Story: Concubines (chapter 1)

Authors: ConservEr1e

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Chapter 1

Title: One

Title: Concubines

Author: ConservEr1e []

Rating: MA


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I almost am. ^_^;;


Chapter One


Usagi's gaze slid over each of her friends as she released an inaudible sigh.
She was bored beyond belief and, naturally, her thoughts kept turning back to

It was Friday and the five girls were gathered at the Hikawa Jinja, studying for
their respective classes. It wasn’t necessarily for any important exam, but
Tokyo hadn’t been attacked in months and they were out of shopping money and
just wanted an excuse to hang out with each other, despite the fact that between
them they attended three different schools and were all on break for a

Again and again, Usagi’s eyes wandered off the page of her manga and around the

With each passing day, she was feeling the bond they had shared more acutely,
regardless of whether they did or not, and it was getting harder and harder to
mask it.

The bond between her and her friends...her senshi...

The thought sprung, unbidden, to her mind.

She blushed and looked back to her manga, lifting it to hide her pink face and
hoping no one noticed.

She could only hope to be so fortunate.

"Why are you blushing, Usa?" Rei whispered as she leaned over, an amused smile
adorning her lips. "Did you pick up one of Minako’s ecchi mangas, again?"

The blonde closed her eyes and let the miko’s throaty laugh wash over her,
reveling in its rich sound.

Rei’s voice lowered even further, although her eyes remained riveted on her own
book, "I can explain it to you if you don’t understand." The miko then observed
her with the erudite expression of one who knew every inch of her body
intimately. A seductive smile spread across her lips. "Here, maybe this will jog
your memory," she murmured, slowly closing the space between them.

Bewildered that Rei would act so in front of the other girls, she looked over
the miko’s shoulder to them for help, expecting to see them shocked, but instead
saw them politely turning away, smiles on their faces. Before she could act
otherwise, her lips were captured in one of the most intense and passionate
kisses she had ever experienced. When they finally parted, she was breathless.

"Now, do you remember my lessons, princess?" the priestess asked, dragging her
hand languidly over and around Usagi’s bare thigh.


Usagi shook herself and looked around in confusion. She must have zoned out for
a moment.

Rei was looking at her quizzically. "Usa, are you okay? I was just kidding when
I asked if it was Minako’s. Usa?" Her concerned, violet gaze locked on her
friend’s and she slowly removed her hand from the blonde’s thigh. She had felt
her muscles spasm and finally lock up. "Usagi, do you want me to get you some

The girl in question didn’t know what to do; this was all too much for her. She
had no clue what Rei had just asked her and the fact that she could see down her
shirt wasn’t helping her keep her train of thought.

Gulping, she replied, "No, I’m fine. I’m just feeling a little light-headed,
that’s all--it's probably just the incense again. Um, may I have a cup of tea?"

Confused, the miko simply nodded her head and walked away.

When Usagi raised her head, she saw that the other girls had been watching
interestedly but, seeing that she was somewhat better and they were caught, they
quickly returned to their own books.

Left alone to her own thoughts, Usagi reflected on the dream she had had a few
days ago.


She had been Princess Serenity. Rei, Ami, Minako, Makoto, they had all been

They all returned to her room after one of the Moon Kingdom’s many balls,
flushed from dancing and slightly drunken, but this didn’t detract from the
senshi’s plan in the least. As usual, they helped the princess undress before
changing for bed, but, instead of re-dressing her in a nightgown, they lifted
her as one and carried her to her bed. Confused, she had tried to get back up,
but a pair of lips descended on hers and held her down while her legs were
lifted onto someone’s shoulders. Her struggling stopped as it became clear to
her and she was carried away on a cloud of ecstasy.

Numerous hands and mouths working simultaneously to pleasure her.

Minako had been behind one of the mouths. The entire time she kissed her; many
different kisses and all had their time and meaning. After they had effectively
captured Serenity, she covered her princess’s face with soft, feathery caresses
with her lips, showing her how precious she was to each of them. She nipped
insistently and distractingly along her throat and switched to leaving trails of
slow, wet kisses down and over her shoulders, expressing how much each of them
desired her. Then, she captured her lips in a series of deep, passionate kisses
that massaged her princess’s lips and mouth, swallowing the moans and screams
the other girls elicited from Serenity as they toyed with her.

Makoto was connected to one pair of the hands. With her able, muscular fingers,
she pressed and kneaded, re-pressed and re-kneaded, her breasts. Over and over,
she tweaked her nipples and rolled them between her fingers and thumbs. Each
time Serenity would approach an orgasm, she would take the tip of one nipple
between her teeth and gently apply pressure. Then, just before her princess
achieved it, she would stop and return to massaging her breasts, though barely

Next came Ami, also a pair of hands. Her slim, dexterous fingers were perfectly
suited to her task--caressing Serenity’s clitoris. Back and forth, up and down,
round and round. Of course, it couldn’t be that easy. Nothing ever was. She
would start slowly, languorously, and eventually work herself into a relentless,
almost punishing rhythm, until Rei signaled to her and the others that the
blonde in her grasp was about to come. Then, the others slowed down and she
stopped all together. When the frustrated girl’s trembling started to abate, she
would begin again.

