Story: Fate/Stay Night Zero (chapter 10)

Authors: Demon Eyes

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Chapter 10

Fate/Stay Night Zero

By Demon Eyes

Disclaimer: Characters belong to Type-Moon.


Part X


I look up at this nostalgic place that I haven’t been at in a very long time. I am standing in front of the church where my guardian lives. His name is Kotomine Kirei and he is also Gilgamesh’s master. I don’t plan on making him aware of the fact that I know he is also one of the contestants in this war. I must know how to save Saber as soon as possible or we will lose the next time we come face to face with another servant for sure. I can’t comprehend the way Saber said we survived Rider and Shinji’s last battle, but that is of no concern right now.


I open the doors to the church and right in front of the altar as if I was expected, is Kirei. He turns around and gazes at me with those creepy eyes of his. He wasn’t like this the last time I saw him. He looks...scary that’s the word. Oh well, maybe it’s just me. “Ah my little Tohsaka, it has been a long time since I saw you. May I ask to what I owe the pleasure of your presence?” His deep voice is being carried by the high walls. He turns fully towards me and I see him putting on a smile that disturbs me even more. I had deep respect for this guy – so much so that I was compelled to come to attend his services once.


I don’t know if it was instinct, but I started growing wary of him and before I knew it I didn’t come here anymore – until now that is. “I came here to ask you a way to return Saber back to normal.” He raises his brow as if to tell me that he doesn’t have a clue of what I am saying. “Don’t act innocent. I know you know that Saber was brought here and you are in fact the one that set her free.”


“Ah yes I remember seeing her here two days ago. Gilgamesh brought her here against my orders so I had no choice but let her go. I am the watcher of this war and I have to abide by the rules after all. That said though, I have no idea what you want from me. Could you please be a little clearer?” Damn him, I know he is playing dumb, but at least he confirms that he is Gilgamesh’s master. That gives me even more hope that he might help. If he doesn’t want to break rules, then he has no choice but to help me.

“Your servant took Saber and when she came back, she couldn’t use huge amounts of mana. She said that her circuit was corrupted. How do I return it back to normal?” Judging from his expression, I would say that he really didn’t know. I just hope he knows of a way to help Saber.


“Magic circuit you say, well you are in luck. I read about something like that. It is one of his abilities too and no other can do that except Caster maybe.” I guess he is talking about Gilgamesh. I better note that and remember it for future use. He scratches his chin and makes a motion of thinking about it. “I know of a way to save your precious Saber, but why should I tell you? What do I get in return?” Damn you – I should’ve known it wouldn’t be this easy, but I came prepared just in case this happened.


“Oh? I don’t think you have a choice in the matter. I read somewhere in the books my father left me and also confirmed by Saber. If you use such methods – in this case cowardly, the grail won’t accept you. In other words, weakening Saber to the point of not being able to fight will get you no where. Now then, are we going to wrap this up and tell me what I came here to know or are we gonna sleep here? I am busy woman you know.” I make a motion of checking out my nails in boredom and I can’t help the smirk that grazes my face when I notice his face turning from that weird smile to anger. Way to go me.


“Very well then, here is what you need to do...” hah! Is there anything that I am not good at? But, when I get Saber back to herself again, I am not going to screw up again. After this, I don’t care who my opponent is, I will take them down hard. First, I need a rematch with Rider. This time she won’t be so lucky – then I will check out this supposed Saber look-alike I heard saved us. Maybe this old geezer knows about it? “You will have to go inside of Saber and release her circuit by your own hands. I believe there is something that was placed inside of her that feeds off her mana and changes it into something else as waste. This thing is living, as you might have surmised, so you will have to fight it and defeat it.”


“But can’t Saber do that herself?” She should be able to take care of that by herself, right? Well, seeing as she didn’t even know what was wrong with her in the first place, maybe it is impossible for her.


“Sorry, but that is not possible. Saber now is very vulnerable to it. The thing inside her knows her well and it uses her thoughts against her, so another person is the best option. It also needs to be done by a great magus or it would not be enough to defeat it. You will need a great deal of mana to go through with this. Though I think you will be most rewarded after it...” His smile is back and I can’t help but get the feeling that I am going to need to do something very embarrassing by the look on his face. I want to scream at him to tell me what have to do already, but he seems to have the same thoughts as me, so he lays all his cards down.


