Story: Fate/Stay Night Zero (chapter 11)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 11

Fate/Stay Night Zero

By Demon Eyes

Disclaimer: The characters and some references to the story belong to Type-Moon and not me.


Part XI


(Somewhere in Town)


It is nighttime and Fuyuki City being one of those ‘day cities’ was as quiet as it has been as of late. Everyone was already in the safety of their homes. They had seen the news and were scared of what they had heard taking place during the owl hours. What they were scared of, no one would knew. Even tonight where we will be witness to one of the strangest events taking place, we won’t be able to know what exactly it will be. Of all the mini scrappers that were in this particular part of the city, there was one building that stood out the most. Its lights were still on, whereas the surrounding buildings were all dark. It was obviously an apartment building in the middle of business buildings. We’re only going to focus on only one of the apartments in this building.


Inside this lone space, a ‘just married’ couple were madly lost in pleasure with the man on top and their feet facing towards the window. The woman was in a paradise of her own. This was her honeymoon and she had gone three whole weeks without her darling and without even getting herself off. Three agonising weeks of hell and it was finally time that they got to do it. Her husband it seemed was feeling the same way, if possible even more so than she was. She let out a sound that would let her dear husband know that he was most definitely doing it right. The man having heard the sound countless times, be it in porn movies or real life, obliged with even more of the same. “Oh darling, I’ve really missed you these three weeks. Please give me more…” Another scream followed the thrust that her husband replied with and on they went.


The man increased his vigour and the reactions he got were what he wanted to receive. “Dear, you have no idea how I’ve missed you too. Here, take all you want I will give you whatever you ask of me.” His motions increased and the movements could put horny rabbits it to shame. His wife’s eyes widened in wonder at her husband’s last action, but that was a huge mistake. It might have been a blessing, but judging by the results, it was more of a curse than a blessing. Being the only one able to look out the window in the positions that they were in, she got a good look at said window and completely froze. It might have been a coincidence that she looked to the window rather than her handsome husband’s face but there it was. She looked to the window and what she saw filled her body with such terror that she didn’t waste time releasing a heart felt scream. The husband however, having been at the brink of that, oh so familiar, three second heaven, took his lovely wife’s screams completely differently. “Wow dear, you really are enjoying this. It was a great idea to hold off on sex for three weeks prior to our honeymoon. Well, there is more where that came from.” He humped with more adrenaline than before not even aware that his wife’s screams were now of fear and not pleasure. It might have been his fetish to hear his wife scream out like that because the next second, he cried out as he reached that heaven that no virgin knows about. That was the hardest he had ever cum, he thought, as he saw those beautiful glittering stars unaware that those would be the last lights he would ever see again. The woman beneath him was the only one on the whole building that saw what really caused the disappearance of the entire population of this building but she would never let anybody know for she too was a victim of whatever that was that moved like the darkness itself and stripped them of their spiritual flames.



(On the out skirts of the city)


“Damn you idiots, you’ve ruined my plans for the night, now I have to plan again for another time. You are definitely going to pay for this. Berserker, the gloves are going off. Show these meddlesome idiots what you are truly made of.” Ilya’s body began to glow a brighter shade of pink and it looked kind of like a treasure box about to crack and reveal the shiny contents in within. Her body wasn’t about to actually break however, but the cracks were present. The light she gave off was familiar to any magus as the mana that made them who they were. Berserker’s body began to give off a black smoky substance. His left eye that had been gouged out by a flying sword healed up completely and the dozen or so swords embedded in his tough skin were forced out of his now unharmed body. He stood back up and he looked to all in the world as though he hadn’t been to the world of no return…until now that is – The Unlimited Blade Works world.


“What is going on? Why is that guy still standing Archer?” Shirou asked of his servant, obviously surprised by this turn of events. Archer, who had to put his all into defeating his enemy, was now on one knee struggling to regain his breath. He fought mightily and he had somehow managed to get away without a single hit from Berserker. That was yesterday’s news however and he too knew it. “I don’t know either Shirou. A normal servant should’ve died way before I even used U B W, but this guy is still standing even after going through it.” He got to his feet, but was forcibly put down again by a sword, which weighed almost a ton due to the speed and force by which it was swung. Archer crashed into a nearby electric pole that was meters away and grunted in pain. He lost a few cubic litres of blood with the coughing fit he had, but managed to make a joke in his condition. “What are you feeding your servant little girl? I demand ingredients and recipes.”