Finally, there was Rei, a most exquisite mouth. She had positioned herself
between her princess’s legs, at the start, by draping them over her shoulders.
The blonde soon learned why. It was impossible to escape the girl’s stroking,
probing tongue if she couldn’t plant her feet in the comforter and lift herself
from the bed. She was completely at their mercy. The violet-eyed girl licked
from one tip of her crevice to the other as soon as she was situated, before Ami
had a chance to claim her own spot. Of course, that still didn’t entirely stop
her tongue from exploring. At first, she had simply circled the area, enjoying
feeling Serenity squirm beneath her. But, as the other girls’ pace quickened and
the princess’s breath came in shorter and shorter pants, she entered her,
drinking in the blonde’s smell and escaping juices. As she felt Serenity’s
pleasure mounting, getting ever closer to her orgasm, she motioned for the
others to slow and she would, as well. Leaving a trail of love bites down her
exposed thighs, Rei would bring her back from the edge just to start again.

Over and over, the cycle was continued until they couldn’t bear to torture their
princess any longer and allowed her a release. Minako stopped her assault,
allowing Serenity to fill her lungs for the first time since they started, and
moved to help Makoto. Together, they each took a fleshy globe in hand and
lathered her areolas with glistening saliva before taking her nipples fully in
their mouths, sucking energetically. Ami continued to stroke the princess’s
swollen bud, allowing her pace and force to grow more frenzied. Rei desperately
held Serenity’s left thigh to her, bringing them as close as possible, before
entering her with three fingers, picking up Ami’s speed and rhythm, and licking
up as much of the escaping fluids as she could.

Usagi woke up panting as the waves of her orgasm crashed over her. She could
still feel the girls all over her body and, when she felt something bump into
her leg, she half-feared she was still trapped in the deliciously tortuous

"Usagi! Are you all right? I heard you screaming from downstairs!" Luna cried, a
paw gently resting on her shoulder.

Her golden-haired charge shook her head lethargically and waited until her
breathing returned to normal before she replied, "No, I'm fine, Luna. It was
just a dream."

"Well, it must have been some dream with how loud you were."

Usagi had the grace to blush as a sweatdrop formed over her head, "Yeah, it
certainly was something."

The girl's guardian waited a few moments before pursuing the subject. "Well,
aren't you going to tell me about it?" she impatiently asked.

The blonde girl seemed to contemplate her answer before asking, "Luna, you don't
remember much of the Silver Millennium, do you?"

The dark-furred cat shook her head. "I'm sorry, Usagi. I only remember a few of
the more prominent ceremonies; unless you were specifically dreaming of them, I
doubt any of them would be of use now. There was your birth, your crowning as
heir apparent, all your consorts' births and dedications to you--"


Luna cast a quizzical gaze on her princess before answering, "Oh, I'm sorry,
Usagi. I meant your senshi."

"No, go back for a minute. You called them consorts. Why?"

"Well, technically they were your consorts, your concubines."

"My concubines!? They were my sex slaves!?"

"Good lord, Usagi! You were only six when Rei was given to you! What kind of
people do you think we were? Nymphomaniacs? Pedophiles? No!" She took a moment
to compose herself and continued, "Usagi, calm down. Do you see that large tome
sitting on your desk collecting dust? That's called a dictionary. Bring that
over here for a moment." The girl did as she was told and waited for further
instruction. "Now, look up "consort" and read the definition back to me."

Leafing through the pages, she finally found the appropriate entry. "Consort, a
noun; one that shares the company of or is associated with another, often as a
colleague of one's profession or official office, or a companion." She blinked
her eyes. "That's it?"

"Now read "concubine" to me."

The paper rustled as she looked for the passage. "Concubine, a noun; a woman
living in a socially recognized state of concubinage. What the heck is that?"

"You have a dictionary in your hands."

A weak giggle escaped Usagi's lips. "Concubinage, another noun; cohabitation of
persons not legally married." She closed the book and dropped it to the floor
with a loud thump. "Guess I overreacted, huh?"

"Yes, you did, but I can understand it with how those words are used today." A
few minutes passed in silence. "I'm guessing your dream had nothing to do with
any royal ceremonies?"

Usagi shook her head.

"I'm sorry I can't help, Usagi." The feline jumped down from the bed and started
walking out of the room. Before she left, she threw over her shoulder, "Maybe
you should go to the jinja and talk to Rei about it."