“Well, the first thing you need to worry about is how to get inside Saber. You will have to say a few spells, that I am going to give you, while you are in contact with Saber. By contact, I mean intimate contact or else the spell won’t work. It takes time, so the best option that is recommended in the records is through sexual intercourse, seeing as it takes time and you will be intimate through it all.” I gasp at that and my brain almost loses a few precious motor neurons in these few nano seconds. My reaction is well deserved though - to think that I should have sex with Saber.


This train of thought though was a very bad idea as I can’t help my mind from being evaded by the beautiful image of a naked Saber in my bed with a very horny me on top of he...”Ahhhh.” I can’t help but scream and in doing so I grab the most unwanted look. “Wha...What do you mean have sex with Saber?! Don’t mess with me. There must be another way.” I stutter out in a very embarrassed high pitched voice. He just raises another eyebrow at me and says nothing for the moment.


“Well, you can do that or you can forfeit her to me and Gilgamesh or I will do it. So, what will it be?” He is grinning even wider now as he sees everything is turning out in his favour. “Don’t tell me that you are one of those lowly humans who are disgusted by same sex relationships - and to think that I thought of you as someone with great insight on life.” He shakes his head in mock disappointment. That’s not the problem at all, but I’d prefer that way that to his way.


“What are the spells?” I just hope that Saber is not very against this idea, though I wouldn’t blame her if she is. What will I do if she refuses or what I do if she agrees, for that matter!! He gives me the spells not on paper, but by mouth. I am very fortunate that I have good memory or else I would be in deep trouble. He can’t even give me the stupid book. He has to make things hard for me. Well, he doesn’t know who he is dealing with it seems. After I get the spells, I go through them a few times to make them stick in my memory as I leave the church.


Just about half a kilometre from the church though, I come across that strange kid that I met that one night. She is still dressed in the same thick clothes. I want to say ‘This isn’t winter you know’ but I keep that to myself. “Good evening Onee-chan. I warned you that you shouldn’t walk around without your servant, but you never listened to me did you? Well, you are going to pay for that.” Oh great, does thins mean she is a master as well? “Berserk.” She calls and I can’t help but sweat a little. This is just great. Saber still isn’t able to stand up to normal servants as she is now. I will have to defend myself for now. I don’t think that this kid can have a fearsome servant.


“Roar.” Okay, forget what I just said. Never judge a book by its cover indeed. The servant Berserk that is in front of me is no ordinary servant. I should’ve recognised him from his name, but I was deceived by the master’s appearance. I have read of all the classes of servants and this is one of those to be feared. Were it not my preference for the Saber class, I would’ve gone for this class too. The thing that surprises me the most though is how this puny girl was able to summon such a servant and make him a berserk too. “N...Nice servant you’ve got there. How in God’s name did you summon him?”


“Humph! Don’t look down on me Tohsaka Rin, I am the great master from Germany maybe you’ve heard of me – my name is Ilya, Illyasviel Von Einzbern, but enough of that. You will be dead in a few seconds so there is no need for introductions. Berserk kill her now.” Berserk comes towards me with the force of a moving bullet train. I dig in my pockets for a few jewels and send them crashing into him. The reaction is of course what you would expect from a small stone thrown against a mountain meaning – nothing at all happened. Berserk swings his huge sword that no other can wield but him towards me and I brace myself for a huge world of pain.


The pain never comes however, instead I feel myself lifted from the ground and that familiar scent that I have come to know by heart fills my nostrils. “Saber, what are you doing here? You are in no condition to take on anyone, especially Berserk.” We land a few feet from Berserk who grants in annoyance and turns to start our way. Saber places me on the ground and looks guiltily at the ground as she tells me that she followed me since I left the mansion. How come I didn’t sense her following me? “Forget about that, we have to get away from here and get you back to normal. I don’t want to face Berserk at this time.”