“This is no time to be cracking jokes Archer. Are you alright?” Shirou was by his servant’s side in an instant. Archer gave him an assuring smile and lessened his master’s fears with a positive reply. Shirou then turned to Ilya who looked very pleased with that last hit that Berserker had put in. “Seriously though, who is this guy? There is no way that a servant can go through U B W and come out in one piece, let alone alive. The fact that you are the master of that servant is also very disturbing. What are even doing out here at this time fighting? Shouldn’t you be inside somewhere doing your homework or going to bed?” The Einzbern successor pushed her nose into the air and pouted, very insulted. “How dare you refer to me as such, boy? I will have you know that despite my appearance, I am actually much older than you are. That is one more debt you have to pay for with your life, but before you meet your maker, I shall bless you with the identity of your doom bringer.” Ilya walked over to where her faithful protector was standing and she placed her tiny fingers on his sword-wielding arm. “If you weren’t flanking on your studies little boy then you must have been told of the great half God half human son Heracles! Story goes that due to his stepmother’s jealousy, he was forced to overcome the twelve great labours that were deemed impossible to overcome. After millennia of agonising labour, Heracles did complete the twelve labours and as a reward, he was granted twelve lives for each labour that he completed.” Archer’s eyes widened after that Ilya knew that he was now aware of whom he was messing with.


“That’s right, the servant you see before you is the great Heracles and if you hadn’t figure it out yet, you will have to defeat him twelve times in one attack in order to kill him. I was actually surprised that you managed to take away five of his lives, but I have already restored them. If you want to try and prolong your funerals be my guests, but it isn’t going to be as easy as it was before. I have seen all your moves and you haven’t seen a single one of mine yet so prepare thy selves for a…Hey, what are whispering over there?” Archers and Shirou’s mouths opened and closed after the news. Archer was wiped out and there was no way he could use U B W again today. The only chance they have to fight, and win against, Berserker is to work together but that was impossible today. “Shirou, I hate to break it to you but…” “Yeah, I know.” The master finished for his servant in whispers as not to let their opponent hear them. “Let’s retreat for now. At least we know the strategy for this team and there is no way that they can follow us.” Archer agreed and with that decision they made, their hasty retreat. “Hey, I was asking you what you were whispering abou…Oi, where are you going? Come back here you …Damn it why do they all run away from me?” Those two had been pretty decent guys and they would’ve made nice slaves but… Oh well, she had that spot already rented out to one Tohsaka Rin. There was always room for more blood though. She laughed to herself villainy, but it came out very strange that even she wasn’t pleased with the sound so she shut up. Berserker was returned to his spiritual form and the German girl made her way back home to make plans for another game that she’ll play with her soon to be slave. “I will get you yet Rin-nee-sama. You will definitely be mine,” and with that, she disappeared into the black of the night.



(Tohsaka Mansion)


“Did you find a solution to our problem, Rin?” Saber breaks the uncomfortable silence that has been eating away at us…or at me at least. I am not too sure about her. It has been ten minutes since the dinner from hell. We didn’t say a word through it all…Okay, I admit, it is my entire fault seeing as I didn’t start a conversation and Saber isn’t the talkative type. I have been thinking of better ways to break the news to her, but even with all that time I’ve had. I have come up with nothing except to just pour it out as it is. I better come up with a decision though seeing as Saber has only eaten two servings tonight which is most definitely a bad sign.