The moon princess rolled her eyes. If she had anything to do with it, the temple
would be the last place she'd go.

Instead, she confined herself to her room for fear of running into her friends
and losing her cool or Mamoru and confessing her fantasy. She didn't want to
think about what he might do. Besides, now she was questioning herself more than

She had Mamoru and was perfectly happy with him, right? She thought she was, but
then why was she dreaming about her friends, her very female friends?

Okay, so they were all beautiful and had great personalities, but...Gah! She had

She smiled. Mamoru, with his untamable bangs, his incredible body, his oh so
charming smile, his unfathomable steel eyes, his gentle touch, his gentlemanly
manner, his love of her and everything she was, and even his stubborn refusal to
throw out that hideous green jacket.


But there was also Rei with her luxuriant ebony locks, her compelling violet
eyes, and her fiery temper; Minako and her thick blonde hair, so much fuller
than her own, her classic blue eyes, and her unflagging bubbly disposition; Ami,
her cute blue bob, the matching, scrutinizing, blue eyes, and her clear sense of
purpose; and Makoto with her cascading chestnut curls, elegant green eyes, and
domestic inclinations hidden by her impressive stature.

A sigh filled the air. So she was attracted to all five of them. How could she
not be? But what could she do about that? She couldn't rightly see all five of
them. Besides, maybe she had Mamoru, but she doubted she would be lucky enough
for all of them to love her back.

Granted, her senshi seemed to for the other team, now, but
they all had interests other than her. Rei and Minako had been spending a lot of
time together and Ami had been spending quite a few of her nights at Makoto's.

For the next few days, Usagi continued to stay inside her room as much as
possible, hardly saying a word to her parents or Luna, and giving thanks she had
the next two weeks off of school.

However, previously mentioned friends had eventually gotten worried enough by
her hermitage to send Minako on a succeed-or-die mission of dragging Usagi to
the temple for the day.

That had been yesterday. Still, no solutions presented themselves to her and she
was as confused as ever.


Of course, every night since, Usagi had had similar dreams, each as pleasurable
as the first, though she made sure to sleep with her head beneath her pillow and

Yet, she had decided that today was the day. After their little study session
broke up, she would approach Rei and tell her about her dream, bar a few
details, and ask for her professional advice.

Giggling, pretending it was because of the manga in front of her, she remembered
how Luna asked her every morning about her dreams, chiding her that it would do
her good to share them. She could imagine some of the reactions Luna would
provide, each more comical than the last. Unable to help herself, her giggles
grew in volume until she was laughing straight out and rolling on her sides, the
manga forgotten on her seat cushion.

"What’s so funny, Usagi?" Minako asked, smiling at her friend.

Reluctant to divulge the real reason just yet, in between laughing, she managed,
"You know how Kaoru and Yahiko argue? It just reminded me of how Rei and I act

Minako and Makoto started laughing as well and Ami, a perplexed look on her
face, reached for Usagi’s manga.

"Usagi," she began, "this is Cowboy Bebop, not Rurouni Kenshin."

"I-I know," she stuttered, all amusement forgotten, "I don’t know why it popped
into my head."

Rei returned with the tea to find all four of her friends laughing as hard as
she had ever seen them, even the usually reserved Ami.

"Did I miss something?" the miko asked, setting the tea tray down.

"Oh, nothing important," Makoto assured her, gasping for breath. "Just Usagi
being Usagi."

Rei looked pained and sighed. "Did she break anything of mine when she fell?"
She glanced at Usagi to gauge her reaction as she poured everyone a cup of tea.

Usagi looked scandalized. "Rei! Why are you always--"

"So mean to me!?" Rei joined in. The two just stared at each other before
breaking out in laughter.

Ami glanced at her watch. "Well, I've got to go, guys. Mom should be getting
home soon and she wants us to have a family dinner tonight." She gathered her
things and stood up. "Makoto, are you coming?"

"Oh, yeah." The brunette waved to her friends and left with Ami. "See you

Minako rose soon after that. "I should be heading home, too. My parents are
complaining how they never see me anymore and want me back early tonight." She
walked over to Rei and, blushing, gave her a quick peck on the check. "Are we
still on for tomorrow?"

"Kami-sama willing," came Rei's soft reply. Minako left and the miko turned to
Usagi. "And then there were two. Are you going to skip out on me, too, Odango

The blonde suddenly looked very uncomfortable. "Actually, I kind of wanted to
talk to you about something."

"Sure, Usa. What about?"

"Well, I've been having these dreams and I was hoping you could help me
understand them a little better..."

It took a moment before Rei caught her meaning. "Oh. You want to talk to a
miko?" She nodded. "Sure. Go wait in the fire room and I'll be right in after I

Usagi quickly left before her intuitive friend noticed her face was flushed and
realized why.

What the hell had she gotten herself into?


End Chapter One

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