“I am afraid I can’t let you get away that easily Onee-chan.” Damn this girl, how does she even know my name? I don’t remember ever meeting her except a few days ago and I didn’t tell her my name. Her servant is now upon us and Saber has no choice but to draw her sword and defend. Berserk being an almost giant-sized servant has so much power in his swings combining that with the size of his blade Saber is getting overwhelmed by them. I am glad to note though that she is using her weightlessness to her advantage though. Whenever Berserk’s sword makes contact with hers, she absorbs the force of it by leaving the ground and relaxing her arms in a way that no one else can. This of course means that the attacker isn’t going to be very happy about that and by the looks of Berserk’s increasing power in his swings; he is getting even more pissed.


I decide to help Saber out at this time and cast some curse spells on Berserk. This too however doesn’t produce the desired effect. What is this guy made of? “Feh! What are trying to do? I made Berserk the strongest servant. Something as useless as that isn’t going to affect him. Finish that servant off Berserk and then kill Rin too.” Is this girl sick in the head? How can she talk of death so easily?! At least her servant agrees with her seeing as he is overpowering Saber more and more. Damn it, I have to do something. Big things call for bigger guns. I pull out my ultimate jewel that resides around my neck, but before I can use it I am hit by a huge amount of pain not physically, but emotionally.


Instinctively, I wrap my hands around myself. When my senses return to me, I know that this is not my own pain, but Saber’s. I look up in trepidation and my fears are met by a very ugly sight. Saber is sent flying backwards into an electric pole with her torso in pieces. It seemed as though she had been caught in mid air and a big deal of her stomach got caught in the act. I scream her name as I run to her. I hold her and try to make her comfortable and I can’t help the tears that come to my eyes from the sight of her like this. My servant isn’t supposed to be in this kind of condition. This is Saber for crying out loud, she is a respectable servant. This is my entire fault.


To further my shame, she stands up in this condition with half her stomach missing and tells me to stay back. She is still protecting me even in her condition. God damn it, I know it can’t be helped, but I am getting really pissed off by these masters hurting my Saber. I give a glare towards this stupid girl that is responsible this time and the fire in my wet eyes must have reached her good side, since she takes a step back and stutters, “Wh...What?” I don’t have anything I can do to her at this moment however, as my first priority now is to get Saber back to normal so I look away from this Ilya girl and to my Saber. Her wounds are starting to heal - slowly but surely.


I can’t afford to stay here another second. so I use the power in my jewel and cast a transportation spell which brings me and Saber right to my room. I use my jewel to try and help Saber heal faster, a jewel which cost me a whole six months worth of mana. After two to three minutes, she is completely healed, though she still looks weak. This I know can be quickly taken care of by a big meal. “Rest a bit Saber while I go make us some dinner. Your energy should be replenished by then and we can start on putting that magic circuit of yours back in business.” I get up and head for the kitchen while Saber rests.


This is very precious time that I must not waste. I have to think of this very carefully. Sex with Saber is something I was starting to look forward to, but now I am getting scared. This is happening so fast. I know it’s for a good cause and we can interpret it as just another way of getting stronger, but now that I have feelings for Saber, it won’t be just that. I wanted to...I wanted to do it with Saber when she is willing. I mean, once I find out if she has feelings for me too, otherwise I don’t know how she will be affected. Saber might agree now to it for the greater good, but what will she think after it is done? Erg, why am I getting carried away by this? The point isn’t to have sex, but to be very intimately close to her for the spell to work which will enable me to go inside her and free her circuit from whatever is corrupting it.


Yes, I am thinking too much. Even if it is sex, it isn’t like I will be losing my virginity or anything. Well, not that I want to lose it to someone else now but we can do that later. It might be even after I have won Saber’s heart. Yes, it doesn’t have to be romantic now; it just needs to be intimate. Yes, everything is alright, I think. Time to make dinner and think of a way I am going to break this news to Saber.


“Alright, have a nice day everyone.” With that, Fujimura Taiga-sensei left Kuzuki-sensei’s homeroom to return to the staff room after the last class bell rang. Just before she goes through the door however, she forgets to open it as she says good bye to the students and crashes into it face first. This of course gets the expected effect from the students who crack their ribs at the never ending clumsiness of their beautiful and sexy teacher. Taiga finds herself cursing this part of her life. Was she born to be made a laughing stock of by her students? The least they could do is to show her respect and never call her taiga, but that was proving to be a difficult battle.