“Ahem…Yes…Well…I did find a way but…” Yes – Yes, stall for some thinking time. Only a few precious seconds is all I need. I sneak a glance into those beautiful green orbs. but that was a very bad mistake. What I find is what I didn’t want to see. The looked screamed ‘out with it already’. Jeez, why am I getting worked up with this anyway? It’s just to help Saber get her magic circuit back to normal. There doesn’t have to be a deeper meaning to it than that. “Saber the bottom line is, I have to go inside of you and correct the circuit myself.” The look I see sent my way is not very different from what I gave Kirei myself. I have to explain this in greater detail it seems. “Okay, listen very carefully Saber for there is no way I’m going to say this twice.” She shakes that pretty head of hers innocently in anticipation unaware of the words that are about to come out my mouth the next second. I can’t stop the blood from rushing up to my cheeks just at the thought of what I’m going to tell her. “Apparently Gilgamesh put something inside of you that is feeding off your mana, which I provide you and it is in turn corrupting your magic circuit. Your body can’t get rid of it by itself so I have to go in and take care of it myself. That is the easy part however.” I suck in my breath to steel myself while Saber patiently waits for me to continue. “In order for me to be able to get inside of you where your magic circuit lies, I have to cast a spell at a certain point in time during a certain event.” Oh great, and here I was thinking that I was ready to tell her everything. “Alright, here is the shortened version. We have to be experiencing heights of great pleasure at the same time and in as close proximity as possible for the spell to work. In other words, while we reach the fruits of sexual intercourse I am to cast the spell for it to succeed.” There, I said it. I feel myself let out a breath I wasn’t aware I’d been holding.


A great deal of time passes and I have yet to hear a comment from Saber, so I lift my gaze to see her face. Maybe she didn’t hear me or didn’t understand what I said. I look at her face and know instantly that she completely understood what I had been talking about. Her cheeks mirrored mine in colour and her eyes suddenly seemed more naked to me than I’ve ever seen them before. I can’t explain it but right now, I see the woman deep within Saber and I’m a little scared to tell the truth. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea after all. I should’ve known better than to trust that Kirei. “Erm…Saber, we don’t have to do it that way. I mean there must be another way we can help you. Gilgamesh is bound to know another way. We don’t have to do it if you don’t want to…I mean…” I trail off from there and let my eyes wander anywhere else in my room other than where Saber is sitting right now.


“NO!” Huh? I snap my head back to Saber so fast, I can hear a sound somewhere in my neck from the quick movement. I think I broke a nerve somewhere but who cares. “I don’t think there is another way master. I am sure that even if there was one, Kotomine should’ve told you about it.” I try to interrupt Saber and ask if we knew the same Kotomine Kirei, but she cuts me off, “Besides, I can’t afford to take any more chances of exposing you to danger. If another servant were to attack us right now, there is no way that I could protect you. I…I have been careless master and I beg your forgiveness. I promise you though that I am not going to let be in harm’s way ever again. I want to be able to protect you at all times and I feel very displeased with myself right now. Please Rin, if this is the quickest way for me to return back to normal then we have to do it. I have to keep you safe no matter what.” I should’ve known that Saber felt so strongly about this war, more so than myself and probably anyone else. I let out a sigh and stupidly let slip my thoughts of Saber seeing me as a ways to claim the Holy Grail.


I am shaken to my core with the force by which she rejects that accusation. “It is true that I need your help to claim it as you need mine, but in these few days that we have been together, I have come to think of you as much more than just that Rin. I can’t explain it very well, but I feel a certain sense similar to hunger for you that I haven’t felt before for anyone else.” She colours some more and the Saber in front of me right now isn’t the Saber I’ve known all this time. I am very confident that I am the first and probably the only one to ever have bared witness to this side of the Knightly King. I make a great jibe about how I wouldn’t make a great Japanese dish and mushrooms being my worse enemies and I can’t help, but enjoy the embarrassed side of the blonde beauty before me. “What I meant was that I feel a great need to be near you – Not just to protect you, but just to be in your presence at all times. I have come to even…” here her facials turn into guilt and I grow concerned. “I have come to even dream of you where before, I was reliving my life as King Arturia. I fear that this new feeling might lead me astray from the path that I have already laid out in front of me.”


