerialised her. This strong guy having come to a conclusion that I am Saber's master, wastes no time in striking. He is in front of me in a blink of an eye his sword ready to put an end to me. Jesus Christ, if this keeps up, my heart is going to stop and won't restart. "Archer. Stop." That voice. It's unmistakable. But why is he talking to a servant? The guy who was attacking is Archer it seems as he stops in his tracks at the mention of his name. So he is an archer class. But why is he wielding swords? I guess Lancer was telling the truth about not judging the servant's weapon based on their category. 'Archer' doesn't seem to question his master's orders as he yields and his swords disappear from whence they came. He disappears also and I am left face to face with the master. My heart races as our eyes meet. My mind goes blank. Thank the gods it's night. "Tohsaka. How are you doing?" He greets me. He is as composed as ever. "Good evening Emiya-kun. So it was you who passed by the school today. I didn't know you were a magus." I should get to the serious stuff now. I had absolutely no idea that he was a magus despite all that I know about him. Then this means that there is also another magus at school other than him since his servant isn't Rider who set up that thing at school. "Tohsaka, are you okay?" Damn. I was lost in thought. "Ah, it's nothing. But anyway, I never would've thought that you were a magus. And that servant of yours is really suspicious. An Archer using swords!" I tease. I know it isn't a given but come on. Who is supposed to use bows then? "Eh he. Why don't you come on in for a cup of tea and we can talk? It's been a while since we talked alone, and it seems like we will be seeing each other often from now on." He asks and seems a little embarrassed but he is right. We haven't talked, as in just talk, alone since...I can't remember. I nod and we make our way inside the house that I haven't set foot in for years.

We are walking back to the mansion but my thoughts are on my conversation I had with Emiya-kun. I guess Saber senses my distractedness as she asks what we were talking about. "Nothing. Just catching up that's all." I lie. I don't think I'm ready to talk to her about that. Being as dedicated to the war as Saber is, the reaction wouldn't be pleasant. I don't want her and me to have disagreements this earlier on in our contract. Better to keep the catalysts to themselves for the time being. I don't want to resort to command spells now. I will need them later.

"Anyway Saber, what did you do back there when we were fighting against Lancer? I was really sure that his spear stabbed you in the chest!" I look to the said place looking for evidence still not believing it even now. Yes, I know she isn't exactly human but it's not like Lancer was human either. 'Each to their own', and all that. I let a little mana enough to materialise her so that we may have a decent conversation. Not like anyone will be seeing us. I can't sense any other masters and if she senses other spirits, then she would tell me.

She is walking beside me now. Not in her battle amour but the regular clothes. She looks up in the star filled sky and while she answers my question. She does not look like a knight at all looking at her right now. She brings her gaze from above and beyond where hence she has been and says, "That was one of my Nobel Phantasms. A Reality Marble 'Avalon'. It was the only thing that would help me survive Lancer's Phantasm. His spear is cursed and nothing can help the one that was pierced by it except Avalon. It also seems that Lancer's weapon makes effect come before the cause.

This means that there is no way of avoiding it except extremely high luck which would do nothing at all to but maybe make his spear miss your heart." I think about that. If he made Saber use her best card and Lancer was not even one of the strongest servants, then they had a very difficult path to take. I think of Shirou's servant Archer. I didn't get any information since it would really be awkward to ask another master about their servants, not that he gave anything away in their conversation.

"What do you think of Archer, Saber? I know he is a knight class and they are the most powerful of class." I look at her and see her frown as if in deep concentration. I think she is thinking back on her little confrontation with the knight in red. "I felt that he was giving off a stronger feel than Lancer. Not to mention the way he was handling you. You weren't that taken by Lancer." I think of what I have just said and it sounds like it came out wrong. I hope Saber doesn't take it that I was calling her weak.

Well, she maybe she of the most powerful class, but she is still a lady. I just hope there isn't a male Saber out there. She tells me that he was a really strong opponent. "He has strength and is really good in both short and long distance combat, especially short distance. His twin swords are a problem to go against too when he handles them so well. I will have to train and come up with a way of getting rid of my only weakness." She tells me. Weakness? Oh. She means her sword is a disadvantage in close combat.

"Don't worry about it so much Saber. I saw little of your fight but it looked to me like you were handling yourself really well. You only need to make little adjustments to your fighting style and you will have no problems." I really didn't think she had trouble with him except in strength. Close combat eh? We walk on in silence and reach the house. I deactivate the spell to enter and once we are inside, I replace it.