“Good afternoon Fujimura-sensei, are you alright?” Taiga had been walking with her face towards the floor so she failed to see the girl in front of her. She nearly ran into her, but the girl stepped out of the way with good reflexes. Taiga looked up recognising the voice of the captain of the archery club. Taiga herself had appointed the girl in front of her the captain, but it was no easy task. She had to be in charge of the said club where she succeed in making Ayaka Mitsuzuri the captain. The girl was so talented that she jumped from club to club without settling down so Taiga decided to step in or else Ayaka would put her gifts to waste like one Tohsaka Rin. Taiga was glad to see that Ayaka didn’t take her for someone interfering in her personal business for making the choice for her as she seemed to enjoy being the captain.


“Yes I’m fine Mitsuzuri-san though my students are laughing at me still. I wish they were more like you guys. They have absolutely no respect for me.” Taiga made a show of crying in the middle of the corridor and more laughter spreads through them at her sight. Ayaka decides to save her favourite teacher some dignity and walks her towards the staff room. Needless to say, the poor teacher wasn’t safe in the company of her colleagues either seeing as they were starting to snicker at the sight of Taiga being supported by a student. A glare from Taiga puts a stop to that though. She turns to Ayaka and thanks her for always caring for her. She either misses or doesn’t mind the girl’s reddening cheeks at her comment as she walks to her seat and prepares to leave for the day. “Could you pass by the range before you leave sensei, I have something to discuss with you.”


Needless to say, this is said in a very strange tone though the recipient of these words doesn’t think much of it. “Alright, I will pass by Mitsuzuri-san, just let me finish up here and I will be there.” Taiga went to work right away so she missed the thumbs up that were given Ayaka’s way by the knowing teachers who knew of her crush on the wired sensei. Ayaka wasn’t sure how they found out about it, but If they weren’t against it, then that was okay for her – not that it was confirmed that she was crushing for the beautiful teacher. It was just speculation and only in the teaching board. No students knew of it even her best friend Tohsaka. Well, maybe that student council president Ryudo-san knew something judging from the looks he gave her, but other than that...


“Mitsuzuri-san, the great sensei is here.” Taiga’s voice could be heard all the way to the shooting range where the girl in question was putting away the gear safely after the students had used them. After Ayaka’s cry in reply, Taiga made her way over to her and helped the girl finish up the clearing. “So, what is you wanted to talk to me about?” She asked Ayaka after they had put away everything and were sitting in the main room. Fujimura-sensei looked really wiped out from the day’s activities and sometimes Ayaka wondered how the teachers always did the same hard work everyday. day in and day out.


Ayaka decided to go and relieve some of the tension from the teacher that was her ideal figure. She really looked up to the woman and was now trying very hard to draw the line between admiration and infatuation. This was no simple task, but she was sure her feelings weren’t just those of admiration for a figure. “You know that the competition for this year is in two weeks sensei, so I wanted to get your thoughts as to whom we are going to choose to participate.” Ayaka moved with very hard nerves to the back of Taiga’s and knelt there to give her curious sensei a quick massage on her stiff shoulders.


Ayaka decided to continue speaking to avoid the unwelcome tense silence. “I’ve chosen Sakura Matou, Rei Nakamura and Ayane Isuzu and even though I didn’t want to, I added Matou Shinji too. He is undoubtedly second best only behind his sister. Of course I myself am going to enter also. What do you think about that sensei?” Taiga made a noise of someone thinking really hard and at the same time sighed, due to the nice massage she was receiving. Needless to say, it came out as a strange sound. Ayaka decided to keep her mind on the subject at hand or else her mind would not handle the fact that she was touching Fujimura-sensei even though it was such a simple thing like a massage.


“Those are very good choices Mitsuzuri-san, I was right in making you the captain. I hope that Matou-kun hasn’t been giving you a hard time still. I warned him about that, but I doubt he got it through that thick head of his.” She didn’t like that boy’s manners at all or the lack of them. He was so weak she knew it, but he put up a strong front. Well, eventually his true self will surface and he will learn the ways of the world the hard way, but that was that. Mitsuzuri-san’s fingers were like magic wands on her shoulders, which were returning back to normal already. “Was that all you wanted to tell me Mitsuzuri-san or is there something else?” Better enjoy the massage as long as possible.