After this, I could not take anymore. This side of Saber is having effects on me that are like no other. I hadn’t even noticed that I had been getting closer to her through her speech, but I find myself just a few heartbeats away from her. My restraints have left me. I can’t believe that she feels this way for me as well. I am overjoyed, but the thought of leading her away from the wish that both she and I know of…I couldn’t live with myself were that to happen. I will help Saber by doing everything I can to see that we’ll win this war. Her wish whatever it is shall be granted and I will support her in every decision she makes on the way. I have already been lucky enough to fight along side with her and even just spend quality time with her. Who knows, it could’ve been that guy Archer that I got as my servant. My body starts to move as if on its own, desperate to put the being in front of me at ease. My right hand moves to cover Saber’s left by the way we are sitting on my bed. My other hand goes higher still to rest on her right cheek. The skin under it is beautiful and smooth to my touch and sight.


“Saber, I really care about you a lot.” I shake my head to clear it of the uncertainties. “I love you Saber. I am very lucky to have the chance of being your partner in this war. For ten year, that has been my wish, to get the strongest servant as my partner and you are without a doubt the strongest. We have had our hardhips, but so what? We were caught completely off guard. After we have you back to your normal self, I will make you a wish that we shall never lose to anyone that comes across us. I will provide you with all the mana that you need and you may do with it as you wish. Your wish will become reality, whatever it is. I will be behind you in whatever decision you make. I want you to know that. I won’t have any regrets. I am completely satisfied with just having had the chance to be with you. Besides, our time together has just begun.”


“…Rin.” Saber whispers my name and leans into my palm that was caressing her cheek. She closes her eyes as if in thought and I leave her to them. She speaks without opening her eyes. “Thank you Rin. I am also grateful to having given the honour of serving you. I want to fully act out my role and again ask for your help master. I aim to prove to you that you didn’t make a mistake in summoning me.” It is sappy I know, but I will say it anyway. I didn’t know it was possible a person could be as happy as I am right now. Okay, maybe I have a ghostly feeling of it, but I don’t want to get into that right now. I nudge her cheek for her to open her eyes and she does. I ask her if she is ready and without asking further questions, she nods slowly having understood what I was talking about. I have never done what I am about to do before, but I feel like I know all too well how to proceed. I guess this is how the cave men knew of the reproductive ways in their time – simple instinct. I lean forward bringing my face closer to Saber’s. Our lips touch and the feeling I get from it suddenly isn’t enough. I know there is more and I search for this crazy feeling that I don’t even know of.


After a few seconds of sweet searching, I finally found it. Without our knowledge, or at least mine - our tongues were already in contact and at that instant, I felt it. That feeling that I somehow knew should be how a kiss feels. I felt it and I liked it. My first kiss and it was everything and nothing at all like how I thought it would be. The kiss itself I felt it to be natural, but the thought of kissing Saber, a King of whole countries, added a certain fire to the kiss that wouldn’t normally be there. My senses seem to have gone into hyper-drive for now, I can feel every inch of my skin. I feel the fingers of my left hand leaving the smooth cheek and making their way to that silky blonde, almost golden hair of hers and resting on the tangle at the back of her head. My right hand has started to feel its way up Saber’s left arm, all the while feeling the cotton covered skin under. My left foot isn’t idle either it seems, judging from the way it caresses Saber’s stock-covered calf and shin. Sadly though, I am only human and the need to replenish my lungs of fresh air surfaces. I am very saddened by the fact that I have to pull away from that mouth that was so soft, so smooth, and so sweet and everything that I can’t describe with the words in my two thousand-page dictionary. To hell with you Mc Millen.


I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding. My adrenaline glands are in overdrive. I can see clearly the steam from our hot mouths infuse in front of us. Saber is not better off than I am. I notice that she hasn’t moved any other part of her body, except her head. “You can touch me wherever and however you want.” I whisper to her. “Do whatever you want to do Saber.” I finish with touching my forehead to hers and look into those eyes of hers. I’m sure they will fill my dreams from now on. There is no reaction from her, but the opening of her mouth and then closing it and her eyes moving to my lips. I am pleased to know that I can kiss so good as to render a King speechless. With my eyes fixed on hers, I move my left hand and hold hers with it. The trembling gets more vigorous as I bring her hand to my left breast, but it grows very still upon touching the mound. I hold her gaze and try to send strength to her through my eyes. “It’s alright Saber. Don’t be afraid and let yourself go – Trust me.” She tells me that she does trust me, but I knew that already. This is a different matter however. I bring our lips together for a second kiss. This time we stay connected longer than before and the feeling is even greater. I know that if were I to cast the spell now, I would be able to get into Saber from the feelings we are having right now.


