Story: Concubines (chapter 2)

Authors: ConservEr1e

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Chapter 2

Title: Two

Title: Concubines

Author: ConservEr1e []

Rating: MA


Disclaimer: Me don't own, you don't sue. Fair? Of course not. I could really use those lithe schoolgirls and I'm sure you

could use the extra money. Get over it. I almost am. ^_^;;

Chapter Two

Usagi waited in the fire-reading room for Rei to arrived. The minutes were dragging on agonizingly and she was sure her face

was still flushed after imagining watching her friend change repeatedly in her mind's eye. Oh well, that she could chalk up

to the heat. At least she hadn't gotten a nosebleed; that would've been a little harder to explain.

Of course, now she was beginning to have doubts about whether she could go through with telling Rei about her dreams, but she

had already committed herself. Besides, Rei-chan was her best friend; chances were she would give her at least a five second

warning before setting her on fire. Something rustled down the hallway. The blonde quickly kneeled as though she had been the

entire time. The shoji screen opened and closed behind her. Rei, clad in her red and white miko's robes, sat in front of

Usagi with her back to the flames and searched her friend's face.

"What's wrong, Usagi-chan? You disappeared for a while and now you just seem out of it...more so than usual." Her attempt at

a joke fell flat, so she continued, "Did something happen?"

Unable to hold her friend's compassionate and concerned gaze, Usagi looked past her at the dancing flames.

She sighed. "I don't know what's happening, Rei-chan. I thought I was happy and everything was perfect. Now I'm having

these... dreams... every night... but they seem so real! I can't tell if they're just dreams or resurfacing memories or


"Why do they bother you, Usagi-chan? Are they frightening?"

The insecure girl shook her head and looked away. "No, that's the part I don't understand. I enjoy them! Kami-sama, I spend

the entire day looking forward to them!"

"Why don't you tell me about them?"

"I--" Usagi suddenly stopped her tirade at her friend's soft-spoken request. "I--I don't know if I can," she finished lamely,

losing her nerve.

The miko sighed. "Usa, I can't help you if I don't know what's wrong, what I should be looking for." Another sigh. "Do you

want me to try to do a fire-reading on it?" Usagi nodded her head. "Okay, just concentrate on your problem."

As she turned around and bows to the roaring fire, Usagi grabbed her shoulder. "Wait."

An elegant eyebrow arched in her direction. "Yes, Usagi-chan?"

"Rei-chan, I need you to keep what you see a secret from the others, at least for a while. I trust all of you, but I don't

want this getting blown out of proportion. Will you promise?"

"Sure, Usagi-chan."

Rei tried to turn back around but Usagi held her still.

"No, Rei, I'm serious."

The girl took a moment to digest the tone of her friend's voice before turning back around. She took Usagi's delicate hands

in her left and cupped her cheek with her right, running her thumb along her jaw line.

"Usagi, on my honor as a senshi, I swear I won't reveal what happens or what I see to anyone save you, unless you tell me

otherwise or it's to ensure your safety."

Before she released Usagi's face, she stole a kiss, her tongue barely caressing her leader's, yet burning with passion.

Faintly blushing, Rei turned from her shocked friend to the fire and addressed the spirits, seeking help.

It was over so quickly that Usagi doubted whether it had really happened, but then she felt the energy racing along her lips.

She turned her attention back to the Shinto priestess, who continued to invoke the kami and petition them to help her in her

chanted intentions. If she leaned to the side a little, she could see her friend's profile. Her usually porcelain face was

flushed from her proximity to the fire and a thin sheen of sweat already covered her. Her hands moved in harmony with her

lips, both following the steady beat of the chant. Raven hair whipped around her head and back, getting dangerously close to

the flames.

Usagi rose to her knees and knelt behind Rei, gathering the rebellious silken locks in her hands. Her eyes landed on her

friend's very exposed and very kissable throat. Already, her lips were throbbing, begging to taste the proffered flesh. She

didn't realize she had leaned forward until she was a mere centimeters from her neck. Usagi shook her head, straightened, and

willed her mind to wander.


One of her most trusted guard was seeking the solution to her problem, even though she hadn't told her what that problem was.

She knew she would devote the rest of her life, if she asked, to praying to her gods for her princess. Of course, she would

never ask, but...

Darnnit! Her gaze had landed on the miko's lovely throat again! Ugh, what she wouldn't give to be able to kiss...

"Rei, stop," she whispered, the statement surprising even her.

The miko complied. The room was filled with the sound of her labored breathing and the crackles of the flames. She looked

over her shoulder.


She shut her eyes, trying to ignore the husky quality of Rei's voice.

"It's like this," she began. She let go of the priestess's hair to allow her to turn around and took a deep breath. "The five

of us are there, you, Minako, Makoto, Ami, and me. We just got back from a ball or something. We go into my room. The four of

you take my dress off and lay me on the bed. All four of you... play with me... and then I wake up." She looked up at Rei,

who was still breathing heavily, though she doubted it was still from her chant. In one glance, she noted the rise and fall

of her chest, the flush still on her cheeks, the grip she had on the material of her robes. "And now all I want to do is--"

In barely a second, she had moved to Rei. A leg on either side of her lap, she leaned over her and captured her lips in a

heated kiss. Her hands possessively grasped her waist.

Rei returned the kiss with equal gusto, but when she stiffened in Usagi's grip, the blonde took a breath and lavished her

throat with attention.

Usagi didn't know that Rei was immersed in a series of memories.


End Chapter Two

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