“That is all sensei, everything else is okay but I...err...I have a request sensei.” Taiga only raised one eyebrow to indicate that she was listening. “Could I have the pleasure of accompanying you to your home today? I mean, could I visit your home? That is if it’s fine with you of course. If you don’t want to I understand completely. I mean, it’s not a big deal really I mean...” She was stuttering and she knew it. Ayaka was not known for this kind of action. She was a straight girl who knew what she wanted and did what needed to be done as though already expecting it. Visiting her sensei’s place was no ordinary matter though and just the thought of being in her idol’s place together with her set her heart to the rate of an excited child.


Ayaka got her nerves under control after Taiga asked her to calm down. She decides to clearly state her request and hope that she wouldn’t be imposing or anything that could incur the wrath of the kendo expert. “I want to visit sensei’s place at least once.” After a few silent moments from a very still Taiga, Ayaka knew that she had overstepped her bounds. What was she thinking asking something like that? “I am sorry if I was imposing on you sensei. Please forget about it.” She continued her massage and the silence resumed once more. Maybe she had let her mouth run a little bit longer than needed this time. Was Fujimura-sensei mad at her?


Taiga was far from mad though. In fact, she wasn’t in any condition to use her brain, seeing as it had stopped functioning for a while there. Nobody ever asked to visit her home, not even her fellow teachers. They were mostly afraid of her and maybe it was partially her fault for the way she presented herself, but she couldn’t help it. That was the way she was and now to think that someone finally had the courage to visit her place. She was caught off guard and couldn’t help the sheer happiness that filled up her heart. “Of course you can visit me any time you like Mitsuzuri-san.” If she was given the chance to, Ayaka would’ve screamed in excitement, but she settles for grinning to herself like an idiot and feeling her heart increase in rate, but that is no important matter. “Thank you Mitsuzuri-san.” Her teacher said it in a voice that would send anyone where Ayaka was now, she was sure.



“Don’t think I will let you get away that easily Onee-chan, I know where you live. Berserk, we are going to finish her off.” Ilya was not pleased to say the least that her target got away. She could not fail, the Einzberns never fail. As she turned to proceed to Rin’s house however, someone else stopped her and someone that look as pissed off as she was right now. The poor idiot who doesn’t value their life is going to die right now.


“Wait just a minute there young lady, I can’t let you go after Rin. I put dibs on her so I get to defeat her. I was planning on challenging her today, but it turns out I can’t as her servant isn’t in any position to fight. That didn’t stop you though did it?” Ilya studied the stupid idiot who would challenge her after seeing Berserk. He was a guy in Rin’s years and had brown hair. She was sure she knew him from somewhere, but she wasn’t exactly sure from where. Ah who cares, he is going to die anyway. He materialised his servant and Ilya was a little surprised to say the least after seeing Archer.


She didn’t know which class he was having not seen him before. There’s no way he could be enough to defeat Berserk though, so it was no problem. “Boy, you should have stayed in the shadows where you were hiding then you might have had a chance to see the next sunrise but alas...” Ilya summons Berserk and they charge each other. Ilya wanted to finish this up quickly and go after Rin. She was told that Tohsaka Rin was the most favoured participant in this war and she had put her on top of her list. When she was still in Germany, everyone talked of the Tohsaka name and it was even overshadowing the Einzberns. This was not to be permitted.


The faster she finished off this boy the better. “Berserk, finish them off quickly. Rin is our...” She was surprised by the sight that greeted her from her thoughts. Her fearsome servant who had skin like steel was there kneeling on one knee and missing an arm. “Wha...What happened?” she asked more to herself than anyone else. She was surprised that such a puny servant damaged Berserk, no matter how little that was. How had he managed to do that?! No matter, this time she would be watching. “Stop fooling around Berserk and put an end to him now. We have a magus to slay you know.” Just as Berserk grew another limb from where the first was cut off and stood up to commence the fight, his right leg too came off from under him and he went back to the ground. Needless to say, Ilya was not having a good day. “Nah?”

To be continued...




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