Something in my mind however tells me that if I do that right now, I will be stripping us of something. I don’t want to do that whatever it is. I pull away again and rest my head to Saber’s again. “Are you ready Saber?” I ask the question very carefully to make sure Saber knows what I mean. She wastes no time in nodding her head though I can’t waste more time by jumping with joy. I stand from the bed and squat down to pick up her feet from the floor and lay them out on the bed. Saber is now fully lying on my bed and the sight adds more fuel to my fire. I get on too and hover over her on all fours with my limbs at either side of her head and hips. I make one final check up on the shield around my house to make sure we have no interruptions. It is so strong that not even a phone call can get through. We might as well be in a completely different dimension. When that is taken care of, I get back to the task at hand. I fill up my hunger for the taste of my King’s skin starting from her luscious small lips to her forehead and then to her ear. I nibble on the delicate cartilage for a while and I note Saber’s breathing growing deeper. I trace her chin bone back to her lips and enjoy the taste as long as I can. I don’t think I will ever get enough of Saber’s lips. My fingers are not to be idle however. I feel the tips with a little magic to make them feel like stun guns but with a voltage of 0.002 V. I hold her palms and starting from there bringing my fingers towards her shoulders trailing light lines on her skin that makes her feel like she is having a massage. Saber whimpers beneath me and I am glad to be doing a good job.


I use soft kisses to taste her skin from her pink lips to the junction where the blue ribbon holds her collar together. I wait there for my fingers to reach where my mouth is and use them to undo the blue thing. I motion for Saber to rise a little so that I can lift the white blouse off. Saber does not wear a bra. I know this doesn’t excuse me from nearly busting a blood vessel in my nose but still…I am far gone on Saber. So sorry Emiya-kun, but you lose. I stay there just staring for complete seconds and my shaking hands are not passing without notice. I can’t hold back myself anymore as I bring my hands to feel those round small hills. I know I probably look like one of those crazed guys with drool on their faces and fingers stretched out, looking to grab something, but that is the effect a half naked Saber has on me. My fingers are holding Saber’s breasts. I am holding Saber’s breasts and I like it. I know she isn’t too blessed on size, but I feel like they are just perfect. They fit into my palms as if they were made for me. Okay Rin, you are getting ahead of your self here. I want to scream my goddamn thanks to whoever is sitting in that golden chair in the heavens. Hmm, soft lovely breasts. I still can’t believe that this is happening. I want to confirm it. I scoop Saber up from waist up and give her a strong embrace. “Ri…Rin. What’s wrong?” I don’t say anything, but hold her. I bring up one hand and untie the ribbon in her hair. I send it to join the white and the other blue material on the floor. I rake my fingers then through her free soft mane and start to trail heart felt kisses down her right shoulder. She sucks in a breath as I go. I want to reward my Knight for things unknown to me. I lower her back down on her back and get to work. After another kiss to the mouth, I start another train of kisses to her right breast and slowly starting climbing the small hill with my lips.


I add my fingers to work on my way down to the greatest treasure known to man. But just as other great treasures, I have to overcome many obstacles on my way, namely – patience. I take time to give Saber great pleasure with her assets. After I am satisfied that it had been enough with that, I am rewarded with two things. First, Saber’s whimper fills my ears. Then a scent that I’ve never smelled before teases my nostrils. Having switched from fingers to mouth to fingers, I started on my way deep into the caves. I have to look for traps however and that is the duty left for my lips. Saber’s sensitive skin responds positively to my kisses. My magic enhanced fingers go back to work on the upper body as I make my way to her underbelly. I deep my tongue into her hollow button and the effect is what I expected. She laughed out loud from the ticklish feeling. When I reach the borders of her skirt, the scent is stronger than before and I yank my hands back to remove the boulder in my way aside. I get no protests from Saber as I shade the purple thing aside. Now the only thing standing in my way is just the space between the altar on which my treasure rests and me. This too however has traps - The trap being the white silky little thing. Just the sight of that view and the slight wet spot in the middle makes me leak even more than before.