We walk into the sitting room and walk over and turn on the TV. Time to catch up on what's going on in the world around us. I turn to go sit down and see that Saber is standing there like a hired gun or something. I shake my head. "Saber, from now on this is your home as well. Make yourself comfortable and do whatever you like." She is making no move whatsoever to sit down. "Come on Saber, sit down." I pat the seat beside me on the long couch. She obeys and sits. Just as she gets comfortable, her stomach growls. A reminder of her appetite.

"I will go make us something to eat." I get up and head to the kitchen. "I guess those fights took a lot out of you huh?" I turn around and see her recovering from a embarrassment of her stomach growling. I go into the kitchen all the while listening to the news in the other room. It is almost finished and they are on the bulletins now. Even more people have been found dead. Gruesomely murdered and bones found around the scenes. This really makes me angry. I know it's a servant's doing and I can't stand it.

This is supposed to be just between two dozens of people or so but more innocent people are getting killed. I think about the masters making their servants do such things. I just can't understand it. I think of Saber going around killing people and I almost throw up. Speaking of Saber, better make her food before breaks down. I don't want to make some quick meal like last night. I want it to be like a welcome meal for her. She is going to be risking her life protecting mine and fighting with me to win the war and I to help her get possession of Holy Grail.

Good thing is I had the ingredients. I always keep myself ready for anything. I have finished making my welcome prize all laid out on the dining table. You would think I was expecting a party of about four people by the amount of food I've prepared. I think I out did myself this time. My mom would be proud. And by the look on Saber's face, I felt like I had just received something I was aiming for, though I have no idea what the hell that is! "Well Saber, I hope we get along in this short time we will be living together and look forward to working with you. Please take good care of me." I smile and reach across all the food, the Jacques' and all the Finca Antigua and Marques de Riscals on the table and extend my hand towards her. She looks up from the said table and takes my hand to give it a gentle but firm shake. She says,"I am also looking forward to working with you Rin. Please take care of me too." She bows to me and I release her hand but something is keeping me from taking my eyes away from her. I am brought back to my senses when she says, "Err, can we eat now please Rin?" I laugh and tell her to go ahead.

She digs in and eats at the speed of no other human I've ever seen before eat. Don't get me wrong. This girl is no pig. She eats so elegantly and yet so fast it's legendary. I grab the champagne bottle and pour her a little in a glass. Beef is on the menu so I add a little red wine as well in another glass and do so for myself too. I start to eat as well and we talk about nothings. I am really happy right now. I don't know really why. Maybe it's because it has been a long time since I sat on this table and ate with someone like this. I feel like I am in a real home again. I look again at Saber working on her third or fourth helping and can't stop a smile from crossing my lips. A small laugh comes forth and I try to hide it by getting some more food in my mouth but I choke and grab Saber's attention.

She swallows and asks me what is wrong. I assure her that nothing is wrong that I am just happy to be here like this eating with her. She looks at the table and then back at me and nods to say, "Okay then. You better eat up some more though before it gets cold." And she was back to eating. I have just figured out that the best thing she loves is food. I file it away for future use. It will come in handy.

"Rin I will help you." Saber says to me after a few minutes of just watching me carefully. I am clearing the table and I don't know why but my instincts tell me to keep Saber away from handling utensils for other reasons other than eating. She really looks like she wants to help and I got to admit that there is quite a lot of stuff to clean. "Alright Saber. Just help me put these in the sink." I let her and take the stuff I had in my hands to the sink. *CRASH* I almost dropped the plates I was holding to the floor.

I turn around so fast I would've given myself whiplash. I see Saber looking to her hands like they were just cut off or something. I know what that sound was. I look at the floor and almost do those cinematic cries of horror. My favourite set of china pieces. I loved those cups. I cry in my mind but outside I just smile to my bewildered companion here. "Rin. I am very sorry. I just held the saucer a little hard to keep it from falling but they broke." I looked to her hands again and saw what I didn't see before. She was holding little pieces off the broken small cup holders.

"Don't worry about it Saber. I will just get another one. Why don't you just go into the living room and watch some television. I will be with you in a few moments." I will never get another one of those. I have even no idea where they are from. Sakura gave them to me. Oh god. I am in so much trouble. Note to self: Never ever let Saber do any house work. Period. I go down to pick up the pieces and I actually cry. I loved these cups. I just hope Sakura doesn't ask about them anytime soon. How about we make that never. I sweep around carefully and continue on the clearing of the table. A few minutes later, the dishes are washed and back where they belong. Though I can do everything, I don't want to do it. Cooking, washing up and cleaning around. Those are girly stuff and I hate doing girly stuff. I really miss Sakura.

I scold myself knowing that I was the reason that she is as she is and where she is. Well, I couldn't do anything even if I tried but at least I should've put up a fight that time she was taken. All I did was cower away and cry for my sorry self not thinking of how that scene looked in Sakura's eyes. God, I can't even start to think of what she thinks of me now. Maybe I will pass by the dojo tomorrow as if on other business and see her. Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Ayaka is missing which means that I have absolutely no reason to go there now.

I remove the apron and head for the room where Saber is. I think of a strategy I will use to see Sakura tomorrow without being so obvious, even to her. Damn it. How come I miss her more as the time goes by instead of missing her less>! I want to kick the guy who said that time heals all wound in the ass when I meet them. I can't wait for this Grail War to end so that I may be with her again soon. No war > no secrets to keep > no reason to keep her away. I enter the living room and I'm greeted to a sight no mortal will ever see. Saber adorably sleeping on the couch all looking to the world like a normal girl sleeping her fatigue away.

I look at the clock and I had no idea that I spent half an hour in there washing up but it's logical after the meal I just prepared. I walk to her side and pick up the remote that was on an anime channel. It looks like she was watching a samurai show. Something with Kyo or something. Typical for a knight I think. I am carried away as I think that this sight is so rare even for me so I decide to enjoy it while I can. But just in case of twice the luck, I will buy a digital tomorrow for the sole purpose of my future enjoyment and perhaps more.

The hair standing out on her head is swinging from her breathing and I am tempted to pull at it but something holds me back. A premonition? Well, after that china incident...Oh God, my beautiful cups...I won't question my conscious ever again. I decide to buy a camera and lift her up from the couch. She weighed about 10 kg less than I thought she would and I am thankful as I have to carry her up those stairs. I reach the room and decide to let her in the room opposite mine for easier access for her when she wakes up and looking for me, I think. I place her on the side of the bed and my brain automatically thinks 'undress' to put on pyjamas but I stop dead. Forget about the obvious but I haven't even given her a pair yet. Saber seems to be very picky so that will have to wait for tomorrow. I decide to remove just the shoes and tuck her in the covers. I stand there a moment watching her once gain and after whispering a good night to her, I leave to go have some sleep myself. I get into my nighties and creep into my own bed. I sleep faster than I've ever these last 10 years.

I am woken up by the discomfort I feel as if something else was with me. I groggily open my eyes and look at the clock in front of me on the wall. It is light enough for me to see the time and I know that it is already morning from the time itself which showed it to be half six and by the light itself. Something breathes nearby and I remember what woke me up. I turn to look at my side and I never knew I could fly until now. As I get my rapidly beating heart back in control, at least trying to, across the room blessing my back against a wall, I see Saber there. Sleeping in my bed. Her face in a frown from the luck of warmth or contact I think and she turns her back to me and turns back towards me. Seemingly having not found what she is looking for, opens her eyes sleepily and looks at me. I take in a sharp breathe. She blinks. I blink back. The clock hand go *tick tack* I think I stopped breathing for a while there. "Rin. What are you doing over there?"

What am I doing here you ask? What are 'you' doing there?!!! "W...Why are you in my bed Saber? I left you in the room across, which will be your room from now on by the way." I try to bring my shock under control. Sleeping im my bed is all right and all but her hands and legs...Urg, We won't go there at least not right now but let me just say that her limbs were in...err...not so public places. That small yet strong leg over my stomach and those hands about my...SNAP OUT OF IT RIN! "Rin. It's not safe for me to sleep so far away from you."

She is all logical on me. 'So far away.' Yeah right. "What if an enemy was to attack you in our sleep? It would be too late for me to come to your rescue." Ermm...yeah. Saber, have you noticed that you can materialize anywhere your master is at anytime you wanted? Or that your room is just a few feet from mine?!! That is what I want to say, but I leave it to myself. I have a feeling things are gonna get weird from now on. Aaaa, to hell with it. Time to get ready for school already and to think of my 'Talk to Sakura' plan. I can't believe I am planning just to talk to her. *Sigh*

To Be Continued...

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