As I am enjoying the view, Saber decides to move and kisses me on the lips, this time initiating the kiss. We go through the exact same procedure and I can tell Saber didn’t know what to do so she waited to see what I did. When I reach the same state of undress she was, I decide to go into the driver’s seat once again. Saber is now aware of the state between my legs. I am trying really hard not to forget the purpose of this whole event. I do the same thing with my hands as I did to her arms earlier, beginning with her feet. I taste the insides of her thighs and I am very positive that normal human beings don’t taste like this. I dip my nose on the wet spot between Saber’s legs and she actually releases a sound no matter how quite it is. My senses at the moment are those of a wild Shark whose caught a whiff and sight of precious haemoglobin. Unlike a shark, I have something humans have, something other animals don’t, a sixth sense. I don’t just rush into my prey, instead I wait for my fingers to reach the destination and carefully start sliding the now priceless thing down Saber’s legs. I am not very confident in my sixth sense at the time however. It is all I can do to save the drool from falling on Saber’s milky skin. I stare at the now bare treasure and the only thing that brings me back to the present is Saber twisting my nipples between her fingers. I guess I am being punished for staring, but the punishment is more pleasing than painful.


I am however not to be outdone. I don’t care if there are traps everywhere. I go for it and taste the delicious fruit. My first impression is that it wasn’t sweet, but champagne isn’t sweet either. That does not mean that it isn’t my favourite drink. Saber’s cries are firing me up even more yet even with her being at my mercy, she still manages to reach back and caress my chest. I ran my tongue all over the place and I am entirely sure that the human body temperature is really just 36.6 degrees. I believe Saber’s secret place is over 40 right now. She is leaking her precious nectar and there is no way I am letting even a single drop go to waste. I pass a strong lick from the bottom to the top nub just under the blonde curls and tease it mercilessly with my mouth. I can feel Saber on the brink, but I can’t let her go just yet. There are matters to be taken into consideration no matter how I hate the idea right now. I pause in my ministrations and lift Saber’s weak body to rest on mine. I make her straddle my hips and I sit on the bed. She manages to pass a weak hand between our bodies and into my still panty-covered in-between. I bring one of my hands to her back and let a finger enter her. She shudders and does the same to me causing the same effect. I gently start moving it and I try not to think of what is actually happening because if I do, I know I won’t be able to cast the spell. After easing up Saber’s tight walls a little, I add a second middle finger and the distance increases. I push slightly forward until I come into contact with resistance. I know what’s preventing my fingers from penetrating further well enough from all the sex-ed I was forced to undergo. I don’t go any farther however. I want to save that honour for much later when there is no ulterior motive to our lovemaking.


I recite the spell to myself to make sure I got it right in my head and then I’m ready. I increase the speed of my fingers and change their pathways to bring Saber to the heights of ecstasy. She copies my actions and it is all I can do to fight to stay in my plans. I say out loud the spell while we reach that place I want to stay forever, but know it is only an instant paradise. After a few seconds of wonderful complete happiness, I feel my mind going out on me and I fall on my back with Saber resting on top of me. The last vision I have is of a tangled mess of blonde hair before everything goes black. When my eyes open, I am in a place I’ve never been before. The best way to describe it would be that it was heaven…though it was not. The skies were clear blue with only a few cumulous clouds. The plains were completely green with grass that was just the right height. Flowers of different kind everywhere, but what grabs my attention most was the Utopia that was no more than a mile away. This land looked magical to me. I wanted to know where we were so I turned to Saber, whom I felt was standing right next to me. My desire for knowledge went down to 0.2 on the scale of 100 when I saw the beauty right next to me. I am not sure if it was the environment we were in or what, but all of a sudden I was proud to be right there right then. She was wearing nothing and neither was I, obviously, but I didn’t mind the nakedness at all. Her hair was free and streamed through the air but that wasn’t what grabbed me. She gave off an air that I wasn’t sure to place in the Goddess category or the King’s. Her features screamed ‘Nobility’ and I suddenly felt unworthy.


Maybe it was this reason that lead to what happened next. Suddenly my distance from Saber started to grow and before I knew it, I found myself in a completely different world. The contrast from this and where I was would surely be heaven and hell. Where there were once blue skies there were now dark blankets of smoke stretching across the sky. Where the plains were once green, they were now black and barren from cooled lava. The mountains, once blanketed with beautiful species of flowers were now burning red hot with molten lava. I was suddenly very glad that I was floating and not walking on that surface. I am also dressed where I was naked before. As I look horrified by the sight before me, my senses tinkle and I have to move aside quickly to escape being run into by a…giant flying snake! I see another one following the first one in the same direction and after a few shocked seconds, decide to follow. It is now that I remember what I am to do and guess where I am. If my guess is correct then…how many times can one person be surprised in one day? When I reach my destination, what I see isn’t what I expected at all. I don’t even know what I had expected, but it was most certainly not that. There in front of me is a giant ball of three snakes and a great golden dragon. Forget about the weird winged dragons you see in children’s fairy tales. This is the real dragon of the Chinese mythology. It had a body like that of a very long lizard. It’s nostrils as long as a quarter of its complete length. The jaw could put a great alligator’s to shame. It has four legs just like normal lizards. It looks to be in great discomfort and I guess it is from the poison that the snakes are filling it with those humongous bites. I am compelled to study the dragon much more carefully and my eyes widen in understanding. That dragon in my sights is none other than Saber’s magic circuit given form. I guess that makes the giant snakes Gilgamesh’s doing. The dragon lets out an ear-shattering cry from the bite to its head. I can’t help, but shout out Saber’s name.


I want to kill myself for the stupidity of the action as all the attention is on me now. One of the giant reptiles makes its way towards me and it is all I can do to put up my arms in defence. I feel a rebound force as I am sent flying backwards, but without any harm. My eyes fly open and I see in front of me a big disk of green and blue light. I blink stupidly at that. Having played a few video games a long time ago, I can’t stop the goofy smile that evades my lips. If anyone were to see what I am going to do next, I would die of embarrassment, but nobody is here. Transformation sequence starts with a theme in the background. I am sure there is an easier way to deal with this, but so sue me. If my thoughts are given form here, then I might as well go all out. Hmmm, what should I go with? That very popular Gundam show comes to mind and I decide to try that out. I make a motion of raising my hand in the air and summon the giant robot. I am sure that if the snakes and dragon were able, they would be laughing at me right now judging by how they stared at me. That’s right. Laugh it out. I will be your doom very soon. Sure enough, after a few embarrassing moment, I am now inside a giant mecha. I push a few buttons and lock onto one of the snakes that came at me. The missile button is soft on my fingers as I release the mega ton seekers. The fire works have never been prettier. That’s one down and two more to go.


Nice sparkly things come out of the explosion and head for the golden dragon. They fuse with it and it glows slightly. I guess that was mana being returned to it. The golden creature seems to have gained some strength as it whirls around so fast that the two snakes twisted around it are thrown all over. I take that as a chance and materialise a laser sword in my mechanical fingers. I rush forward and cut off the second snake’s head. What happens afterward is the same as before, the pieces turn into sparkling golden light and go to their source. I turn to do away with the last snake however; it seems that my help stops here. The mighty dragon has gone after the retreating snake, but it never got very far before it was sliced into seven cylindrical pieces by a concentrated ice beam from the dragon’s mouth. The pieces turned into the same substance, which then return to the dragon. After that, the dragon started to descend to the ground in exhaustion. I guess it really was weaken from that attack. I shed the armour and float towards the downed beast and hover right beside its head. “Really, if you felt weak, you didn’t have to go and show off like that. I would’ve taken care of it myself.”


My only response was the shallow breathing through the huge nostrils that was getting even weaker. The glow on the dragon’s skin is growing fainter with its breathing and I can’t think of anything, but ‘that’. Surely with the amount of mana that it contains, even this great beast will be replenished. I close my eyes and visualise my ultimate jewel. It is like our family heirloom and it is filled with mana from even before my father’s time. The priceless stone appears in front of me and I open my eyes to see it lower into my open palms. It saddens me greatly to part with it, but if it is to help Saber, this is a price I can pay. I cast a simple spell to release it of its mana, which I guide into the dragon. The dragon is already completely healed even after just seconds of the procedure, but I give it all the stone’s contents. When the jewel is emptied, it cracks and turns into dust. I watch as the wind blows it out of my palms but just as many great things, I have to let it go. I turn to the dragon, which is shinning so brightly I have to squint my eyes. It shifts and turns fully towards me. After finally paralysing me to the spot by thanking me, it opens its wide mouth and I get swallowed completely. My screams do nothing, but send me crashing into the floor of…my room!


I stay there with my chin on the floor and my butt in the air blinking the sense back into me. I decide to save myself insanity and get back into bed. Saber is sound asleep still and I take great care to crawl my way back under the covers besides her. I lean my head onto my half raised arm and stare at the sleeping beauty. We were both careless before, but that stops now. From here on, I am going to get even more serious. I have to help Saber win the war so that her wish is a achieved. I am going to listen to her from now on. Whatever decisions she makes, we follow through. I don’t care about the master servant status anymore. Saber matters more and she comes first. Before that though, I need to regain the strength I’ve lost tonight in more ways than one. I will have to ask Saber when she wakes up to see if I was successful. I kiss her lightly on the nose and pull up the covers over us both. I snake my arms around her and have the most wonderful sleep I’ve ever had.


When I wake up, it is in a position that I don’t remember being in at night. I feel safe and warm though and I don’t want to wake up, but I have other standards to be met. The feeling I have is of what I’m sure lovers would have after a night of passion. I don’t want to jump the gun and start calling Saber my lover though. We may certainly have made love last might, but that doesn’t make her my lover, I think. I have to get up and get ready for school but…Saber’s warm arm around my waste is not a feeling I want to lose. Oh! The choices one has to make in life! Saber is so damn gorgeous when she is asleep. I can’t help, but remember the events of last night. It is certainly one I will never forget. I can still feel every thing – her touches and fruition of our actions, everything. We didn’t go to the extreme, but did the basic stuff yet the feeling was intense. My thoughts are interrupted when the beauty moans and flutters her beautiful green eyes. She bids me good morning and I reply back. We look at each other adoringly for sometime just enjoying the action but I break it. “Tell me Saber, were we successful last night? Did it work?” Saber blinks at me a couple of times then she understands what I am asking of her.


“Let me check Rin.” She removes one of her arms from around me, leaving only her left under my neck. She raises her right towards the ceiling and closes her eyes. A bright light starts to appear just above her raised palm and after a few seconds, Excalibur appears, but within it’s scabbard this time. I am awed by the magnificence of the sight. I never knew a weapon could make me feel like this. There in all its glory between Saber’s nimble fingers was Excalibur in its sheath, shinning a brilliant gold. The light was blinding and I was only able to tell that it was Excalibur having already seen its handle. I let out a quite ‘wow’ as I turned to Saber, but she too seemed to be surprised. I ask her what is wrong. “I am quite surprised Rin. What did you do inside of me? Before, even with a great magus who had a great deal of experience like Kotomine-san, I wasn’t able to summon Excalibur with its scabbard at the same time. I never thought that I would ever be able to see them together as a spirit. Thank you Rin, you will make a great magus in the future, of that I am sure.” She turned to me as she said that and after she tuned back to the sword. I did the same. After some time of appreciating one of our weapons that will lead us to victory, Saber releases it back from whence it came from. The power I felt from that weapon alone made my doubts fly out of the window.


“Rin, you had better get up and prepare for school or you will be late.” I give her a mean look and make to kiss her on the lips, but stop myself. It’s not like we are officially girlfriends, so there is no need to do that. I let out a sigh of disappointment and grab a bathrobe from the closet before heading for the bathroom to prepare for another day of school. I hope Sakura is at school today. I have to talk to her about Shinji and other stuff. But if she isn’t there today too, I’ll have to go to her home after school – for sure. Anyone that gets in my way shall be dealt with.


To be continued…

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